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2022-07-11 - Friends and Family
Impromptu barbecue at Oak Number 5.
Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-07-10 - This Little Piggy Went to Market
It's market weekend on the Gray Harbor Boardwalk, serving locals and tourists alike!
Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne

2022-05-11 - Neighbour Of The Beast
Movies and books always tell you what it's like, facing down with the big bad and winning in the end. They never go into much depth with the //little// bads.
Aidan, Itzhak, Everett, Joseph, Ravn, Turner, Perdita, Monroe, Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne, Ava, Mikaere, Robin, Nicasia, Charity

2022-04-25 - Time to try again?
Kelsey briefly reflects and debates after her trip to Chill Out-lit

2022-04-24 - Into the Woods
Jules gets ready for her solo adventure in the woods, and her crew's there to see her off.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Della, Mikaere

2022-04-22 - My Eyes
Myles does some art in the middle of the night for a figure from his past

2022-04-17 - The Second Rule Is Bring Your Own Butter
The lobster fighting season begins! Bring your own combat crustacean to a shady warehouse on the docks. Or wander past with a beer to shake your head. Look, those two guys over there are police officers and even //they// think this is too silly to make a fuss about. Also, Officer Penn owns last year's champion, Mac the Claw.
Itzhak, Rhys, Ravn, Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne, Gabby, Mikaere, Bayin

2022-03-26 - Open House Day at Addington House
[Addington House]( Once the actual residence of the Addington family, now part museum, part event location, part archive, and part active business. Open to the public by prior arrangement and through guided tours -- and today, as an Open House event; the tourist season is just around the corner and the year's new tour guides need a dress rehearsal (most of them are college students, it's not like they've been under fire like this before).%r%rIt's a good day to check things out and ask questions. You know, if you have reason to do something like that. For whatever reason.
Itzhak, Ravn, Monroe, Houston, Una, Jules, Della, Ava, Leila

2022-03-21 - Home
Una has questions, but her mom doesn't have answers, and some breaches can't be healed.

2022-01-07 - When it's time to feed
When they need to feed, the nightmares come.

2022-01-06 - Mori Shej, Perdita
After years of no contact with most of her family (excepting that little shit, Dhvani), Perdita turns on her beat up old phone. A flood of notifications, and memories and regrets, assault her... until her father calls.

2021-12-07 - Definitely Going To Kill Him
Alexander's office is beautiful and affordable. But like anything in Gray Harbor, there's a downside: in this case, a Dream of crime and wolves.

2021-09-16 - Let's Do The Time Warp
[The Storm of the Century]( that's been ravaging Gray Harbor has departed. And apparently, it took about [twelve weeks along with it]( your character last went to bed, or passed out, or shut their eyes, it was June 16, 2021, somewhere around there.%r%rThe next they know, it's September 16, 2021. What happened to those three months? That's up to you. Do they remember it all clearly? None of it? Some of it? Do they have tantalizing evidence some things happened and not others?%r%rThis is an Open Vignette to explore characters reactions to realizing the metaphysical world has shifted on its axis, and the mundane world appears to have //utterly no goddamned idea//. You can interact with this as much or as little as you want. Is your apartment the same as you knew it, and your neighbor's balcony has somehow become an Amazonian Jungle? Is your car battery dead from not being driven? %r%rAs usual, note that you should only include other people in your fake memories with their OOC consent. %r%rIt's September 16, 2021. Gray Harbor's lost a bunch of rooftops, plenty of trees, and twelve weeks.
Aidan, Easton, Bennie, Vyv, Everett, Ravn, Conner, Grimdarque, Fern

2021-07-06 - Horoscopes
The storm rages on, but the radio does too. And it's time for some horoscopes. Everyone likes those, right?

2021-06-28 - Gorilla in the Mist
Idle hands are a Devil's workshop. Everett came and saw.

2021-06-24 - The Drive-In
The last radio broadcast before the storm hits and the station is giving away some tickets. In theory.%r%r*(OOC: As always, if there's anything in the broadcast you want to pursue, mail/page Ashley. Otherwise, feel free to use it as RP fodder.)*

2021-06-18 - Higgins' Note - A Vision
Ruiz uses the shine to replay the events of Officer Higgins' suicide note.%r%rThe details in this scene wouldn't be known IC unless Ruiz shares them.

2021-06-14 - Regarding Ships
As he does (nearly) every night, Ashley Jones runs the WKRW overnight broadcast. And unsurprisingly (as so happens from time to time), he talks about some weird shit.

2021-06-08 - Take Shelter
Local doomsaying meteorologist Cliff Bass has been going on about Typhoon Cimaron for almost 3 weeks now. Well, it turns out...he was right. The remnants of Cimaron were picked up by the jet stream, dumped off the coast of California into another system, and have now spun up into the sort of storm that gets its own name and Wikipedia entry.%r%rThese kinds of storms are the most brutal on the Washington Coast. Some Gray Harborites are old enough to remember the Columbus Day Storm.%r%rSummer is a weird time for this to happen. But this is Gray Harbor, which specializes in weird. So, as everyone scrambles to prepare for a weatherly beating the likes of which most people have never seen and may never see again in their lifetimes--what do //you// get up to? %r%r--%r%rThis is an Open Vignette scene. It will remain available until after the storm 'officially' arrives, which won't be until some time next week. This vignette is specifically for //prep//; we'll have another for cleanup, and maybe one for during as well.%r%r--%r%r**NOTE:** Time is officially 'wonky' for scenes right now, as normally a storm like this would move in an out in 4-5 days. We'll be slow-rolling it over a few weeks here, to savor it. So, feel free to handwave your timing on things to the max. Go WILD with adjusting your IC dates. Don't sweat it.
Cassidy, Easton, Bennie, Vyv, Isolde, Everett, Kailey, Devlin, Ravn, Chelsea, Grimdarque

2021-05-09 - To tilt at autumn
August wakes up in Firefly Forest.

2021-05-07 - Missing Bullet
Cassidy comes home from a totally boring and normal evening at the Pourhouse and makes a startling realization.

2021-03-17 - Open Vignette: Mad as the Mists
OPEN VIGNETTE: Mad as the Mists%r%rOn the morning of March 16th, 2021, Gray Harbor residents awaken to the sound of fog horns out in the bay and a fog advisory for the county coastline on their phones. This isn't too much of a surprise in late winter, as the fog is often heaviest in Spring and Fall. Still, this is particularly dense fog and mist. Meteorologists are astounded, and predicting it will last at least a handful of days, maybe even a week. Visibility in some places is reduced to only a few feet.%r%rBut this is Gray Harbor, so this is no ordinary mist. Anyone with Glimmer can feel something is up. Worse yet, they can see, hear, and smell it too. They're sensing things in the fog, extraordinary and unnatural things: dead and Lost people, mysterious beings, smells and sounds from other places and times, impossible landscapes lingering just out of view. Are these short Dreams, coming and going? Is the Veil even thinner than before? Or is something else afoot? Hard to say.%r%rSo: what befell your character during the week of fog?%r%r(An open vignette scene to accompany [the fog](
Vyv, Itzhak, August, Everett, Kailey, Rhys, Grant, Ravn

2021-03-02 - Whispers in the Dark
Kailey gets an unexpected visit from the dead?

2021-02-07 - The Cards Disagree
When Byron had asked the old woman if she'd done any positive readings and she'd replied, 'At least one', that had been a bald-faced lie. She'd done four, but three had been for the same person.

2021-01-29 - From Beyond the Veil
Six months ago, Elias boarded a ferry to meet someone who promised him some answers and a chance at doing some research that might give him some information about his family, and perhaps the very nature of the Veil itself. He never reached the other side. Six months later, Elias returns to Likely Stories, but as a far different man than he left it.

2021-01-11 - Boy's Day Out.
The Turner boys have a day to themselves while Mom is working. Dad makes a few phone calls and gets a little spooked.

2020-12-12 - Welcome to the Golden Hour
Every episode starts the same.%r%rThe sun sinks over the ocean, a ball of blood drowning in a dark, endless sea. But when it falls below the waves, it turns to a shimmering, golden circle, and the words write themselves in an elegant, black script: //Welcome to the Golden Hour//%r%rA flashing montage of images: a dead forest, the skeletal branches reaching up at a pale blue sky; a single blooming flower, trodden on by a high-heeled shoe; a cabin in the woods as the evening turns to night; a stately old mansion with only one window lit; and the silhouette of a ship, outlined against the moon. Over it, a haunting, lovely melody on two violins plays.%r%rThen the screen fades to black.%r%rAnd the show begins.%r%r(OOC: Please remember to put warnings for any content which would probably get an R rating or higher, and be considerate of your fellow players.)
Seth, Alexander, Isolde, Esme, Ravn

2020-12-04 - Survival Is the First Imperative
Alexander wakes up.

2020-11-21 - You Can Run, But You'll Always Come Back
Just when Isolde thinks she finally can start getting her life together, Gray Harbor has to pull her back in.

2020-11-08 - Cinderella's Slipper
Whilst thinking about mowing the lawn a green haze decends over a backyard.

2020-10-31 - Ars Gratis Artis
Beauty becomes horror becomes beauty.

2020-10-02 - Don't Get Attached
Sometimes, life provides Ravn Abildgaard with an opportunity to exert his particular brand of stupidity, all in the name of Not Inconveniencing Others.

2020-09-30 - A Meal from a Man
Connor Demsey is caught, but not trapped.

2020-09-26 - A Strong Woman
Big, tough thug with stronger daughter.
Everett, Kailey

2020-09-24 - Gyreworks Presents: Beach Battles!
The husband and wife owner team of the Poorhouse and Leon the Locksmith are putting on an all day event of fun and competition on the beach of Gray Harbor!%r%rMain Events will be:%r%r* **Limbo!**%r* **Three Legged Race!**%r* **Tug of War!**%r%rFun and prizes await! The whole town is invited!%r%rA portion of proceeds for the event will be donated to the Hope for the Warriors charity.%r%r*OOC: This is gonna be a weird idea! The entire event will be a vignette! I'll keep it open for a week.*%r%r*This way everyone who wants to, regardless of activity or time zone has plenty of time and opportunity to participate!*%r%r[Results Here!](
Nicole, Graham, Aidan, Byron, Lilith, Vyv, Dahlia, August, Isabella, Hyacinth, Everett, Kailey, Grant, Leon, Rekani, Ravn

2020-09-16 - The Jackass Genie
Blogging is one way to organise your thoughts.

2020-09-14 - No Rest for the Wicked
Bax has a nap. Vyv doesn't.

2020-09-14 - The Journal of 1000 Cuts - Entry 1
And so a plot silence.

2020-08-30 - Transient Guests Are We (No Longer)
You can check in, but indeed, leaving does seem to be the problematic part.

2020-08-29 - Bring Out the Tinfoil Hats
Ask a folklorist to think outside of the box. Get a compilation of text worthy of a tinfoil hat conspiracy.

2020-08-28 - Dry as a Bone
Byron and Lilith make an unpleasant discovery on the penthouse terrace after his party.

2020-08-26 - Lake and Roen Bridal Shower/Stag Party
In which numerous denizens of Gray Harbor carpool up to Seattle to party. (Open until 2/23 by request!) COME FORTH AND VIGNETTE!!
Alexander, Vyv, Ruiz, Abitha, Ignacio, Itzhak, August, Hyacinth, Eleanor, Cristobal, Joseph, Rekani

2020-08-19 - What If?, Rosencrantz Edition
The thrilling conclusion: what would happen to Itzhak if he'd made a different choice?

2020-08-18 - Stop Calling
Sparrow has a very weird, one-sided conversation with her mom.

2020-08-15 - Boat Painting and the Art of Zen
Definitely do not get attached to things that will depend on you.

2020-08-13 - A thousand sharpened nails
You don’t want to hear the story of my life, and anyway I don’t want to tell it.

2020-08-06 - Open Vignette - That was a freebie.
**Open Vignette.** Write about a single instance in your character's life that they would (or should) do over again if they could, and how that would change them today. (Closes around 5pm Pacific on 2/5/2020.)
KarmaBum, Erin, Elise, Graham, Aidan, Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Vyv, Abitha, Itzhak, August, Joey, Everett, Eleanor, Kailey, Esme, Devlin, Tor, Patrick, Leon, Atli, Ainslie, Vic, Renata, Ravn

2020-07-23 - La hora de salida
Ruiz has an unpleasant task to undertake.

2020-07-16 - Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
Rumors get around town, the Claytons call their son, and Alexander briefly wishes he hadn't moved out of the way of the gunshot.

2020-07-09 - I See Fire
No good deed goes unpunished.

2020-06-27 - Do Not Go Gentle
Isabella is missing. Alexander is not okay.

2020-06-24 - Gone Girl
After putting Alexander to bed, Isabella did what any good girlfriend would do, and went to get her battered lover some painkillers. But They were waiting.

2020-06-22 - Over the River
Alexander does a little favor for Ruiz, and ends up attracting some unwanted attention.

2020-06-18 - F for Effort
Maybe it's the thought that counts?
Sparrow, Grant

2020-06-02 - Ghost Stories
**Open Vignette Scene.** There are ghosts all over Gray Harbor right now. Has your character bumped into any yet?
KarmaBum, Erin, Graham, Aidan, Alexander, Byron, Clarissa, Lilith, Vyv, Lyric, Finch, August, Rebecca, Everett, Eleanor, Kailey, Rhys, Grant, Tor, Patrick, Faith, Vic, Dani

2020-05-12 - What was IN this anyways?!
Passing out stoned off your ass and having a dream where the weed smokes you? Dude... duuuude... dude.

2020-05-11 - Body Parts
August still thinks they should have torched it all.

2020-05-10 - Out of Joint
After the Dream of the grow operation, Aidan has a pop-tart and some time to himself. More or less.

2020-04-25 - Hungry and Hollow for All the Things You Took Away
Easton's alive day rolls around. %r

2020-04-24 - Welcome to Gray Harbor Vic
Vic goes for a run in Addington Park, and finds herself in the Veil Forest instead, where she meets one of it's very disturbing residents.

2020-04-07 - Boy Problems
Sparrow vents to her little sister about boys.

2020-04-05 - Pull It Together
Isolde leaves Karaoke night early.

2020-04-02 - Boomerang
When the remains of a relationship come back home.

2020-04-01 - April Fools
It's been 15 days since Anne's last Veil-related encounter.

2020-03-31 - The Elopement
Kyle Addington and Marianna Velez Elope, without first telling either of their families.
KyleAddington, Marianna

2020-03-31 - The Purge
After talking to Easton and clearing the air, it's time for Katherine to return some of his things, including the ring he gave her.
Easton, Katherine

2020-03-29 - Spring Cleaning
Sparrow takes Nicole's advice and gets rid of some things she doesn't need anymore.

2020-03-23 - You again...
In a lifesaving surgery Ignacio has a crazy dream...lower case d. The past and certain truths seem determined to haunt Gray Harbor's consummate optimist.

2020-03-17 - Skeletor Versus Irvriya
What happened when Minerva went missing.

2020-03-17 - If I Die
Irvriya comes to terms with the possibility of death.

2020-03-16 - Hollow
Roxy leaves the Pourhouse St. Patrick's Day party alone.

2020-03-13 - The Call
August heals Ciprian so Ashira won't, and gets his due.

2020-03-12 - What Am I Doing?
Kip reflects on a couple things going on during her short time in Gray Harbor and has a brief catch up with her younger brother.

2020-03-07 - Kaw
Birds. The worst.

2020-03-02 - Man plans, God laughs.
A young priest struggles with his faith, and finds, if not an answer, at least a modicum of peace in prayer.

2020-02-29 - The Secret Behind Katherine's Intentions
After the tour of the Grand Olympic Casino with her newest client and his business partner (who happens to be her ex), Katherine reminds herself why she's doing what she's doing and reflects on the first encounter.

2020-02-25 - Between Life & Death
Stephanie fights for her life.

2020-02-23 - A Rocky Start
A trip "home" turns into an extended stay... and makes for a missed semester at WSU.

2020-02-22 - What The Sea Returns
Still alive.

2020-02-22 - The Big Softie
After Beth leaves, Everett's struggle, both internal and external and his evening manager/cook, Ian.

2020-02-20 - Be Careful What You Wish For
Esme's wish partially comes true, and she has to live with the consequences.

2020-02-18 - I Still
A couple of days after Valentines Day.

2020-02-18 - Ugly Cry
Alexander tucks Bennie in for the night after a disastrous Valentine's Day date, then goes and has himself a nice little bout of self-hatred and despair. Unforgivably maudlin.

2020-02-11 - Beneath a Sullen Winter Moon (Open Vignette)
Around two in the morning 11th of February, something changed in Gray Harbor. What was your character's first realization of this shift? Or when did they first experiment with their abilities and find something was different?%r%r**Open vignette.**
KarmaBum, Stephanie, Thomas, Elise, Graham, Aidan, Alexander, Easton, Byron, Gina, Vyv, Abitha, Finch, August, Isabella, Joey, Everett, Eleanor, Rhys, Grant, Esme, Anne, Patrick, Thewlis, Leon, Meredith, Rekani, Kip

2020-02-09 - Can You Hear Me Now? No?
Alison wakes up from a Dream with one hell of a ringing in her ears. August's Spirit can be a little strong.

2020-02-08 - The world should tremble
Nicole receives a surprise.
Nicole, Joey

2020-02-07 - Bittersweet Trip
Sparrow goes from [ high highs to low lows].

2020-02-03 - And So It Begins
Something is Coming. (Plot coming soon!)

2020-01-31 - Truth Misused
Anne reflects on Sparrow's tarot reading.

2020-01-30 - Ink and Watercolor
Sparrow and Grant make art to make things better. Or less awful, anyway.
Sparrow, Grant

2020-01-29 - The Line Gets Thinner
A recollection leads to revelation and Esme is pretty over it.

2020-01-27 - Is My Reality A Lie?
Esme contemplates on if she's losing her mind or if her whole reality has been a lie.

2020-01-26 - The Edge
Where do the rocks go when the water carries them away?

2020-01-26 - Old Memories Resurfaced
The recent traumatic experience of an attempted experiment causes an older, repressed memory to shake loose, leaving Yule with a rather dark set of thoughts to deal with.

2020-01-22 - Delayed Flights Cause Nervousness
Minerva is waiting for Elazar's plane to land...and there are delays.

2020-01-16 - In the Meantime
Tyrone has not been in Gray Harbor for quite some time. This is what he's been up to.

2020-01-15 - Heal the Wound
Katy wakes up before her alarm and takes a dip in the hot tub after realising that she cannot use her Glimmer to heal herself...

2020-01-13 - Ghosts Of The Past
Minerva takes a moment to try to clear her mind, but she just gets nagged.

2020-01-12 - The rest is easy.
Not everything goes to plan during renovations

2020-01-12 - James Hecker: Ghost Plumber
Shitter's haunted.

2020-01-08 - The Murder of Memory
After seeing to Alexander at the conclusion of the harrowing events of "The Light That Blinds," Isabella goes out for a drive, and the first cigarette she's had in over a decade.

2020-01-07 - Collect-Calling
Graham went to collect from a tweaker who didn't want to pay him. So he brought back-up.
Graham, Andre

2020-01-07 - Progress: To Move On
Alexander attempts to check up on Carver after the New Year, and finds that new years bring endings - and beginnings.

2020-01-06 - Sleepless Nights
Sleep is hard to come by for Stephanie after a particularly rough night on the job. Exposure to the Veil and her Glimmer use are affecting her in strange ways, particularly her dreams, as if the Veil is trying to trick her, confuse her .

2020-01-01 - Old Year's Eve
It's a vignette scene! But there's a tweeest. %r%rThis scene is going to be a collection of character's most memorable New Year's Eve memories, one per character. This is going to be fodder for these vignettes to be cut up, spliced and re-used for GMed Dream scenes in the future for other characters. So if you are writing up a vignette for this scene please be aware that it will possibly be used and mangled into something new for future use. I will re-check with people before using their stories for scenes though. %r%rAnd I will leave this up for a few days for people.
Nicole, Tobin, Aidan, Alexander, Easton, Byron, Clarissa, Elias, Vyv, Isolde, Ignacio, Justin, Itzhak, Finch, August, Isabella, Rebecca, Everett, Eleanor, Ciprian, Dante, Roxy, Kass, Yule, Patrick, Leon, Beth, Katy

2020-01 - This Is How The Monsters Lose
So this is just a little wrap-up for these two characters. We dreamed these poor people up along with hatching the game, and we used them to test a lot of stuff, and we entertained ourselves with their angst. And now their little story is told, so they get to have their "happily ever after."
Emily, Logan

2019-12-28 - This Damn Town
In 2015 - Thewlis had a very bad Dream

2019-12-27 - The Reasons Why One Does Not Simply Take Yarn Away From A Cat
This vignette exists because Alexander dared me to write it. In a frantic bid to hide yet another embarrassing secret from the investigator, an injured Isabella takes on the infinitely more agile Blue Bell.

2019-12-26 - Christmas in the OBX
Easton spends the holidays with Tom's widow and son in the OBX.

2019-12-25 - Cali Christmas
Tyrone 'celebrates' his Christmas away from Gray Harbor.

2019-12-25 - Forgotten
On Christmas morning, Anne calls her family.

2019-12-23 - Feline Housekeeping
The loft is empty and a stray cat has been left to its own devices. Is it really angry, or does it just look that way?

2019-12-22 - The Hanukkah Fairy
It's the first night of Hanukkah!

2019-12-21 - #snowharbor2019
The snow has hit Gray Harbor, and it's hitting hard. Perfect time to build a few snowmen!%r%r(Open vignette - open for a few days. Post your character building a snowman, or anything else in the snow that suits your fancy. If you'd like to submit your creation for the IC prize (yes, there is an actual prize!), then include a bit about submitting it to Friendzone with the hashtag.)
AlmightyMe, Nicole, Elise, Graham, Aidan, Alexander, Sutton, Byron, Clarissa, Lilith, Bennie, Lex, Vyv, Abitha, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August, Isabella, Joey, Everett, Eleanor, Ciprian, Sparrow, Poe, Rhys, Grant, Jacob, Noelle, James, Yule, Anne, Lalo, Beth

2019-12-20 - The Running Free
Tyrone leaves Gray Harbor and goes back to something more familiar to him. At least, it seems more familiar to him.

2019-12-17 - After Club
Getting home from Fight Club, Everett has some introspection. And a revelation.

2019-12-15 - Sometimes, You Have To Take It With You
Tyrone has had enough. Without the tools or the willingness to deal with the emotions and issues he's facing, he does all he can do: he leaves.

2019-12-15 - Pattycake, Pattycake
Why siblings are the worst.

2019-12-13 - Spending Time With The Dead
Minerva is spending some time with the dead. Instead of the living.

2019-12-11 - In the eyes of a child
Everett opens a package, finally, and meets his little man.

2019-12-10 - Eat the sandwiches, motherfu...
Meanwhile, at Easton Marshall's apartment ...

2019-12-10 - Facing your inner fears
After a series of strange events, Dylan's faces his fears in the most unusual way: staring down himself.
Zoiya, Dylan

2019-12-08 - Boy Night In
While Bennie gets her drank on the wonders of social media let Easton catch a few glimpses.

2019-12-07 - The Ice Ball
Yule and Sparrow have their cards read at a charity gala in Seattle.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-12-07 - Cornered
Lilith is shopping alone in Tacoma and runs into company from the past. The man has a lot of demands and threats for her to bring home with the presents.

2019-12-06 - Worst Part of The Job
Thewlis is observed while attending to part of his job at the cemetery.

2019-12-05 - Ulterior Motives
After Bennie gets the rent money Easton promised, it changes to unfortunate hands.

2019-12-04 - The Repairer of Reputations
Doctor Henry Wallace meets an interesting stranger while having his regular bourbon after an afternoon of golf.

2019-12-04 - Omissions
Lilith doesn't have the patience for a proper stalking and casing of the old Thorne house. She spends most of the time dealing with her phone and her own issues, but because it's Lilith, she can't resist a parting shot.

2019-11-29 - Some Unspoken Thing
Isabella returns to the empty, Tudor-style Reede residence in Bayside in an attempt to get it ready for the holidays.

2019-11-29 - Thanksgiving in Contrast
A tale of two very different Thanksgivings at the Thorne House.

2019-11-28 - Thankful for...
**Open vignette scene.** Feel free to share a snippet of your character's Turkey Day. Could be anything - something that happens/ed off-camera, a character you didn't get a chance to play, a misty water-colored memory, whatever's clever. Note that this isn't a "live" scene in the traditional sense; just a collection of vignettes around a common theme. I'll be leaving it open until Friday the 16th at around 4:30 PM Pacific / 7:30 PM Eastern.
KarmaBum, Nicole, Cassidy, Erin, Greg, Elise, Graham, Eli, Tobin, Aidan, Alexander, Easton, Sutton, Byron, Gina, Clarissa, Carver, Lilith, Elias, Cole, Lex, Vyv, Andi, Ruiz, Abitha, Mark, Lucinda, Genevieve, Lyric, Ignacio, Justin, Itzhak, Finch, August, Isabella, Rebecca, Hyacinth, Minerva, Jaime, Joey, Everett, Eleanor, Maddie, Love, Duncan, Tyrone, Abby, Sparrow, Zoiya, Tillie, Nathan, Harvey, Hailey, Carter, Andy, Roxy, Viktor, Shauna, Kailey, Rhys, Daisy, Grant, Jacob, Noelle, Martel, Yule, Anne, Patrick, Reese, Libby

2019-11-26 - Kruger Murders - DA Update and Press Conference
Cassidy Bennet updates the public on the investigation of the Sea View Suites murders of Pam and Karl Kruger.
Cassidy, Jessica, Ruiz

2019-11-25 - A Home for the Holidays
Even being in the hospital Easton doesn't want to miss his weekly check-in with Tom's widow and son.

2019-11-23 - It Is Certain
Isabella understood that reference.

2019-11-22 - Fallen Memories
James returns home after an evening spent nursemaiding a flu-ridden Diana. He's got a lot to think about. Unfortunately the old family home isn't going to let him do so quietly.

2019-11-22 - He Ain't Heavy
Lalo visits his brother.

2019-11-18 - Path of Least Resistance
August wakes up from hell.

2019-11-17 - Lawson Funeral Home Commercial - Preplan Your Future!
A commercial on local television about preplanning at Lawson Funeral Home. We put the fun in funerals!

2019-11-17 - Packing For Tel Aviv
Minerva's floundering while packing.

2019-11-17 - The more things change...
... the more they stay the same

2019-11-17 - Black-Out Drunk
Sue and Mikey have unfinished business.

2019-11-15 - Plus One for Family Dinner
Alexander calls his parents to see if they'll accept a guest for the family Thanksgiving Dinner.

2019-11-15 - The Spaces in Between
Waiting is the worst.
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-11-15 - King of Queens: Battle for Dominion
And Ignacio and his father finally have it out while he's packing to officially declare Gray Harbor his home now. It goes as well as one can expect really.

2019-11-14 - La Guardia, Inbound
Ignacio heads to NYC to pack and break it to his family he's decided to move to Gray Harbor.

2019-11-14 - Sad & Tragic, Reprise
Just another dead end.

2019-11-12 - Maybe
Ciprian picks up his daughter from school, and she has a story to tell.

2019-11-12 - Just Like Old Times
After the craziness that had interrupted their lives, Byron catches up with his mother before checking up on an old friend.

2019-11-11 - Letter to Grandmother
Erin writes a letter to her grandmother. Her grandmother writes back.
Erin, Margaret


2019-11-07 - Cold November Rain
Ciprian gets mad at Minerva.

2019-11-04 - The Misty Realm of Lost and Broken Toys
Lilith has been trying to get out of a Dream she's been lost in for days. Even though time is moving differently for her, she reaches limits with exhaustion and an encroaching fear that she has become one of The Lost.

2019-11-03 - Destination Unknown
Throughout the entirety of the festival, Byron tries to find Lilith all while juggling his responsibilities and need to save another friend.

2019-11-03 - Noelle, Stop!
Family dinner, bet Yule wishes he was back in New York.
Natalia, Noelle, Yule

2019-11-02 - May Every Empty Parking Space You See In The Distance Actually Contain a Motorcycle
A surly customer calls for delivery & then gets some attitude in return.
Ruiz, Noelle

2019-11-02 - One Night Stands And Regrets
When you remember you brought a stranger home suddenly.

2019-11-01 - Graveyard Playdate
Taking Trick or Treat candy to the less fortunate. Perhaps taking a young girl to the graveyard the day after Halloween would seem odd to most people, but, this is precisely what Nicole decides to do after the events of the previous evening.

2019-11-01 - Lilies in the Mists
During the Carnivale, Lilith is trapped in shifted reality within the Mists and ends up lost for a worrying span of time.

2019-10-31 - Hidden Content: Episode III
The much-maligned third episode of @Camwitch's (questionable) hit series, Hidden Content!

2019-10-25 - Corrupted Imagination
Dante has his first Dream.

2019-10-21 - This Number Is Unavailable
Wherein Kelsey reaffirms that forming meaningful connections with people never leads to anything good.

2019-10-18 - May the Chips in Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Always Turn Out to Be Raisins
Just another seasonal disaster in Gray Harbor.

2019-10-17 - Hidden Content: Episode II
The second episode of @Camwitch's unpopular podcast!

2019-10-15 - Average Day
A glimpse of a day in the life of Thewlis Moore

2019-10-13 - The Perfect One
Wherein Greg has a need for a very particular item.

2019-10-12 - Checking In On a Friend
Sacrifices were made and Gohl was buried. Byron has a loose end that needs to be dealt with now that it's all over.
Tobin, Byron

2019-10-10 - The Tell-Tale Heart
(Disclaimer: There's some violence and glossed over sex in this scene) Byron returns to his old family home and meets up with the current owner, Olivia Marchand. He doesn't know what he's looking for. Is he willing to give up what he'd found? And was it worth it?

2019-10-10 - Such A Pretty Face
The voices lie.

2019-10-09 - DA Press Coverage
The Assistant District Attorney addresses the press regarding the double murder of Pam and Karl Kruger. Live television coverage. Story at 11.

2019-10-09 - Requiem for an Eggroll
Someone threw away perfectly good leftovers!?!? Q.Q Nuuuuuuuu!!!

2019-10-09 - They're Not Dates
Desperate to engage her mind with something else, Isabella works on a hanging thread.

2019-10-08 - We Do What We Must
An end of things. Carver says a goodbye to both a friend and any future recovery of his abilities.

2019-10-07 - Don't Leave Me
Some time after he and Isolde got pulled Over There, Itzhak has a dream.

2019-10-07 - Goodbye and Good Luck.
Days after Tom watched Easton get mauled in a Dream his ghost appears in the motel to talk about Easton's planned sacrifice. Featuring the breathlessly awaited return of The Plaid Shirt.

2019-10-07 - Rest in Peace
After weeks of strong resistance, Gohl finally gets his hooks in Rebecca.

2019-10-04 - Ten Little
Bennie is a terrible liar. Terribly good. Warning: drug use.

2019-10-03 - Missing Person Found
Octavius sets out to find a missing person.

2019-10-03 - End of Life Arrangements
Somewhere in California, a dying woman must decide whether to discover the truth behind an event that has haunted her since she was young.

2019-10-03 - Lemon Water
Rebecca stops by Steelhead to make sure Lemondrop (played by Itzhak) has water and is all right.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-10-03 - Boom! (Goes the Dynamite)
After being ill for days, Lilith comes out into the public eye and snaps her shit on a customer and her shop girl in spectacular bloody fashion. It's extreme, even for Lilith. What's going on?

2019-10-01 - You Don't Need Me
The fever Dreams of the veil flu catch up with Easton.

2019-10-01 - Cleaning & Contemplation
Things to think about while smelling like chemical lemon.

2019-09-30 - Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving The Body
The aftermath of Isabella's fever dream with August.

2019-09-29 - Fever Dreams
Alexander dreams of fires of various sorts.

2019-09-29 - Can You See?
It's a really important question.

2019-09-29 - Hidden Content: Episode I
The highly-anticipated, much rejoiced return of the vlog Hidden Content!

2019-09-28 - DJ Dental Vlog
The first episode of Park's Music Vlog - though being stricken with the Veil-Flu robs a bit of the bounce.

2019-09-27 - A Mother and Son Heart to Heart
Byron pays his mother a visit to find out if she might have something of worth, like a keepsake, that he might be able to use for the sacrifice. Emotions run high with this reunion.

2019-09-27 - Captain Tripps
Stephanie is sure Itzhak is //fine.//

2019-09-26 - Happy Birthday, Princess
Birthdays are the worst. Especially when your dead husband just won't let them go.

2019-09-25 - Guess Who Is Broken
Minerva has a fraction of a Serial Killer inside of her and she's coming down with a cold. She might add one more count to Billy's death toll.

2019-09-24 - Brushing Up
Ruby's shaking the rust off.

2019-09-21 - It's All Bad.
Dahlia is very much not a fan of this withdrawal thing.

2019-09-19 - Pushy Roommates
Alexander has a new, pushy roommate and completely fails to set boundaries.

2019-09-15 - Gone
She'll never even get a chance to say goodbye

2019-09-14 - Lonely but never really alone.
A glimpse.
KarmaBum, Margaret, Thomas

2019-09-14 - Follow the Strings
Isolde goes to the Lavender Farm to try and focus inward and figure out some things in her messy mind.

2019-09-13 - Mac the Knife
Waking from a dream, Everett thinks about taking matters into his own hands. And then he takes matters into his own hands.

2019-09-13 - When your boss might have murdered your future baby-momma's parents...
...and you really want to ask him if he did it, but he's ducking your calls. Plus, let's be real, Graham would never have the stones to actually ask that question. And - let's be even more real - Felix would never answer him if he did. Not in a way that lends itself to long-term survival, anyway.
Graham, Andre

2019-09-11 - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
After meeting with the Exorcist and causing absurd amounts of conflict in Lilith Winslow's loft, Isabella Reede returns to her houseboat to contemplate her own sacrifice.

2019-09-10 - The Drunken Monster
Breakin' up is hard to do. But causing teen-age date trauma, not so much.

2019-09-10 - Exorcism Research
Minerva needs to find an Exorcism ritual. Thankfully she's got a lot of sources to go through.

2019-09-10 - A singular purpose

2019-09-09 - Life Eternal
Minerva is taking some time to play the piano and think about things she shouldn't dwell on.

2019-09-08 - To-Do List
Not used to really sitting idle Erin works from the hospital to prepare home for her arrival.

2019-09-05 - The Call No One Wants
After Ruiz rolls up into Joey's boxing gym and he takes it out on Bianca and Itzhak he needs to make a fucking phonecall.

2019-09-05 - Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do
Mariah's hopes are dashed.

2019-09-05 - Just Desserts
Dance Jolly Green Giant. Dance.

2019-09-03 - Last Will
Minerva feels the need to get her affairs in order just in case.

2019-08-31 - Breakfast Painfully Interrupted
Things were not right, but it was Saturday. Before Byron starts to worry about sorting any of that out, he's taking this brief quiet moment in the morning to relax before the busy storm. Someone or something has other plans.

2019-08-31 - Ghosting
Easton and Tom "Banks" his personal ghost try to figure out some shit. Some things work. Some don't. Some work all too well.

2019-08-29 - A Bloody Aftermath
Minerva is cleaning up blood after Billy the Ghoul tried to murder Alexander during their seance.

2019-08-29 - Fear, the Mindkiller
A frightened drug enthusiast musters his courage.

2019-08-28 - Comic Restock
Ruby is a bit gloomy with the new stock. But the day is looking up.

2019-08-27 - Motes
Sparrow wastes a few days trying to get an itch out of her head.

2019-08-27 - And Then There Were None
5 year plan blown to hell.

2019-08-25 - Fear Itself
After her conversation with Lilith Winslow, and taking her words to heart, Isabella Reede attempts to brave the secrets lingering in her family home.

2019-08-25 - Preparing For A Seance
Minerva is preparing the apartment and herself for a seance.

2019-08-24 - Head Count
Easton tries to maintain order in his life by managing his drinking. It's a simple count. How could that go so wrong?

2019-08-20 - Not Telling
Itzhak doesn't text August.

2019-08-19 - Meet Azrael and Dumah
Minerva ends up with two puppies instead of one after Hank lets her know the wife said no.

2019-08-19 - Not the world's best boyfriend
Yeah. So Graham is possessive. And also the kind of person that breaks into someone's house and threatens to shoot them in the face.

2019-08-14 - Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Isolde borrows Alexander's computer to try and do some intense Google Searching.

2019-08-13 - In Respite Of Himself
A motel-room-constrained Carver calls in a favor. Love Prevails.
Carver, Love

2019-08-13 - Aground and Grounded
Sparrow checks in with her little sister. They talk about boys, obvs.

2019-08-12 - New In Town
Sometimes there are ways out of dead ends without having to go back to the beginning.

2019-08-11 - The Meltdown
Minerva is DEFINITELY not okay after the Worms incident.

2019-08-10 - Ex Post Facto
Vyv receives an unexpected text.

2019-08-10 - A Night of Horrors: Seven Remaining
Part 1 of 7

2019-08-08 - That Ragged Flannel
The origins of the ragged flannel that Isolde no longer has.

2019-08-08 - I'm Not Okay
Ciprian comes looking for Minerva post shoot out. Minerva admits she's not fine.

2019-08-06 - The Word Of The Bird
Carver pays off a debt to cheer himself up after his mild disaster back at the Bayside Margarita night.

2019-08-05 - Act I: Vanity
(Work safe, but very dark and gritty in places, be forewarned.)%r%rSomewhere, in Seattle, a man named Grant Turner keeps tabs on Lilith. He has a very different perspective and perception of the woman than the people in Gray Harbor might.%r%r

2019-08-05 - What We Don't Say
August lets his curiosity get the better of him.

2019-08-05 - Tequila Always Wins
After Monday Night Margaritas, the evening doesn't end quite like Sutton expects.

2019-08-04 - I'm With You Till The End of the Line
Minerva needs some time away...

2019-08-02 - Case File: Amelia Walton
Amelia is having a bad day. So is Minerva. Skeletor makes an appearance.

2019-08-01 - Where is my Mind?
Lilith is home from the hospital and shuts everyone out in favor of getting drunk. She's hit over and over with a recurring dream she's had since the Hanging Bridge incident, and she's given some sense of clarity in the middle of no clarity at all. (GM dream sequence pieces are the creative contribution of AlmightyMe.)

2019-07-31 - A Needling Voice
Isolde is conflicted, and maybe a little jealous - even if she doesn't realize it.

2019-07-31 - Baby Steps Down The Hall
Waking up from another dream (lowercase d .. he thinks) Easton tries to sort out his head, too bad he can't sort out stairs.

2019-07-31 - Rotgut Superpowers
Alexander wakes up the morning after and tries to figure out what the hell happened.

2019-07-30 - Saturday Night
Zoiya gets ready for work, sends out a text, and gets wild with some body paint.

2019-07-30 - Know The Limits
Minerva's still beating herself up for pushing too hard.

2019-07-28 - An Alley Can Be Beautiful
Oh hey, Carver's back.

2019-07-28 - A Thousand Shards of Glass
A woman's voice wakes Isabella up in the dead of night, a few seconds before a devastating phone call.

2019-07-28 - Home Is the Place Where
Love goes home.

2019-07-27 - Go Home, Faust
Penny has been released from the hospital, but she goes to work first, not home.

2019-07-26 - Of Dandelion Wishes and Dreaming Bones
For Isabella Reede, the night is dark and full of frustrations.

2019-07-24 - This is why we can't have nice things
Alexander's not answering texts and he's not home. Which has Isolde fearing the worst.

2019-07-24 - Goodnight Moon
Lilith cycles between drug haze, sleep, and bouts of clarity in the hospital after the death of her father at the Hanging Bridge.

2019-07-21 - The Start Of A Rough Week
Carver chills in the forest. Carver nearly dies in the forest. Carver... might still actually die in the forest.

2019-07-21 - I Just Want To Come Home
A message from Alexander telling her to stay at the farm a little longer puts Isolde in a bad mood.

2019-07-20 - The Ringmistress
Lilith's sanity is slipping and eventually she gives up the facade of being perfectly fine by cutting off contact to the outside world. Her shop is broken into overnight and where, oh where, is Lilith?

2019-07-20 - Coping For Weirdos
What the weirdos do when dates don't show and the alcohol is really good.

2019-07-20 - truth
"You want to know the difference between me and you, G? I always tell you the truth."

2019-07-20 - Staying One Step Ahead
With news of yet another tragedy, Byron uses this opportunity to try and remain one step ahead of everyone he's ever been close to. And Alexander. He had big plans and nothing was going to ruin them.

2019-07-19 - And The Night Will Come
Eli is getting some work done up in the loft when Dahlia comes over to hang out with Genevieve.

2019-07-19 - 25 or 6 to 4
Everything is fine.

2019-07-18 - Siren's Call
Four days after Byron was exposed to the box again and two days after he failed to have Lilith hand it over to him, he gets a call from Alexander. He would have ignored it if Alexander hadn't mentioned the ring.

2019-07-18 - Down the Rabbit Hole
Lilith has fooled the masses with her sudden rebound. She's okay. Isn't she?

2019-07-18 - Saying Goodbye
The funeral of her parents.

2019-07-17 - Kindle is Your Friend
Going slowly crazy.

2019-07-15 - A Moth-Eaten Memory
After an initial failed attempt at working on the trailer and instead talking with Ruiz while getting drunk, Dahlia takes another stab at it.

2019-07-14 - Gave Her Forty Whacks
Frankie wakes up from a bad dream.

2019-07-14 - Trailer Brat to Street Rat
Dead caretakers, fake mothers, and intolerable siblings. How a content trailer brat begins the journey to becoming a Seattle street rat.

2019-07-13 - Bathed In Blood
Penny's night is about to get worse.

2019-07-13 - Last Kiss
Not everybody makes it to Gray Harbor.

2019-07-13 - Total Wreck
The Murray House isn't done with Easton either.

2019-07-13 - Meet Janet Blake
Eli and Genevieve take a walk through the cemetery, they stop to visit his mother and chat about some heavy things.
Eli, Genevieve

2019-07-13 - As A Stranger Give It Welcome
Carver tried real hard to keep Sutton clear of the //weird// stuff in town. Melissa drops by to fuck all of that up.
Sutton, Carver

2019-07-12 - Broken Wings
Finch has a nightmare about Murray House.

2019-07-11 - Smoke and Fire
Isolde dreams of smoke, fire, the Murray house, and a ghost girl

2019-07-11 - The Past Will Always Haunt You
Not long after helping the little girl out of the Murray House Ignacio gets a nightmare that's way too close to history repeating itself.

2019-07-11 - Case File: The Murray House
Minerva gets to meet Amelia Walton and the House is visited.

2019-07-11 - Sweet Gravity
Murray House isn't done with August.

2019-07-11 - Sympathy for Mr. Murray
The Murray House slips into Itzhak's dreams.

2019-07-11 - Letting Go
After receiving some unexpected news, Logan decides it's finally time to say goodbye.

2019-07-10 - Longing To Linger 'Til Dawn
Carver spent a lot of his life on the other side of the curtain. These would be some examples, ending in leaving Sutton's apartment.

2019-07-10 - Through the Woods
Sutton & Sutton & Carver's coat.

2019-07-07 - The Night Isidore Disappeared
A recounting of Isabella's last real conversation with her twin brother, Isidore, and the events leading up to his disappearance.

2019-07-06 - Oh S**T
Kevin makes some connections.

2019-07-06 - It Was Right There
Cole experiences a bad dream after helping to rescue Amelia from the Murray House.

2019-07-05 - Shake It Off
Andre likes to shake-shake-shake it off.

2019-07-04 - Hell in a Handbasket
Lilith has been surviving a dark hex for days with no end in sight.

2019-07-03 - Dreaming of Dancing
After a fun day at the Boardwalk, Isolde has a regular non-life threatening dream.

2019-07-02 - Mum Calling
On her first good ride of the year, Sutton's phone rings just as she's idling her brother's vintage Triumph on the outskirts of Gray Harbor. She fields a call from her Mum, and asks about this Addington business that's been bugging her.

2019-07-01 - A dish best served cold
Just your run-of-the-mill murder.

2019-06-29 - Exposition: The Fictions of Molecular Matter
Lilith got a new plant and she's being weird about it. But there's reasons.

2019-06-26 - The Finality of Flowers
Bennie sits down for a dreaded task.

2019-06-21 - Forbidden
Baylee is getting ready for a date night storm-watching. Warning: Drug use.

2019-06-21 - Empathy
Alexander goes clothes shopping, and manages to be very bad at it.

2019-06-21 - Burn It All
Penny's post sewer shenanigans. She doesn't know what to do really.

2019-06-20 - A Son's Love
It's become a ritual for Byron to visit his mother for breakfast on every other Sunday.

2019-06-17 - Dreams of Water
Taking place three days before the present day, a harrowing event cements Isabella Reede's return to the place she swore to leave behind forever.

2019-06-16 - Temper Dynamic What?
Sunday-Monday overnight, Sutton's phone will not stop ringing. About effing golf clubs. Somebody on Craigslist is gonna die.

2019-06-02 - Conures Do Not Provide Therapy
Alexander has a house guest. Or had. Or did he?

2019-06-02 - The Fates and their Scissors
Harper has heard voices that aren't there since her mother's gruesome death when she was five. They only grew stronger as her best friend died in 3rd grade and her father died on her 18th birthday. Is her love the kiss of death? A conversation bearing fatherly advice. A stubborn daughter glad for a piece of her deceased father even if it means she's not quite right in the head.

2019-06-01 - Fallback crutch
Every Monday night Easton fires up the webcam and has a chat. No sadly it's nothing dirty.

2019-06-01 - Conures Make Great Conversationalists
Isolde chats with Alex's conure and ponders about herself and Gray Harbor.

2019-05-28 - Of Cords and Cards
Byron returns back to his apartment with the items that Lilith gave him to explore: A silk cord and Carver's business card.

2019-05-27 - A Grizzly Scene
Vyv attempts to get a late-night snack.

2019-05-25 - Pre-Date Jitters
Mariah's feeling the pre-date jitters and trying to shake them.

2019-05-24 - Mirrors
Lilith gets a triggering call while showering for work. It makes her take a long, hard look in the mirror, but the shadows made by her light paint their own image.

2019-05-24 - Feeling Good
It's a new dawn. It's a new day.

2019-05-23 - It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day
It's a new life for Elise.

2019-05-23 - We're Not Kids Anymore
Byron reflects on one particular childhood relationship after receiving a text message.

2019-05-19 - Consensus
After the three hour tour, Alexander attempts to clean up, physically and mentally.

2019-05-17 - Why Are You Here?
After a night of drinking, Carver takes a walk through the park to sober up.

2019-05-14 - Still Living With Your Ghost
Easton moves into his apartment, with his 'roommate'.

2019-05-13 - be the serpent under it
By the pricking of my thumbs, / Something wicked this way comes.

2019-05-08 - Home Sweet Home
Aidan moves in.

2019-04-26 through 2019-09-08 - Yesterday (Open Vignette)
Happy 3-month Game-iversary, GH! Let's do a little retrospective: Look back for your character's first on-camera scene. Share what they were doing the day before that. (This is an open vignette scene. We'll be leaving it open till about 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern on Friday, July 5th.)
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Nicole, Erin, Thomas, Elise, Graham, Eli, Tobin, Aidan, Magnolia, Kevin, Alexander, Easton, Jonathan, Sutton, Byron, Clarissa, Carver, Lilith, Cole, Vyv, Andi, Isolde, Mark, Cameron, Lucinda, Dahlia, Sarah, Finch, August, Isabella, Tyler, Rebecca, Minerva, Everett, Eleanor, Maddie, Rick, Love, Duncan, Sparrow, Zoiya, Tillie, Nathan, Harvey, Hailey, Poe, Scott, Andy, Roxy, Viktor, Daisy

2019-04-03 - These Tears Are Not For You
Things continue to go wrong.

2019-03-28 - There's no place like home.
The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. -- Maya Angelou

2019-03-22 - Downhill
For Violet, it's all downhill from here.

2019-03-20 - l e a v e, reprise
Sometimes dead wife doesn't know best.

2019-03-18 - This Little Light of Mine
Logan takes a moment to reflect.

2019-03-18 - l e a v e
Lucy would never do this to me.

2019-03-17 - Like butter.
gg alex

2019-03-16 - Do No Harm
You're never really alone.

2019-03-15 - Food for fishes.
What do they want from Alex? And how do they go about extracting it from him?

2019-03-13 - Emotion
How could Hemingway inspire an emotion like //this//?

2019 - Lost
Some stories have happy endings. Others just end.
Violet, Alex

2016-11-06 - Welcome Home
(Disclaimer: This log deals with the trauma of child abuse, starting at a really young age. It's a darker subject matter and not for everyone.) This is a detailed version of what happened 1000 Days Ago. It tells of the secrets that The Thorne House on Oak possesses.
Alexander, Byron

2016-11-06 - 1000 Days Ago
1000 days ago was November 6, 2016. What was your character doing just under three years ago? This is an "open vignette" scene - not a normal scene, so don't be intimidated by the number of participants. Pop in, share a little glimpse of what your character was doing.
KarmaBum, Violet, Alex, Erin, Julia, Elise, Graham, Eli, Tobin, Aidan, Magnolia, Kevin, Alexander, Easton, Mariah, Jonathan, Sutton, Byron, Carver, Lilith, Bennie, Elias, Cole, Lex, Penny, Harper, Vyv, Andi, Ruiz, Isolde, Lucinda, Genevieve, Lyric, Dahlia, Ignacio, Justin, Itzhak, Finch, August, Isabella, Tyler, Rebecca, Hyacinth, Minerva, Jaime, Joey, Everett, Eleanor, Maddie, Rick, Love, Duncan, Abby, Sparrow, Dante, Zoiya, Kelsey

2000-2018 - Anniversaries
Apparently, Alex was romantic as fuck. Till he wasn't.

2022-07-07 - The New Neighbours
Mrs Howitt of Elm Street thinks her new neighbours are drug-dealing Satanists. Ravn and Mikaere drop by in the name of the HOPE Community Centre. The canary has a bad day.
Ravn, Mikaere

2022-07-07 - When Light is Shadow
Una and Ariadne aren't done yet.%r%rThis time, they're on a quest to find a source of light within a very dark tomb. Thing is?%r%rSometimes, the tombs need to remain dark.
Una, Ariadne

2022-07-05 - The Midnight Walk of Una Irving
Paul Revere rides and dies; Una Irving (not so relatedly) cries and cries.
Una, Della

2022-07-05 - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Escaping Gray Harbor just means talking about some of the things that need talking about. Also, fuck, indigenous history is complicated.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-07-03 - Doors Needed
Mikaere and Jules update Ravn on their encounter with Haggleford. Plans are made.
Ravn, Jules, Mikaere

2022-07-02 - This Is My Fork And This Is My Knife
Use them right and you may impress your wife. Cooking lessons 101 for bachelors at the HOPE Centre, Chef Irving is in residence.
Ravn, Una

2022-07-02 - Lots of Plans
'Special Cookies' is the worst phrase ever.
Una, Jules

2022-07-01 - It's Not the Red Violin, But...
What's in a design? Just wait until he realises how //long// it takes, building a custom violin. Still, a man can dream.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-06-29 - On Errand for the God-Queen
In which the Veil sends Una and Ariadne on a side quest.%r%rIn ancient Egypt. Per Cleopatra's wishes. Armed to the gills.%r%rAnd no guard in Memphis is happy to see them! Also, what's physics anyways?
Una, Ariadne

2022-06-29 - Pizzeria Sounding Board
Because sometimes, a trip into the Mindscape requires an outside mind when the truth is so beautifully plain.
Jules, Ariadne

2022-06-28 - Out of the Frying Pan
In which Robin falls through a Door and it's all Della's fault. But who do the other two have to blame?
Ravn, Una, Della, Robin

2022-06-28 - Please Don't Tow
Time to touch base (Robin has TK, Della has t... kittens). And maybe even leave the van?
Della, Robin

2022-06-28 - Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Fibreglass Violins
Various people enjoy various things in the Pâtisserie. %r%rRavn is a troll.
Itzhak, Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-06-27 - The Sounds of Discord
... Isn't just the name of the miserable modern jazz duo in the park.
Ravn, Una, Robin

2022-06-26 - The Naked Truth
Be careful what you wish for.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-06-26 - Common Ground
Una makes things awkward by bringing Ravn along to Ava's apology, but it mostly works out in the end. Things are okay.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-06-23 - Missing Articles of Clothing
Lost masquerade masks, that is. What were *you* thinking?
Perdita, Jules, Mikaere, Nate

2022-06-21 - Girls' Night Out
An impromptu ladies’ night goes off-course by several centuries.
Jules, Della, Ariadne

2022-06-21 - Changing History
When carrying a kayak into a shed lands you in the middle of a 13th century siege operation.
Ravn, Una, Jules

2022-06-20 - A World With Kittens And Cookies
Kittens... and also a meandering conversation through getting past things and moving on.
Ravn, Una

2022-06-17 - Pompeii's Last Survivors
Our intrepid explorers aren't, as it turns out, the last living creatures to escape the inferno.
Una, Jules, Della

2022-06-15 - Giant Raptor-Chicken vs. Earthen Rage-Ex, GO!
It sounds like something out of a Godzilla movie, but the Veil has never played fair, has it?%r%rAriadne and Ravn both discover new companions (assistants? threatening aid?) within the Veil itself.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-06-14 - Matariki
What's more awkward than a Door that opens into someone else's house? %r%rThat 'someone else' being the mother of the person you're, uh, sleeping with, half a world away.
Jules, Della, Mikaere

2022-06-13 - Follow-Up Commentary
After the wine and cheese night, Mikaere and Jules have a few more things to talk about.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-06-13 - Wine and Cheese Night
The spoils of Paris are enjoyed.
Ravn, Jules, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-06-13 - Surprises
Ava checks on Joe to see about Root things and gets a surprise.
Joseph, Ava

2022-06-13 - A Win For Team Humanity?
Una had a weird dream (Dream?). She talks it through with Ravn.
Ravn, Una

2022-06-11 - Is It Pa-Piracy If the Scrolls Accidentally Come Home With You?
Ariadne wanted a new book to read. Mikaere wanted to check his email. But the Veil can never keep its fingers out of any *normal* errand.%r%rAlexandria, Egypt, 200 B.C. %r%rWalk like an Egyptian? How about run like one?
Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-06-11 - Explosives For You
Talk of honing survival skills and how feelings are pointless. Richard owes Eden a new chair.
Eden, Richard

2022-06-09 - Apology and Promises
Ava and Jules talk.
Jules, Ava

2022-06-09 - The Common Denominator
Morning coffee on Una's porch -- a perfect time to debate what the common factor is, for thin spots worldwide.
Ravn, Una

2022-06-09 - Library Research
It's time to get serious about working out what's up with the asshole ancestor... particularly now it seems as though his granddaughter really was young Millie.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-06-08 - Who Knew Rockfish Were Historically Ignorant?
Checking out the Seattle Aquarium makes one hungry! Dinner without Anastasia is for the better, it seems, and the views certainly aren't half-bad.%r%rOf Elliot Bay too.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-06-07 - Totem Poles
In which are discussed the origins of the thin spot, what evil spirits may have gone before, and last but not least, transience.
Ravn, Jules

2022-06-06 - Espionage Aboard The Orient Express
Espionage dramas are boring. %r%rWhiskey is not.
Ravn, Mikaere

2022-06-06 - The Last Night Of The World
Wherein there is confusion between August and October, and also? Winged dicks. %r%rAlso impending death and destruction.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Della

2022-06-04 - Breakfast at the Black Bear
People come and go at the diner. Plans are made.
Ravn, Fern, Una, Ariadne

2022-06-03 - Under-Dressed, Societally-Displeasing Hooligan-Women
Because ankles were showing! How very dare!%r%rSmilodons don't mind ankles though, they like chewing on them.%r%rTrust the Veil to make Della and Ariadne jump through multiple Doors -- hoops? -- in order to make it home again.
Della, Ariadne

2022-06-03 - Fiddler On the Roof, Classical Edition
//Actually//, your local neighbourhood historian will say, Nero played a //chitara//. He's wrong.
Ravn, Una

2022-06-02 - Gray Harborites in King Arthur's Court
Because these two just totally wanted to summon Mallory's ghost for a rant, didn't they? Who wrote this script?!
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-06-02 - Intercontinental Carousel?!
All Jules and Ariadne wanted to do was ride the carousel.%r%rBut nooooooooooooooo.%r%rAt least the talking skull was chipper? And the horses didn't bite? And they got bread, wine, and cheese?
Ravn, Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne

2022-06-01 - Book Drop: Reparations
Little girls with lots of books try to come to grips with racism. %r%r(Not so little) girls are surprised.
Una, Jules, Della

2022-05-31 - Laying Low
Ruiz checks in on Jules after she consumes Veil fruit and threatens bloody murder at the ball.
Ruiz, Jules

2022-05-31 - Sensitive Soles
A day of chores and the kind of personal sharing that can all be blamed on Veil fruit.
Jules, Della

2022-05-30 - Too Much Goulash!
Una, help, there's enough for Ariadne to need assistance in eating it!%r%rAlso, Samwise is a drama queen who knows how to play possum in the most thespian manner possible. But who wouldn't, as a dog, for one of Una's homemade dog cookies?%r%rThe humans get chocolate chip, for which Ariadne is quite pleased. She provides the coffee.
Una, Ariadne

2022-05-30 - Ice Cream and Questions
A walk in the park in a lovely spring day.
Itzhak, Una

2022-05-30 - The Root Of The Problem
What started as friendly chatter on the beach, turns into an attempt to end a Veil Fruit Plight, and ends in the beginning of detox.
Ruiz, August, Joseph, Ariadne, Ava

2022-05-29 - Not All Apologies Are Hard
Post-Ball, Jules apologises to Una. It's not really necessary.
Una, Jules

2022-05-29 - Hiking, Unfiltered
The day after the ball, Mikaere and Jules go hiking. Filters don't matter, right?
Jules, Mikaere

2022-05-27 - Mad Tetris Skills
In which is discussed, among other things, the practical use of a Bag of Holding.
Ruiz, Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-05-26 - Impromptu Picnic
A few people gather for an impromptu picnic and mini-celebration. There's wine, cheese, crackers, and Veil fruit.
Ruiz, Jules, Ariadne, Ava, Charity

2022-05-26 - There Are NO Side Effects At All
Ava's Veil garden has bloomed. She reaches out to Una and Vyv, the two best pastry chefs in the whole world to help her turn them into delicious pastries for the masquerade ball coming up. They're not so sure.
Vyv, Una, Ava

2022-05-25 - Finding Stories
Talk about stories, over coffee.
Ravn, Una, Margot, Willow

2022-05-25 - Isla de las Golondrinas
Who needs to book a vacation to the tropics when something in the Veil keeps depositing you and your friends on an island paradise?
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Ariadne

2022-05-24 - Brunch Check In
Zara checks in on Ava to see how she's healed up, and for brunch and gossip. Maybe a little judging, too.
Zara, Ava

2022-05-23 - Sunsets
Out on the bay, Jules and Mikaere talk.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-05-21 - I'm On A Boat!
If one boat owner thinks taking his girl (boat) out with his girl (girl) for a picnic near Damon Point, why would another boat owner not get the same idea about his girl (boat) and his girl (girl)?
Ravn, Jules, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-05-20 - Meeting Granny
Happy birthday to Ariadne! Ravn executes a proper abduction and manages to showcase the local J pod of orcas in the process. Between this, a beautiful necklace, and an overnight stay with the most gorgeous views around from Saint James island?%r%rEveryone's (literally) happy campers. Even Samwise the Windhound: he gets bacon.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-20 - Bloodied Beak
After the Dream, cleanup. (At least there's no Spirit Bird guano?)
Una, Jules, Della

2022-05-20 - Cloaks and Supervillain Monologues
Since every good supervillain needs both a good cloak and a superior monologue, right?%r%rAriadne drops in to drop off blueberries and Una is full of pleasant birthday surprises.
Una, Ariadne

2022-05-20 - No Such Thing As Too Many Healers
In which some people are embarrassed about how they acted in Dreams, other people are grumpy about being injured or having their ex-husbands injured in Dreams, yet other people are grumpy about the stories used for Dreams, and everyone agrees that there is no such thing as having too many healer friends.
Ravn, Jules, Nicasia, Willow

2022-05-19 - Porch And Wine, Man, Do The Thing
There's something to be said for a porch, chairs, cookies, and a good bottle of wine or two.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-05-19 - Red in the Morning
Apparently what they said about getting hurt in Dreams wasn't hyperbole. Spirit Birds are jerks.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-19 - It Takes a Village
Sometimes it takes a village to get stuff done. Some people are lucky to have awesome people in their village.
Zara, Ava, Deacon, Charity

2022-05-19 - Not Comforting
Ava asks Una to check on Della. She also has a favor to ask.
Una, Ava

2022-05-19 - Held for Observation
Myles scores a full lights and sirens trip to the ER; Nicasia rides along. They meet the extremely timely Dr. Zara Thule on shift. Spirit Birds are definitely jerks.
Zara, Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-18 - Almost A Family
Myles and Nicasia revisit why it's okay to not be okay.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-18 - What Bedside Manners?
Javier has no bedside manners. But he does have the foresight to check on Ava after Spirit Birds mess her up bad. Thankfully, Aidan is just a house away.
Aidan, Ruiz, Ava

2022-05-18 - Sparadise; Wax 'n Relax!
Sometimes, what you need is hot water and bubbles and quiet plinkety plonkety music from the loudspeaker behind the bamboo.
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Della, Ariadne, Charity

2022-05-18 - Making Up Is Hard to Do
Housemates make up. It's all casserole under the bridge for now.
Jules, Della

2022-05-18 - Folding Space (And Lawn Chairs)
In which Ravn learns a new trick and also, the surf is pretty to look at from a lawn chair.
Itzhak, Ravn

2022-05-17 - Cheers to Self-Empowerment
Time for a beer and crab cakes and some catch-up! But no ketchup on the crab cakes, that would be gross.
Jules, Ariadne

2022-05-17 - Stories
Stories are awesome.
Ravn, Mikaere

2022-05-17 - Try Ginger!
In which appointments are sort of made about checking out potentially haunted houses and potentially haunted DNA, somebody has a health revelation, the one guy present doesn't get it, and on the whole, morning requires more coffee.
Ravn, Ava, Willow, Charity

2022-05-16 - Venelite
Pacific pink scallops are rare and how can Ariadne help but squeal about it? That's the nice thing about a walk on the beach: delightful discoveries and the chance to waltz in wildflowers. Ravn's a good teacher anyhow.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-15 - Tributes
It's just a nice day for a walk in the forest everyone tells you not to walk into alone. And don't tell Finch, she'll be sad.
Ravn, Una, Ava, Willow

2022-05-15 - New Friends
Una invites Charity over for cinnamon rolls and a little get-to-know-you chat.
Una, Charity

2022-05-15 - I Got Life (Choices)
Life choices, and whether they're the right ones.
Itzhak, Ravn

2022-05-15 - A Little Bit of Mind Xanax
In which a nap takes the edge off of a very scary trip into the Veil. Ariadne learns she can do a little more still with her powers and Ravn can finally, finally breathe.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-14 - Job Interview - Willow
Willow is looking for work and Eleanor is looking for more baristas.
Eleanor, Willow

2022-05-13 - It's Like Family Knows or Something
Like Ariadne and Ravn were going to have a quiet morning after a long day in Seattle. Anastasia, the little sister, must know *all the things RIGHT NOW*.%r%rAnd wait until *Mom calls.*
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-13 - A Taste of Weird
Just another morning in Espresso Yourself.
Itzhak, Ravn, Una, Willow

2022-05-13 - Improved Apologies
Take two.
Una, Jules

2022-05-12 - We're Good (But Unfed)
In which Ravn (and Ariadne) brave Una's kitchen to retrieve the erstwhile violin and laptop.%r%rSo many cookies! Pastries! It's a smorgasbord!
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-05-12 - Rage-Baking
The morning after Jules gets possessed, the kitchen's busy. All night, too.
Una, Della

2022-05-12 - As Apologies Go
...this one isn’t good enough.
Una, Jules

2022-05-11 - The Color of Power
Hey come check out my ritual object, Jules said. Let's figure out what it does, Jules said.%r%rThey find out.
Ravn, Jules, Della, Mikaere

2022-05-11 - Netflix and Chill
Jules is back from her adventure and everyone's mad and she just wants some damn cuddles without questions. %r%rQuestions inevitably arise, just not ones about being Lost.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-05-11 - ??!!!
Those left behind do what they need to do.
Jules, Della, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-05-11 - Gateways
It's easy, they said. Just open a door, they said. Bring a picnic basket, they said.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-05-11 - Splash Splash Oops
Splash landing.
Ravn, Jules, Della, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-05-10 - Coffee Talk
Charity and Willow run into each other at Espresso Yourself and get acquainted. The decision to join the team is made.
Willow, Charity

2022-05-10 - Bedside Manner
Mikaere lets Jules know what's up.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-05-10 - Orcas Like Fish and Chips Too
Or, at least, that's how it's framed when Ariadne, marine biologist, professes to liking fish and chips enough to invite buddy-old-pal Itzhak along. Good conversation is had AND fries are stolen. Le gasp.
Itzhak, Ariadne

2022-05-10 - Helping Hands of the Thieving Kind
After the fight, Robin and Gabby are both in the hospital, one legitimately, one having snuck in to take what they need. What's a little help between battle buddies?
Gabby, Robin

2022-05-10 - Teams, Choices, Decisions
It's lunch hour at the Pourhouse; not the finest eatery in town but it's smack in the middle of the Industrial square, the sandwiches are decent, and tourists go somewhere else. Usually.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Ava, Nicasia, Willow, Charity

2022-05-10 - Doctor, Patient, Astronaut
After texting Joe to let him know what happened with Javier, he stops by just after the grumpy Chief is finally waking up to find someone cooking in his kitchen.
Ruiz, Joseph, Ava

2022-05-10 - Fucking Haggleford
Lucky Ava is in Mikaere's phone as an emergency contact. %r%rLucky Mikaere gets some extra-special medication attention.
Ava, Mikaere

2022-05-09 - Ride The Unicorn (No, Not That One)
Another weird concoction from Della the Day Manager to torture Ravn with, and various people float in and out of the coffee house. Charity discusses a job interview, weirdness in the town is discussed, and Perdita and Jules discuss the importance of family history, and writing things down when possible.
Cassidy, Ravn, Perdita, Jules, Ariadne, Charity

2022-05-09 - Hamantashen
Una made cookies for Itzhak, because... of course she did.
Itzhak, Una

2022-05-09 - Hero's Remorse
In which the consequences of electrocution are weighed against three glasses of Jack Daniels and a bath.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-09 - Doing Nothing Is Always An Option
Myles and Nicasia go to church in Salt Lake City. Mostly to see if one very particular young woman has any glow at all. Then they try to figure out what to do about it.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-08 - First Salmon Ceremony
It's salmon day on the Quinault Reservation!
Jules, Mikaere

2022-05-08 - On The Dock Of The Bay
Joe and Robin plan for the rescue of a lost ring, and the reality of the world beyond the Veil is discussed.
Jonathan, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joseph, Robin, Willow, Charity

2022-05-08 - Porch Cookies
5, Oak Avenue. When is the kitchen cleric //not// in session?
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Della, Ariadne, Ava, Willow, Charity

2022-05-08 - Coast to Coast AM
Myles and Nicasia stop for breakfast on the road to inevitability. It's the argument. The argument is inevitable.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-07 - Chasing Pigeons
What's the point of going to Seattle if not chasing pigeons? Ask Samwise. He's a good boi. And he knows things.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-07 - Ordinary
Nicasia agrees to take a little road trip with Myles.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-07 - Chasing Pigeons Pt II
As if pigeons and cousins were the only thing Ariadne and Ravn were going to run into.%r%rEnter: younger Scullin sister Anastasia and her mad Googling skills.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-06 - Why Can't It Just Be One Big Happy Polycule?
Zara comes over to hang out and catch up on everything.
Zara, Ava

2022-05-06 - Look, I Have Some Questions
Ariadne *was* looking for orcas. Itzhak *was* enjoying some beach combing.%r%rBut then? %r%r*Questions* -- which lead to *answers* -- and much camaraderie.
Itzhak, Ariadne

2022-05-06 - A Very Strange Town
Willow meets some people in a bar. If she was looking for proof that Gray Harbor was weird, she may've found it.
Ava, Nicasia, Myles, Willow

2022-05-05 - Cinco de Mayo Karaoke
Welcome to the Pourhouse and the celebration of the day Mexico kicked France's ass! It's Cinco de Mayo but no racist costumes please!
Jonathan, Ruiz, Itzhak, Park, Joseph, Perdita, Ariadne, Ava, Myles, Sworn, Mainio, Willow

2022-05-05 - I Can Work With This
We begin our day with mutual bonding in potential parent panic and proceed to how one Haggleford may or may not have connections to a gang in Spokane.
Ravn, Mikaere

2022-05-05 - Just One Little Favor
Jules is on a mission. She's not above bribery.
Ravn, Jules

2022-05-05 - Time to Stash a Toothbrush
And no, Samwise has no idea where your turtleneck is, Ravn. None whatsoever. Look at his big brown doe-eyes. He's completely innocent.%r%rCoffee can stand in stead though, right?
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-04 - Little Black Dress
There are moments when Jules is not all tomboy. Surprise!
Jules, Della

2022-05-04 - A Very Mundane Little Life
In which Safe Harbor Bail Bonds investigates the story of a paranormal romance writer in Hoquiam, and the possible connection to one Carnelian [censored but highly appropriate expletive] Haggleford.
Ravn, Nicasia, Myles

2022-05-04 - Lemon Bar Aficionados
In which Jules and Ariadne agree that not only are lemon bars amazing, but the world of relationships is fraught with intrigue, and yes -- Jules *does* need that dress.
Jules, Ariadne

2022-05-02 - Amaranthine and Cobalt Blue
What a little wine and conversation over pizza? Delightful, that's what.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-05-02 - Cabbage Patch Kid?
What happens during Beltane doesn't stay during Beltane.
Aidan, Ravn, Ava, Mikaere

2022-05-02 - Smurfette's Trauma
Ava and Deacon have a couple of things to talk about over dinner.
Ava, Deacon

2022-05-02 - The Little Ovens That Could
In which Una teaches Ariadne how to make petit fours. It is, in fact, an adventure.
Una, Ariadne

2022-05-01 - Wound Care
Ava visits 5 Oak Avenue to patch Jules up.
Una, Jules, Ava

2022-04-30 - After The Party
After the neighborhood barbecue, there's lots of clean-up to do, and the three housemates of Number 5 Oak Avenue can finally catch up.
Una, Jules, Della

2022-04-30 - The Morning After
When postponing the inevitable... why not postpone it a little more too?
Jules, Mikaere

2022-04-30 - Backyard Barbecue
It's always summer in the yards of Oak Avenue one through five, and what do we do with summer? We barbecue and talk and bring horrible casseroles.
Aidan, Itzhak, Everett, Ravn, Una, Jules, Della, Ariadne, Ava

2022-04-30 - Raiding the Records
In which Safe Harbor Bail Bonds attempts to investigate one Carnelian ... Cornelius ... whatever ... Haggleford, and the trail leads to World War One and a writer of paranormal erotica.
Ravn, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-29 - And You Thought You Were Safe From Crabs
And geoducks both -- but nobody's safe from geoducks or any and all conversation, dignified or not, spawned by the giant clams.%r%rTide pooling is simple happiness, folks.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-04-29 - The Large Hotel Collider, And Other Studies of the -Ist Psyche
In which Ava contemplates filing a complaint, and the men she asks about it happen to be the two men in Gray Harbor who have actually communicated with the Revisionist.
Vyv, Ravn, Ava

2022-04-29 - Hot Daddies and Hot Fashion
Nobody gets to run or do yoga in peace. That's okay, since a good conversation is worth it. Plans are made. Bets are made. Hot daddies are scoped out. Spandex is forever.
Perdita, Ariadne

2022-04-29 - Postponing The Inevitable
Why go home to your over-protective housemate when you can drink beer with your ???? friend instead!
Jules, Mikaere

2022-04-29 - Home Improvement
Robin drops by 30 Elm to pick up his toolbox and fix a shower. And a sink. And another shower and two more sinks. He gets invited to stay for dinner and it just gets awful. I mean awkward. Awkwardly awful? Awfully awkward?
Robin, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-29 - Experimental Cocktail Night
The Pourhouse attempts cocktails, with varying results.
Ravn, Una, Ava, Mainio

2022-04-28 - Nothing Like Lemonade
Lemonade and applied physics and note taking on 'psionics'.%r%rAND SQUIRRELS.
Della, Ariadne

2022-04-28 - New Business
Ava and Deacon encounter Myles and Nicasia at the coffee house. There's some coffee involved, but also lot of questions about a certain crypid-killing kidnapper and how you'd go about approaching someone else's sparkle kid.
Ava, Deacon, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-28 - Even Sighthounds Need Check-Ups
Ariadne takes Samwise in for a check-up with Leila. All goes well!
Ariadne, Leila

2022-04-27 - Cookies and Carrots
Ava's still high. Una keeps an eye out.
Una, Ava

2022-04-27 - A Trail of Colour
How come when small colourful things and glittery things and other curious things go missing, a lot of them turn up on the lawn on Three, Oak Avenue, next to the mushroom ring?
Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Robin

2022-04-27 - Functional Dysfunction
After 17 years together, Myles and Nicasia finally co-own their first new major appliance. Also their family circle is a loopy mess. Her father, his mother, their daughter; they are on general speaking terms with only one of these.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-26 - Not Broken
A little light therapy.
Ravn, Una

2022-04-26 - Strawberries and Slow Dancing
A bottle of wine, some moonlight, and a very judgmental boat-cat make for a delightful date, wouldn't you know?
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-26 - Dinner Among The Stars
Discussing the merits of friendship; no, don't settle for the delivery guy, he's at least 70 and his wife packs a punch.
Ravn, Perdita, Una

2022-04-26 - Stress Waffles
Myles and Nicasia go out for post traumatic stress waffles. It's fine until they start talking about what happened.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-26 - An Appointment for the Lady
Myles takes Lady in to see Leila and get her checked up.
Leila, Myles

2022-04-26 - Tension So Thick
Tension on the Boardwalk.
Everett, Ava, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-26 - What Makes It Worth It?
Myles pays a visit to Ava's place.
Ava, Myles

2022-04-26 - A Ray of Sunshine
Nicasia runs into Robin after the failed plumbing attempt. They talk about what happened, but more about what could happen.
Robin, Nicasia

2022-04-25 - Mustachioed
Ava returns some files to the Chief and calls in her IOU.
Ruiz, Ava

2022-04-25 - You Are Not Immune To Propaganda
Work from home means at the coffee shop. Wi-fi at the marina sucks. Also, it's boring. Ravn and a host of others join for coffee at Espresso Yourself. Connections are made, there's commiseration and discussion of the madness that is Gray Harbor.
Kelsey, Ravn, Perdita, Jules, Ariadne, Ava, Leila, Myles

2022-04-25 - Midnight in the Enchanted Valley
Jules goes on a spirit quest in the Olympic National Park. She's not sure what's she's looking for, but not to worry -- it finds her.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Della

2022-04-24 - Not Chilled Out
Jules makes it home just in time.
Jules, Della

2022-04-24 - Busy Night at the Hardware Store
So many connections to be made at the hardware store.
Ruiz, Everett, Rick, Ariadne, Ava, Robin, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-24 - Buying Weed Should Be Easy
But it isn’t. Quick errands for herbs becomes tense in a hurry.
Kelsey, Jules, Bayin, Myles

2022-04-23 - I Will Call It Squishy And It Will Be My Squishy
Squishy. The Spanish Shawl sea slug. Not the crab. Fuck you, crab.%r%rAriadne takes Una tide pooling along the bay. Many things are discovered and discussed, including plans for future baking with the Kitchen Cleric at the helm.
Una, Ariadne

2022-04-23 - Big Clam Dicks
No one eats a dick.
Jules, Mikaere

2022-04-23 - Serenades in Lavender
In which a bedroom is painted, a girl is kissed, and Samwise the sighthound demonstrates his ability to sing like Pavarotti.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-22 - Coffee and a Headache
Nicasia plays another round of 20 questions with the (really not at all very) locals. The answers just get worse and worse.
Ravn, Perdita, Mikaere, Nicasia

2022-04-22 - Can't Let Go
Myles literally can't let go.
Ava, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-21 - What Do You Mean By Weird?
Some nosy strangers wander into a bar...
Finch, Ravn, Una, Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-21 - Way Too Early For This
Bad coffee and a fridge full of fuzzy leftovers does not make for a good morning.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-20 - The Fault in their...Blood?
It's time to see what kind of blood it was near the gateway in Humptulips.
Vyv, Ravn, Ava, Mikaere

2022-04-20 - Pour One Out
Myles and Nicasia sort through some old stuff.
Nicasia, Myles

2022-04-20 - What's In a Name
Jules wants to pick Ravn's brain about thin spots. She brings maps.
Ravn, Jules

2022-04-19 - An Application of Antacids
"...Something came up that's unnerving." It isn't an emergency.
Ravn, Della

2022-04-19 - Heartburn
After pizza, heartburn.
Una, Della

2022-04-19 - Out Near Goose Island
Ariadne Scullins and Ravn Abildgaard go for a day of sailing and discussing important things, such as the application of honey to modern home cooking.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-19 - Monday Night Is Pizza Night
Pizza is eaten. And not eaten.
Ruiz, Ravn, Una

2022-04-17 - Googling for Creepers
Side-conversation at the lobster fighting warehouse. Della and Jules are caught in the act of googling Mikaere, who is even more interesting in person than his online presence.
Jules, Della, Mikaere

2022-04-16 - Practice
A little practice. A little showing off.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-04-15 - Una's Kitchen
And so the message went out: < _I made these boozy brownies and I need taste-testers, if anyone feels like popping in. Kitchen door's open._ >
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-04-14 - So About Those Macaques
They're furry assholes, that's what.%r%rBut conclusions and plans are made regardless of terrible peanut galleries in Dreams.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-14 - Friendship, Photographs, and Fairies
Surely it's just a walk in the park. Della and Monroe meet and exchange info during a visit to Addington Park, and a new friendship is formed!
Monroe, Una, Della

2022-04-13 - Life is a D&D Metaphor
Tuesday morning coffee shop meanderings.
Ravn, Perdita, Una

2022-04-13 - Swing States
In which states of existence are debated and swings deployed.
Aidan, Ravn, Ava

2022-04-11 - On the Subject of Ghosts
Gabby comes past to see about Una's ghost, but they don't quite get that far.
Ravn, Una, Gabby

2022-04-11 - Sittin' On (a Boat by) the Dock of the Bay
Della's out for a walk; Ravn has a boat _and_ beer. What they don't have: a door into Atlantis (yet).%r
Ravn, Della

2022-04-11 - Walkin' Home (From a Boat by the Dock of the Bay)
Though the _boat_ may be home; home is where your cat is, isn't it? Maybe someday 5 Oak will get one too, or at least three viking-style rocks.
Ravn, Della

2022-04-11 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name.
Open scene for all intended for some casual RP in between other, more plotty scenes. Would your character drop by after their shift for a beer and a burger? Are you one of the regulars?
Chelsea, Catherine

2022-04-10 - Marina Meditations
In which three people make plans for some quite unusual fund raising techniques while a dog gets all the scritches.
Ravn, Perdita, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-04-09 - Dark and Serious Meets the Devil
... or something like that. %r%rAlso, never go into a bookstore with your wallet because you *will* leave with a book. It's a curse. Or something.
Ravn, Monroe, Una, Ariadne

2022-04-08 - To The Coffee Shop!
Come on, you don't expect people here to make and drink coffee at home like normal folks on a budget, do you.
Ravn, Perdita, Ariadne, Ava

2022-04-07 - Explorations
Post-Dream, Ariadne and Una catch up, with cookies, healing, and glimmer-related explorations.
Una, Ariadne

2022-04-07 - Brie and Butter Croissants are Breakfast Food
Since these pastries *are* breakfast food, Ravn has mercy on Ariadne as she struggles to settle into her new place. Sam is there as support and foot-warmer. Many things are discussed and planned.%r%rIncluding an eventual trip to Forks. But Ravn doesn't know this.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-06 - I'll Watch Over You
Zara comes to help medically patch up Ava's hand after a nightmare. Some extra healing and a little food doesn't hurt either.
Zara, Ava

2022-04-05 - Soothing Rain
Una takes a walk in the rain to stretch her legs and happens upon a ghost child and a strange woman. What could go wrong?
Una, Gabby

2022-04-04 - Pizza and Light Beer
Ariadne has stitches, crates, and a moving job. It's going to take help getting through the day considering she just got out of hospital.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-04 - Hospital Visits
Dream injuries are real injuries. %r%rOuch.
Una, Della, Ariadne, Leila

2022-04-03 - Hoist the Mizzenmast! Kidding, No Mizzenmast Here
In which the //Vagabond// gets in the water at last, and freedom lies at sea.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-03 - Saturday Morning Hangover Food
Food and coffee. And banter. %r%rBut mostly food and coffee.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Ariadne, Leila

2022-04-02 - Una's Soft Heart
Una gives away the clothes on her back (sort of). %r%rPoppy gets breakfast.
Una, Poppy

2022-04-01 - Not Next Week
In which manly men are manly and macho, and absolutely no tears or hugs are exchanged because manly, macho men don't do that thing.
Itzhak, Ravn

2022-04-01 - Barnacling is a Verb Because Reasons
Look, the husks of the dick-mollusks -- we mean barnacles -- have to be removed in the winter or the boat sails too slowly and then we end up with Titanic-esque nonsense.%r%rCourtesy of Grey Harbor, of course.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-04-01 - Nothing With Legs
Garrett, Perdita and Robin all have the same idea: Espresso Yourself, to start your day off right.
Garrett, Perdita, Robin

2022-04-01 - Hair Dye Isn't Just for Danes
Granted, it was paint, not hair dye, but who's really paying attention to that sort of thing.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-04-01 - Rites of Spring
There are two ways of tackling April 1. The other is to retreat to the marina with a sixpack to bask in the rays of the spring sun while everyone else is busy pranking each other back in town.
Ravn, Ava, Mikaere, Kayden

2022-03-31 - How Do You Talk About Me
Deacon and Ava discuss where they stand.
Ava, Deacon

2022-03-31 - Sunny, Spring Afternoons
The weather is nice, and mocking Ravn is nicer. %r%rOne of these things is more common than the other.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-03-31 - Into The Woods
It's awfully busy in the Firefly Forest so late at night.
Garrett, Ariadne, Ava, Bayin, Leila

2022-03-30 - Social Media, You Tart Tattletale
In which all good things are yet to come, rebounds are the worst, and social media never leave a man a shred of dignity.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-30 - Finding a Finder
Robin's bicycle is out for the count... in Della's parking spot. It's cold.
Della, Robin

2022-03-29 - Repercussions, and a Bag of ...
Sometimes, warnings are hilarious. Except, maybe, to the guy who receives them.
Oliver, Seth, Ravn, Una, Della, Robin, Kayden

2022-03-28 - Off to Grandmother’s House We Go
Jules takes Una, Della, and Ravn to the Quinault Indian Nation, headquartered in Taholah, Washington, for a visit to her grandparents. Her grandparents share how the local peoples have historically understood the Veil and how they might interact with it.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Della

2022-03-28 - A Long Way From Home
While out walking Sam along the beach, Ariadne runs into Joe at his beach firepit. Nothing like an overly-friendly dog to stir up a conversation. Mermaids, Yiddish, and Veil-lore, oh my.
Joseph, Ariadne

2022-03-28 - All Things New
Just another day at the Espresso Yourself coffee shop; everything is fine.
Ravn, Monroe, Una, Ariadne, Kayden

2022-03-28 - Shanamarie Almost Got Married
When Una, Ava and Ravn decide they need to check out the Historical Society's building in search of information, they're helped along by one Shanamarie Johnson of Gallery Manor Realty, a charming Southern woman with a knack for getting the wrong kind of attention.
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Ava

2022-03-28 - Who Doesn't Love Brunch
A girl's brunch turns into less of a girl's brunch and more of a brunch brunch.
Itzhak, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-26 - We Don't Talk About This Except When We Do
Ravn pays a late night call to Perdita, to talk about people better not talked about.
Ravn, Perdita

2022-03-25 - Tricksy Things, These Locks
It turns out that Ariadne *can* use her powers for more than just flinging little objects everywhere! Also, open-faced padlocks are fascinating. Ravn walks his friend through the basics of bobby pins and key pins in turn. Various topics are discussed.%r%rHamster clock says PLEEPCHOO. It too thrives on whipped cream.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-24 - No Such Thing as a Citrus Room
Deacon and Ava go shopping as a requirement of Ava's 'Day of Relaxation and Not Working'.
Ava, Deacon

2022-03-24 - Cookie Delivery
Deacon did a good thing for Ava, so deserves cookies. %r%rIt doesn't mean Una has to _approve_.
Una, Deacon

2022-03-24 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
A normal day in the coffee shop: uncomfortableness, flirting, meeting strangers. %r%rThe usual weirdness.
Seth, Ravn, Perdita, Ariadne, Jayde, Mikaere

2022-03-23 - It's Time To Sleep
Deacon comes to check up on Ava after hearing a few things. He may have ulterior motives.
Ava, Deacon

2022-03-23 - Morning After Hell
By daylight, things are bad-- but not so bad. Ravn and Una decompress; Ava drops in to check on them.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-22 - Catatonic Country Girl
Ravn and Una are doing their best to handle the fall out of the Nightmares' attack.
Kailey, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-22 - Language!
Captain America does *not* call people 'schmucks' on the playground.%r%rBut Itzhak's little charge, Hunter, apparently does. Ariadne is no help whatsoever despite attempting to be diplomatic. Nobody can decide who the best Avenger is.
Itzhak, Ariadne

2022-03-22 - Land of the Sandpipers and the Raeg Murdercrabs
Ariadne isn't convinced about this whole make pigs fly business. Soliciting the aid of Gray Harbor's least gifted (as far as he is aware) //mover//, she tries to learn -- and walks away knowing that sea shells soar, and no key is safe around a thief.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-22 - The Night Mares
Don't trolls normally live under bridges, not a herd of nightmarish horses?
Kailey, Ravn, Una

2022-03-21 - Connecting Threads
In which yet another healer gets to weigh in, and a bit of Gray Harbor's more gruesome history may or may not play a role in determining what exactly went down with that explosion in Dr Brennon's office.
Finch, Ravn, Ariadne, Ava, Mikaere

2022-03-21 - Books are Heavenly
Conner and Ava meet up to discuss a few different things going on in town and make plans on how to tackle them.
Conner, Ava

2022-03-20 - False Assumptions
Mikaere's new in town, and evidently thinks karaoke bars are where you go to fill time. Luckily, he runs into Ravn, Kailey and Ariadne, and only briefly puts his foot in it. %r%rAlso mermaids. And coffee. And karaoke.
Kailey, Ravn, Ariadne, Mikaere

2022-03-19 - Monochromatic
In which Monroe and Alfie butt into a conversation and end up taking life advice from the dead.
Ravn, Monroe

2022-03-18 - Get Her Ready, Cap'n!
Spring is coming. And that means the yachts are emerging from their winter shelters.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-17 - Girl Talk
Kailey and Maya have a talk.
Kailey, Maya

2022-03-17 - It's (Not) Raining Men (Alas)
In which indoors rain does in fact become a thing, and also, Una really cannot sing.
Ravn, Monroe, Una, Ariadne

2022-03-16 - Pancaaaaaaakes
Ravn and Ariadne descend upon 5 Oak for post-Dream pancakes.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-03-15 - A Single Boot
Four park rangers gone missing and all that was ever found is a boot with canine toothmarks on?
Ravn, Conner, Ava

2022-03-15 - Cannibal Girls Won't You Come Out Tonight
That's not how Meso-american jungles work. That's not how hunting cats work. That's not how elves work -- or maybe it is, all things considered, who the hell knows how elves work -- and it's definitely not how archeologists work.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-15 - Look, I Just Wanted to Eat My Goulash in Peace
Sirens and Hawkins and sangria, oh my!%r%rThe Veil attempts to nab poor Todd. Poor Todd survives. But does his reputation? %r%rSangria isn't without appreciation in the end.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-14 - Pi Day
Cherry pie. Apple and blackberry pie. And so many people on a porch on Oak Avenue where the seasons don't care that it's late winter because these are the summerlands.
Kailey, Maya, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-13 - Comfort Goulash
Ariadne heard of the explosion in the Bauer Building and goes to make sure Ravn has something to eat. Such domestic tranquillity must end in trouble.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-03-13 - Burnt Hair, Coffee and Buns
Della has fire. %r%rWhat does it mean?!
Una, Jules, Della

2022-03-13 - How Della Found (Her) Fire
... or did Della's Fire find her?
Una, Della

2022-03-12 - Jogging is Dangerous!
Una tries out this whole fitness thing. It goes... poorly.
Una, Zane

2022-03-11 - Opening the Floodgates
In which a fairly harmless attempt to diagnose a neuropathic condition somehow turns into a full orchestral score of the kind that ends up reported in the //Gazette// as another gas leak explosion.
Ravn, Ava

2022-03-11 - Word Around Town
Coffee shops are an excellent source of gossip. %r%rIt's a little less fun when it turns out you know the people involved in the gossip personally.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Ava, Jayde

2022-03-09 - Doctor Doctor
Old friends meet up again for the first time in over a year. There's some catching up that needs to be done.
Zara, Ava

2022-03-09 - San Miguel de Cozumel
Not all Dreams are nightmares.
Ravn, Perdita, Una

2022-03-08 - Peach Pie Latte Tea Is Not Coffee, Damnit
In which an array of new people pop into //Espresso Yourself//, some of them not quite alive, and some of them just fresh into town. And some people still can't get a decent cup of coffee.
Ravn, Una, Zane, Gabby, Merrick

2022-03-08 - It's The Popular Place!
In which the Bauer Building gains another tenant in the form of Doctor Brennon's clinic. Also, mojitos. Mojitos are good.
Ravn, Perdita, Ava

2022-03-07 - Sweet Carrot Nose
In which a lot of things are discussed but the most important take-away is that yes, Morganna really //is// Everett's kid. Trollin' toddler ftw.
Everett, Kailey, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-07 - Broadleaf BBQ
A backyard barbeque at the Broadleaf includes more than your basic battery of guests.
Aidan, Ravn, Conner, Una, Ariadne, Ava

2022-03-06 - A Great Night For Drinks
Friends gathers for some drinks at the bar.
Itzhak, Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Ava, Merrick

2022-03-05 - The Summer Lands (Are On Oak Avenue)
In which it's still summer in the yards of numbers 3 and 5, Merrick is the man to see about a malware infestation, and Rhiannon rolls into town.
Ravn, Ava, Merrick, Rhiannon

2022-03-04 - Theme Hour: Laundry Day
It's actually kind of amazing how many topics a group of people doing something as mundane as laundry can manage to touch in on.
Aidan, Itzhak, Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Ava, Jimmy, Merrick

2022-03-03 - Barnacles Have the Longest . . .
In which coffee is acquired, bacon is eaten, the nature of the town is discussed, and we revisit a part of marine biology that no one actually wanted to be reminded of.
Ravn, Ava

2022-03-03 - No Veil Corpse Soup
Vyv and Ava get to know each other over a chilly lunch in the park.
Vyv, Ava

2022-03-02 - Plant-sperimentation
In which the petunias are still terrified and the pansies do in fact fly.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-01 - What a Place to Be a Doctor
The dinosaur at the library isn't going to go down quietly when it comes to gossip and catching up. Returning MD Ava has her work cut out for her in this town.
Vyv, Kailey, Ravn, Ava

2022-03-01 - Yardwork In Faerieland
It's spring! Officially, anyway. This means clearing the debris of winter from the yards and gardens of Oak Avenue -- but let's try to not disturb the faeries in the yard of number 3, they get prickly.
Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-03-01 - Booping Snoots?
Does kickboxing count as snoot-booping? Pleepchoo.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-02-28 - Story Time
Story Time at the library gets interesting when one tot with the Glimmer gets really into it.
Kailey, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-02-28 - What a Place to Have a Kid
Suddenly there's a gifted toddler calling up dinosaurs during story time at the library, and people need a little time to process. When you think about it, Gray Harbor is one hell of a place to raise a kid. Or to be one.
Eleanor, Ravn, Una, Ariadne, Ava

2022-02-27 - A Slice of Life
Joe and Ava meet for the first time and chat over pizza.
Joseph, Ava

2022-02-27 - The Number One Body Dump
If you're looking to document trouble, Gray Pond is one of the logical places to start. It's where most of the bodies turn up, after all. Featuring a performance by Aidan the Amazing and His Amazing Meal Worms!
Aidan, Ravn, Una, Ava

2022-02-26 - The Glass Cannon
Gray Harbor's favorite violinists find themselves in a Dream where they need to rock the house. You're on in five, boys!
Itzhak, Ravn

2022-02-26 - New (Old) Faces
The Hotel California speech gets told in cliff-notes, as new-to-Gray-Harborites welcome returnee-to-Gray-Harborites.
Ravn, Una, Jules, Roman, Ava

2022-02-25 - Grand Heist Casino
In which some people are excited to get to dress up like proper glitterati, other people think that the only reason to wear a tie is to hang yourself in it, and most people are trying to get away with something or other.
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Ariadne

2022-02-24 - It's Debbie, oh dear. Or rather, oh Deer.
Ariadne just wants a normal apartment unit. Ravn accompanies her as one of the locals to check the place out and Samwise backs up the two-legged crew. Is the apartment unit normal?%r%rMostly.%r%rCue Ghostbusters theme song.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-02-23 - Sparkly Teenage Vampires
Five (not-) sparkly teenage vampires congregate over pizza.
Jonathan, Ravn, Gabriella, Una, Ariadne

2022-02-22 - The Science of Laundry Detergents
Where to go over the workings of Dreams, thin spots, social dynamics, and finding work, if not the local laundromat? And it's so //colourful//, too.
Ravn, Gabriella, Una

2022-02-22 - Boomerang Glimmerers
Una meets a newcomer. An oldcomer. %r%rA _returnee_.
Una, Roman

2022-02-22 - The Morning After the Night Before
In which coffee is acquired, Ariadne and Una decide that their marriage is real enough for a joke or three, and we learn that the best defense against a cat burglar is in fact a cat flap.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-02-21 - Spoiler: The White Powder Was Fine
Della and Una go through things in the attic. Nothing bad happens.
Una, Della

2022-02-19 - The Humptulips Howler
In February 2022, a recorded emergency call indicates a motorist nearly collided with an unidentifiable mammal at 9:45 PM. The recorded phone conversation reveals that armed state wildlife officers were immediately dispatched to investigate the bear-sized, gray, fast-running animal on Kirkpatrick Road in Humptulips, north of Gray Harbor.
Ravn, Fae, Benjamin, Ariadne

2022-02-17 - The True Colour of a Fox
Antonio Bandeiras does not appear in this Dream.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-02-14 - The Consequences of Poor Tactical Decisions
When you've given the barista a hard time in the snow, it's possible that your coffee deal is off. One way to find out.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-02-14 - Open House
On their second anniversary, Vyv takes Bax to build on the decisions of the first.
Vyv, Grant

2022-02-13 - Snowscapes!
It's a bright, crisp, cold winter day -- and snow flies.
Ruiz, Ravn, Isi, Una, Della, Ariadne

2022-02-10 - When Pigs Fly
She said he could have another cup of black coffee when pigs fly. Ergo, pigs need to fly.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-02-09 - Healers and Incels
After the skydiving dream, Isi and Ravn text.
Ravn, Isi

2022-02-07 - Ask a stupid question...
Isi texts a question that Ruiz thinks is stupid. Many insults, question not answered to Isi's satisfaction.
Ruiz, Isi

2022-02-07 - The Uri Geller Grift
A trick that made a man famous, and a man who promptly figured out at least one alternative way to do it.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-02-07 - A few more hours and another bottle of wine later
Apparently Isi isn't done texting but never actually gets to the f*king point.
Ruiz, Isi

2022-02-06 - The Trials and Tribulations of Tommy
In which the Murder Motel fails rather spectacularly to have any murders in its daily mystery.
Ravn, Una, Ariadne

2022-02-06 - Plots and Plans
Another Saturday night at the Pourhouse, with prognosticating lobsters, possible jobs, white guilt... and making plans.
Ravn, Una

2022-01-31 - Bluebell says Yuck
Isi and Elsa are out on a run and pause to be judged by Alexander's cat.
Alexander, Isi

2022-01-31 - Spywear and Cocoa
Gail does not win a cruise and the Leigh women catch up for a few.
Gail, Gabriella

2022-01-30 - The dog isn't the one that growls
Elsa just wants to say hi okay?!
Ruiz, Isi

2022-01-30 - Offer That One Can't Refuse
Negotiations are reached between unlikely parties.
Ruiz, Gabriella

2022-01-29 - Dropping By (Pt. 2)
Alexander is pretty sure Seth isn't dead, but it never hurts to check.
Seth, Alexander

2022-01-28 - Dropping By
Alexander isn't entirely sure Vic is still alive, so he drops by to make sure, and a couple of lingering incidents are discussed.
Alexander, Vic

2022-01-27 - All About the Americano
In which not even a brand new barista will enable Ravn to get his hands on a regular cup o' Joe.
Ravn, Ariadne

2022-01-26 - The Hotel California Speech, Take Whatever Plus One
Nice, crisp winter's day -- perfect opportunity to take a walk along the beach, watch the open blue sky, and maybe convince yourself that life is kind of okay. Bring mittens.%r%rThen settle in for the same old speech everyone else gets around here: Why you should be leaving right now, and why you won't.
Ravn, Parvati

2022-01-26 - Pumping Weights And For Information
Vittoria meets Diana, who turns out to be fairly chatty about the supernatural. Buy her book!
Diana, Vittoria

2022-01-25 - False Face
Coffee talk turns serious.
Ruiz, Joseph, Gabriella, Shawn

2022-01-24 - Fighting Back. Sometimes With Crime.
Further criminal plans. %r%rAnd coffee. And fashion. %r%r... but mostly crime.
Ravn, Perdita, Una, Parvati

2022-01-24 - Backroads and Byways 2
It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you.
Erin, Jack

2022-01-23 - Dare To Be Stupid
In which asshole ancestors are debated along with how to approach setting things right, with a sprinkle of privilege guilt, and spawning a plan to do something very stupid.
Itzhak, Ravn, Una

2022-01-22 - The Hangover of a Dream
Dream-hangovers are a thing.
Una, Della

2022-01-20 - Who eats fish and chips with a knife and fork?
Parvati stops for dinner on the boardwalk, and runs into the Chief of Police, who probably has a few screws loose or something.
Ruiz, Parvati

2022-01-20 - Silk and Saffron and Undiluted Coffee
In which Parvati makes arrangements for opening a store and ends up volunteering for a charity.
Ravn, Perdita, Parvati

2022-01-20 - The Great Pizza Caper
The one where there is free pizza, we find out that someone has an ex-husband, someone is the designer of stars, and many not completely truths were had.
Jonathan, Gabriella, Parvati

2022-01-19 - Internal Fire
Seth heads over to Vic's to see if he can't help with her 'burns' from the dream
Seth, Vic

2022-01-17 - The Neutral Zone
Some interrogations are done at the police station with a lamp in the suspect's face. Others are done at Gina Castro's diner, while fries are consumed and demilitarised zones are discussed. All off the record, of course.
Ruiz, Ravn

2022-01-16 - Gray Harbor: A Sims 4 Expansion Pack Coming to a Computer Near You!
Is this real life or is it fantasy? Grating pop hits aside, that's a question that pops to mind easily enough for the residents of Gray Harbor. Easily enough that something or someone on the Other Side might start to take notice. Enough to warrant a heartfelt "//Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff?//"
Kailey, Maya, Ravn, Una

2022-01-16 - Meditation by the Bay
Yossi has a quiet moment. KC walks his dog. Somewhere in there, town secrets spill out.
KC, Yossi

2022-01-15 - Sweet Reunions
Wherein a man is reunited with his beloved plain black coffee, two dogs are united with happy friendly people, a girl is reunited with her good cousin, and two Very Important words are spoken.
Alexander, Ruiz, Garrett, Ravn, Perdita, KC, Yossi

2022-01-14 - Backroads and Byways
It doesn't matter how old you are, buying snacks for a long road trip should always look like an unsupervised 9 year old was given $100. %r%rDay 1.
Erin, Jack

2022-01-13 - Weird Science
Shawn and Alexander decide to see just how effective tin foil is against mind rays.
Alexander, Shawn

2022-01-12 - Baker's Dozen
Lots of talk, cakes and glimmery stuff. Relationship stuff too!
Seth, Lyric, Vic, Ravn, Turner, Una, KC

2022-01-10 - Welcome home Elsa
After getting Elsa Isi takes the first steps in dog ownership as Ravn watches.
Ravn, Isi

2022-01-10 - Getting Elsa
Isi goes to pick up Elsa from the shelter and Ravn is a pal to come and hang out as support.
Ravn, Isi

2022-01-09 - There's Always A Creepy Kid
A bright and crisp winter's day. A pond with thick, lovely ice. Stands that sell cocoa and muffins. How could this not be perfect? It'd help if the place wasn't so bloody haunted.
Ruiz, Ravn, Monroe, Una

2022-01-08 - The Blues
Rage and hurt needs an outlet. Music was invented to provide one.
Itzhak, Ravn

2022-01-08 - Fishin in the Dark
Lazy yellow moon comin' up tonight, shinin' thru the trees,%rCrickets are singin' and lightning bugs are floatin' on the breeze%rAcross the field where the creek turns back by the ole stone road%rI'm gonna take you to a special place that nobody knows%rYou and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars%r%r%r
Erin, Jack

2022-01-08 - The Great Coffee Caper
People come in, people go out, it ends with Ruiz, Cassidy, and Flappy Bird.
Cassidy, Alexander, Ruiz, Gabriella, Shawn

2022-01-07 - Less than Leased
Benjamin meets with his landlord to make a proposition. It doesn’t go as well as he expected.
Perdita, Benjamin

2022-01-07 - Not So Skilled
Ruiz teaches Isi a bit about firearms. She is really terrible.
Ruiz, Isi

2022-01-07 - Welcome To My Life
Erin, Jack

2022-01-07 - Dad Jokes, Karaoke and Amateurs
Lots of fun conversation to be had when hanging around Espresso Yourself!
Ruiz, Lyric, Joseph, Gabriella

2022-01-06 - New town, who dis?
The way to a man's heart goes through the mouth of his cat. Right?
Ravn, Gabriella

2022-01-06 - You Have The Right To Remain Silent
What we lack is the capacity.
Rick, Dani

2022-01-06 - Just some fresh air
Where people are out getting some fresh air ... no coffee was bought.
Erin, Gabriella, Abraham

2022-01-05 - Old time memories
Una and Jules come to ask Gail about what she might know about Una's ancestors.
Gail, Una, Jules

2022-01-05 - Do You Want Fries With That
After patrols, partners share a meal and place a bet on their firearms abilities.
Rick, Dani

2022-01-05 - Guns and Ammunition
Ruiz drops by to check on Jules after the big box store holdup.
Ruiz, Jules

2022-01-05 - Zero to Ninety
Straight roads are for fast cars. Curves, for fast drivers.
Erin, Ruiz

2022-01-04 - Pizza Place Proper
People go in and out. Conversations are great and not awkward at all.
Erin, Alexander, Ruiz, Tor, Isi, Benjamin, Gabriella

2022-01-03 - The McNeely Hearing
There is some confusion regarding the exhumation order for Addison McNeely - one, the parents are opposing it. Two, the judge claims that the hearing...already happened? The GHPD and ADA Bennet scramble to get permission to graverob for JUSTICE.
Cassidy, Alexander, Ruiz, Dani, Shawn, Sadie, Kimi

2022-01-03 - Was it just me or was that judge strange?
Shawn and Alexander decompress after the superior court hearing that gave permission to dig up the Addington's body, but it quickly moves to the much more serious question: Can a tin foil hat protect you from a mentalist?! %r%rStay turned to learn more.
Alexander, Shawn

2022-01-03 - A Lovely Winter Hike
Garrett somehow convinces Perdita to go on a night hike in the Firefly Forest. All is well until the path starts twisting around and there’s strange humming in the distance.
Garrett, Perdita

2022-01-02 - Chicken Noodle Soup For the Soul (And Body)
Della's cold brings out Una's motherly side.
Una, Della

2022-01-02 - Looking For Kitty Pryde Approval
Isi wants a dog that's prepared for Gray Harbor so she ask Kitty Pryde to give her opinion.
Alexander, Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2022-01-02 - I Had a Dream
Two Feds show up at the precinct with a perfectly reasonable request. It doesn't go over so well with the Chief.
Ruiz, Dorothy, Sadie

2022-01-01 - Cocoa in the Snow
It's snowing and some kid is selling hot cocoa and choc chip cookies on Oak Avenue. Are you really going to be enough of a dick to walk past without buying something?
Ravn, Isi, Jules

2022-01-01 - What You Want To Be Doing In 2022
Well, if you're not going out for New Years' Eve you might as well go with the Danish belief that whatever you're doing when the sun gets up on Jan 1, you'll be doing aplenty for the entire year, and then try to make it something nice. Like getting drunk and solving everyone's problems along with a good friend.
Ravn, Perdita

2022-01-01 - Resolutions not Required
Kimi is new in town and meets another new face at the gym.
Vittoria, Kimi

2022-01-01 - Hair of the Dog
People gather at TiBS for Irish coffee and Veil conversations.
Ruiz, Joseph, Ellery, Vittoria, Gabriella

2021-12-31 - New Year's Eve
Benedict visits Alexander on New Year's Eve, and although they don't manage to make it to a party, there is a small scavenger hunt and drinking.
Alexander, Benedict

2021-12-31 - Police Calling
A reluctant Detective Makimura contacts a sleepy Alexander Clayton about her new case.
Alexander, Kimi

2021-12-31 - Welcome to the nuthouse
The GHPD's most recent hire reports for duty. She may regret this decision.
Ruiz, Kimi

2021-12-31 - Bring Out Your Virgins!
So, about a guy named Petre, Peter, Petra. And firefighters, and cats, and adoption, and parents, and breakfast, and pancakes, and
Ravn, Perdita, Una

2021-12-31 - Ok. So, I've called.
The chief of police wanted Seth to call, so Seth calls.
Seth, Ruiz

2021-12-30 - I Just Want a Cup of Damned Tea
All anyone in this town really wants is a normal cup of something hot on a cold day. Of course in Gray Harbor those are hard to come by.
Seth, Ruiz, Kailey, Vic, Ravn, Gabriella, Una

2021-12-30 - Skating At Gray Pond Is Totally Safe, Right?
Ice skating at Gray Pond sounds like a great way to spend a winter day!
Garrett, Perdita, Gail

2021-12-30 - Searching for the lost
Alexander finds who kidnapped his pets and goes out hunting.%r%rHe's a good man, no one dies.
Alexander, Shawn

2021-12-29 - It is all a conspiracy!
Shawn finds that Alexander who can explain everything and it's hard for Shawn to not squeal with excitement.
Alexander, Shawn

2021-12-28 - Pastry hair
Apparently Gabby is mad. Rick is a smart cookie. Shawn is oblivious.
Rick, Gabriella, Shawn

2021-12-28 - Coping Strategies
Ways to cope -- or not cope -- with the constant onslaught and trauma of Gray Harbor. Cats are good.
Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-12-27 - Where the Wind Goes
Is it a memory? Is it a dream? All that Perdita knows is what her young self does as she runs away from home, whisked away to another land by a mysterious stranger.
Kailey, Ravn, Perdita

2021-12-26 - Clearing snow
Gail is on a humanitarian mission, Gabriella is on the prowl, and Everett just wants to shovel his walk gdi.
Everett, Gail, Gabriella

2021-12-26 - Asshole Ancestors
Ravn comes by to make sure pervy elves aren't a continuing things. %r%r... but old ghosts are of bigger import.
Ravn, Una, Jules

2021-12-25 - A Not So Modest Proposal
In which Gail and Ravn get to watch an elf on the shelf attempt to pick up an Una.
Ravn, Gail, Una

2021-12-24 - You wouldn't turn a blind eye, would you sir?
Alexander is lured out of his house and his pets are missing when he returns.
Alexander, Isi

2021-12-22 - Gotta Have It
It's near-Christmas in the friendly, local big box retailer. Which means everyone is already miserable - but things are about to get extra festive when someone decides that they are NOT leaving without a PS5.%r%rNot alive, anyway.
Alexander, Ruiz, Isi, Jules

2021-12-21 - How to fight pt 1
Isi volunteers Alexander to teach her to fight and Alexander ropes Benedict in also.
Alexander, Isi, Benedict

2021-12-20 - It's a club, not a cult. Unless it is a cult.
Ravn and Una talk glimmer over drinks.
Ravn, Una

2021-12-20 - Snow Scene Interruptus
Alexander tries to build a perfectly innocent snow scene in his front yard. There are interruptions, including the new Baxter in town.
Alexander, Gail, Monroe, Benedict

2021-12-19 - Not the Beach Holiday You're Thinking Of
Alexander, Jonathan, and Benedict have some drinks and chatter, with a surprise appearance by a very sparkly Mrs. Santa in the form of Bennie.
Alexander, Jonathan, Bennie, Benedict

2021-12-19 - Trailer Trash Mojitos
In which shopping for Safeways becomes a quest to crown the King of Gray Harbor, the Duchess of Trailer Trash Mojitos, and the Duke of Cannabis Discowhore.
Ravn, Isi, Benedict

2021-12-19 - Creaky Old Houses
Una and Jules and Della and ghost(?!) makes four.
Una, Jules, Della

2021-12-19 - Bruised
Alexander and Ruiz have a talk about Emil, and other things that have been a long time brewing. There's punching, of course.
Alexander, Ruiz

2021-12-18 - Getting out
Isi takes Alexander up on his offer to go hiking out of town.
Alexander, Isi

2021-12-18 - Dead Dames and Wolf Gangs
Alexander and Benedict ask Ravn about his contact with Addison McNeely. While they're conducting the questioning, though, the party gets crashed by angry gangsters with guns. It's just another day in Gray Harbor, really.
Alexander, Ravn, Benedict

2021-12-18 - Almost rude
Ruiz and Gail bump into one another at the library and Ruiz gets finger shaken at.
Ruiz, Gail

2021-12-18 - Fatality! One Turkey, Frozen, Previously Deceased
In which the ghost of Jacob Marley puts the fear of the ghost of Jacob Marley into three gunmen, and it's still not possible to just go get a date in this town.
Kailey, Ravn, Perdita

2021-12-17 - A Night of Lasagna
Gabriella comes over to cook lasagna for Alexander, and they talk about mentalist things, friendship, and family.
Alexander, Gabriella

2021-12-17 - They Both Think They're Holmes
Benedict and Alexander arrive at the same time to look at the same case file. To potential surprise, sparks do not fly, and they even ease their way into a partnership on the case.%r%rAlso, something really hinky is going on here.
Alexander, Benedict

2021-12-17 - Christmas comes but once a year
Gail is out gift shopping and Ravn becomes a dedicated draft mule.
Ravn, Gail

2021-12-16 - We're getting ice cream!
Monroe and kid brother Alfie arrive in town and check out the HOPE Community Center. Monroe is given the run down of what to expect in town, while Alfie and 'Mermaid' Denny work on Photoshop together.
Ravn, Monroe

2021-12-16 - Not A Good Boy Anymore
Several people have suggested that a mind link is as intimate or more intimate as sleeping with someone, and this is probably something you should mention to the someone's boyfriend, then. And then ask him what it means to lose your collar, the one with the little bell on.
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-12-15 - Playing With Fire
Jules tries to figure out what’s up with her new abilities, with Tyler’s help.
Tyler, Jules

2021-12-15 - Hello Little One
Kailey meets the newest member of the household.
Everett, Kailey

2021-12-15 - It's all metaphysical anyway
Isi's searching for some answers of how something was accomplished, and Alexander happens to be there at a good time.
Alexander, Isi

2021-12-15 - Don't Die
Benedict founds a downhearted Alexander, and decides to keep him company. This was probably his first mistake.
Alexander, Benedict

2021-12-14 - Curtains and Walls
Catherine and Henry head back to his house to drink whiskey and sort through 15 years of pain. Or maybe to kill each other.
Henry, Catherine

2021-12-14 - What Happens Now
Benedict is trying to wrap his head around what he remembers happening when the Christmas tree in the Park blew up. Alexander is a helper.
Alexander, Bennie, Benedict

2021-12-13 - Pizza and Talk, Time will Tell
A nice chat with pizza and wine.
Tanasha, Benedict

2021-12-13 - The Deed is (nearly) Done
The deed is mostly done, and so we shall meet ...
Ravn, Tanasha, Ellery

2021-12-13 - The Art of Speed
Addington's Unite! Or something. Family visits <3
Erin, Benedict

2021-12-12 - Sunday Morning Coffee
A collection of people gather at Expresso Yourself for coffee. Introductions and reunions occur.
Cassidy, Alexander, Ruiz, Ravn, Perdita, Tanasha, Benedict

2021-12-12 - Attempted Bribery
An ADA's work is never done. Especially when a pestery Alexander won't LET it be done.
Cassidy, Alexander

2021-12-12 - Firefly Foresters
A forester and a half cross paths in Firefly.
Garrett, Jules

2021-12-12 - Carolers go boom
Gail's organized some Christmas carolers to sing in the park some beautiful (well, out of tune) Christmas songs with Alexander in their mix. %r%rFinch, Ruiz, and Joseph come with the Christmas mana (hot coco) on a mission of mercy.%r%rPoor Benedict is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Alexander, Ruiz, Finch, Joseph, Gail, Benedict

2021-12-12 - The Morning After, Oh God, What Did I Say
After the puking and the drunken weeping and the screaming comes the morning after, and bloody hell, Ravn Abildgaard wishes it wouldn't.
Ravn, Isi

2021-12-12 - Laundromat chat
Isi and Garrett meet and have a (literally) very normal chat.
Garrett, Isi

2021-12-11 - Screaming into a pillow
Ravn's mind is broken and he ends up drunk at Isi's for Dita to take care of him and Isi to insult him.
Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-12-11 - All Along the Watch Tower (Wannabe)
There's so much to see in Gray Harbor. And so much to not get seen //by//, and really, hit the locals up for some pointers before something points at you. Also, Spice Girls.
Ravn, Turner, Fae, Jules

2021-12-11 - Pacing and Spacing
Alexander crashes Isi's place again, the friendly neighborhood 'you should fix that and here let me do it' man.
Alexander, Isi

2021-12-11 - I can teach you!
No one expects the Gabriella Inquisition. Least of all the chicken.
Ravn, Gabriella

2021-12-10 - On Not Being Dead
Isolde and Alexander catch up on missing time, offices, classes, and things perhaps best not remembered.
Alexander, Isolde

2021-12-10 - Alguien que hace lo que puede
When the justice system gets stalled Ruiz offers a different kind of justice.
Ruiz, Isi

2021-12-10 - Welcome to weirdo-ville
Una and Jules are both new to town. It's a good thing Finch, Ravn and Tyler are there to explain some basics!
Finch, Tyler, Ravn, Una, Jules

2021-12-09 - Meeting of Minds
Alexander somehow found himself agreeing to have a drink with Gabriella at the Two if by Sea.
Alexander, Gabriella

2021-12-09 - Doctors Unite
Introductions in the Break Room
Zara, Abraham

2021-12-09 - On love and oh god please don't say that
Concerned Gail calls Gabby in for some talking and it turns out there ARE things that Gabby will be embarrassed by. Who knew?
Gail, Gabriella

2021-12-08 - Welcome to town, doc; I need stitches
Garrett makes an oops, ends up at the hospital under Abraham's care
Garrett, Abraham

2021-12-08 - Drinking and Fire, but Hopefully Not Drinking On Fire
New arrivals from Texas hit the bar because booze doesn't come in the vending machine at the Sea View Suites. They meet several locals and find a pair of leads on unexpected things. Advice, too, but who listens to that?
Cassidy, Jens, Park, Houston, Iris

2021-12-08 - Baby you're a firework
Idiot teens almost manage to bag a Police Chief and set the Firefly woods on fire.
Alexander, Ruiz, Isi

2021-12-08 - Did it Help?
Beaston talks through the last few days. No one resorts to drugs or heavy drinking, no one leaves. Progress!
Easton, Bennie

2021-12-07 - Finding Sal Goo
Alexander tracks down where Sal's body is at and calls in Bennie for her opinion.%r%rThen someone unexpected drops in.
Alexander, Bennie, Isi

2021-12-07 - 15 Years In The Bottle
Two of the Covington siblings see one another for the first time in fifteen years.
Henry, Catherine

2021-12-07 - TikTok A New Victim
A bored Gabby is a Gabby that sends pics on phone. %r%rAn annoyed Javier quits sending texts.%r%rObviously, they are besties now.
Ruiz, Gabriella

2021-12-07 - Ride Like the Wind
Ravn shows off his new motorcycle and tries to get a rise out of Perdita, only to be reminded that she’s fairly shameless.
Ravn, Perdita

2021-12-07 - Tik Tok Trend
Gabby hits up Ravn with a TikTok trend.. it goes how one might expect. %r%rBadly
Ravn, Gabriella

2021-12-07 - Bonfire Musical Chairs
Gray Harborites can’t decide who sits where on the beach.
Joseph, Amber, Gail, Gabriella

2021-12-06 - Hot Chocolate, Cold Noses and the Click of a Camera
A quiet evening watching the waves turns into a photo shoot with an adorable Dalmatian puppy, a discussion of Hamilton and Ninja Turtles and Taco Night for at least two households.
Garrett, Perdita, Caed, Ellery, Fae

2021-12-06 - Old Ladies Make the Best Girlfriends
A folklorist goes to see his emotional support violinist and finds himself in a new relationship. Or the owner of a vintage motorcycle. Whatever terminology you like.
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-12-06 - A Path to Peace of Mind
Garrett approaches Fern about starting taking Yoga. Fern is sure it will help him and they have a good chat over Thai noodles to boot!
Garrett, Fern

2021-12-05 - Once Upon A Late Night Dreary
Bar talk.
Cassidy, Bennie, Eleanor, Rick, Joseph, Fae, Henry

2021-12-05 - Investigator Investigated
Alexander discovers that other people can ask nosy questions, too. And it's not always as fun to be on the receiving end of them as it is to be on the asking end.
Alexander, Gabriella

2021-12-04 - Randy's not alright
Alexander meets a man who had lost a friend and trips him off to something horrific.
Alexander, Gail

2021-12-04 - Puppy vs. Pacific
On a date, Chris and Fae discuss relationship things and make holiday plans. Nothing says romance like Arby's. Chief the puppy warns the ocean not to try anything funny.
Chris, Fae

2021-12-04 - Claws out
Not friends, but, uh...?
Isi, Gabriella

2021-12-04 - Misericordia
Joe's roasting marshmallows. Ruiz just wants to smoke in peace. Gabriella stops by for a chat.
Ruiz, Joseph, Gabriella

2021-12-04 - Better News
Unexpected phone call with unexpected news.
Cassidy, Ruiz

2021-12-04 - Let her
Easton needs help and advice and since every conversation with Ruiz always goes so easily and smoothly he turns to him. Okay nearly every conversation is a train wreck but it's still, somehow, an important friendship.
Alexander, Easton, Ruiz

2021-12-03 - A Sword Cuts on Both Edges
Alexander said he'd show Bennie what she did, if she wanted. She does. It goes splendidly.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2021-12-03 - The Graffiti of Mine Is Bigger Than Yours
In which the basement of the Bauer Building is explored further and while no more bodies are found, some interesting observations about the meaning of big dick energy are made.
Alexander, Ravn, Perdita

2021-12-03 - Alexander's parents are so nice to lend him out
Alexander promised to come and clean the gutters but then ~feelings~ happen.
Alexander, Gail

2021-12-03 - (Probably Not) A Mad Axe Murderer
In which Ravn goes to ever so subtly do a homegirl check on Perdita and her new lodger. So he's not a girl; it's fine, he knows the girl code.
Garrett, Ravn, Perdita

2021-12-02 - Buffalo Wings
Those are some interesting skid marks on the ground. And who knew buffaloes left hoof prints just like giant iguanas?
Ravn, Tanasha

2021-12-02 - Mail Call
Poor Ravn gets abused by the Leigh women again. It's so sad.
Ravn, Gail, Gabriella

2021-12-02 - Celebrations and Chocolate Martinis
Fae and Chris go out to celebrate her new job, chocolate martinis and microbrew conversations ensue!
Tor, Chris, Fae

2021-12-01 - Cold Day, Hot Coffee, Warm Conversations
A group of people gossip and talk about general things over coffee, tea, and coca.
Hera, Devlin, Joseph, Fae, Gabriella

2021-12-01 - What the hell
Is's pissed off and Ravn's being nice - but honestly, that's just Tuesday.
Ravn, Isi

2021-12-01 - Hopeful Christmas Planning
Benjamin, then Erin stop by HOPE to see Ravn.
Erin, Ravn, Benjamin

2021-12-01 - Christmas Time Is Here, By Golly
Time for holiday cheer in downtown Gray Harbor, with people sharing their joy and emotion about the holiday... or not. 😏
Alexander, Lyric, Joseph, Chris, Perdita, Isi, Fae

2021-12-01 - Still Alive?
Alexander and Vic catch up on missing time and recent events.
Alexander, Vic

2021-11-30 - Fae-teful Interview
Benjamin interviews Fae for a position at his company.
Fae, Benjamin

2021-11-30 - The Honey Trap
Two men, one blonde girl in need of help. It's a classic scenario.
Ravn, Benjamin, Gabriella

2021-11-30 - Circular Conversations
Townies, Outsiders, Oh my... also talking in circles.
Erin, Jonathan, Ruiz, Devlin, Gabriella

2021-11-29 - Slice - Of Life
Pizza is life! Or a slice of life is happening. A new girl meets an EMT willing (?) to share food, then her new bestie walks in, and then walks a cop and Joe. Surely this is what legends are made of.
Ruiz, Devlin, Joseph, Perdita, Gabriella

2021-11-29 - Hello Grandma, Hello Granddaughter
Gail's granddaughter Gabriella is in town. Everyone, quake.
Gail, Gabriella

2021-11-29 - Visiting the Chief
Chris and Fae take a road trip to Humptulips to buy a dalmatian. No tulips were harmed in the posing of this scene.
Chris, Fae

2021-11-29 - Holiday Shopping and Curses
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
Erin, Alexander, Jonathan

2021-11-28 - Sour News
Cassidy has some news for Ruiz about his future. He takes it surprisingly well.
Cassidy, Ruiz

2021-11-28 - Handshakes, Shoes, and Tequila
Alexander reads the paper, but he comes to Ruiz to find out the rest of the story, and gets hired.
Alexander, Ruiz

2021-11-28 - Beauty And The Beach
Matthias tries to have a heart to heart with the man upstairs during a storm. Isolde stumbles upon him and ends up taking up his offer to unburden herself. %r%rP.S. Matthias is the Beauty
Isolde, Matthias

2021-11-27 - Technically He Was a Cheater
Isi's adventure in small town corruption concludes when she channels her inner super spy, and reclaims the evidence from City Hall.
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-27 - Crashing Ravn's
Isi doesn't feel safe at her own place after stealing government documents and turning them over to the paper and the police so.... Ravn!
Ravn, Isi

2021-11-27 - Excuse me?
Tyler is being nice. Isi is the worst kind of feminist.
Tyler, Isi

2021-11-27 - This Office is Definitely Gonna Kill Someone
Alexander comes by to see if Perdita might have any office space to rent in the Bauer Building. She has the PERFECT office in mind...
Alexander, Perdita

2021-11-25 - Walking Through Trash
Isi is stir crazy enough to start snooping around Elm Street houses. She rolls the dice and does NOT interrupt a drug deal or gang beating in process. Instead, she gets an Alexander.
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-25 - Lunch Hour
Alexander and Henry catch up a little, and then poor Amber gets involved.
Alexander, Amber, Henry

2021-11-24 - Coffee, Neighbours, Lifestyle Choices
In which Tanasha and Ravn drink all the coffee while discussing Gray Harbor, programming security, and relationship woes.
Ravn, Tanasha

2021-11-24 - What the Turkey Saw
DJ Mystery, a shrink, and an unlicensed investigator meet in the Park. Thanks are refused, numbers are exchanged, and a wee baby pumpkin is almost kidnapped.
Alexander, Lyric, Henry

2021-11-23 - That Voodoo That You Do
//Learn to live with it//, they said. //Maybe wear gloves, it'll reduce the shock.// And so Ravn did. Until it dawned upon him that there are people in Gray Harbor who can do . . . things. And if they can -- so can he. Right?%r%rOr, how Kitty lost his collar.
Ruiz, Ravn

2021-11-23 - Wellness Check
After Isi left the GHPD police station so abruptly Javier comes to do a check in. Isi is suspicious.
Ruiz, Isi

2021-11-23 - Panic at the Disco, Well, Sound Proof Garage
Crossed wires can lead to a bit of an overreaction but hey, at least there's donuts and no one is being gifted with cement shoes.
Alexander, Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-11-23 - Merry Thanksgiving
Henry returns home after a decade and enlists the help of beer and a mysterious DJ to face the music.
Lyric, Henry

2021-11-22 - Nice Young People All In A Row
It's your normal day in the coffee shop. Ravn gets served something undrinkable, the locals come out to say hi, and everyone gets grannied - except for the granny. That'd be weird.
Ruiz, Eleanor, Ravn, Tanasha, Gail

2021-11-22 - Not dead yet
Isi's at home and Alexander comes to make sure she is Still Alive. She is. He might regret visiting by the end though.
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-21 - Orange Blossom County, Audience of One
When is //not// a good time for bad whiskey and good violin?
Itzhak, Ravn, Perdita

2021-11-21 - When the grifters tell you to go to the police
Isi looks like she has been run over by a truck (it's almost true!) and goes to report what happened to the police.
Cassidy, Alexander, Ruiz, Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-11-21 - Box mix? Nah bro. Granny cooks from scratch.
Granny Gail's getting her feet back under her and that requires a lot of flour, sugar, and salt. Ruiz gets Shanghaied into helping. It's hard to extract one's self after a nice act.
Ruiz, Gail

2021-11-21 - Sea Monsters in Our Gray Harbor??
Ellery is just trying to photograph a sea monster, when Alexander and Hera bother him.
Alexander, Hera, Ellery

2021-11-20 - Perdita's Penthouse Gets a Guest
Garrett and Perdita discuss Garrett's living situation over breakfast.
Garrett, Perdita

2021-11-20 - I Am Not The Elk!
No one really wants to end up having to shoot anyone even in Dreams, but if a Dream does stick you with a 9 mm and a rabid weasel trying to eat somebody's face? Know how to use the damned thing.
Chris, Ravn, Perdita, Fae

2021-11-20 - The neighborly thing
Alexander has been dispatched by his mother to welcome Gail back to Gray Harbor with a nice cobbler.
Alexander, Gail

2021-11-19 - It's the Perks That Make the Job
Never let it be said that city auditors don't get well compensated. Someone's always on hand to liven up their day and make their heart race.
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-19 - Family Is The Worst
A group talks about the upcoming holidays at TiBS.
Bennie, Tor, Joseph

2021-11-19 - Parcel Delivery, or, Who Ordered the Thug From Spokane
Who ordered the big Irish guy from a cheap motel in Spokane?
Seth, Joey, Vic, Ravn

2021-11-19 - The Reappearing Man
Garrett reappears from the land of the lost, into unit 404 of the Bauer building, only to be discovered by one Perdita Leontes... who's seriously beginning to question the wisdom of owning property in this town.
Garrett, Perdita

2021-11-18 - The Lowest Bidder
Isi has a very interesting job. It involves a lot of numbers, ledgers, and occasionally, things don't add up like they should.
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-17 - The Secrets That Bind Us
Alexander and Easton report back to Bennie their findings of Seattle (Backdated)
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2021-11-16 - Out, Out Damned Spot
Easton and Alexander investigate the death of John Oakes and Bennie's connection.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2021-11-16 - Hello Neighbor
Gail is back in Gray Harbor, and it's time to get reacquainted with the neighbors.
Ravn, Gail

2021-11-15 - London Leatherboys and Spanish Nobility
In which recent injuries are discussed, along with obscure European music from the 1980s and the long con that is European nobility.
Alexander, Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-11-14 - The Saddest Zoo in Washington
Alexander and Isi meet in the so and talk a bit of names.%r%rConsensus reached on: %rNames%rThe other person is weird
Alexander, Isi

2021-11-14 - Cereal Conversations
They are all looking into food - and instead engage in just a little bit of conversation.
Jonathan, Turner, Isi

2021-11-12 - Friends, Frenemies and Firefighters
Isi and Alexander exchange heated words, Perdita talks about dead bodies and new girl Fae rolls into town looking for her lost family. Firefighter Chris shows up to check for dangerous cracks in the road with small brown creatures escaping, called in by 'Benjamin Dover'.
Alexander, Chris, Perdita, Isi, Fae

2021-11-09 - The Basement Spelunkers
It's a new house. It has a basement. This is Gray Harbor. %r%rGet the torches, the fireman's axes, and the first aid kits.
Alexander, Ravn, Perdita

2021-11-08 - Beer O'Clock
This town, man. Now's as good a time as any to gather in a booth at the Pourhouse, knock back something alcoholic and discuss what went wrong on Halloween.%r%rIt's Gray Harbor. Don't tell us nothing went wrong on your Halloween.
Ruiz, Ravn, Perdita

2021-11-07 - Murder She Wrote
Bennie catches up with Alexander. Which includes hot topics such as: christening his new carpet. Baba-fucking-Yaga. And murder?
Alexander, Bennie

2021-11-05 - The Prince and the Pauper, 21st Century Edition, Pt 2
Escaping the Baccarat, our intrepid heroes go to blow off steam in Central Park.
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-11-04 - Harvest Festival: Dancing a Reel in teh Flickering Light
Downtown Gray Harbor is... not exactly NOT a mess after the storm. This has not stopped City Hall from decorating all what is upright to carry forward with the 72nd annual Autumn Harvest Festival (pending that year they skipped because all those people went missing that we don't talk about. It's just not polite!)%r
Alexander, Jonathan, Vyv, Hyacinth, Devlin, Conner

2021-11-03 - TBD
The best thing to do is stay connected....
Ravn, Isi

2021-11-02 - A Bennie Trap in Two Photos
It's a trap! After Easton's conversation with Alexander he wants to clear up some things with Bennie and convince her to let him and Alexander help deal with her father. ... And then finds out it's maybe a little late.
Easton, Bennie

2021-10-30 - Mischief Night
Perdita is looking for Selene. Alexander is looking for...Alexander. Neither of them find exactly what they were looking for.
Alexander, Perdita

2021-10-30 - They Only Tried To Murder Alexander Once Here
Whiskey o'clock. In this town, no one actually needs a reason. And as far as public places go, people only tried to murder Alexander here once, which is a better track record than most places in town.
Alexander, Chris, Ravn, Vittoria

2021-10-28 - You Were Missing?
Alexander comes by to see Easton and catch up. As much as two people missing months of their lives CAN catch up, anyway.
Alexander, Easton

2021-10-27 - Not Actually A Jumper
Alexander Clayton finds himself on a roof, and Devlin doesn't tase him.
Alexander, Devlin

2021-10-26 - The Prince and the Pauper, 21st Century Edition
There are definite downsides to getting a regular mailing address. For one, your family might find out where you live. Time to grab your Emotional Support Violinist and face the music, Ravn.
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-10-25 - All the Pretty Skulls In a Row
Cardboard skulls and Halloween decorations; and people at the community centre discussing some rather curious dream experiences. At least some of them will not find themselves lacking for inspiration for Halloween costumes?
Ravn, Perdita, Isi

2021-10-24 - Spookin' Spokane
No more trafficked girls shipped through Gray Harbor. Go deliver the message to one Big John Callahan. Make sure he's got it.%r%rOr, how Vic, Seth, and Ruiz go to Spokane to bust some kneecaps.
Seth, Ruiz, Vic, Ravn

2021-10-22 - The Stray
In which a stray falls into a coffee shop and a couple of grifters plot to rob the multiverse.
Devlin, Ravn, Perdita, Selene

2021-10-13 - After the Storm
When Storm Cimaron finally ends, three friends catch up and try to figure out what exactly //happened// to them. Especially to the one of them who wasn't even in Gray Harbor at the time.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-10-07 - Diversion Tactics
Bennie and Easton talk about the storm. Or do they?
Easton, Bennie

2021-10-07 - Welcome To the Hotel California, Reprise Number Whatever
In which Vittoria Lastra meets the town loon and Ravn Abildgaard does not buy a motorcycle.
Ravn, Vittoria

2021-10-05 - The Honeymoon's Over
Newlyweds fresh off Dante's book tour, return to Gray Harbor, none the wiser about the time slip.
Dante, Cristobal

2021-10-05 - I Can Sense the Weird From Here
Vittoria meets Devlin shortly after arriving in town. They bond over craziness and serving in the military.
Devlin, Vittoria

2021-09-30 - Road Trip, with an Interlude.
Kipani head for Vegas, taking a break when they can drive no more. Things are remembered and enjoyed.
Rekani, Kip

2021-09-24 - Wake Up to a Break Up
What happens when you wake up missing twelve weeks and the partner beside you?
Rekani, Kip

2021-09-21 - Count Abildgaard, I Presume
The newly arrived Addington consigliere wastes no time reviewing the family assets - including an impromptu audit of its charitable donations.
Ravn, Odile

2021-09-20 - Boring Conversation Anyways
Uh, everything is under control. Situation normal.%rUh, had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?%r
Everett, Kailey

2021-09-20 - Yay! We didn't die!
Or make babies! Or get any embarrassing tattoos! %r%rA group tries to celebrate the positive of the time slip, only to get bogged down in reality.
Easton, Bennie, Joseph, Isi

2021-09-20 - Of All the Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Easton, Odile

2021-09-20 - The Carousel's Curse
The carousel's resident admirer meets an Addington recently arrived from elsewhere.
Conner, Odile

2021-09-19 - 3 Months and a Trip to Toronto Later...
Where does that time go? And what's with 300 texts in a day?
Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-09-19 - Motel Room Service
Everett and Bean involuntarily arouse from bed.%rNot in Gray Harbor.%rNot in Washington.%r%rWhere are they and who are these men?
Everett, Bean

2021-09-19 - Beaston Has a Baby?!
T-t-t-t-t-iiiiimmmee skip! %r%rWhat happened in those 12 weeks is a dream come true. Or a nightmare realized?
Easton, Bennie

2021-09-18 - Yep, The Building Is Still Here (And Renovations Are Ongoing)
First things first: Can't run a community centre if the place has been washed into the sea by the storm.
Ravn, Conner, Fern

2021-09-18 - A Twelve Week Bender For the Understudy
HOPE volunteers debate getting together to compare notes. And find out whose understudies have been doing what during their three month long black-out, perhaps.
Ravn, Fern

2021-09-17 - Baby I Love Your Way
The Roens wake up to a missing three months of memories, and a whole lot of things need explaining!
August, Eleanor

2021-09-17 - Got An App For That?
What did you do in twelve missing weeks, Ravn Abildgaard? Hire a software engineer, apparently.
Ravn, Tanasha

2021-07-14 - Okay, but you aren't real
Hello tree in the middle of the park that has been hit by the storm and is now fallen over. It's fine, this just means that people get to come clean it up.%r%rChainsaws, regular saws, and people just getting it done.
Jonathan, Isi

2021-07-12 - Rip Van Winkle
Vic and Seth go to bed on the last night of the storm and then wake up...three months later, with no memories of the intervening time. Texts are sent.
Seth, Joey, Vic, Ravn

2021-07-10 - One of Us (Just a Slob Like One of Us?)
We've watched //Frozen// thirty times. We're getting tired of //My Neighbour Totoro// too. Now is a good time to hide in the high school cafeteria, grab a quick cup of coffee, and maybe breathe. Screw you, Hurricane Cimaron.
Ravn, Tanasha

2021-07-09 - Look, you ungrateful mongrel
The storm surges but people have to keep people-ing through it.
Devlin, Isi

2021-07-07 - To What Do We Bear Witness
Leon is holding down the fort, Ravn stops by for a breather, Chelsea shows up to work she didn't have.
Leon, Ravn, Chelsea

2021-07-06 - Seven ... No Six
Bennie comes back home during the storm to find Easton and Tor drinking at the cabin. Tom shows up to be semi-forboding about whatever this storm really means.
Easton, Bennie, Tor

2021-07-05 - A dream or a Dream? The capital D makes a difference.
It was just a dream right? She'd woken up, no worse for the wear, except for feeling like she'd just vomited up every memory of food ever. But that was just reaction from the dream, right?
Everett, Kailey, Joseph, Ravn, Isi

2021-07-04 - The Hunt for Jersey
Conner and Isolde team up to go find a resident's lost dog.
Isolde, Conner

2021-07-04 - Lightning and Thunder
With the storm going on sometimes people are unaccounted for. Mr. Emmett Watt is one of them, so a crew of volunteers heads out to see if he's alright.%r
Cassidy, Ruiz, Ravn, Isi

2021-07-02 - Supplies in the Eye
It's the eye of the storm (or so it seems), so it's time to load up on supplies.%r%rOr junk food.
Alisha, Ellery, Ashley

2021-07-01 - Weasel Bites and Bandaids
So many weasel bites, so few bandaids. Somebody, make more coffee.
Everett, Kailey, Ravn

2021-06-30 - Candy Apple Red
In which a bored ADA facetimes an exhausted shelter coordinator because it's not like you can do something useful with your hands while applying a coat of varnish.
Cassidy, Ravn

2021-06-25 - Cantina Break
You gotta sneak a break from the chaos when you can. This is what high school cafeteria kitchens are for.
Ravn, Desi

2021-06-24 - Casual Inventory Of Dirty Romance Novels
Astrid is inventorying the Ashtrid Romance Novel Collection, and Jens helps. Marius brings home beer, and here's something about coconut oil at the end.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2021-06-23 - Ancestors
Kailey gets the results of her Ancestory test.
Everett, Kailey, Grant

2021-06-22 - Burning Carbs
A little drizzle is no reason to miss a workout.
Cassidy, Ruiz

2021-06-21 - Where the Wild Things Are
Ashley and Fern talk about some of the strange things in town while Fern inventories a donation the Waffle Shoppe is giving to the high school for the storm
Fern, Ashley

2021-06-20 - The Whatever Weasels
Storm Cimaron is shaking every tree on the Other Side too, and things fall out -- motivated by hunger, curiosity, and a whole lot of grumpiness that their world, too, is being turned upside down by the supernatural high tide. Now is not a good time walk around alone. Of course somebody does, and it's up to volunteers at the temporary shelter at Teddy S. Addington High to go find that somebody before something else does.
Ruiz, Kailey, Ravn, Ashley

2021-06-19 - Green Day
Mac still refuses to leave her shop; when the green haired girl won't go to her hair dresser, Nicole must go to the green haired girl.
Nicole, Abitha, Ravn

2021-06-19 - Strange Harbor Brewing Company - Launch Party
The weather outside is frightful, but the beer is so delightful. Strange Harbor has a successful launch despite the oncoming storm.
Easton, Bennie, Ruiz, Justin, Itzhak, Kailey, Devlin, Tor, Joseph, Vic, Ashley

2021-06-18 - Smoking In the Boy's Room
Sheltering people at Teddy S. Addington High is all well and good but in between the antics, the drama, and the occasional monster sighting, there needs to be time to slip out back, find somewhere out of the wind, and have a bloody smoke. And maybe steal a school bus and do some laundry.
Seth, Atli, Ravn

2021-06-18 - Something's Missing Pt 2
ADA Bower comes to Ruiz with some news about the McNeely case. Little does anyone know just how bad the news really is.%r%rThis scene happens concurrent to the events in 'Something's Missing Pt 1'.
Ruiz, Rick

2021-06-18 - Storm's Coming
A couple locals chat about storm prep, a recurring ghost or two and other things.
Easton, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Ruiz, August, Joseph, Vic

2021-06-16 - Wave Over Wave
Rubberneckers and people with business at the waterfront gather beyond the barricaded boardwalk where the waves are roaring onshore ahead of the storm.
Devlin, Joseph, Fern, Ellery, Ashley

2021-06-15 - The Landlord and the Tenant
Isolde and Conner chat in the common room about the coming storm and potentially prophetic dreams
Isolde, Conner

2021-06-15 - Sandbag Everything
A storm is about to hit but people still need their breaks in between distributing sand bags, boarding up the windows of Addington High -- or just coming to gawk. Time for a smoke out back where no one asks where to put the spare blankets.
Ravn, Desi

2021-06-15 - Cinnamon or Ash of Lizard?
Ash is grabbing coffee before work yet again. Joseph notices strange marginalia in the book he's reading.
Joseph, Ashley

2021-06-14 - Bad Moon On the Rise
A storm is coming and all the mice are scurrying for shelter. And coffee.
Cassidy, Ruiz, Rose, Ravn, Desi

2021-06-14 - A Place To Stay
Desi is looking for a place to stay. What better than to check out the group house of a person you met the night before at a karaoke night?
Park, Desi

2021-06-14 - Something's Missing Pt 1
Cassidy promised Jessica an interview for the Gazette at the conclusion of her investigation of the GHPD.%r%rThis scene happens concurrent to the events in 'Something's Missing Pt 2'
Cassidy, Jessica

2021-06-13 - Aspen and Salt
Into a bright, bound sea surrounded fury%rour bodies will return%r%rThere's a cult, there's a cult inside of me%rform the salt, sprinkle it around me...%r%rThere's a creature trapped in a circle of sacred aspen, a creature that tries to take Glimmer from those who have it and give it to others. This creature has followers.%r%rAnd those followers want to set him free.
Aidan, Bennie, Ruiz, August, Joseph, Conner

2021-06-13 - Before the Night Shift
Before heading to work, Ash stops off at one of his preferred coffee shops. He ends up talking music, books, and aliens with another couple of folks who understand what it's like to endure long nights.
Erin, Devlin, Ashley

2021-06-13 - Before the Storm
Hya makes a call about a storm to a man whose boat is not 'boating' correctly.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-06-12 - Any Port in a Storm
Up around apartment 808, the storm rolls in... and out.
Vyv, Grant

2021-06-12 - Pourhouse Karaoke: Truth or Dare
Every performer will either answer a question before they serenade us with something themed of candor, or perform a daunting task to audacious tunes. Davis will have a jar of random paper slips to bring veracity forth, or similarly, a list of challenges for the daredevils among us. Certain ones in each jar get your tab cleared for FREE when performed. The Gyre's invite you to make fools of yourselves while excessively intoxicated.
Cassidy, Ruiz, Lyric, Astrid, Everett, Ash, Marius, Jens, Park, Kailey, Devlin, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Ravn, Caed, Desi

2021-06-11 - Run Away, Run Away, From the Pain
Ravn has a rememberance.
Kailey, Ravn

2021-06-11 - Not So Naughty List
How to get on.. or off.. the naughty list.
Lyric, Quay

2021-06-09 - Would You Have Given it Up?
Xavier tries to get Elias out of the shop and at least out for a meal. They talk about what happened in the woods, and whether Elias would have given up his Glimmer if they hadn't been there.
Elias, Xavier

2021-06-09 - Doomsday Prepping
Caed and Ellery visit the Safeway to stock up on supplies for the coming storm.
Caed, Ellery

2021-06-09 - My Decompensation is Epic
In which August tells Eleanor about all the *amazing* decisions he's made lately.
August, Eleanor

2021-06-08 - A Fine and Private Place
On the hunt for information about the child 'Muriel', Ravn takes Isi to one of Gray Harbor's //finer// icons: St. Mary's Church. Extensively renovated when a pair of freak earthquakes* shattered the windows, cracked the walls, and destroyed the piano.%r%rAnd now, they're here to check out graves as a storm bears down on the Washington coast.%r%r*\* named August Roen*
August, Ravn, Isi

2021-06-07 - A Historian, an ADA, and an Enforcer Walk Into a Bar
Sometimes, there just isn't anything to say.
Cassidy, Seth, Ravn

2021-06-07 - Stashing the Loot
An unlikely thief and a clueless historian call in an expert when it comes to stashing the loot.
Seth, Ravn, Fern

2021-06-05 - Changing the Narrative
Work outs and catching up among other things. Ribs are involved in some capacity.
Erin, Seth, Ruiz, Joey, Rhys, Vic, Ravn

2021-06-04 - An Unlikely Heist
Fern goes to talk to Conner about the carousel animals and the gem she retrieved. They end up going after quite a few more.
Conner, Fern

2021-06-03 - Hello Darkness My Old Friend
A flier was put up in town, "Interested resident seeks hiking partners. No weird please, just some hiking in the forest."%r
Cassidy, Rick, Ravn, Isi

2021-06-01 - Irish Weather
Because the weather is wet and foreboding. Like the Irish. Or something. Also, there's a storm brewing -- figuratively, and literally, and every shade in between.
Cassidy, Ruiz, Joseph, Ravn, Caed

2021-06-01 - Things Look Good
Cassidy's internal investigation of the GHPD is wrapping up and she visits Ruiz to give him some earned praise.
Cassidy, Ruiz

2021-05-31 - The Beginning of a Good Joke
It starts with an ex-priest and a photojournalist walking into a bar. Two newcomers meet quite the Gray Harbor welcome wagon.
Itzhak, Joseph, Fern, Caed, Ellery

2021-05-29 - Carousel Craziness
Something is wrong with the Addington Park Carousel. ....very, //very// wrong.
August, Joseph, Fern

2021-05-28 - Tangled
August asks Finch for a little help in containing...some things.
Finch, August

2021-05-25 - de rigueur
Cassidy is just trying to enjoy some Thai food and then some NOSY REPORTER decides to, like, ask her questions and stuff.
Cassidy, Jessica

2021-05-23 - When You Assume
It's a pretty typical coffee-room in and out. Ravn catches the most crap for being him, but it ends calmly enough.%r%rThe barista's probably pretty happy about that.
Cassidy, Everett, Roxy, Devlin, Ravn, Isi

2021-05-20 - Light(er)ing Up the Prospects
There's a lot to process for Isi. A boat with a beer and a Dane is a way to go about it -- and maybe sort out the local dating scene while at it; and more importantly, coping mechanisms. All the coping mechanisms.
Ravn, Isi

2021-05-19 - Pinball and Pizza
Fern is playing pinball, Devlin comes in for dinner. Cassidy doesn't remember anything about the Pourhouse and Everett drops in (outside) for a quick smoke.
Cassidy, Everett, Devlin, Fern

2021-05-19 - ADAs, IFOs, and Other Bizarre Acronyms
In which boardwalk banter is disrupted momentarily by identified flying objects.
Cassidy, Everett, Ravn

2021-05-19 - Raise a Glass
Bennie does something nice for Tor. Tor is really not used to people doing that.
Bennie, Tor

2021-05-18 - Sorry About the Foundation
Step 1: Get drunk.%rStep 2: Head into the Veil.%rStep 3: ????%rStep 4: Go to your BFF's place and break the foundation under his garage.
Itzhak, August, Ravn

2021-05-18 - A Challenge, A Proposal, and a Shark
Ravn and Kailey challenged each other to see who could catch the most and biggest salmon. Kailey has more plans that just catching fish, though.
Aidan, August, Everett, Kailey, Ravn

2021-05-17 - So About That Glow Thing...You Can Do It Too!
Isi and August both have an interest in a corner of the library, and end up talking about the Glimmer, the Art, and how Isi can probably do it too.
August, Isi

2021-05-17 - The Sixth Commandment
//Find this guy and shut him down//. A simple set of instructions for two of Joey Kelly's enforcers. But this is Gray Harbor, and even when we keep things simple, there are too many casualties for no one to notice.
Seth, Vic, Ravn

2021-05-16 - Everything's Fine...
Be careful how much you Glimmer, it catches up with people eventually. Kailey learns this the hard way.
Everett, Kailey

2021-05-16 - Road Trip: Prelude
Seth comes home and lets Vic know about the upcoming road trip.
Seth, Vic

2021-05-14 - Defy the Frost
August comes back from a strange Dream, Eleanor fixes things.
August, Eleanor

2021-05-14 - You, Into the Office
When someone steps up, others move up. Where are we going though?
Seth, Joey

2021-05-13 - Ill-considered Botany
In which August and Conner plant a fruit from a Dream. It goes about how one would expect.
August, Conner

2021-05-13 - Tea Party
Only with whiskey.
Cassidy, Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joseph

2021-05-13 - Early Morning Cravings
A late night leads to an early morning and waffles are had!
Kass, Oren

2021-05-12 - Hanging With the Raisin Girls
Kass meets an unexpected new friend. Ravn meets unexpected trolling. Kailey deals a mean marshmallow. August meets his match. And Everett is here for the schadenfreude.
Cassidy, August, Everett, Kailey, Kass, Ravn

2021-05-12 - Blame the Carousel Animals
When something in your life is turning strange, it's a safe bet to blame the wooden carousel animals in the park. Most of the time, they don't get a say in the matter.
Vyv, Kass, Ravn

2021-05-10 - Where the stars dance around them
Thew and Jade discuss their future
Jade, Thewlis

2021-05-10 - Pass the Torch and the Glenfiddich
The thing about knowledge is, you need to pass it on to other people.
Ravn, Conner

2021-05-07 - An Unexpected Drink in An Unexpected Place
Grand Olympic Casino is the venue for some sort of soirée on a chilly Friday evening.
Cassidy, Ravn

2021-05-07 - The Sordid Situation Surrounding the Summoning of Sea Stags (The Hunt for Marcy Davis)
4 local sorority sisters of the Seattle chapter of Whatever Whatever Whatever did a ritutal that went...very off chart no thanks to typos and in that Marcy Davis went very missing in the Sawmill. Who already has a bad feeling about this?
Nicole, Aidan, Joey, Ravn, Conner, Isi

2021-05-03 - Sometimes You're the Bug
Sometimes you're the windshield... and sometimes you get stabbed, burned, thrown into walls, scratched, clawed, ectoplasmed, and fruit preserved. The unlucky renovations team from the HOPE centre need a bit of medical care after their unexpected encounter in the basement.%r%rBut at least nothing here smells like dead meat.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Everett, Kailey, Ravn, Conner

2021-05-01 - Pain au Chocolat
...but mostly pain.
Vyv, Grant

2021-04-28 - Hills to Die On
In which we learn that karaoke is a bad thing for some, and smoking in bars is illegal under state law.
Seth, Ruiz, Vic, Ravn

2021-04-26 - Beer On a Boat
Boat. Beer. Sunset. What more do you want? Maybe a bit less crazy talk but a girl can't have everything.
Ravn, Isi

2021-04-26 - Off hours chat
A brash counselor and a tranquil paramedic share a drink and some conversation.
Cassidy, Devlin

2021-04-25 - Brace for Impact
City Hall has two dark-haired, willful women working for it now. And a storm is coming.
Hyacinth, Ravn, Isi

2021-04-24 - Ideas and Greasy Diner Food
Some people have food at Black Bear.
Cassidy, Kailey, Ravn

2021-04-24 - Painting the Walls Not Red
Time to paint over the walls in preparation for murals. Or, a story in which Cassidy does in fact not swear even once.
Cassidy, Aidan, Kailey, Ravn

2021-04-23 - You Guys Are Hazing Me, Right?
Isi wants to understand the town better. Ravn and Conner try to offer some explanations and advice. Amber...thinks they're either //very// eccentric...or are //definitely// having her on.
Ravn, Conner, Amber, Isi

2021-04-19 - Pourhouse Karaoke:Rock Edition
Get your eyeliner and air guitars ready to rock out at the Pourhouse! Following renovations we want to celebrate by hearing all performances good, bad, and mediocre. Three rock artists have been secretly selected. Be the first person to select a song by each and your tab is FREE! Maggi has selected the theme and actually sings, Davis will be your MC, and Leon will keep the crowd from bringing the place down. Congrats to Kailey for singing a song one of the mystery bands!
Nicole, Easton, Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Everett, Ash, Jens, Sparrow, Park, Kailey, Rhys, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Vic, Isi

2021-04-17 - Very Soon Now (Said Grandma and Her Assault Goose)
There's a new girl in town and did you really think Baba Yaga wouldn't corner her? Also, goose food, never leave home without it.
August, Ravn, Isi

2021-04-16 - Come On Baby, Light My Fire
In which Seth Monaghan demonstrates a parlour trick to a doubtful rookie.
Seth, Vic, Ravn, Isi

2021-04-16 - Only Blue: Don’t Quit Your Day Job #1
August stops possible violence at the Branch and Bole. He learns the community is suffering beyond the veil's influence.
August, Maggi

2021-04-15 - The Firelight Calls
Joseph has built a fire and others come and stop by.
Bennie, Joseph, Isi

2021-04-13 - Pausing A Run
Isi's out running and Devlin is packing up. They both pause to chat.
Devlin, Isi

2021-04-13 - Plowing the Field
Cris and Dante head to Cris' communal garden plot to tend his beds. All puns and double entendre absolutely intended.
Dante, Cristobal

2021-04-12 - Ghosts of Gray Pond
A group goes ghost hunting and gets a little more than they bargained for
Rekani, Nova, Kip, Ariana, Ravn

2021-04-11 - The Warning
Ravn talks to August about his wife running around touching all the things.
August, Ravn

2021-04-07 - Portlandia
In which August inflicts his family on Ravn and Itzhak.
Itzhak, August, Ravn

2021-04-06 - Babes in Toyland
Another night of rest as Spring continues to settle and worm it's way into Gray Harbor. A few lucky souls wake to find themselves in a veritable toyland. And of appropriate size and shape to boot!
Alison, Kailey, Ravn, Perdita

2021-04-06 - Blue Is a Good Colour for a Vagabond
Prepping a boat for the season involves paintbrushes and people with ten thumbs.
Ravn, Perdita

2021-04-06 - Don't Throw Rocks at the Selkie's House
Okay, it's April, not exactly balmy and warm out for this part of the world. Look, it's over 60 and not pouring rain: sun's (sort of, a little, maybe?) out, guns out!
Itzhak, August, Joseph

2021-04-05 - Money for nothing...
Seth and Ravn head over to see Rhys in order to talk about 'investments"
Seth, Rhys, Ravn

2021-04-03 - One Cream, Two Sugars
It's the Black Bear Diner. Would you really be surprised if one of the bear statues came alive and asked for coffee? No, neither would the waitress.
Aidan, Alison, Ravn

2021-04-01 - Home Sweet Home
Cris and Dante return from England and have a coffee as they talk about settling back in.
Dante, Cristobal

2021-03-31 - Mermaids! And Other Strange Tales
A couple of new faces wander into the HOPE centre -- one a volunteer, the other a newcomer to town. And because this is Gray Harbor and this is how we roll, that poor newcomer obviously doesn't get to leave without discovering that the entire town is nuts.
Ravn, Fern, Isi

2021-03-29 - Ghosts Are(n't) Real
Kip is looking for haunted objects, Ravn can see dead people ,Ignacio wants to help and Rekani just pretends like they all aren't crazy!
Ignacio, Rekani, Kip, Ravn

2021-03-28 - A Wraith in the Mist
Lilith and Byron drive smack dab into the fog and get hounded by ghostly imagery.
Byron, Lilith

2021-03-28 - After [Yoga] Class
Fern and Perdita get acquainted after one of Fern's yoga classes.
Perdita, Fern

2021-03-27 - The Hunger for Knowledge
Conner tracks Diana down in the library to talk about the dream they shared.
Diana, Conner

2021-03-24 - The Scrapbook
There's a lot of old wall paper to scrape off these walls. It's like a journey back in time, with a bit of mold thrown in for good measure.
Ignacio, Joseph, Ravn

2021-03-24 - A Cozy Night In
Conner invites friends over to help get their minds off the fog. He might also be dipping his toe into attempting to play matchmaker. Or, is the match already made? Difficult to say.
Turner, Xavier, Conner

2021-03-20 - All That Glitters isn't Sugar
After cutting a deal with Baba Yaga, something changed -- and boy, is Grant excited about it. Vyv has to question if all is as good as it seems.
Vyv, Grant, Kitty

2021-03-20 - Fiddlers in the Sun
Gray Harbor is currently a misty hellscape so is it really any wonder that after a brief meeting with lawyers Wilson, Goldblum & Cruz (or, more specially, paralegal Ms Simionescu) Ravn Abildgaard and Itzhak Rosencrantz decide to bask in the sun a little, watch some buskers, maybe out-fiddle some buskers, before going home?
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-03-18 - Barbecue for a Dream
Sometimes, Leon and Ravn wish that the tiny springs of a well made lock and how to break them were //all// they had to talk about.
Leon, Ravn

2021-03-18 - The Matchmaker
Isn't it just //convenient// when people have converging interests?
Vyv, Ravn, Perdita

2021-03-18 - A Secret in the Garden
The fog is thick and Kailey wants to paiwnt the backyard enrobed in it.
Everett, Kailey

2021-03-17 - The Paperwork is In Order Except That Boat Flyer
In which a paranormal investigator finds a lot of old paperwork to be of no interest whatsoever, but the touristy fishing cruise has an advertisement that makes her most uncomfortable.
Diana, Ravn

2021-03-17 - Inner Universe
Conner woke up with a fruit he found in a dream, so he takes it to a botanist to look at it.%r%r"Well," the botanist tells him, "it's not a fig." %r%rGood thing he didn't PAY for this information.
August, Conner

2021-03-16 - What Is Up With This Weather
Fog like this, the streets are hardly safe. Just going to hang around the library a bit, wait for it to lift, maybe.
Itzhak, August, Ravn, Xavier

2021-03-12 - Fruit of the Tree
Michel seeks out August for identification of some mysterious fruit, while Joseph, Perdita and Ravn arrive to enjoy the warmer weather and shop for plants.
August, Joseph, Ravn, Perdita, Michel

2021-03-10 - A Little Elbow Grease
Renovations are on-going and sometimes, people drop in for a chat. We have cookies -- the Pâtisserie's finest.
Aidan, Itzhak, Grant, Ravn, Perdita, Nicolas

2021-03-09 - Is it a Dream or is it Relapse?
Wes comes out of a Dream and tries to convince Casey that he hasn't just relapsed.
Casey, Wes

2021-03-08 - Say it in Song: Karaoke@Poorhouse
Say it in Song is a musical theatre themed karaoke event. The Gyres and Davis look forward to a fabulous evening with you.
Vyv, Ruiz, August, Everett, Park, Scott, Roxy, Kailey, Grant, Devlin, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Ravn, Angel, Michel

2021-03-07 - First Apartment
Casey and Wes finally find a place to live.
Casey, Wes

2021-03-07 - Very Humble Beginnings
Looks like the old abandoned butcher's shop on Spruce finally got sold off.
Ignacio, Ravn, Perdita

2021-03-05 - Three Missing Pieces
Lilith and Byron haven't talked about this year's traumatic Valentine's Day Dream. At a certain point, it's apparent they can't keep hiding the aftermath from one another.
Byron, Lilith

2021-03-05 - TV Dinners Are Not Proper Lunch
The Patisserie Vydal is perhaps a bit upscale for one Ravn Abildgaard but you know what they say; like seeks like, and something about borrowed feathers. A raven can pretend to be a crow but he still caws like -- actually, you need to count the number of pinions on the wing to tell them apart but whatever, it was a nice analogy.
Vyv, Ravn

2021-03-04 - Ghosts of Our Past
Ravn's visited by a ghost bird screaming the name of his dead fiancee. It's a private and deeply personal matter so naturally everyone's got some input for him.
Seth, Grant, Maggi, Joseph, Vic, Ravn, Michel

2021-03-04 - Water Melon Laundry Day
Who doesn't want to do their laundry inside a water melon? The Suds'n'Duds makeover is, erm, colourful is a good word for it.
Ravn, Perdita, Michel

2021-03-03 - An Interesting Development
After calming down Bean has a question for Everett
Everett, Bean

2021-03-03 - Afternoon At The Boardwalk
A chat between a couple of strangers
Devlin, Perdita

2021-03-03 - Punch It Out
Just some punching practice at the gym.
Seth, Vic

2021-03-01 - Mass Murder 101 with Irish and Darth
Because this is the intro to the city one was missing!
Seth, Isolde, Joey, Ravn, Xavier

2021-02-28 - We Need to Talk...
These are never good conversations. Now for new and unpleasant reasons.
Vyv, Grant

2021-02-28 - Addington-Baxter Luncheon
on her birthday Hyacinth Addington has finally organized a stand against the 'old practice' by bringing the Addingtons and Baxters (and guest researchers) together in one casual luncheon (this requires pants and shirts tyvm!) to lay all the cards on the table. It's a time to meet family, and to re-define the terms of what family *is*.
Alexander, Vyv, Itzhak, Hyacinth, Atli, Ravn, Perdita

2021-02-27 - Fireside Chats with Baba Y'ga
Joseph and Perdita's fireside chat is made better by an appearance from Baba Yaga, herself.
August, Joseph, Perdita

2021-02-27 - At Least It's not Unsolicited!
Hya seeks input. Ravn gets recruited to assist.
Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-02-26 - Puberty Come Lately And Weaponised Altruism
If there's one thing Della the day manager at Espresso Yourself knows it's that her day time clientele ranges from the bizarre to the, well, very bizarre. And that black coffee sans anything is a sin.
August, Joseph, Ravn, Turner, Nicolas

2021-02-24 - House Hunters
Casey and Wes are looking for a place to stay. They run into Harper.
Harper, Casey, Wes

2021-02-22 - Dreams Hurt
Xavier comes to Likely Stories injured post-Dream.
Elias, Turner, Xavier

2021-02-21 - Coffee, Vets, Combat, And The Veil
A couple of Vets talk about recent events in the Veil and their past experiences.
Devlin, Joseph

2021-02-20 - Tequila Makes His Clothes Stay On
Nova comes over to Seth's with the tequila. Ravn shows up, and then Vic...
Seth, Nova, Vic, Ravn

2021-02-20 - Happily Never After
Nova and Ravn agree on very little as they walk toward civilization in the cold.
Nova, Ravn

2021-02-18 - On Writing
It's a slow night at the book shop, so Elias and Xavier sit around and talk writing.
Elias, Xavier

2021-02-17 - That Lovin' Feeling
In the history of the Grizzly Den / Black Bear diner, has there ever been such a thing as a quiet, non-dramatic conversation over lunch?
Ruiz, Itzhak, Devlin, Joseph, Ravn, Perdita

2021-02-17 - Butterscotch or Caramel?
Ravn and Perdita have a sweet craving. And Kailey is helping herself to some wares.
Kailey, Rekani, Ravn, Perdita

2021-02-15 - Sugar Rush: Flaptastrophe Redeux (35% more flap!)
In the Veil there is an ...island? There's a track and the track has 2 things always Near everything is edible, and there's a race to be won. WIll Vyv defend his title? Will the track hold together? Will it explode like last time? Why is everyone singing?!%r%r____________________________%r%r**Each Round:**%rPlayers: Roll name/(Driving or cooking dice) vs. Zone/(zone difficulty based on hazards)%rAdditional bonuses may elsewise apply in certain zones. (See zone for details)%r%r**Values:**%r* Crushing Defeat Food Fail! (Dug out of the terrain & fall back a space)%r* Defeat Spin Out - No progress %r* Marginal Defeat: 1 point (must go forward)%r* DRAW 1 point (must go forward)%r* Marginal Victory: 2 points%r* Victory: 3 points%r* Crushing Victory: 4 points and a Dodge!%r%rPLAYERS can spend points on:%rMoving forward (must spend 1 point here at least)%rAdding to the zone difficulty to one adjacent person’s next roll%r________________________________________________________%rTHE LIVE STANDINGS:
Nicole, Diana, Byron, Lilith, Vyv, Joey, Kailey, Devlin, Rekani, Maya

2021-02-15 - Furry Brats and the Pants Requirement
The power of love triumphing against furry brats is discussed over coffee. Along with a few other things. Who needs pants in dreams?
Itzhak, August, Ravn

2021-02-15 - Just Another Lunch Time At The Waffle House
People running into each other at the Waffle House at lunch time
Jonathan, Devlin, Turner

2021-02-14 - One. Whole. Year. Wow.
It was a year ago Vyv was fretting at home alone while Bax ran across the city in a snowstorm to bring him a painting. And that was the beginning of a very crazy and unprecedented adventure.
Vyv, Grant

2021-02-13 - What we do in the Park
Several harborites discuss Dahlia's butt while blocking the main running path of the park. Justin shows off his giant dog, Wes brings up texts from last night, and Seth gives a rather colorless Nova a ride home.
Seth, Dahlia, Justin, Nova, Wes

2021-02-13 - Blinded by the light
Seth and Nova have a conversation in his car before he takes her home.
Seth, Nova

2021-02-12 - A Job Interview
Wren comes to the dance studio looking for a job.
Roxy, Wren

2021-02-12 - First Stop, Slushies
Wes and Casey roll into town and stop by Two if By Sea for drinks.
Diana, Bennie, Casey, Wes

2021-02-12 - Valentine Shadows
Though last year's holiday was incredibly traumatizing, Lilith and Byron dare the Valentine's holiday and celebrate close to home. They end up terrorized in a vivid Dream setting while driving by the old Thorne home.
Byron, Lilith

2021-02-11 - The Best Bar in Town
Apparently the Poorhouse is the place to be? Everyone gets to know each other a little better. Trash Monsters are discussed.
Seth, Maggi, Joseph, Vic, Ravn

2021-02-06 - Fortunes in the Garden II
On a chilly early February morning, an old woman sets up a simple card table in the Venetian garden in Addington Park. She's offering to read people's cards, for a small fee.%r%rWhy not come have your fortune read?
Aidan, Byron, Lilith, Ignacio, August, Everett, Kailey, Joseph, Atli, Kip, Ravn

2021-02-05 - The Poorhouse Returns: Karaoke
Bartender Davis becomes the new karaoke MC. Leon and Maggi serve the masses. Performances both incredible and questionable take place.
August, Everett, Eleanor, Park, Scott, Kailey, Tor, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Cecil, Wren

2021-02-03 - Stranger Danger
It was as normal a day in winter as you could expect in Gray Harbor. Kailey went to Espresso Yourself and got turned into a guy by whoever is editing things. So coming home causes some...issues?
Everett, Kailey, Bean

2021-02-02 - R U DIED
Ravn Abildgaard and Abitha Machinae check up on each other in text. The kids are not ok.
Abitha, Ravn

2021-02-02 - Aftershocks
Life's little turbulences tend to leave ripples and waves and scars; and people who have gone through similar things tend to recognise that look on each other's faces.
Seth, Isolde, Ravn

2021-02-02 - Tea with Mr. Tumnus
Xavier and Turner meet for warm beverages on a cold February evening, and the merits of various fiction are discussed. Xavier accidentally leaves his Kindle behind!
Turner, Xavier

2021-01-31 - You're Hired
Xavier comes in to Likely Stories and finds a job that seems a better fit than tax preparation. Isolde stops by in search of some books on conspiracy theories and ciphers.
Elias, Isolde, Xavier

2021-01-31 - Out of the ICU
Vic is finally out of the ICU and has had her breathing tube removed. Seth comes to visit.
Seth, Vic

2021-01-30 - Phoenix in Bed
Alexander Clayton and Seth Monaghan both check in on Ravn Abildgaard who is entirely too stubborn (or stupid) to just stay in hospital until he's recovered from being shot. And because this is Gray Harbor, no dramatic series comes to an end without something else starting to look ominous on the horizon.
Seth, Alexander, Ravn

2021-01-29 - Hospital Grumps and Groupies
Lilith and Byron get some wellness checks after the Reyes shootout. She's unsurprisingly cranky (high) and he's a good sport with plenty to say to the visitors.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, Isabella

2021-01-28 - Bullet Holes
Itzhak's full of them and Alexander's mad about it.
Alexander, Itzhak

2021-01-28 - What Did You Ask?
After the card reading, the discussion. Also, the wine.
Vyv, Hyacinth

2021-01-28 - My Way Or Hemingway
Ruiz visits one of his men in the hospital.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2021-01-28 - Friendpocalypse
Alexander comes by to visit people in the hospital. He's not happy how many of his friends have holes in them.
Alexander, Vic

2021-01-28 - Antique Roadshow - Home Edition
Is there a better way to find new, cool haunted shit?
Ignacio, Finch, August, Ravn

2021-01-27 - Calling the Shots
Sparrow visits Rhys in the hospital after he managed to get shot in the head. But only a *little* bit. Don't worry!
Sparrow, Rhys

2021-01-26 - This Is Our Town
Vyvyan Vydal and Hyacinth Addington go to check on Ravn Abildgaard in hospital after the shoot-out at the garden expo. They are officially Not Impressed.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-01-26 - At the Library
Kyle responds to Turner's ad for a roommate, while Turner's at work in the library. Conversation with Kyle, Turner, Ravn, Conner, Xavier and Joe ensues!
Joseph, Ravn, Kyle, Turner, Xavier, Conner

2021-01-25 - Snow In The Park
Open scene in the wintery park, come do things! Snowballs limited to one billion per customer.
Alexander, Itzhak, Grant, Joseph, Turner

2021-01-24 - Pineapple or No Pineapple?
Life is full of fundamental questions and existential angst. In this town, who knows if there will even //be// a tomorrow? Let's get down to solving the truly important question: Does pineapple go on pizza?%r%r[work slow friendly]
Seth, Devlin, Tor, Ravn, Kyle

2021-01-23 - Toss a Burger to Your Wi--Healer
Who knows? Might be he works better when he's well fed. Ghost's got an attitude and shitty aim, though.
Aidan, Ravn

2021-01-23 - SO...About That D.A...
Clayton drops into the gym to check in on underboss, Joey Kelly, that's been laying low since everything start to (literally) blow up
Alexander, Joey

2021-01-22 - Mittens For All
An old lady sells mittens, which isn't ominous in any way. Some of GH's guys in the know talk to the new guy.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Scott, Joseph, Turner

2021-01-22 - If a Tree Is Shot In the Woods...
... can anyone hear it scream?
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2021-01-22 - Band Aids Don't Fix Bullet Holes
The day after Team Joey goes in and lights Team Reyes up, Itzhak goes to August.
Itzhak, August

2021-01-21 - Winter Summer Advice
August visits Abitha in the hospital. She does her best, but his best is better.
Abitha, August

2021-01-20 - Heart to Heart (And Caffeine Galore)
A couple of sailors, each from a privileged background, bump into each other over coffee and find themselves engaging in a conversation that is surprisingly not superficial for such a random chat.
Joseph, Ravn

2021-01-19 - Old Guard; New Business
Byron drops in on Joey to swap some WTF stories here and try to keep one another out of the slammer, and the ground.
Byron, Joey

2021-01-19 - You should see the other guys...
Seth and Vic asses the damage after the run on Reyes' lab.
Seth, Vic

2021-01-19 - Penthouse PowWow
Alexander comes over to talk to Byron after some notable 'problems' at the local Precinct.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith

2021-01-18 - Head Wounds
Abitha is hospitalized. Ravn visits for his broken nose. Alexander piles in when the tribe is summoned.
Alexander, Abitha, Ravn

2021-01-17 - Holier Than Ow
One hell of an aftermath that went well but not smoothly.
Itzhak, Joey

2021-01-17 - Boy Talk (Exactly What It says On the Tin)
Itzhak Rosencrantz, Ravn Abildgaard, copious amounts of booze and a powerful need to talk about anything else than recent affairs. Time to angst, gripe, and moan about life, romance, and everything.
Itzhak, Ravn

2021-01-16 - Fistful of Gauze
In the aftermath of the retaliatory strike on Reyes drug operation the crew is called back to get some medical attention and clean up. That means cleaning gear, removing evidence and getting the cars detailed too. And stop bleeding. That's on the list too.
Seth, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey, Cristobal

2021-01-14 - Seven Little Murder Victims
It's time to take these pint-sized abominations out into the woods and dig them a shallow grave. What happens in the woods, stays in the woods. Includes attempted violence to lawn ornaments.
Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-01-11 - Girl on a Cold Trailer Roof
Sometimes, purple-haired girls invite themselves in for a cup of coffee to warm up and harass your cat before walking on.
Gina, Ravn

2021-01-08 - Stake Out
Determined for answers Crime-Friend and Snoop-Friend roll out and babysit a building waiting for...well something. These things are usually boring as shit except when two buds discuss existential crisis and the dichotomy of law and order not quite being the same as good and evil...are we out of fries? Fuck.
Alexander, Joey

2021-01-08 - Alchemy and Blackmail
Alexander calls in experts to help him and Isolde unravel the mystery of the Key of Solomon.
Alexander, Isolde, Abitha, Ravn

2021-01-08 - Beaston Does A Roadtrip Pt. 1
At this rate, it's going to take them a month to get to the other side of the country.
Easton, Bennie

2021-01-08 - Cops and robbers
Seth heads out to the clearing in the woods for some target practice. Someone unexpected shows up as well.
Seth, Ruiz

2021-01-08 - Baby Bartender and the French 75
Some folks gather at TIBS and Tor's beginner bartending skills are tested.
Hera, Devlin, Tor, Calla

2021-01-08 - Wait...what?
Seth and Ravn meet up at the gym, and Ravn tells Seth some about the town that gives the enforcer a headache.
Seth, Ravn

2021-01-06 - Coffee Talk: Now What's Next?
When things happen and writers get to writing...
Ignacio, Ravn

2021-01-04 - Demons
Isolde receives some late night visitors.
Alexander, Isolde

2021-01-03 - Coffeeshop Chitchat
Coffeeshops are great places to get some work done. Except not really.
Ignacio, Dante, Esme, Ravn

2021-01-03 - Shoonterview
That's a shooting interview for those playing at home.
Easton, Tor, Vic

2021-01-02 - Under Siege (Miniaturized Edition)
When one associates with particular people one endures getting particular types of calls.
Itzhak, Hyacinth, Ravn

2021-01-02 - Someone is going to have a very unhappy new year.
Seth starts a conversation with Cris about an upcoming job
Seth, Cristobal

2021-01-01 - Riptides
Sometimes, conversations are like fording a whitewater river up a creek with a rabid alligator for a paddle.
Itzhak, Cristobal, Joseph, Ravn

2021-01-01 - The Key of Solomon
A package arrives in the mail, and it seems that the past doesn't like to stay in the past.
Alexander, Isolde

2020-12-31 - The witch is dead?
Ravn shows up at Seth's door to discuss what happened at the Black Bear with his Ex's ghost. Alex shows up looking for strangers.
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-12-30 - Something Hand Made
The lady wants to go shopping. The lady goes shopping. Do not argue with ladies who want to go shopping.
Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-12-30 - Pre-Marital Bliss
Post-proposal, Cris and Dante head up to the casino suite to toast to their life ahead.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-12-30 - Why is it so hard?
Ruiz shows up at Alexander's house bearing belated New Year's tidings.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-12-29 - Making Plans for New Years
Dahlia asks Justin if they can get out of town to ring in the New Year outside of Gray Harbor. Sun and Sand here we come
Dahlia, Justin

2020-12-29 - Fewer Isn't None
Bennie stops by Alexander's with Christmas tidings and a reminder that healing isn't easy.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-12-29 - Crime Raccoons on the Case
Alexander spots Tor rifling through garbage cans to try and find a lost item.
Alexander, Tor

2020-12-28 - Car talk
Seth calls Itzhak to get some car advice, gets more than he wanted.
Seth, Itzhak

2020-12-28 - Scale of 1 to 5
Cris stakes out Ruiz' place to find out WTF was up with NYE. It goes as well as can be expected with two stubborn latinos.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2020-12-28 - Star Wars Shenanigans
Seth, having found out that Alexander has never seen Star Wars invites him, and others, over to remedy that situation.
Seth, Alexander, Abitha, Joey, Ravn

2020-12-27 - Old Friends in Seattle
Old friends take a day trip to Seattle, and meet another old friend.
Alexander, Isolde

2020-12-26 - New Year's Eve At Sitka
Gray Harborites gather for an evening of dinner, dancing, appetizers, drinks, music and...drama. Welcome to 2021!
Seth, Alexander, Ruiz, Isolde, Itzhak, Dante, Cristobal, Joseph, Vic

2020-12-25 - A Holiday Afternoon For Two
Zara and Devlin enjoy Christmas Day afternoon together
Devlin, Zara

2020-12-24 - Meet the Parents
Time for Hera to meet the parents over Christmas dinner.
Jessica, Hera

2020-12-23 - Beaston Does Christmas
Bennie and Easton have their first actual Christmas together.
Easton, Bennie

2020-12-22 - Someone isn't going to have a very merry Christmas
Seth contacts Joey to see if he can't get some information about 'work'.
Seth, Joey

2020-12-21 - Beers and Bromance
The three unlikely friends get together to talk about life over beer.
Seth, Alexander, Ravn

2020-12-20 - Breakfast made for three
Seth makes breakfast the morning after patching up Vic.
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-12-19 - The Thorne Thanksgiving
Byron and Lilith spend quality time at a secluded luxury cabin for Thanksgiving, but the day isn't without thorns for the Thornes.
Byron, Lilith

2020-12-18 - Pizza and Small Town Politics
The number of people getting beaten to pulp lately is a little high, but at least there's pizza. With or without pineapple, your choice.
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-12-18 - A Very Baxter Welcome
People have pointed Chris towards Alexander for answers. God help him.
Alexander, Chris

2020-12-18 - Fresh In From Spokane
Chris is new in town and only starting to realise that the name of Baxter is actually kind of a big deal around here.
Isolde, Chris, Ravn

2020-12-17 - Flaming School Bus
Chris and Ruiz rescue schoolkids from a bus crash before the thing goes up in flames.
Ruiz, Chris

2020-12-17 - Stop Getting Punched In the Face
It's a bad habit, truly.
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-12-15 - Pew Pew Practice
Vic and Ruiz run into each other during target practice in the woods.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-12-14 - Brownie Delivery Services
What happens in the weed cloud stays in the weed cloud. Except apparently, that is not the case where promises of the best damn brownies in Gray Harbor are concerned.
Ruiz, Ravn

2020-12-12 - Three Kinds of People
Historians gotta historian. There's a pattern emerging in Gray Harbor where it's generally healthy to have no Glimmer, no creativity, and no dark secrets.
Alexander, Isabella, Ravn

2020-12-12 - Just Dance 2020 - Gray Harbor 5-0
Abitha asks Esme over for a game night, but ends up dumping a bunch of info in the cop's lap. Games still happen, under the film of alcohol.
Abitha, Esme

2020-12-12 - A Normal Night
Friends chat at the Two If By Sea.
Alexander, Bennie, Vic

2020-12-08 - Round 1
Tor talks to Easton about possibly tending bar at the Twofer. Some talk of historic events comes up and then they schedule round 2 of the interview: the shooting round.
Easton, Tor

2020-12-08 - Omelettes and Other Horrors
Three different people meet together to discuss one problem.
Seth, Alexander, Ravn

2020-12-08 - North Pole Labor Disputes
Three shoppers get in the middle of labor negotiations of a holiday sort.
Seth, Alexander, Isolde

2020-12-06 - Pitchforks and Flaming Torches
Alexander stops by Beaston's place for some healing. Promises not to break things are made. But will they be kept?
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2020-12-05 - Neighborly
Vic comes by to give Alexander a package from the elder Grey. She gets drafted into helping with first aid, instead.
Alexander, Vic

2020-12-03 - Retribution
Joseph visits Alexander, and a lesson is taught.
Alexander, Joseph

2020-12-03 - Friendsgiving Dinner
Vic and her Dad have dinner with Ravn and Seth at Sitka.
Seth, Vic, Ravn

2020-12-02 - December Open Mic
Another open mic night at Espresso Yourself! There are great performances, and the goth girl, Siobhan, does something strange again.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Eleanor, Park, Scott, Devlin

2020-12-01 - This'll Do the Trick
Kip and Rekani catch up over waffles and Rekani shows Kip his new found weapon for if they have to go back into the Veil.
Rekani, Kip

2020-11-30 - Shaken, Not Stirred
After saving an alien world and coming home a little worse for wear, Bax takes his turn at talking Vyv down as the dust of a revolution sets.
Vyv, Grant

2020-11-30 - Breakfast with the Greys
Alexander Clayton looks like a train ran him over, Ravn Abildgaard had a small existential crisis and quit his job, and the Greys? Well, they're having Thanksgiving dinner later, and there will be ties and heels to wear.
Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-11-30 - Murderbro Coffee Hour
Alexander reconnects with Cecil over coffee.
Alexander, Cecil

2020-11-29 - Morning Run
Vic and Seth go for a morning run along the boardwalk.
Seth, Vic

2020-11-27 - I Brought the Glenfiddich, Senpai
In the wake of Weed Week, Ravn Abildgaard knows he said things that were better left unsaid. Now is a good time to repair friendships with generous amounts of European whiskey.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-11-27 - A Very TIBS Thanksgiving
Turkey ghooooooosts.
Easton, Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, Vic

2020-11-27 - Waffletaco After-Action Interview
Isolate drops off a resume. The TIBS employees look to get a drink off-duty from the decent bar. Leon plays message-taker for Maggi. Gossip ensues.
Seth, Isolde, Leon, Vic, Ravn

2020-11-24 - The True Addington Horrors (Also, Scotch)
You meet for a few relaxed drinks and end up discussing the existential angst at the heart of Gray Harbor's mystery. It's another day ending in -y.
Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-11-23 - Human Manure and Other Unflattering Allegories
Take two large, abrasive egos, mix them up, give it all a shake and -- actually, what comes out of that has yet to be decided, but at least they didn't kill each other. Yet.
Gina, Ravn

2020-11-23 - The Case of the The Great and Might Banishing of Anything that Cannot See Over the Counters
So about our checkered past... or is that herringbone? And can you please not disappear in the planning of a dinner party!?
Alexander, Vyv, Hyacinth

2020-11-22 - Check it Out, Ghost Frogs?
Because the library is where you want to be when stoned apparently
Seth, Isolde, Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-11-21 - All That Jazz
Gray Harborites transform into Broadway babies on a hazy night at the Eighty-Eight at Sitka.
Vyv, Ruiz, Dante, Cristobal, Kailey, Grant

2020-11-21 - A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
Rhys drops in on Joey to let him know what Abitha found out. Chats are on the agenda.
Joey, Rhys

2020-11-20 - Gluttons for Punishment
Alexander, Isolde

2020-11-20 - Coffee and Green Haze
Espresso Yourself is not immune to the effects of the magical weed cloud.
Seth, Isolde, Abitha, August, Eleanor, Kailey, Devlin

2020-11-20 - Sauerkraut Repercussions
Alexander calls Bennie over to make sure he's not going to get horrible Veil diseases from the poo slimes. Friend talk is had, while high as balls.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-11-19 - Three Rounds In The Ring
Ruiz takes on all challengers.
Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joseph, Ravn

2020-11-19 - Fancy Threads
When the weed haze caused Itzhak Rosencrantz to come up with the absolutely //brilliant// idea of showing Ravn Abildgaard what his inner spirit self might look like, neither of them expected to see a pampered, neurotic Siamese cat.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-11-19 - An Overdue Visit
Dahlia mistexts Ruiz before Thanksgiving, after a Dream that results in her listening to him and going to the hospital. He comes by in early December to apologize for not visiting her while she was in there.
Ruiz, Dahlia

2020-11-19 - A Walk in the Woods
August and Ravn discuss the nature of their power. And other things, like paying Joey Kelly to smack you around.
August, Ravn

2020-11-18 - Into the woods
Joey and Seth take Ravn and Alexander out to the woods for a bit of target practice.
Seth, Alexander, Joey, Ravn

2020-11-18 - Guests, Ghosts, and Getting things Done
Just nod and agree. It's easier.
Nicole, Joey, Ravn

2020-11-17 - An Early Christmas Bonus
Hard things are easier to talk about when high af.
Easton, Bennie

2020-11-17 - A Bit Of Tea And Healing
Hera stops by to check on Devlin to make sure he is ok
Hera, Devlin

2020-11-16 - High Times at TIBS
When the clock is stuck at 4:20.%r%r(no bears, bear cubs or man bits were harmed during this filming)
Easton, Bennie, Tor

2020-11-16 - Who is Deep Frying a Turkey NOW...and is there more?
From the deep fryer of Clayton and Kelly (a.k.a. Damage Inc.) we bring you the neighbourhood improv pre-tahnksgiving Thanksgiving and waffle tacos and bad life choices and ghost brownies. It's a messed up Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.
Nicole, Seth, Aidan, Alexander, Ruiz, Abitha, Itzhak, Joey, Joseph, Vic, Ravn

2020-11-15 - Fighting slimes in the sewers.
These people ate some bad tacos.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Alexander, Abitha, Dahlia, August, Joey

2020-11-15 - Midnight Munchies
Vic brings all the munchies to Seth's because her kitchen is not yet functional and she wants pizza rolls. They watch a movie and have a heart to heart about not being heart to heart.
Seth, Vic

2020-11-15 - Boxing Day
Where Ravn finds skillz he didn't know he had, Alexander and Joey open life advice counciling, and Seth breaks a nose.
Seth, Alexander, Joey, Ravn

2020-11-14 - Friendzone Is Best Zone
Quiet moments at the bar. There are a lot of those outside the season. Probably for the best, considering how //high// everyone seems to be this week.
Vic, Ravn

2020-11-14 - Two Men Texting All Night, Saying Nothing
Exactly what it says on the tin. Bored guys being bored, spamming each other silly, because they're bored.
Seth, Ravn

2020-11-13 - This Is Why The Boys Slug It Out Instead
Bennie and Ravn finally manage to not avoid each other long enough to have a talk. Both of them kind of wish they had just stuck with avoiding each other.
Bennie, Ravn

2020-11-12 - Sharing Is Caring
A highly distractable bird relays information to a very attractive baddie.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-11-12 - Bursting Into Flames
Dante gets a call from Cris and makes his way to a church. They're both feeling a little green haze-y so things aren't as heavy as they might otherwise have been.%rAtheist Dante does not burst into flames, but he might sizzle a little.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-11-11 - A Different Kind of Baking
Sooo the Dispensery is on fire getting the town stoned. This means Grant is not going into work today. Vyv's wearing jeans. Nothing makes sense anymore.
Vyv, Grant

2020-11-10 - Sailors at the Sea
A busy night at the Two If By Sea.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie, Ruiz, Astrid, Devlin, Tor, Joseph, Vic

2020-11-10 - Beautiful Spirits
The boys go for some target practice and encounter something none of them want to shoot at.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-11-09 - The Unexpected Guest: Afterparty
Byron and Lilith decompress after hosting tense table drinks. They figure out their next move while Grant Turner is accessible in the casino hotel.
Byron, Lilith

2020-11-09 - Primed for a Fight
Vic is priming the walls in the three rooms they ripped the carpet and wallpaper and paneling out of. Ravn and Seth come to help.
Seth, Alexander, Vic, Ravn

2020-11-09 - The Unexpected Guest
Grant Turner shows alongside Byron and Lilith's out of town investor at the casino for costumes and drinks. Thorne uses mentalist powers on the unexpected mogul-- he's full of disturbing information.
Byron, Lilith

2020-11-08 - Don't Look At It Too Long
The fellas come by to take a look at the bathroom Vic needs to reno. Badly. It's horrific.
Ruiz, Joseph, Vic

2020-11-08 - Who You Know
Mac shares some troubling information with Sparrow... and also offers her her old job back.
Abitha, Sparrow

2020-11-06 - Chance Encounter For A Pair Of Veterans
Josie and Devlin meet at the coffee shop
Devlin, Josie

2020-11-05 - Temet Nosce
August gets a visitor in his theoretically private greenhouse.
Gina, August

2020-11-03 - Shadows of the Past
Lilith receives a call from a person in Miami she hasn't spoken to in a while. The news is no good and somewhat alarming. Byron overhears part of the conversation to make his own inquiries; there's some dark confessing required to prepare him for what comes next.
Byron, Lilith

2020-11-02 - Cats With Personal Drivers
One clear, brisk day of autumn in the marina -- getcher sunshine while it lasts. Or, why cats are cats regardless of whether they have two or four legs.
Gina, Devlin, Ravn

2020-11-02 - Drunken Autopilot
Vic got really, really, REALLY drunk on Halloween. After leaving the Pourhouse, where did she end up? Home! Well it used to be home at least. Close enough, right? Maybe not for the current occupant.
Vic, Ravn

2020-11-01 - Walk it Off (The Long Halloween)
Yeah the gym teacher punched the Chief of Police. Look it's Halloween in the Harbor, there's been weirder!
Nicole, Alexander, Joey

2020-10-31 - Couples Skate
Bax and Vyv roll out a Halloween plan.
Vyv, Grant

2020-10-31 - Not Really Into Social Things
Daytime RP at the trailer park! Where two very differently awkward people are awkward at each other.
Alexander, Ravn

2020-10-31 - A Poor Attempt at Halloween
Halloween celebration at the Poorhouse! Come carve a pumpkin or bob for shots! Drink specials, candy, fun! All are welcome!
Nicole, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey, Kailey, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Vic

2020-10-30 - The Sci-Fi Reading Circle
From sex jokes to science fiction novels to ghosts and missed Moon landings. It's just another lazy afternoon at the Twofer.
Seth, Easton, Joseph, Vic, Ravn

2020-10-29 - Glow in the dark whats?
Bennie and Easton have a little fireside chat of sorts where Easton finally gets around to mentioning Bennie's dad is not so dead.
Easton, Bennie

2020-10-29 - Will They, Won't They
Joe and Vic are really bad at this. Really bad.
Joseph, Vic

2020-10-28 - The Fridge is Evil
Kailey reappears from her dream in a calm fury.
Everett, Kailey

2020-10-28 - Second Best (Or How A Snake Finds a Hot Body)
When you just went through teenage hell together it's good to have a heart to heart. Even if your conversation is complicated a little by fifteen feet of cuddly python.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-10-27 - Ice Cream (Anti) Social
All the best talks happen over ice cream. Booze is optional.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-10-26 - Catch-Up Time!
Coffee yourself, meet people.
Diana, Ravn, Ifra

2020-10-24 - Love and Cats, Cats and Love
Do you have a laundry machine at home? No? Join us at the laundromat then. We're talking about love and about cats.
Gina, Hera, Devlin, Ravn

2020-10-24 - Welcome to the Thunderdome
Or the trailer park, anyway. Live here for seven generations and you just might get invited to the next block party.
Tor, Ravn

2020-10-23 - Paddles and Creeks
A small group meet at the Two If by Sea for drinks and conversation.
Alexander, Bennie, Cecil, Olivia

2020-10-22 - Quiet Beer After (Before?) Work
Coming off work? Not gone there yet? Can always have a quiet beer on the deck of the Twofer while the weather is not //too// horrid yet.%r%rWork friendly paced open scene.
Seth, Justin, Devlin, Ravn

2020-10-21 - Wedding Dress Decisions
Lilith and Byron talk after getting home from the Addington House tour and weigh their options concerning weddings and ghostly wedding dresses.
Byron, Lilith

2020-10-19 - In the Gazebo
Various things are discussed and the joint is passed around in the park gazebo.
Gina, Itzhak, August, Joseph, Ravn

2020-10-18 - One Week
The following log details one very eventful week in the life of GH's busy and prominent Thorne couple. So you know, perfectly standard!
Byron, Lilith

2020-10-18 - 1884
Alexander takes Isabella out to dinner, and talk about the resurgence of the Baxter family's bloody history.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-10-17 - The Gray Harbor Blue Book
A who's who with Alexander Clayton. Because somebody is in the know here and Ravn Abildgaard it ain't.
Alexander, Ravn

2020-10-16 - A Fall Camping Trip
Zara and Devlin manage to take a few days off together to enjoy camping.
Devlin, Zara

2020-10-14 - Ambush
First Bennie springs one on Easton. Then he has one in store for her.
Easton, Bennie

2020-10-14 - Job Interview
Magnolia stops by the station to see about contracting with the police department.
Magnolia, Ruiz

2020-10-14 - Love You, Goose
Magnolia and Kevin calm down after a disturbing Dream, and discuss the future. Kevin Kevins The Question.
Magnolia, Kevin

2020-10-14 - Something More
Astrid and Marius have a serious discussion about the future.
Astrid, Marius

2020-10-13 - Chili Today, Hot Tamale
Lucas cooks up a batch of chili while Bennie supervises.
Bennie, Lucas

2020-10-13 - Social Strata
In which the cast establishes that Ravn Abildgaard is in fact not a male prostitute.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-10-13 - Tattoo Talk
With the understanding that Joe has a tattoo that matches a symbolic Dream image, a few people stop by his apartment with questions. After sharing information, it seems they have some planning to attend to.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, August, Isabella, Joseph

2020-10-12 - Walkies
it's 7am. That means... we walk. Don't run or we might both die. Screw lung injuries. Also doggos.
Nicole, Joey, Ravn

2020-10-12 - Philosophy Over Flames
Survivors of the Veil Prom talk about the nature of their abilities.
Alexander, Joseph, Vic

2020-10-11 - Out On the Town
Niall, Cecil, Dahlia, and Justin visit the Black Bear Diner for eggs, burgers with eggs, and the promise of pie ala or not ala mode.
Dahlia, Justin, Cecil, Niall

2020-10-11 - What We Fight For
Welcome to the Waffle House, where people sit down to chat about coffee and the weather, and end up comparing coping strategies for the war against the Veil.
Devlin, Leon, Ravn, Zoey

2020-10-10 - Someone Needs a SLAP
Team Baxter catches up (Don't tell Alexander he's included in that grouping. He'll fuss) about family problems.
Alexander, Grant

2020-10-10 - A Few Options Never Hurt
Ignacio picks the boss' brain to work out some ideas that might work this time.
Ignacio, August

2020-10-09 - The Pink One
Lilith and Byron MIGHT be married. The Archivist is </3.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Byron, Lilith

2020-10-09 - Tennis Matches
A quiet afternoon at the Twofer. Put Alexander Clayton and Seth Monaghan at the same table, watch the ensuing tennis match.
Seth, Alexander, Itzhak, Ravn, Zoey

2020-10-09 - Arguments, Interrupted
There can be only one Goth queen of Gray Harbor. But the real challenge lies in getting to establish who it is, without being disturbed by random breakfast seekers.
Gina, Alisha, Ravn

2020-10-09 - We're Both Not Dead, Yay Us!
Neither Magnolia nor Easton are dead yet, that's just great. Unfortunately the same can not be said for others. Oops.
Magnolia, Easton

2020-10-08 - Complications are Overrated
Relationships are way too complicated, man. Let's just keep lobsters.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-10-08 - When Everything is Difficult
Everyone's got adjustments to make. Maybe it's better to life with the devils you know when the game is rigged against you.
Sparrow, Grant

2020-10-08 - To Laugh At The Sky
Two people meet in a thunderstorm.
Alexander, Finch

2020-10-08 - Best Day Ever
A crowd gathers at Two if By Sea, and it is the best day ever.
Magnolia, Kevin, Bennie, Ruiz, Justin, Itzhak, Joseph, Vic

2020-10-07 - Like it Insulted Her Dad
Vic bought a house on Elm. A house that hasn't been interior decorated since the 70s. It looks like someone's Tupperware from that era exploded everywhere. Shag carpet people, SHAG CARPET!
Seth, Vic, Ravn

2020-10-07 - Pizza (Non) Delivery
Two people order pizza. Two people get wasted waiting for pizza to arrive. Pizza does in fact not arrive.
Ravn, Zoey

2020-10-07 - The Warrior's Code
with apologies to the Dropkick Murphys. Dante and Itzhak go a few rounds in the ring.
Itzhak, Dante

2020-10-06 - Two-Bar Town
Niall, Cecil, and Devlin talk about Gray Harbor, its bars, and dealing with all the murder over booze and nachos.
Devlin, Cecil, Niall

2020-10-06 - Not a Dying Cat
After Itzhak sacrificed his violin to Gohl, Hyacinth promised to make him a new one. This is when he comes to get it, with Ravn in tow.
Itzhak, Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-10-06 - The Time Paradox is Dumb
In which August beings the task of explaining how much he hates Margaret and Thomas Addington.
Alexander, August

2020-10-06 - So About That Time You Tried to Kill Me...
So now that everyone's laid up... About this Thomas Addington/William Ghol asshole again...
Alexander, Joey

2020-10-06 - Less Punchy Wellness Checks
Itzhak stops by Easton's to check on him and talk or not talk about things.
Easton, Itzhak

2020-10-06 - Back to Business
Easton and Vic catch up on business.
Easton, Vic

2020-10-05 - So, hey
After a hectic dramatic return that left Bennie in shock, these two finally get a chance to talk.
Easton, Bennie

2020-10-05 - The Danish Guy
Easton gets to meet the newest employee of his bar, or the bar. Whose bar it is now is kind of not really sorted out yet.
Easton, Ravn

2020-10-05 - Aftershocks of the Ferris Wheel
Kailey finds herself under the pier and in pain after the Ferris Wheel encounter. She calls to her knight in leathery black and gloom.
Everett, Kailey

2020-10-05 - Please Read Another Book
Metaphors in Harry Potter and the missing rock collection.%r%rSocial scene at the Twofer.
Magnolia, Kevin, Rose

2020-10-04 - Antiquated Advesaries & Advanced Allies
Tempers flare while antiquing between Atli and Abitha. Ravn and Lucas try to calm the situation, earning the Dane an invitation to dinner he can’t refuse.
Abitha, Lucas, Atli, Ravn

2020-10-04 - Three Nerds Enter
Three nerds get together and talk murder, the Veil, and the attraction of neckbeards.
Alexander, Abitha, Cecil

2020-10-04 - Oh This Fucking Place
Fuck Ferris wheels... and drowning... and no smoking until your body is done having holes in it.
Nicole, Aidan, Joey

2020-10-04 - What God Doesn't See
The cheese. The cheese in the burger is what God doesn't need to see.
Gina, Itzhak, Ravn

2020-10-03 - Star in our Universe
Lilith and Byron go to pick up their new dog Sirius and it's a damn fine (and fitting) addition to the Thorne couple's universe.
Byron, Lilith

2020-10-03 - Wellness Check
How else are you going to test how someone's doing without punching them in the face? That's basic medicine.
Easton, Ruiz

2020-10-03 - Just Another Day in the Park
It's just another afternoon in Addington Park. People brush past each other in passing. Murphy watches nothing much happen and realises he's in the deep end of the pool now.
Kailey, Atli, Ravn, Murphy

2020-10-02 - Designated Red Shirts
When manure hits air distribution devices, is it better to wear the red shirt or use the guy who does as a meatshield?
Geoff, Gina, Harper, Ravn

2020-10-01 - Batting for Team Humanity
You're either playing for Team Humanity or you're batting for the other team. Which one are you?
Ignacio, Ravn

2020-10-01 - What Women Want (As Presented by Itzhak Rosencrantz)
You can't get women right. Doesn't matter if they're bar owners, dead fiancees, or Aztec goddesses. Wishes, women, same deal. You'll screw it up.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-10-01 - So What Did I Miss?
Alexander stops by to check on Easton and help bring him up to speed on what he's missed out on.
Alexander, Easton

2020-10-01 - About Walter Grey
Alexander gives Vic the results of his mission to Portland.
Alexander, Vic

2020-10-01 - Pour One Out for Ol' Henry
Niall and August discuss their departed friend Hank and Gray Harbor's penchant for being murderous. Also August has a bad idea he tries to rope Niall into.
August, Niall

2020-09-30 - A Very Beaston Reunion
What was going to be yet another night of Karaoke at the bar takes a sudden left hand turn when Easton Marshall reappears from the veil with very little clothing or wits about him. Some minor violence precedes the heart-warming reunion bit.
Geoff, Seth, Alexander, Easton, Bennie, Harper, Ruiz, August, Isabella, Scott, Alison, Tor, Vic

2020-09-29 - Flying Toasters and Homeopathic Homebrews
Aidan goes looking for kittens with too many teeth. Because really, you need to know where those things are before they find out where you are.
Aidan, Ravn

2020-09-29 - An Accidental Anniversary
Lilith bossybones Byron into a mandatory timeout with overnight in Seattle, travel preparation for pickup of his overdue birthday present in the morning. They realize they're in the same hotel they were in almost exactly a year ago and have other new excuses to play honeymoon-anniversary.
Byron, Lilith

2020-09-29 - MEET THE WEED DUDE
Nazario siblings go to restock, and don't have to drive to Hoquiam. Rejoice!
Ruiz, Itzhak, Rekani, Nova, Murphy

2020-09-27 - Sweet Beach Treat
Sweet Retreats has a small booth offering sweets, cool drinks, and popsicles for the participants. It is between events right now and the crowds are thronging about the place. There is laughter, chatter, and somewhere a baby is making it's displeasure known.%r%rThe Sweet Retreats has a small 10 foot by 10 foot setup with a portable counter. A generator hums keeping a cooler chilled and other things working for the small booth. Beside it is another pop-up with a colorful purple and red top. A large Face-Painting sign hangs above it. A smaller note says, 'Free Design with purchase of ice cream from Sweet Retreats!' The setup here is much, much simpler. A table, a short chair and a tall director's style chair. There's a board with a list of designs and colorful pictures of examples.
Everett, Kailey, Ravn

2020-09-27 - Apologetic Donut
Ruiz comes to check on Cecil after the Dream where they were all in high school.
Ruiz, Cecil

2020-09-26 - Catfight at the Diner
Don't try to outgoth a goth who doesn't think that she's a goth.%r%rDiner social scene.
Gina, Ruiz, Alison, Alisha, Ravn

2020-09-25 - Weird Waffle Witter
Dear Diary: Today I met four cute boys. Unfortunately, they’re all irrevocably insane.
Aidan, Grant, Rekani, Ravn, Zoey

2020-09-25 - Date Interupted
Sometimes being a Doctor or First responder interrupts time together
Grace, Devlin, Kim, Zara

2020-09-25 - The Mark of a Professional
Mac makes an embarrassing mistake. Nicole makes everything better.
Nicole, Abitha

2020-09-24 - Tug of War Teamwork!
This is the winning team's tug of war scene to go with the Beach vignette.
Nicole, Aidan, Byron, Lilith, Isabella, Grant

2020-09-24 - Beauty in the Broken
Bennie stops by to star gaze with Ravn. Oh! And tell him about the Serial Killer's arrest.
Bennie, Ravn

2020-09-24 - Nobody Is Supposed to Be That Bendy
The peanut gallery watches the events... from a safe distance, where no one risks getting involved.%r
Vyv, Hyacinth, Ravn

2020-09-24 - Who the Fuck is Godot, and Why Are We Waiting For This Asshole?
Joey goes looking for Vic, and Ravn gets some useful news to chew on.
Joey, Ravn

2020-09-23 - Twisted
Cecil sprains his ankle in a high school Dream (not musical). He asks his housemate for help. Olivia is pushy when she cares. Eat the damn eggs and take your narcotics.
Cecil, Olivia

2020-09-23 - Super Legit
Alexander went to a lot of trouble to get documents forged without Joey's knowledge. A lot of trouble.
Alexander, Joey

2020-09-22 - No Air
Lilith is pitched back out of a Dream with an escalated illness that inhibits her breathing and Byron has to do some CPR before calling an ambulance to figure out what the hell happened.
Byron, Lilith

2020-09-22 - M-I-C-K-E-Y-S or M-I-C-K-I-E-S?
Kevin makes Mickey Mouse pancakes while Magnolia laments on the state of her finances... oh, and there's a plot hook buried in there somewhere.
Magnolia, Kevin

2020-09-22 - Victoria Has No Secrets But She Smells Like Pot
Three people, three baskets of laundry, three cases of 'I need to find somewhere to live'.
Grant, Vic, Ravn

2020-09-21 - Compounding Issues
Byron disappears again and Lilith is a ticking time bomb. This is an account of twenty minutes in the life of a GH household, one that's pretty typical of late.
Byron, Lilith

2020-09-21 - Sofa Conversations At 7 Oak
Corey and Sparrow catch up.
Corey, Sparrow

2020-09-21 - Just the Doorman
Apprentice bartender in training. Criminal psychologist at work. The doorman is just a doorman.
Seth, Olivia, Ravn

2020-09-20 - Arson, Arson Everywhere
And not a drop to drink?
Abitha, Sparrow

2020-09-20 - Working with Waffles
Zoey snags a job. And some blueberry waffles.
Reese, Zoey

2020-09-19 - Tit for Tat
Renata comes by the Twofer to exchange information about the Serial Killer. Alexander gets a stealth healing.
Alexander, Bennie, Renata

2020-09-19 - Charred Weed and Loaded Tots
Joe and Vic run into each other at the Twofer the day after the trailer park fire.
Joseph, Vic

2020-09-18 - Awkward Around the Firepit
The thing about conversations is that they work best when the people involved actually are of a chatty inclination.
Magnolia, Ruiz, Ravn

2020-09-18 - Dangerously Distorted
Lilith finally braves the nasty, confused masses and leaves the apartment with Byron. She tends to a secret repair project before arranging delivery across town, but... the couple gets unpleasantly triggered and tested by townsfolk.
Byron, Lilith

2020-09-18 - This Won't Hold Up In Court
Dahlia brings an unkitten to Ruiz. He is unamused!
Ruiz, Dahlia

2020-09-17 - Where There's Smoke
On his way home from work, August spots a familiar truck.
August, Niall

2020-09-17 - Calabrian Rabbit with Polenta and Steamed Vegetables
Ruiz and August chat over dinner; August's cat does not approve.
Ruiz, August

2020-09-17 - Shine On, Fireflies
Cristobal takes Dante out to recharge his social batteries after some brutal rewrites of his new novel.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-09-16 - That's Not What Skin Is For
The story of how a succulent became a sailor, or how Bennie used herself as a living notepad.
Bennie, Ravn

2020-09-16 - Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People
August has three mackerel tabbies in a spaceship carrier, coming in for a checkup. Ravn has a very angry black stay in a carrier, to be vaccinated and spayed. Naturally, the main issue of debate is serial killers.
August, Ravn

2020-09-15 - A Seriously Serial Discussion
Some people come together at the Bayside Penthouse to put info together into a collaboration for forward planning or research to suss out the identity of a 'serial killer'. In the middle of this meeting, Bennie comes in with some relevant information and physical marks that make people think a little differently about what //exactly// may be going on.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Abitha, Isabella, Maggi

2020-09-15 - Bennie in Wonderland
Bennie spots a strange man on the beach and falls down the rabbit hole.
Bennie, Niall

2020-09-15 - This Old (Haunted) House
Need a folklorist's opinion on your family curse? Dangle a home-cooked meal and see who turns up.
Ignacio, Ravn

2020-09-15 - Teach a Man to Fish...
So two city boys are gonna go fish in the bay... it goes pretty much as you'd expect.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2020-09-14 - A Different Kind of Booty Call
After guys with guns show up at the trailer of Sparrow's BFF & his drug lord roommate, she calls in the cavalry to go loot and pillage some of Grant's things to bring back to his newer safer 7 Oak residence. %r%rOh, and hey, look at all that cocaine...
Joey, Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-09-14 - Got a Lift?
Criminals man. Total buzzkill. That time when all you want is a nap and what you get is a house full of guns in people's faces.
Vyv, Abitha, Sparrow, Grant

2020-09-14 - Clayton Case - The Grey Area
Alexander is hired by Vic to set up surveillance cameras in Walt Grey's bar and home, so she can make sure her father is safe in Portland. It starts well but...then takes a bit of a left turn.
Alexander, Vic

2020-09-14 - Up In Smoke
A fire breaks out at the Huckleberry Trailer Park. These things are never simple and they're just a bunch of matchstick boxes snuggled up together. These things never go well.
Joey, Devlin, Vic

2020-09-13 - Morning Walkers, Morning Runners
It's a beautiful morning out Firefly ways and there's not even any bodies in the tall grass. Just earlybird runners and hikers.
Olivia, Ravn

2020-09-12 - Come Clean
Byron and Lilith air some unpleasant 'happenings' with each other in the shower.
Byron, Lilith

2020-09-12 - It Isn't Even Past
The past is not dead, it isn't even past - William Faulkner
Ruiz, Joseph, Vic

2020-09-12 - Stubborn Steps
Alexander and Isabella make plans to check out the circus they glimpsed in their last Dream.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-09-12 - A Nice Day at the Park
People meet at the park, and talk about how freaky this whole memory thing is.
Magnolia, Alexander, Everett, Kailey

2020-09-12 - Welcoming Committee
The new doctor in town visits the coffee shop to get a feel for the place he will be getting his caffeine on a regular basis. Ravn fills him in on the weird of Gray Harbor.
Ravn, Jonah

2020-09-12 - Are you Dead?
Magnolia checks in with Byron and stops by the Penthouse to get a load of information on what's going on around town these days. None of it is real good, of course.
Magnolia, Byron, Lilith

2020-09-12 - Just Gonna Keep On Walking
Some days are great for going shopping in Seattle. They're the days that //start// with the chief of police telling you to just keep on walking. Seattle sounds nice.
Ruiz, Ravn

2020-09-12 - Seeds of Trouble
Devlin asks August to look at the seeds he obtained from Moira.
August, Devlin

2020-09-11 - Pizza and No Chill
Chill: nobody has it.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Finch, Joseph, Olivia

2020-09-11 - Congratulations, Innocent Bystander...'ve been Gray Harbored.%r%rA little pet shop down off Spruce where anyone can pick up anything they need for a pet! But maybe it's not just the inhabitants of Gray Harbor that need a few things...
Diana, Vyv, Abitha, Itzhak, August, Maggi, Cecil, Ravn, Jonah

2020-09-10 - Date Night
Devlin takes Zara on a Date to Sitka for dinner
Devlin, Zara

2020-09-10 - An Amazon River Nature Special
Life with unkittens is not unlike a Nature World or National Geographic special on piranhas.
Aidan, Dahlia, Justin, Ravn

2020-09-09 - Go With the Raven
The difference between someone who knows how to play, and someone who is a musician.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-09-09 - Espresso Youself...Yourself?! Is there an R?
Write Club! Also Coffee Club, Gossip Club, Advice Club, People doing shopping in PJs, and hopefully no Gremlins Clubs.%r%rGossip in the paper can be undone BY the paper right? So many papers, so many problems.
Alexander, Ignacio, Ravn

2020-09-08 - Eminent Domain
Alexander calls in expert computer person and gamer on the serial killer's connections to an online game.
Alexander, Abitha

2020-09-08 - Mirror Mirror Murderer
I know what you look like. Put out that APB.
Esme, Ravn

2020-09-07 - I'm Not A Serial Killer, Honest
The reporter is not a ghost and the celebrity chef is not a serial killer. The beginning of a mutual research operation, though, that part is real.
Jessica, Ravn

2020-09-07 - Don't Be A Stranger
Murder murder murder? Murder! Murder murder.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-09-06 - Fake It Till You Make It
Alexander decides to do a favor for a friend.
Alexander, Tim

2020-09-05 - At Her Feet Was Her Footloose Man
Esme confronts the Chief of Police about the corrupt cop that got away.
Ruiz, Esme

2020-09-05 - A Pyre for Babylon
Beachgoers try to join a bonfire party and find a funeral instead.
Byron, Bennie, Niall, Renata

2020-09-05 - Mixing Mimosas
"You can totally do this," they said and handed Ravn a book of cocktail recipes. He did okay with the scotch but not so great with the customer service.
Vyv, Sparrow, Grant, Ravn

2020-09-04 - Battle for Babylon
Alexander investigates players in a group inside the game Battle for Babylon
Alexander, Niall

2020-09-04 - Eighty-Eight Rumours
Ravn drops in to the piano bar to check up on Dante; Hyacinth and Vyv just drop in for a drink.
Vyv, Hyacinth, Dante, Ravn

2020-09-04 - Let's Talk About 'Cutting Losses'
The 'Oh now you want something?!' and 'Just listen, Cabron' conversations that were inevitable. With police evasion and a side of fries.
Ruiz, Joey

2020-09-03 - A Morning At The Park
Hera and Devlin spend a bit of time at the park together with her German Shepherd, Hans.
Hera, Devlin

2020-09-03 - That Is Not Normal
Byron and Lilith go to August for some aloe and advice after a very vivid and nasty Dream regarding bone crows and stolen names. Alexander and Isabella are called in as the tactical cavalry when it's realized how much 'bad' came back with the couple.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, August, Isabella

2020-09-03 - Sicario
What's the use of bringing a mean old dog to hand if you don't get it to hunt?
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-09-03 - He Totally Looks Like a Serial Killer
After finding a burning body out on the beach, Byron brings Bennie and her pup home for a drink and to exchange information that they'd found at the crime scene. During that time, Lilith had an episode that Byron was dead by her hands.
Byron, Lilith, Bennie

2020-09-01 - A Nosebleed's Worth of Nothing
The (definitely, totally not acting, absolutely not) Chief of Police goes to take a look at a tripod and a few other bits of broken camera gear on a boat. Just making sure the CIA isn't lurking around the outcroppings of Gray Harbor's rocky beach now.
Ruiz, Ravn

2020-09-01 - Change of Subject
Alexander plays with people's memories (which is a terrible thing to do when folks are suffering from the Mandela Effect!) and senses Byron having a panic episode at the Casino.
Alexander, Byron

2020-09-01 - A Distant Glint
Ravn and Vic investigate what was left behind from someone possibly spying on him or Joe.
Vic, Ravn

2020-08-31 - Geese and Other Troublesome Folk
A few people of varying temperament, inclinations, and interests meet on a beautiful summer day.
Alexander, Ruiz, Rekani, Vic

2020-08-31 - Matching Scars
After reclaiming their Names in an intricate and dangerous Dream, Byron and Lilith are left with matching scars.
Byron, Lilith

2020-08-30 - Eight Minutes
...give or take.
August, Eleanor

2020-08-28 - To Snuff a Light
A group of investigators go to check out vandalized trees in the Firefly Forest. They find more than they bargained for, but also learn some new things about the killer's motives.
Alexander, August, Isabella, Cecil, Niall

2020-08-28 - A Long Day Wraps At The Er
Dr. Thule treats a minor injury on a paramedic
Devlin, Zara

2020-08-28 - Bartending Lessons
Ravn gets bartending lessons from a terrible bartender. It's all very sad.
Bennie, Joseph, Vic, Ravn

2020-08-27 - The Silver Fox Club
Silver foxes, and those who aren't, talk about stuff.
Alexander, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph, Cecil, Niall

2020-08-27 - All Cats are Gray in the Harbor
Aidan goes to make sure a certain cat is in fact a cat. Grant takes the first baby steps into a life of magical cleaning. Burgers may happen eventually.
Aidan, Grant, Ravn

2020-08-27 - The Power Gauntlet (Phase Five)
Three MORE denizens of GH are pulled into a dark torture dream. How many times is this going to happen?!
Lilith, Isabella, Nova

2020-08-26 - Did You Lose a Hand? (I Found It On My Ass)
Cheating at carnival games for fun and profit. Also, the contemplated murder of tourists with dull, wooden spoons.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-08-26 - Wagers if By Sea
Two gloom bunnies meet. They form a gloom band. Gloom ensues.
Clifford, Ravn

2020-08-25 - Lost, then Found
Cecil and Niall head into the woods to retrace what may have been Henry Fitzgerald's last hike.
Cecil, Niall

2020-08-25 - Allies Where You Can Find Them
Alexander bothers Cecil. Cecil handles it well.
Alexander, Cecil

2020-08-25 - If That Thing Goes BEEP Again We Mutiny.
Giada gets a surprise visitor in an old friend and make shockingly responsible plans.
Giada, Grant

2020-08-24 - A Latte to Process
//The fifth rule of Write Club is that you write better with coffee and hence, writing in a coffee shop must be perfection.//%rRavn just wanted coffee and a little writing time. Clifford looks absolutely fabulous. Gina makes sense of what others would call 52 card pick-up. Ruiz is nice enough to offer to get coffee. Abitha is reminded Incognito Mode isn't foolproof. August is reassured there was a plot to kill him.
Gina, Ruiz, Abitha, August, Clifford, Ravn

2020-08-24 - Never Try To Make Sense Of Life In Gray Harbor
Hera and Devlin take a little time to relax and talk about some of the things that make Gray Harbor strange.
Hera, Devlin

2020-08-23 - Celebrating the Life (Death) of Byron (Bryan) Thorne
Byron's 30th birthday party (memorial) is arranged by Lilith, despite the rumors, damnit. What better way to prove a man's alive than to wrangle him into a spot as the man of honor!
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Isabella, Eleanor, Joseph, Rekani

2020-08-23 - Sparks in the Night
The Bonfire Festival is in town and who's surprised that late night beach wanderers light their own little fires here and there? All the motormouth, all the innuendos -- Park is actually four squirrels in a trenchcoat.
Park, Ravn

2020-08-23 - The Murder Motel
Did Henry Fitzgerald stay at the //murder motel//?%r%rTurns out he didn't, but who cares when you get to talk about ghosts with Renata Hilton?
Renata, Ravn

2020-08-22 - Bonfires and Bucket Lists
Dahl and Justin talk about rumors and travel over microbrews and fried food.
Dahlia, Justin

2020-08-22 - Bonfire Festival
Gray Harbour's residents gather for music and revelry, and run into a few Lost souls.
Ruiz, Dahlia, Justin, Itzhak, August, Devlin, Cecil, Vic, Olivia

2020-08-22 - Diner Chat, Fire Chat
Niall and Cecil get to know each other, first at the diner, and then by the fireside.
Cecil, Niall

2020-08-22 - The Sultan and the Genie
When Byron completes his birthday scavenger, he finds a genie for his magic lamp. She gives him an exotic dance and three wishes.
Byron, Lilith

2020-08-22 - Who Is Feeding the Rumor Mill?
Ruiz and Vic run into each other and talk about the weird things being said in town.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-08-21 - Takeout for Two
Table Thai is not the best place to conduct business. Or attempted kidnappings.
Ruiz, Blake, Rhys

2020-08-21 - Ars Gratia Artis
One last stop before birthday dinners... An art exhibition of unusual style is discussed.
Vyv, Grant, Hera

2020-08-21 - Console Complications
Abitha gets a visit from Lilith and Byron who have... nothing for her, save for a lot of things to ask and say.
Byron, Lilith, Abitha

2020-08-21 - 22
If Bax is still stuck on this planet for now, at least he's managed another revolution around the sun.
Vyv, Grant

2020-08-21 - The Let Down
Feelings are hard, but break-ups don't have to be.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-08-21 - So, How Was Your Day?
Somehow, getting shot at wasn't the most worrying part of Rhys' day.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-08-20 - A Knight's Quest
There's a lot going one in the Thorne-Winslow life, but Lilith makes time to surprise Byron for his birthday the day before. The first part of the surprise is a trip down Memory Lane with a birthday Scavenger Hunt.
Byron, Lilith

2020-08-20 - International Karen-Bothering Qualifiers
Grant Baxter takes home the gold!
Aidan, Sparrow, Grant, Ravn

2020-08-20 - Cover Stories
Graham comes to retrieve something that he stashed at the Murder Motel. Renata learns that everyone in town is all up in everyone else's business.
Graham, Renata

2020-08-19 - February Was Bad for Everyone
Gigi and Sparrow catch up on zombies and werewolves in a post modern Addington park overlooking the Hospital where Gigi DEFINITELY should be right about now.
Sparrow, Giada

2020-08-19 - The Dead Speak
Niall goes to the coroner's office to see if a personal item of Henry Fitzgerald was with the corpse. He meets Cecil, and they end up uncovering a few more clues about what may have happened to him.
Cecil, Niall

2020-08-19 - Balloons and Things
As August keeps having a bad day, his fellow researcher and Veil-explorer Isabella stops by to look into him.
August, Isabella, Eleanor

2020-08-18 - Leveling Shit Out
Seriously, who breaks into a criminal's place? Isn't it usually the other way around?
Gina, Joey

2020-08-18 - Knockaround Guys
Itzhak takes his life in his hands as he and Nicole stage an intervention before Joey becomes TOO much like Felix before it's too late.
Nicole, Itzhak, Joey

2020-08-18 - Birds of a Feather
...solve murders together.
Maggi, Leon, Ravn

2020-08-18 - Torturing Cats is a Violinist's Hobby
Like ships in the night -- fine, on the pier, and in the morning, whatever -- two violinists get together on the subject of fiddles, cats, and missed karaoke nights.
Itzhak, Ravn

2020-08-18 - TIBSFEIKNDEW
Karaoke at TIBS!
Bennie, Ruiz, Abitha, Dahlia, Justin, Itzhak, August, Scott, Joseph, Vic

2020-08-17 - Running Late
The unlikely souls working hard to not forget the real victims of the Mandala Effect.
Alexander, Joey

2020-08-17 - Not Dead Yet
Byron invites both Joey and Rhys to his office once more to discuss some new findings regarding this recent crime spree that happened upon the town. Neither corrupt police nor fiancees appear to have killed him yet.
Byron, Joey, Rhys

2020-08-17 - B is for Boat and Beer
The best part about living on a boat is that you can have a beer on the deck anytime you want.
Lyric, Joseph, Vic, Ravn

2020-08-17 - Meet the New Boss
Reyes summons a very grumpy Chief of Police to talk about friendship, and how friends help each other.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-08-17 - The Agony and the Apology
August brings some food to Alexander as a gift of atonement.
Alexander, August

2020-08-16 - Everything Is Better With Sunshine
The Twofer may just be a beach bar but somehow it's also a place where a lot of very serious conversations are had. Just don't tell the tourists and the yachters.
Bennie, August, Joseph, Cecil, Ravn

2020-08-16 - Byron's Car Is Full Of Holes Again
Byron visits Itzhak's autoshop to visit his Wraith after all hell broke.
Byron, Itzhak

2020-08-16 - Subtlety: Not a Gray Harbor Trait
Niall talks to August about the poor dude who wound up with an octopus head under a sand castle on the beach.
August, Niall

2020-08-16 - Progress Report
Tor reports back on his surveillance of the enemy accountant. It didn't go entirely as planned.
Rhys, Tor

2020-08-16 - Definitely Not Nelson
Lilith and Byron attempt to return the stolen PS4 to Abitha, but best laid plans go awry.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2020-08-15 - Stop the Coffee Presses!
What authors get up to people watching and working on their projects
Bennie, Ignacio, Justin, Joseph, Ravn

2020-08-15 - They're In The Dark Place
Alison wakes to find Giada talking to the blank television and a plan is formed.
Giada, Alison

2020-08-15 - WTF Cracker Barrel
A lot of people end up at the Cracker Barrel who probably don't belong there.
Alexander, Ruiz, Itzhak, Isabella, Dante, Cecil

2020-08-15 - Un-Likely Interactions
Abitha catches up with Alexander. Crimey stuff is discussed. Weirdness happens, too.
Alexander, Abitha

2020-08-15 - The Big 3-0 (or 29+1)
Some people grow old gracefully. And then there's Vyv. But if he *has* to acknowledge this whole 'aging' thing, there are worse ways to mark it.
Vyv, Grant

2020-08-14 - Dine and Discover
Alexander tracks down Niall to ask him about the sandcastle murder. They exchange information until Alexander mis-steps.
Alexander, Niall

2020-08-14 - Crash and Burn
Byron has a rough awakening after an awful and seemingly noteworthy Shadow Dream. Lilith is anxiously waiting and helps put him together.
Byron, Lilith

2020-08-14 - Sand Snakes
When the coroner and the policemen leave, the conspiracy theorists turn up. All you need to do is wait for 'em.
Alexander, Ravn

2020-08-14 - Slowly
Eleanor comes home to find her fiance a mess.
August, Eleanor

2020-08-14 - You Only Get One Chance to Make a Bad Impression
Ravn goes to the Cabaret looking for answers about the deceased park ranger. You know who loves questions about dead patrons? Not Strippers!
Rekani, Nova, Ravn

2020-08-13 - Crazy Talk
The paramedic's therapist is on sabbatical. Olivia offered to step in. FD/PD crossover isn't unheard of. An initial appointment is always a bit of a dance.
Devlin, Olivia

2020-08-13 - Double Agent Care Package
Rekani and Nova come home after work to find Kip shocked and bloodied from her bout with Them. They promptly clean her up and cart her off to the hospital.
Rekani, Nova, Kip

2020-08-12 - We Are All Just Prisoners Here
August and Itzhak discuss some developments, and August writes a check he is really going to regret cashing.
Itzhak, August

2020-08-12 - To Be Good
What is goodness, and more importantly, how can we inflict it on others?
Alexander, Itzhak

2020-08-12 - Rise from Your Grave
Giada's back. This is why they tell people to stay out of the damn woods!
Giada, Alison

2020-08-12 - Revenge Sushi
After being attacked by the kelp and the undertow, a trio of fishy characters head out to celebrate their victory with revenge sushi.
Vyv, Grant, Ravn

2020-08-11 - History in the Making
Atli meets Ravn, a fellow historian with a desire for answers about Gray Harbor's stranger origins.
Atli, Ravn

2020-08-11 - No One Is Going to Amputate My Arm. I Need That.
Alexander asks Byron for a favor and it's something that Byron was totally not prepared for. Lilith helps to heal the janky arm.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2020-08-11 - Call
Ruiz comes to check on the recovering Vic.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-08-11 - I'm Not Depressed You're Depressed
In which sad stories are swapped and everything is really quite gloomy. But at least there's nachos and tater tots.
Vic, Ravn

2020-08-11 - Late Night At The Beach
Beer on the beach becomes dueling banj--violins.
Aidan, Bennie, Itzhak, Rose, Ravn

2020-08-10 - Body High
Pizza, weed and courtesy among criminals.
Tor, Vic

2020-08-10 - Try the Calamari Rings
It's a lazy, pleasant summer's evening at the beach and the tourists are all over Two if By Sea. A few townsfolk manage to get in time for a beer or a coffee in and do some people watching.
Aidan, Lilith, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Rekani, Ravn

2020-08-09 - What's A Boat For If Not Beer
It's Ravn's dock. He moored a boat at it, ergo it now belongs to him. People still keep walking on it, though.%r%r[open scene for beach wanderers, come on over]
Li, Ravn

2020-08-09 - Sunday Candy Sundae
Yule takes Sparrow for a Sunday drive. They get sundaes. And pick at old threads.
Sparrow, Yule

2020-08-09 - Impromptu Sleep Over
Bennie drops Itzhak off after a Dream and crashes over at his and Ruiz' house. In a bathtub of course.
Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-08-08 - A Poor Man's Pour
Maggi and Leon can't agree on the name of the bar. Ravn wanders into the middle of it.
Maggi, Leon, Ravn

2020-08-08 - F is for Forensics
Esme brings Cecil some evidence to run so she can try and get more evidence against Hallisey
Esme, Cecil

2020-08-08 - Shopping Safely at Safeway is Hard
Lilith goes grocery shopping and Meredith happens to see her get plowed by an endcap display.
Lilith, Meredith

2020-08-08 - Some Cops Aren't Meant To Be Crooked
Esme comes clean about a slip up and corrects it
Ruiz, Esme

2020-08-08 - Batman and Gordon
Yule and Esme are joined by Alexander for a late breakfast and quick catch up.
Alexander, Esme, Yule

2020-08-07 - Meeting The New Crime Psychologist
Officer Michaels (NPC) annoys a Paramedic again
Devlin, Olivia

2020-08-07 - Taking A Break
Dahl and Justin take a brief break from their respective work to chill out
Dahlia, Justin

2020-08-07 - Hell on Earth, But Nice
Alexander and Ravn have a chance to sit down and talk at the bar.
Alexander, Ravn

2020-08-07 - Axes and Ohs
Double birthday double date. Wagers are placed, axes are thrown and gifts are given.
Nicole, Joey, Sparrow, Rhys

2020-08-06 - The Girl in the Fast Car
//August 6. I'm finding myself in the middle of nowhere, Washington State; a place that looks vaguely like the backdrop of //Twilight//, God forbid. A place of stories.//%r%rFree wi-fi attracts bloggers. Maybe somebody should spray against them.
Erin, Eleanor, Ravn

2020-08-06 - Rundowns and Playbacks
Byron and Lilith meet with Ruiz and Alexander to let them know that corrupt cops threatened the Harbor Mist.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2020-08-06 - Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.
Now, wait just a minute here.. no, it's always been the Black Bear Diner. Definitely. Right?
Ruiz, Blake, Alison, Leon

2020-08-06 - The Inquisition
Ariana lies in wait to interrogate Kip on changes in the latter's life.
Kip, Ariana

2020-08-05 - Barnacles Are Not Your Friend
A beach, a boat, and a man. Waves, seagulls, and barnacles. Ravn, make that boat hospitable.
Aidan, Itzhak, Ravn

2020-08-05 - It Has To Be An Intern Who Cannot Spell
Free wi-fi, good coffee, and a clear, hot afternoon. What's this about the Pourhouse, Poorhouse, Poorwhatever?
Lyric, Hera, Ravn

2020-08-05 - Thin Threads
Empty-handed delivery of a traditional 'Sorry Your Workplace Burnt Down' card. %r%rThis certainly complicates things.
Sparrow, Yule

2020-08-04 - Work Friends
Cecil is having a hard time after his ordeal at the Harbor, and Olivia offers to help him out.
Cecil, Olivia

2020-08-04 - Boss, The Bartender Got Shot
So, well, the bartender got gunned down in church. Will this affect anything at the bar, you think?
Bennie, Ravn

2020-08-03 - Building Evidence
Esme finally catches up with Mac so she can gather more information about what happened at Control Pad.
Abitha, Esme

2020-08-03 - Library Talks
Mac goes to check on the foreign guy because she was told to. Lyric goes for Taylor novels at the Library. The foreign guy goes for research.
Abitha, Lyric, Ravn

2020-08-03 - You Won't Believe What Happened On My Way Home
Ravn turns up at Aidan's place looking like he very badly needs a shower. Is that blood on his blazer? Brain matter on his boot? Where's a yellow rubber duck and a loofah when you need one?
Aidan, Ravn

2020-08-03 - Offer Accepted
Jobs are good. So is talking with someone you can be wholly honest with.
Joey, Sparrow

2020-08-03 - Under Siege
Alexander visits August in the hospital.
Alexander, August

2020-08-03 - Starting to Hate Hospitals
Do doctors even use English? How can anyone read this stuff??
Joey, Vic

2020-08-02 - That Poor Couch
What do you do with a gunshot ex-cop, so early in the morning? Argue with him, probably.
Alexander, Dante, Cristobal

2020-08-02 - The Deep Blue Sea
Almost a year later, Isabella finally makes good on her wager with Alexander after their fierce competition over a racing game during their first real date. She takes him diving. Hopefully nobody panics.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-08-02 - Damage Control
Byron and Lilith move some loot and discuss wtf to do after the attempted shakedown at the Pawn Shop by Liu.
Byron, Lilith

2020-08-02 - Recollections
Abitha visits August in the hospital.
Abitha, August

2020-08-01 - Pawn Shop Shakedown: Act I
Lilith and Byron are barged into by 'police' with a search warrant for the shop and loft. Harvey Liu roundabout throws down his gauntlet and the shakedown dance begins.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2020-08-01 - Two If By Summer Rain
Quick little chat at the Deuce. Nobody ever listens to Alexander.
Alexander, Devlin, Rose

2020-08-01 - God Laughs
Wherein Cristobal learns that 'protecting Alexander' is something best accomplished by tying him up and throwing him in a basement somewhere. And gets shot. Oops.
Alexander, Cristobal

2020-08-01 - Field Work
Cecil is following up on a lead - it takes him down to the docks. He maybe should have brought backup.
Alexander, Ruiz, Cecil

2020-08-01 - And If I Recover
August is out of surgery and coming off general anesthesia. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Eleanor

2020-07-31 - Saturday Night Live
It's a Saturday Night at the Deuce, or TiBS, or if you are being nice to the memory of poor missing Easton, Two if By Sea. Some employees are around and about and patrons are welcome!
Vic, Ravn

2020-07-31 - Cop Bothering
Alexander comes to bother cops, and finds a criminal psychologist, instead.
Alexander, Ruiz, Olivia

2020-07-31 - Accounting for Taste
Rhys comes across a contact he wanted to make in a place he likely didn't expect to. Info is shared, tasks are divided. Abitha wonders how long she can live in this house before needing a gym membership.
Abitha, Rhys

2020-07-31 - Curses and Blessings
Byron is visited in the night by a familiar ghost who seems to be haunted by his own past.
Byron, Lilith

2020-07-30 - Talk Glimmer to Me
After braining a woman with a shoe, Ravn decides to trail after Lyric and perhaps learn more about this strange city, the strange people who live in it, and the strange things they all seem able to do.
Lyric, Ravn

2020-07-30 - Second Hand Shopping is a Playdate
//Secrets of of the Attic//; a new enterprise selling old goods in an alley off Elm Street. Not the kind of place you go to if you want to burn money. Not the kind of place the thrifty go to either, because the vast majority of the goods in here is junk or so horribly out of fashion that not even the hippest //retro// kids want to be caught floating in Gray Pond wearing it.
Alexander, Abitha, Lyric, Ravn

2020-07-30 - Mourning & Masturbation
Impromptu rituals and untaken bets.
Jens, Sparrow

2020-07-29 - One of Those Days
It's a bar. By the sea. People talk here.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, August, Sparrow, Cristobal, Joseph, Ravn

2020-07-29 - Tattoos together
Cuz, feelings man. Feelings are difficult.
Nicole, Joey

2020-07-29 - Milkshakes & Moirology
Running away is always a valid option.
Jens, Sparrow

2020-07-28 - So, about that night?
After meeting Kailey during the ordeal about a week ago, Kailey walked away from that series of events with so many questions and not a great deal of answers. After a week or so... she finally has the time to go in for another visit, texting Kailey ahead of time she makes her way to the now familiar residence.
Everett, Kailey, Maya

2020-07-28 - Observation Mode
Sometimes you just can't turn it off.
Cristobal, Joseph, Olivia

2020-07-28 - The Epitome of Unfairness
You can't just go turning someone's advice back around on them like that!
Nicole, Sparrow

2020-07-28 - Free Wi-Fi!
A blogger likes free wi-fi and easily accessible coffee, and he's got a lot to think about. And suddenly, a white-haired girl is showing him what she can do(1)%r%r1. No, not an innuendo. Sorry to disappoint.
Lyric, Ravn

2020-07-28 - Blackjack Table Talk
Byron and Lilith entertain rich out-of-towners in the casino and the interim Chief drops by to have a gander at the cards.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2020-07-27 - Scoping Out a Place on the Beach
It seems like Ravn will be staying at the //Hotel California// for a while -- even if the locals call it Gray Harbor. Time to check out the place he was actually offered a job opportunity at.
Alexander, Ruiz, Lyric, Dante, Vic, Ravn

2020-07-26 - Rehearsal
Dante and Itzhak rehearse, Alexander and Ruiz come by to watch.
Alexander, Ruiz, Itzhak, Dante

2020-07-26 - The Ghost and the Wolf
Local business owner finally sits down with the interim chief of police to go over the night of the arson.
Ruiz, Abitha

2020-07-25 - Picking Over Ashes
An unofficial investigator runs into a very official detective, and some information is shared.
Alexander, Esme

2020-07-25 - Shirts & Skins
Mac moves into her temporary residence. Where half of everybody can't be bothered with shirts.
Abitha, Jens, Corey, Sparrow

2020-07-25 - Ghost Stories, She Said
A folklorist got teased with stories of dead bodies and haunted cemeteries. Might be worth visiting the local town library before looking for the next bus out of town -- this //is// such a charming and quaint little piece of Americana.
Aidan, Ravn

2020-07-24 - Lay of the Land
Lilith talks with Ravn over coffee and acquaints him with some town options should he decide to stay around a while.
Lilith, Ravn

2020-07-24 - Observe and Report
Rhys gives Tor a shiny new assignment.
Rhys, Tor

2020-07-23 - Something In The Brain
Byron and Lilith stop by 13 Elm for some much-needed catch up with their nerdier friends.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2020-07-23 - Real Friends Are Willing to Threaten You
Alexander finally gets around to confronting Ruiz about what he saw in the casino shootout. Neither he nor Ruiz have any interpersonal skills that don't involve intimidation or crime. It's a thing.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-07-23 - Blowing in on the Wind
A stranger gets off a truck in the wrong place and finds himself in Gray Harbor, rather than Portland. Well, it's easy to get confused when you're a foreign tourist.
Hera, Ravn

2020-07-21 - Looking Out For You
Alexander learns he has a tail, Cristobal learns a name and number. Neither are particular grateful.
Alexander, Cristobal

2020-07-21 - Intern, Meet Chief
Olivia (partly) facilitates an introduction of GHPD's new forensics intern to the acting Chief of Police.
Ruiz, Olivia

2020-07-20 - Street Fighter Battle Royale
Itzhak goes to Alexander's house for Nintendo and cooking dinner and probably a little crying, maybe.
Alexander, Itzhak

2020-07-20 - Oh Baby! Part Deux
The baby is coming and things might get a little weird...
Everett, Kailey, Bean, Maya

2020-07-20 - Silver Scrapes
August checks in on Abitha, and reminds her about a few things. Abitha makes a plan.
Abitha, August

2020-07-20 - Welcome Interrogation
Milo's first day as an intern at the GHPD. He meets Criminal Psychologist, Dr. Olivia Kincaid. Though he already has the internship, she (politely) takes him through another interview, then gets him set up to begin his work (and learning).

2020-07-20 - Oh baby!
Kailey is hanging out on the boardwalk, waiting for Everett. And then someone decides it's time to make an appearance.
Everett, Kailey, Maya

2020-07-20 - One Rainy Night
People meet at the Two If By Sea.
Alexander, Ruiz, Beth, Vic

2020-07-19 - Something About Sitka
Open scene at Sitka, everybody dress pretty
Harper, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Rose

2020-07-18 - Conversations on a Rock
Alexander and August have a quiet conversation on a summer evening, regarding certain ongoing events.
Alexander, August

2020-07-18 - Snitches end up in ditches
Well, they do. Eventually. If they aren't careful. Cecil should probably be careful.
Ruiz, Cecil

2020-07-17 - Love and Bullets
Lilith arranges a long and entertaining lunch for Byron (with guns) at a sentimental location in the deep woods.
Byron, Lilith

2020-07-17 - Poking Around The Ashes
Esme and Hallisey do a second look over the the Control Pad remnants.
Ruiz, Esme

2020-07-17 - Calling All Criminals
So there's a shit storm in the criminal underworld that's spilling into everyone's pies and now civilians. The Miniboss is calling a meeting now that there was a botched hit on their End Boss.
Nicole, Graham, Dahlia, Itzhak, Joey, Everett, Cristobal, Rhys, Vic

2020-07-17 - Second- or Third-Best Behaviour
Well, here goes nothing. Shabbos and meeting Dad. Nothing to worry about, right?
Vyv, Grant

2020-07-17 - A Friendly Encounter
A friendly message needs to be delivered, and Joseph is elected to do it. Lucky him.
Alexander, Ruiz, Joseph

2020-07-17 - No Accounting for Taste
'Follow the money' is more than a cliche, and Rhys has found something at the end of the trail.
Joey, Rhys

2020-07-17 - Crash Landing
Ruiz and Itzhak discover Joe dumped on their porch.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-07-16 - Unexpected Topics Over Coffee
Numerous people convene in Espresso Yourself to discuss various odd topics.
Ruiz, August, Lucas, Beth, Joseph, Stefhan, Cecil, Olivia

2020-07-16 - Who Can You Trust?
Ruiz meets with Byron for the footage of the botched casino parking garage assassination attempt.
Byron, Ruiz

2020-07-15 - Beer and Questions
A wet afternoon whiled away by discussion of Dreams and crimes.
Alexander, Lilith, Joseph

2020-07-14 - Maths
Rhys drops by to talk to Sparrow about causes and outcomes of the Control Pad fire.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-07-14 - there's not really a baby but if there was they would name it andre
Mostly just sniffles.
Elise, Graham

2020-07-14 - Maudlin' Mudslides
August hears about Alexander's presence at the casino shooting, inflicts himself and some food on his friend.
Alexander, August

2020-07-14 - So This Week's Gone to Shit on a Shovel
So the [ paper says] Joey Kelly pulled a hit with the Interim Police Captain... who is on what side now??! What are the sides? Can we just hit things? Let's hit things.
Nicole, Dahlia, Joey, Rhys, Vic

2020-07-14 - Wolf at the Door
Graham makes a friendly visit by the Clayton residence to see how Alexander is doing after the traumatic events at the casino.%r%rNo, not really.
Graham, Alexander

2020-07-14 - We Didn't Start the Fire
Mac has feelings.
Abitha, Sparrow

2020-07-14 - Computer Trouble
Rusty comes over to fix Cecil's computer and gets tea and biscuits for his trouble.
Rusty, Cecil

2020-07-13 - The Art of Knowing What You Can Do
Dante asks August for some help in knowing what he can do.
August, Dante

2020-07-13 - Botched Hit
Isabella picks up a bullet-grazed and extremely paranoid Alexander from the police station after the aftermath of Felix Monaghan's attempted assassination.
Alexander, Isabella, Joey

2020-07-13 - Friends in Odd Places
Various folks chat one another up in the Twofer.
Vyv, Ruiz, August, Cristobal, Joseph, Cecil, Meredith

2020-07-11 - Planning in the Face of a Storm
August and Eleanor discuss the unfortunate fate of Control Pad, and make wedding plans.
August, Eleanor

2020-07-10 - Sunshine
On their three month anniversary Lucas surprises Atli with a gift. In response Atli surprises Lucas by popping the question.... Well "A" question at least.....
Lucas, Atli

2020-07-08 - Is This... a Stick Up?
A couple of cops walk into a gaming store. But they aren't going to leave without some information. Or are they?
Ruiz, Abitha

2020-07-08 - The Moonlit Proposal
During one of their last legs on this French vacation, Byron opens up to Lilith in Monte Carlo beneath the moon and stars.
Byron, Lilith

2020-07-05 - 'Murica!
4th of July at the TiBS.
Graham, Bennie, Ruiz, Lucas, Tor, Joseph, Rose, Vic

2020-07-05 - Belated Father's Day Dinner
With Ruiz back from being Lost, a belated Father's Day is had, complete with super secret present.
Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch

2020-07-03 - A Walk Home
Itzhak walks August home.
Itzhak, August

2020-07-03 - New Yorkers Going French
Two from New York both come to Gray Harbor.
Rick, Faith

2020-07-02 - Uniform Cleaning Services
A little funeral aftergaming with the boys.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-07-02 - Sagrado Corazon
In the wake of the Chief's Funeral, Cris and Dante patch up each other.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-07-02 - A Push In The Right Direction
Colin accidentally flexes on Hattie when wakes him from a nightmare, but the rocky first meeting takes an interesting turn.

2020-07-02 - Sinnerman
The Chief of Police is laid to rest, while the previously interred residents of Gray Harbour's cemetery have other ideas.
Graham, Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joey, Dante, Cristobal, Rhys, Devlin, Joseph, Alisha, Olivia

2020-07-02 - Riviera Heat
Byron's trip planning moves the happy, vacationing couple along to the French Riviera for summertime on the water. The heat continues well into the night.
Byron, Lilith

2020-07-02 - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
Itzhak gives //the worst// gifts.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2020-07-01 - Golden Days
Kailey drags Everett out for a hike in the nearby state park for...mushroom hunting?
Everett, Kailey

2020-07-01 - Scars, Ink, and Hot Water
The Bear King holds court in a Bayside hot tub.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-06-30 - The Problem with Modr
Eleanor and August seek Alexander's help on the subject of Ellie's childhood nightmare monster.
Alexander, August, Eleanor

2020-06-29 - So What the Shit...
Joey Kelly out of holding where Tor brought him pizza and made to get work out. Cris and Vic are back, maybe with news. Time to rally the troops.
Nicole, Joey, Cristobal, Tor, Vic

2020-06-29 - Journeys End
Lex returns after half a year's absence, finds old faces and new....and Cristobal gets a new callsign.
Lex, Ruiz, Cristobal, Joseph

2020-06-29 - Catch and Release
Isabella manages to find her way back from her confinement.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-06-29 - С Днем Рождения
Rekani takes Kip out for her birthday. The dance comes to a close, and a new one begins.
Rekani, Kip

2020-06-29 - Rain Dance
Sunshine may get the press but there's something to be said for storms. Or against them, possibly by the neighbours.
Aidan, Baylee

2020-06-28 - Wellness Check: Negative
The neighborhood watch is a hell of a thing. When Joey is team healer you know you have hit rock bottom.
Alexander, Joey

2020-06-26 - We (Don't) Haggle Here
Dante and Cristobal come in to look for candlesticks, and realize that the Memento Mori has a new owner. Colin is forced to haggle.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-06-25 - A Day in Paris
Byron and Lilith spend a day in Paris on Day One of their vacation. They meet up with a couple of ghosts from Lilith's past. Byron receives a distressing text message during their trip. (The Missing Persons log fits somewhere in here)
Byron, Lilith

2020-06-23 - Chickens Need Shoes Too
Hey it's been a while, but Finch has her boy on his feet again after being hit and run over by a bus. (seriously screw you Gray Harbor!)
Ignacio, Finch

2020-06-23 - Shit Happens
Because someone came home beat to hell.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-06-23 - Tourist Season
People drink, or serve drinks, at the Two If By Sea.
Alexander, Bennie, Jay, Joseph, Jefferson

2020-06-23 - Paris to Burgundy and Beyond
Byron and Lilith visit the Eiffel Tower before they hop on a train for Burgundy. They spend some time in wine country before taking a ferry to the French Riviera.
Byron, Lilith

2020-06-23 - Who Asks the Interrogation Questions?!
Headline might want to read: Joseph Kelly arrested for questioning related to the murder of Police Chief. He gets his phone call, but things can never be simple can they?
Ruiz, Joey, Tor

2020-06-22 - Everyday People
Joe and Itzhak talk about their families and some other things.
Itzhak, Joseph

2020-06-22 - To Fix A Fairlane
Cris comes to Itzhak's garage so they can discuss the fate of his car, among other things.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2020-06-22 - The French Kiss
Lilith's birthday is coming up and Byron has a little surprise for her.
Byron, Lilith

2020-06-21 - So You Were Right. I won't Tell if You Won't.
After a literal meltdown Grant seeks his (unwilling) cousin for advice. Again. Because it worked out last time. Also he's older and taller soooo he knows a thing about a thing right? Look smart people own parrots. ...somethingsomething poor choice in personal role models.
Alexander, Grant

2020-06-21 - Hobble Brokenly Forward
Cris tells Dante too little, too much, and not enough.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-06-20 - Sparrow in Shining Armor
Sparrow picks Cris up on the side of the road after he almost got run off it.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-06-20 - A Cop By Any Other Name...
Two dogs get a whiff of the current situation that escalated unfortunately, but inevitably.
Ruiz, Joey, Cristobal, Vic

2020-06-20 - Chalk It Up to a Good Idea
Spontaneous weekend trip to California to see the Sidewalk Chalk Festival, and getting new ideas to deface Addington Park in the best of ways.
Vyv, Grant

2020-06-20 - Road Hog
On his way back from a delivery, Cristobal has an incident on the road.
Alexander, Ruiz, Cristobal

2020-06-19 - Who Moved My Cheese?
Cheese and chalk may be proverbially different, but somehow both seem to feature here. Also, wine and unaccustomed spontaneity.
Vyv, Grant

2020-06-18 - A Meeting Before the Storm
This meeting took place a day before Byron swept Lilith off her feet to Paris.
Byron, Joey, Rhys

2020-06-16 - The Bitter Watches
Everybody is having a bad day.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-06-14 - Haunted Cabin
August comes home from work to find out Eleanor had a visitor.
August, Eleanor

2020-06-12 - Checking Out the New Guy
Alexander hears that Jefferson is working at Branch and Bole, and swings by to be creepy at him.
Alexander, Jefferson

2020-06-12 - You Can't Fail at Friendship
Alexander comes by to snoop regarding the chief's murder, and also take care of his friend.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-06-11 - Rules for the Breaking
Whiskey and conversation.
Sparrow, Dante

2020-06-11 - Caged Tiger
Following her recent experience in a Dream, Ainslie has been recuperating. Stefhan stops by to check on her.
Stefhan, Ainslie

2020-06-11 - The Red Bull Gathered Them One By One
After his terrible night, Ruiz comes home to Itzhak.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-06-10 - Cell phone tango
Ruiz texts Olivia the day after the police happy hour. Just why is less clear. Distinctions are made.
Ruiz, Olivia

2020-06-09 - Learning the Rules
GHPD happy hour at the Pourhouse. CP Kincaid continues her efforts to earn a spot in the Boys' Club. Captain de la Vega wills (and drinks) himself through the social morass and some darker undercurrents after the death of the Police Chief..
Ruiz, Olivia

2020-06-08 - Those Who Stay Bought
The Police Chief is, if nothing else, a man who stays bought, once purchased. That's a shame. (ST'd by Alexander)
Clarence, Alexander, Ruiz

2020-06-08 - Sizing Up
Vic and Cris officially meet. It goes as well as expected.
Cristobal, Vic

2020-06-07 - A Less Than Typical Job Interview
Jefferson stops by Branch & Bole to chat with August about a job.
August, Jefferson

2020-06-07 - Hey There, Neighbor
Sam is back in town and moving into Merry's neighborhood. With the assistance of Cheddar, they reunite and catch up a bit.

2020-06-06 - We Can All Agree that Abraham was a Pretentious F*ckwad.
Newly hired GHPD Crim Psych, Olivia Kincaid, PhD meets Captain J R de la Vega over the Reed files.
Ruiz, Olivia

2020-06-05 - Wellness Check
Bennie stops by 13 Elm to check in on Alexander and Isabella.
Alexander, Bennie, Isabella

2020-06-05 - Take the Long Way Home
After Bennie tells them about Easton's disappearance, Byron and Lilith return to his car with darker thoughts. Things get explosive as they sometimes do in such a tumultuous relationship such as theirs.
Byron, Lilith

2020-06-04 - Dying Will Not Kill You
It might be an emergency or...something... definitely a gossip session.
Nicole, Vyv, Grant

2020-06-04 - Have You Seen These Abs?
Byron and Lil stop by TiBs to check on Bennie and the disappearance of Easton Marshall.
Byron, Lilith, Bennie

2020-06-03 - Day Drinking
Jeff stops in for a drink and he and Dahlia talk about gardening, Gray Harbor, and being in prison
Dahlia, Jefferson

2020-06-03 - Family History
Ruiz and Joe sit down to coffee with Finch to get some things aired out.
Ruiz, Finch, Joseph

2020-06-03 - jingle jingle
Ruiz and Isabella have some questions for Megan.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Ruiz, Isabella, Megan

2020-06-03 - Just Shy of Forever
The time between waking and getting up is made of possibility.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-06-03 - Out of Hand
Oh. That's a lot of blood.
Vyv, Grant

2020-06-02 - Sitka Grand Opening
Gray Harbor residents come to the grand opening of the new restaurant and cocktail bar.
Byron, Lilith, Elias, Harper, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Sparrow, Dante, Cristobal, Rhys, Devlin, Vic, Jefferson

2020-06-02 - Like Thunder at a Picnic
Harper and Itzhak have lunch.
Harper, Itzhak

2020-06-02 - Are We Alright?
Ruiz checks in with Alexander after the Asylum events, Alexander reminds him that an offer is still open.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-06-02 - Bar Talk And Talk Of Bars
People talk in a bar! Gasp! In part, about being behind bars. Jefferson also sort-of gets a job.
Bennie, Juniper, Jefferson

2020-06-01 - The Hard Goodbye
The Whitehouse twins are dead. The inmates are running the Asylum. The Doctor may be unstoppable. Isabella does her best to take care of Alexander after their last Asylum run. Also if you think this is a blatant Sin City're absolutely right.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-05-31 - Strange With You
Over a week of unexplained distance, and then a late-night text: *I have a cake that needs a second opinion.*
Vyv, Grant

2020-05-31 - Paternal Spirits
After Byron and Lilith's harrowing day involving ghosts, of all things, they reconvene at Lilith's loft above the pawn shop to inform each other of their day.
Byron, Lilith

2020-05-30 - Silver and Surly
Rose meets some of the locals.
Ruiz, August, Cristobal, Rose

2020-05-29 - More than Micro
A brief backyard conversation.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-05-28 - Everyone Else Is Doing It
Someday somebody's gonna ask you%rA question that you should say yes to%rOnce in your life
Elise, Graham

2020-05-28 - Worst Advice Giver...and STOP CALLING ME CUZ!!!
Grant beseeches Alexander for for relationship advice... yeah wrap your brain around that train wreck of an idea. Get popcorn.
Alexander, Grant

2020-05-27 - Keep On Keeping On
Alexander drops by Easton and Bennie's cabin to find a tornado struck.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-05-27 - Minor Swing
Prior to Sitka opening, Itzhak and Dante practice their Django Reinhardt piece and talk about guy stuff.
Itzhak, Dante

2020-05-26 - Big News
Kim has news for Park which leads to all kinds of nattering - though a lot about strip clubs.
Park, Kim

2020-05-26 - The Honeybun Chronicles
Two BFFs discuss life, love, and weird shit (like life and love)
Harper, Jessica

2020-05-26 - The Price of a Cup of Coffee
Harper meets Ruiz for a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter how much cinnamon you add, it's still a risk.
Harper, Ruiz

2020-05-25 - Surrogate Parents
A group of friends gather to talk with with Alisha's sister Julia to help guide her with her goals.
Hera, Devlin, Alisha

2020-05-25 - I am the Exorcist. AMA.
Alexander manages to get an appointment for Joey and Nicole with the Exorcist. She clarifies some shit for them. Also, one of the chairs used to be a unicorn~!
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Nicole, Alexander, Joey

2020-05-24 - The Mind Within
Kailey decides to try something with Everett.
Everett, Kailey

2020-05-23 - Shaggy and Velma
Isabella wakes up from a hangover after the Casino's grand opening, and Alexander tells her about the latest Dream.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-05-23 - One Question
Lyric comes in to get dinner then forgets to eat when she notices the ME. Conveniently, she's got a question for him!
Lyric, Yule

2020-05-23 - A Long Overdue Conversation
A nosy (concerned) Alexander pays Byron a visit at his Penthouse to talk about the events surrounding the the latter's childhood home among other topics.
Alexander, Byron

2020-05-22 - Wonder Twin Birthday Special
Corey and Sparrow Jones celebrate their golden birthday--turning 22 on May 22nd--at the Pourhouse with friends and strangers alike. All are welcome for cake, karaoke and possibly way too many shots.
Nicole, Elias, Vyv, Corey, Sparrow, Cristobal, Grant

2020-05-22 - Lingual Cunning
Kip invites Rekani over to talk about every important thing but one.
Rekani, Kip

2020-05-21 - Waffles
Catching up over waffles. Which may or may not be a euphemism.
Easton, Bennie

2020-05-21 - May Open Mic Night - Espresso Yourself
It's Open Mic Night at Espresso Yourself! Come one, come all!
Ruiz, Lyric, Itzhak, August, Everett, Eleanor, Dante, Park, Cristobal, Scott, Kailey, Hera, Devlin, Joseph

2020-05-21 - The Survivor
Another year has passed and Byron Thorne visits his father's grave once more on the the anniversary of the man's death. Lilith and Alexander join him. They are then led into a nightmare that Byron's been trying to forget.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith

2020-05-21 - Room Service Makes Everything Better
Byron and Lilith somehow manage to have a splendid morning with room service while talking about a couple of not so splendid things.
Byron, Lilith

2020-05-20 - We Write Sins Not Tragedies
After socializing at the Casino Opening, Byron and Lilith finally get some time to process the events at the Thorne house... at least to some degree.
Byron, Lilith

2020-05-20 - How To Start Your Birthday
Kailey and Everett awake back home. And Ev surprises Kailey with his talk of PLANs. Cause it's her birthday. And she forgot.
Everett, Kailey

2020-05-19 - As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.
Itzhak flees the cacophony of the casino opening only to find himself distracted by a librarian. Is this a good or a bad thing?
Harper, Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-05-19 - Another Morning After
Waking from a Dream, a badly-wounded Devlin calls in help.
Aidan, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-05-18 - Kicking the Hornet's Nest
Alexander, Easton, and Isabella formulate a plan to deal with Bennie's debt situation, and execute. It goes very smoothly and by the numbers.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie, August, Isabella

2020-05-18 - Search and Rescue
Several guests visit 13 Elm to confer with Alexander and Isabella about Megan Keene's abduction.
Alexander, Ruiz, August, Isabella, Joseph

2020-05-18 - Veil Instruction
Ariana and Kip stop by Branch & Bole to chat with August about the Veil.
August, Kip, Ariana

2020-05-18 - Dumb Decisions
Eleanor comes home to August to find him faded.
August, Eleanor

2020-05-17 - The Author Interviews
Two authors meet on the beach (though one doesn't know the other writes) and they discuss writing, travel and homesickness.
Dante, Joseph

2020-05-17 - open the flood gates
Ruiz gets a brand new memory!
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Ruiz, Megan

2020-05-17 - event horizon
August's memory of the Asylum manages to escape from a black hole.
KarmaBum, August, Megan

2020-05-16 - Payback
Vic drops by to pay Ruiz back for Tor's healing services.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-05-16 - Wetting Our Plants
haha gardening joke. Itzhak finds Alexander doing some gardening, chips in!
Alexander, Itzhak

2020-05-15 - what kind of tots
Easton Marshall gets more than one memory back.
KarmaBum, Easton, Megan

2020-05-15 - Less Than Cordial Relations
Birdwatching on the beach has a chance encounter. Surprising information is revealed, and others get pulled in.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Finch, August, Joseph

2020-05-15 - My Mother Is Not A Polaroid
Joey and Nicole drop by for an early morning meeting with Alexander. The subject? Ghosts!
Nicole, Alexander, Joey

2020-05-15 - Filling In The Blanks
Joseph Cavanaugh reaches out to Isabella to get more information about the Asylum.
Isabella, Joseph

2020-05-15 - Beach Boys
Grant finally makes good on this threat to make Vyv draw, and it's no-- well, actually, no, it definitely *is* a picnic.
Vyv, Grant

2020-05-14 - The Ghost With The Most
An evening with the crew at the Twofer takes a turn for the dybbuk.
Easton, Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joey, Joseph, Vic

2020-05-14 - Sneak Peek
Elias gets a look at the soon-to-open Sitka at the Grand Olympic Casino.
Elias, Dante

2020-05-13 - A Freakin' Liability
Joey and Itzhak have a little real talk about what one can expect from an autistic criminal.
Itzhak, Joey

2020-05-12 - The Sound of the Can of Worms Opening over Dinner
Byron and Lilith throw a dinner for a few guests. As he promised, Byron introduces Katherine to a few of his friends and associates, Isabella and Alexander.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella, Katherine

2020-05-12 - Woodworking and Milton
Ruiz visits the library, forgets his card (oops).
Harper, Ruiz

2020-05-12 - Pizza Anyone?
What night is there that pizza doesn't sound good? Answer, none. Hungry people show up for a slice (or an extra large) and chat it up a bit.
Nicole, Kailey, Devlin

2020-05-12 - Not So Small Business
Sometimes it's easier to ask permission than for forgiveness. Formalities and such. You know how it is.
Easton, Joey

2020-05-10 - good for something
This puts Megan at 50/50.
KarmaBum, Alexander, Isabella, Megan

2020-05-10 - The Showering
Kailey returns from her Dream encounter shaken and grossed out.
Everett, Kailey

2020-05-10 - Cheap Pints and Chats
Just a late afternoon/evening at The Pourhouse. They don't let Tor into Starbucks, so he has to do his remote work somewhere.
Graham, Devlin, Tor

2020-05-10 - Ginger is not Garlic
After Isabella has her memories of the Asylum returned, Alexander invites Ruiz over, then tries to poison them both. No, not really.
Alexander, Ruiz, Isabella

2020-05-09 - Geese are Bitches (our bitches)
Lilith and Byron try to fit in a timeout at the zoo and get stalked. It's fine, though. The geese are there to handle it and everyone knows you don't screw with geese.
Byron, Lilith

2020-05-09 - We're Doing This
Alexander drops by the Deuce to check on Easton, and information is exchanged and some things are affirmed.
Alexander, Easton

2020-05-08 - Firepit Feels
Time around a sunset bonfire gets a trio of locals a little bit into the feels when it comes to conversational topics.
Byron, Lilith, August, Joseph

2020-05-08 - Fighting Words
After returning from a business trip to Oregon, Isabella meets up with Easton for their last call tradition.
Easton, Isabella

2020-05-08 - A Possible Parent Trap For Cousins
Alisha is looking for good people to be a positive influence for her little sister.
Hera, Devlin, Alisha

2020-05-07 - Please Explain
Kip and Ari catch up on various subjects.
Kip, Ariana

2020-05-07 - if you want
Ruiz isn't buying what Megan is selling.
KarmaBum, Ruiz, Megan

2020-05-07 - Te Extrañe
Alexander ambushes Ruiz after work. But it's a friend ambush, so that's all right. Right?
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-05-07 - Have some coffee with your conniving
Instagram leads to vaping. Paintball play plans. Geoff is a conniving bastard. Becki likes it. Once again Erasmus the Shiba Inu saves the day. Not Harper's boyfriend anymore. A trial period.
Geoff, Harper

2020-05-06 - A Walk after Work
Dahlia and Justin take a walk after work and talk about various things.
Dahlia, Justin

2020-05-06 - Keene To Know More
Alexander and Joseph discuss the Asylum, Megan, and the risks of Gray Harbor
Alexander, Joseph

2020-05-05 - Telling Stories
Itzhak tells Joe the story of Billy the Ghoul. For a bonus they also talk about being gay.
Itzhak, Joseph

2020-05-05 - Cinco de Mayo Karaoke
Emergency karaoke at the Twofer! What, no Hank?
Nicole, Erin, Easton, Harper, Ruiz, Lyric, Itzhak, August, Joey, Joseph, Rekani, Vic

2020-05-04 - Coffee Hazards
A few people meet up around the coffee shop and Graham gets abused on principle.
Elise, Graham, Lilith, Abitha

2020-05-03 - The Hart and the Phoenix
August and Joe go over one of the more useful aspects of mind Glimmer.
August, Joseph

2020-05-03 - Movin' Out
August and Itzhak discuss various developments.
Itzhak, August

2020-05-03 - WTF is it with Bears and this Town?
Vic and Joe run into each other at the Grizzly Den. Vic is displeased with the decor. Ruiz and his patrol partner, and Tor arrive. The nature of Gray Harbor is discussed.
Ruiz, Tor, Joseph, Vic

2020-05-03 - Straight Tequila Night, Or Vodka
Name your poison. Two cops and an actress walk into a bar...
Dahlia, Alisha, Dani

2020-05-03 - Library-Bound For Glory
Harper talks with Itzhak about building stuff and library cards and violins (of course).
Harper, Itzhak

2020-05-03 - Shit Pep Talk
Shooting contest between officers while advice and conversation happen.
Rick, Dani

2020-05-02 - Welcome Home
Easton gives Bennie a tour of their new pad to much tears and squeee'ing.
Easton, Bennie

2020-05-02 - Serve (Yourself) & Protect (The Money)
Cris drags Ruiz along on a 'wellness check' of a money drop. Things go sideways. %r%r(OOC: we're a bit timey whimey with the date this, because it took a while to finish. If Ruiz is limping, that's when this occurred)
Ruiz, Cristobal

2020-05-02 - Get 'er Done
Talk of trucks, motorcycles, races, wagers and being spoiled.
Erin, Jack, Rick

2020-05-02 - Roger That!
One rainy day, Ainslie and Ariana get to know one another a little better.
Ainslie, Ariana

2020-05-02 - Sitka
Byron meets with Dante at the Sitka, an elegant restaurant and piano bar which the latter will be running, at the casino. They discuss the establishment, the casino as a whole, among other things. Grand Opening is coming up!
Byron, Dante

2020-05-01 - Car Shopping over Pirozhiki
Kip makes Pirozhiki for breakfast, they find a potential car for Kip on Craigslist, and continue to dance around the growing elephant in the room.
Rekani, Kip

2020-04-30 - Angel of Light and Angel of Dark
Stefhan shares his concerns about Ainslie and he and Alisha wind up having quite the chat.
Stefhan, Alisha

2020-04-30 - The Extra Mile to Fight Denial
Lucas gets multiple visitors at the hospital who try to convince him that there is more to this town then meets the eye.
Abitha, Lucas, Kailey, Atli, Katy

2020-04-30 - Opening Doors
Joseph's remembered a few things about Easton's bar and his family and it's time to talk about it.
Easton, Joseph

2020-04-30 - Sibling Visiting Hours
Eleanor brings her little brother a care package in the hospital.
Eleanor, Lucas

2020-04-29 - Hyarassment
What are friends for, if not compliments, commiseration, mild manipulation, a touch of pestering, and spa days?
Vyv, Hyacinth

2020-04-28 - High and Low
Lyric and Vyv track the missing drive belt. They get as far as an empty building and sneak a peak at the culprits before they can escape.
Vyv, Abitha, Lyric

2020-04-27 - First Responders Blow Off A Bit Of Steam
After a very rough shift, First Responders share a few drinks, munchies at the bar, talk, and minor assorted shenanigans.
Tyler, Devlin

2020-04-27 - Doll Parts
Byron finds Lilith covered with blood and gore in the bathroom. He bathes her clean and eventually she talks, but there's ominous details in her account of this particular Dream.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-27 - Microhistories and Veil Topography
Just an evening at the bar.
Elias, Harper, August, Vic

2020-04-27 - The Poetry of War
Joe drops by the precinct with gifts; Javier has some things to confide.
Ruiz, Joseph

2020-04-27 - Intensive Care
Lucas is recovering from post-pageant surgery and gets a visit from a couple of dedicated nursing staff.
Erin, Abby, Lucas

2020-04-27 - Thinking Out Loud
Stephanie has a lot on her mind after the events on the set of The Night Bird, and Tyler hears her out.
Stephanie, Tyler

2020-04-26 - Pyroparapsychology
Something lost is a friendship gained. Maggi and Aidan plan to find fire with fire.
Aidan, Maggi

2020-04-26 - Anything For Family
Erin gets a text message early morning from Katy and she hurries over to see her cousin.
Erin, Jonathan, Katy

2020-04-26 - Breakfast and Boats
After visiting August, Erin returns home to Jack cooking breakfast. They have conversations about boating and there's flirting of course.
Erin, Jack

2020-04-26 - Head Trauma
Erin stops by to check on August's numerous head wounds, which are reasonably severe.
Erin, August

2020-04-26 - Ring Around the Carousel
Kip goes for a walk in the park. Something is missing. Everything is fine.
Abitha, Kip

2020-04-26 - Tethers
Dante and Elias reconnect after time spent apart.
Elias, Dante

2020-04-26 - Witching Hour Warnings
Lilith accidentally wakes Byron up around three in the morning. But that's fine, their phones were just going to go off anyway to wake them.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-25 - Crew Gatherning - Jack's
Donuts, Coffee, Engines, Racing and Boats. What a day!
Jack, Lyric, Rekani

2020-04-25 - Resuscitative Measures
She was just going to take a peek to see if Tyler was there, but instead, Stephanie finds Lucas unconscious.
Stephanie, Lucas

2020-04-25 - Dinner with Mom
Justin and Dahlia have dinner with Justin's mom prior to the filming of The Night Bird.
Dahlia, Justin

2020-04-24 - Blood on the Doorstep
Vic gets dumped unceremoniously on Ruiz's doorstep, badly injured, after an unintended Veil jaunt. tor gets called in on his ‘Heal for Cash’ side business.
Ruiz, Tor, Vic

2020-04-24 - Hard Landings
Kailey returns from the Monarch Glimmer pageant just a wee shaken.
August, Everett, Kailey

2020-04-24 - Helpful Hetero Husband
The bar staff calls for help in the midst of yet another one of their boss's benders.
Geoff, Easton

2020-04-24 - The Elephant in the Pool
Dante and Joseph make small-talk, and then eventually get around to talking about their mutual acquaintances.
Dante, Joseph

2020-04-24 - The Boss is Bossed Around
Stefhan still adjusts to his 'new' shine while Ainslie stays with him in the moment of insanity. Fortunately he doesn't boss around his number one employee much.
Stefhan, Ainslie

2020-04-23 - One Thing After Another
Lilith and Byron can't really catch a break lately. When he gets home to reconvene with the lady of the place (after they were both snared into a Dream), the man also finds some ominous mail.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-23 - Early Morning Brew
Morning at Espresso Yourself brings sibling conversations and an Addington.
Eleanor, Lucas, Atli

2020-04-22 - Murder Photography and Embroidery
Open Work/Slow RP! Talk turns to art and embroidery!
Erin, Jack, Dahlia, Maggi, Leon

2020-04-22 - New Home
Angel and Bastian settle into their new crashpad; house-warming just isn't the same when you have no money.

2020-04-21 - Trailer Trash Birthday Bash
The title says it all.
Geoff, Easton, Bennie, Harper, Ruiz, Lyric, Dahlia, Justin, Itzhak, Lucas, Ico, Tor, Joseph, Alisha

2020-04-21 - Aw, Alexander picked flowers with his very own two hands <3
Alexander inadvertently brings a friend with him for visiting hours at the hospital.
KarmaBum, Alexander, Anne, Patrick, Megan

2020-04-21 - Out to Lunch
Not having spoken much for a while, Vyv and Diana head out for lunch and a chat.
Diana, Vyv

2020-04-21 - Meeting the parents
With the Jameshouse a bit more cleaned up (at least the first floor), Diana comes to visit James and help him make the haunted old place a bit more of a home. James weighs some options, has some thoughts, and introduces Diana to his deceased parents (RIP, KFC). %r%rIn related news, James' love language is buying books together and killing god.
Diana, James

2020-04-20 - Cat Diary 04-20-20
The Authority has minions arrive.%rAttempted baiting with lesser foods.%rLong haired ape tempting.%rMulti-colored chimpanzee only uses one hand for pets.%rThey blather on without pettings.%r%rMy life is torture.
Everett, Kailey, Hera

2020-04-20 - Bullet time
Ruiz and Vic run into one another at the range.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-04-20 - Flerken Crazy Happenstance
Kailey had another night of insomnia. And found something mewling outside pitifully. Everett catches her Flerken handed.
Everett, Kailey

2020-04-19 - Cookies and Chocolate in the 'Cuzzi
Make out doesn't start with C.
Jay, Lyric

2020-04-19 - Patrick Can In Fact Say Nice Things
As it says on the tin. Patrick is super nice to Anne and doesn't mess with her at all.
Anne, Patrick

2020-04-18 - Cat vs The Hulk: Cat 6 Hulk 0
A group of friends gather at Vivid Dreams and Queso just falls in luvvvvvvvvvv with Everett's hair. This leads to interesting consequences. The cat was just being playful, right?
Jessica, Everett, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-04-18 - The Vivisectionist's Gift
After the painful trial in a Dream at the Addington House garden cocktail party, Erin comes to stay as a guest in Penthouse to heal, clean up, and rest for the evening with Byron and Lilith. While Erin is healing Lilith, she notices old damage that is strange and amiss, and that becomes the conversational topic of concern during recovery from the night's ordeal.
Erin, Byron, Lilith

2020-04-16 - Movie Nights Are Hazardous
A night of movie watching and relationship building is disturbed by robotic spiders.
Park, Alisha

2020-04-16 - Overflow
Lilith and Byron have been pretty busy with life back on the go and need some touch base time, but they don't quite do that right. It kind of works, but mostly, they argue and hurt each other's feelings before bed.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-15 - Goodnight Kisses
Atli uncharacteristically ditches work to spend time with Lucas at his apartment.
Lucas, Atli

2020-04-15 - Fannypack of Holding
Kip wakes up in the hospital after her Veil excursion. Rekani is there watching over her and provides snacks from his bottomless fannypack
Rekani, Kip

2020-04-15 - Two Ships Passing...
Atli requires professional assistance to covertly gather Intel related to the changes in the veil. She does not expect the interest of the intellectual Stefhan.
Stefhan, Atli

2020-04-15 - The Happy-Grumpy Balance
Drinking at the Pourhouse - spoiler alert, it stops before any brawl.
Abby, Tor, Ainslie, Ariana

2020-04-14 - Waffles and Twue Wuv
After a rough day for James, he goes out for waffles with Diana, because waffles (and Diana) make everything better.%r%rAlso someone *finally* tells someone else they love them I guess whatever it's nbd.
Diana, James

2020-04-14 - Spring Chillin'
Just Joey and Nicole chatting and chilling
Nicole, Joey

2020-04-13 - Wedding Bells
Katy and Jonathan start discussing some of the particulars of getting married and the thought of wedding planning feels daunting.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-04-13 - Fire is (Probably) Not the Answer
Various people drop in to Espresso Yourself for coffee and general chatting.
Vyv, Abby, Lucas, Kailey, James, Leon, Atli, Kip

2020-04-13 - Veil Exploration
Ari and Kip venture in to the Veil to try and capture footage and end up in a bind (literally). Then the Nazario siblings come to the rescue
Rekani, Nova, Kip, Ariana

2020-04-12 - Cowboy Up
It's a Western themed night at Two if by Sea for charity.
Geoff, Easton, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Jay, Harper, Ruiz, Lyric, Justin, Itzhak, August, Isabella, Astrid, Everett, Lucas, Dante, Park, Katherine, Maggi, Leon, Joseph, Katy, Vic

2020-04-12 - A Cozy of Warlocks
More spooky talk than making out. Can't win 'em all.
Elias, Sparrow, Joseph

2020-04-12 - None of the Above
Itzhak comes to Cris' to explain what happened the other night. The two end up talking. Like friends are supposed to do.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2020-04-12 - .....faded
Of all people, Megan Keene shows up to help Joseph remember something he forgot.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Joseph, Megan

2020-04-12 - Look After You
After sobering up a little, Katy drives Lucas back to his place.
Lucas, Katy

2020-04-12 - Job Interview
Angel arrives in Gray Harbor, seeks work at Antonio's.

2020-04-11 - Not Here
Jens drops by while Sparrow is chillaxing, and they talk about her future experiment and his potential role in it.
Jens, Sparrow

2020-04-11 - WE see dead people.
Addington House is haunted. Anne is, like, the only person in town that is somehow surprised by this info.
Anne, Patrick

2020-04-11 - High School Dreams
Lyric and Tyrone get sucked into the Dream and re-live some high school memories, then make some new ones.
Lyric, Tyrone

2020-04-11 - Cruzing for a Bruising
AKA: Lo Siento. A night at the Firefly when drinking turns ugly.
Stephanie, Ruiz, Itzhak, Cristobal

2020-04-10 - When did hooking people up with researchers of the dark side become networking?
After Lilith's recovery, Byron is finally able to return to work in full force. He meets up with Katherine at the casino and what started out as a business discussion turns into talks about the Veil.
Byron, Katherine

2020-04-10 - Boomstuff Therapy
Easton and Lilith blow stuff up because they're screwy and like that shit. They somehow manage to piss off the forest, go figure.
Easton, Lilith

2020-04-10 - Pornography, Proposals & Pastry Peer Pressure
Sparrow tells Dante about some of her recent reading and her intentions for dream experimentation over some of the best confections in town.
Sparrow, Dante

2020-04-10 - Safe Place To Hide
After meeting up with Byron, Katherine drops by Wayne's house with a dinner offering and a need to talk.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-04-10 - An elk steak, a bottle of beer, and thou
An overdue dinner between cabin dwellers.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August

2020-04-10 - Love-is-in-the-Air
Over a discussion on hyphenated names Lucas charms with sparkle. Weddings for Katy and Jonathan, as well as Erin are on the horizon. Leon broods over burnt ends. Faith does work. Atli learns what being calm is like.
Erin, Jonathan, Lucas, Leon, Atli, Katy, Faith

2020-04-10 - Fantasy and Reality
A harmless text flirtation stirs up some deeper relationship issues.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-04-10 - The Little Boss
Felix sends one of his Hoquiam Enforcers down to Gray Harbor to work for Joey Kelly.
Joey, Vic

2020-04-09 - The Non-Interview
Vic goes to Easton for a job interview. Which is really just a formality since someone behind the scenes has been pulling all sorts of strings.
Easton, Vic

2020-04-09 - Past Meets Present
Vic is waiting for Easton at TiBS to be hired as a bartender. A ghost from the past walks in. An angry Mexican ghost named Ruiz.
Ruiz, Vic

2020-04-09 - Shelter From The Rain
An afternoon coffee run during a rainy day.
Katherine, Jewellia

2020-04-08 - The Library Dog
For fortuitous and formidable fortunes in the fourth month of 2020. Erasmus, the shiba inu puppy, gets her first visit to the Gray Harbor Public Library. The library's basement connects to the Vatican. Harper can kick monsters' asses; tigers are a less certain foe. Moe. Q. McGlutch did not vape. Dragons are misunderstood. Chocolate cake has secret powers.
Geoff, Harper, Rick

2020-04-08 - A Wiener and Two Sultanas
A trio of A's have some drinks, and Joe overhears (then joins) a very interesting conversation indeed.
Joseph, Ainslie, Alisha, Ariana

2020-04-08 - Toast to Health
Lilith gets healed by August over a lovely breakfast courtesy of Byron and they have typical GH conversation. It's possible, though, that Lilith isn't as fine as she seems.
Felicity, Byron, Lilith, August

2020-04-06 - Reminders of a New Life
Everett and Bean come to visit Hera and, once calmly accepting them, Hera is reminded of a tragedy in her past. Alisha offers support and maybe Everett isn't that much of an asshole after all? Nah...%r%r<The poor man needs more birthday parties.>
Everett, Hera, Bean, Alisha

2020-04-06 - Glasshouse
August is no Yoda.
August, Cristobal

2020-04-06 - Once Upon a Trip to Portland
August and Eleanor head to Portland to get the former a new vehicle and both some ink. Plus August has a surprise planned.
August, Eleanor

2020-04-05 - The Woods are Lovely
Niall and August discuss the forest and some glowing shrooms which are magical and perfectly non-murderous.
August, Niall

2020-04-05 - Pillowtalk
Byron gets Lilith settled at home and they enact a small game of questions while she's physically limited.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-05 - Karaoke After Party
The fun after karaoke continues, complete with bear contest.
Ruiz, Lyric, Itzhak, August, Everett, Tyrone, Sparrow, Alison, Kailey, Rhys, Joseph

2020-04-05 - Photographs and Memories
Alexander brings Isabella home from the hospital, and the two catch up on some loose threads - and each other.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-04-05 - A Chill Diner Day
Esme chats with Yule, then Rekani.
Esme, Yule, Rekani

2020-04-04 - Honesty & Forgiveness
After some liquid courage and unexpected words of encouragement, Katherine goes for a walk to see Wayne.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-04-04 - It's All Mumbo Jumbo
Kip and Zoe meet and discuss a bit of the weirdness of Gray Harbor.

2020-04-03 - I guess we have some time to kill.
Hazel buys Garrett a cup of coffee. While she's working, making coffee. Coffee turns into a trail run. A trail run is ruined by an old car. An old car resolves to ill-fitting sweats. And -- as they're wont to do -- said sweats evolve to frozen pizza and music. Babydoll.
Garrett, Hazel

2020-04-03 - Guns Go Pew Pew
Bennie shanghais date night and asks for a shooting lesson instead. Easton's only too happy to oblige. [Some trees were harmed in this filming of Beaston. And a pocket beer.]
Easton, Bennie

2020-04-03 - Kidnapping Gone Awry
Sparrow tries to kidnap Cris, but he hijacks the conversation, and it all gets weird.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-04-03 - Friends In An Unexpected Place
In the midst of avoiding Easton and trying to figure out what to do about her situation with Wayne, Katherine makes friends with Geoff and Harper, and meets Itzhak (for the first time) and Joseph (again, she thinks).%r
Geoff, Harper, Itzhak, Katherine, Joseph

2020-04-03 - Computers For Cats
An event at The Hub to help cats in need. Lyric and Kim meet each other, Ainslie shows off her work ethic, and Mo Show steals the show!
Lyric, Stefhan, Kim

2020-04-02 - Bedside Omission
Lilith is in the hospital and Byron disappears from her bedside. When he returns, she's none the wiser and he's certainly not fessing up.
Byron, Lilith

2020-04-02 - April Fools
It's April Fools Day. Several things to talk about..
Erin, Jack

2020-04-02 - Break Time Banter
Abby and Zara find a few minutes to have a chat.
Abby, Zara

2020-04-02 - Drive Me Crazy
Everett takes Kailey for a ride on his bike. They have a beach picnic and Kailey learns more about Everett's past.
Everett, Kailey

2020-04-02 - Home Harrowing Home
James has got his eye on Gray Harbor. Don't think he didn't see that! Harper sticks her nose in. Geoff brings a puppy and hot chocolate.
Geoff, Harper, James

2020-03-31 - Swatches for Stephanie
Tyler comes in to find artwork with an ocean theme, a crowd of friends gather, and Stephanie is eager to discuss coloring for her home.
Stephanie, Tyler, Grace, Hera, Devlin, Kim, Faith

2020-03-31 - An Important Cause
Stefhan and Ainslie briefly discuss a potential fundraiser.
Stefhan, Ainslie

2020-03-30 - Orange Blossom Special
Itzhak visits Isabella in the hospital. Bluegrass happens.
Itzhak, Isabella

2020-03-30 - Can we talk?
Easton, Katherine

2020-03-29 - Casual Shore Stroll
A languid stroll on the beach, and what it may bring.
Everett, Roxy, Kailey, Joseph, Niall

2020-03-28 - What Dreams May Come
Isabella is once again in the hospital - on her birthday no less. Alexander gets the skinny on what happened with FCN.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-03-28 - All the Stars are Blood
Byron races to find Lilith after the chaos on the other side of the Veil. He finds her bleeding on the floor of her office after she was ripped into by the Vivisectionist. There's no real chance to relax, even though she's settled restfully into emergency hospital care-- the man disappears into a Dream while watching her sleep.
Byron, Lilith

2020-03-28 - One Way to Avoid Arrest
Alisha and Alexander stumble across the same unpleasant crime scene. No one gets shot!
Alexander, Alisha

2020-03-28 - Art and Decay
Kailey and August finally get to talk about something other than murderous plants.
August, Kailey

2020-03-27 - Sound Advice
Nicole and Sparrow catch up over coffee to talk about words, weirdness and what to watch on the next movie night.
Nicole, Sparrow

2020-03-27 - Not So Sweet
Just normal Gray Harbor conversations.
Lyric, Tyrone

2020-03-27 - Running into Trouble
Two people celebrate spring by trail running in Firefly Forest. One is charming. The other? Not so much. Songs are sung. Fortunes are (almost) told. There is pepper spray.
Garrett, Hazel

2020-03-27 - Seaside Sunset
More Veil discussion and offers to trade
August, Joseph

2020-03-26 - Plants vs. Zoo
James, Kailey, and August are minding their own business in the Zoo when some shrubs get up to no good.
August, Kailey, James

2020-03-26 - Two mommies
Bean talks to Kailey. Things are negotiated.
Byron, Everett, Kailey, Bean

2020-03-26 - Her Sweet Silver Lining
Katherine wakes up from a Dream she doesn't understand and reaches out to Wayne. When he responds, she realizes that he’s her silver lining in the dark clouds of Gray Harbor.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-03-26 - The Perils of Gardening
A planned dinner with friends goes a little off the rails when Alexander's garden gets frisky.
Alexander, Lilith, Isolde, Isabella

2020-03-25 - Fishy Things
A cool but sunny afternoon on the pier. Kailey is fishing when Everett finds her. They talk and get goofy. Kailey catches a salmon and they head home.
Everett, Kailey

2020-03-25 - We're Going to Try Science^H^H^H^H^H^HMagic
August decides it would be a good idea to use Glimmer to examine the 'scabs' formed by the graft he put in the Veil, invite Niall and Itzhak along for the ride.
Itzhak, August, Niall

2020-03-25 - Market Meetings and Massive Melons
Lilith goes to buy a bunch of melons in Safeway and runs into some familiar faces. Naturally, there's inquiries as to why the hell she has so many.
Lilith, Ruiz, James

2020-03-25 - In the Still of the Night
When Lilith wakes up, Byron isn't in the Penthouse and the terrace doors are wide open with no one outside. Spooked by context clues, she waits and the man eventually returns, covered with blood.
Byron, Lilith

2020-03-24 - Tree Scabs
In MY garage? It's more likely than you think!
Itzhak, August, Hyacinth

2020-03-24 - Mami Issues
Kip plans to storm the Nazario home. The plan doesn't survive the threshold.
Rekani, Nova, Kip

2020-03-23 - Morning on the Boardwalk
Kip, Carter, and Joe talk about the strangeness of Gray Harbor, Kip's job, and Carter's inherited house that most def has a people-eating fan.
Carter, Joseph, Kip

2020-03-23 - We had a dream
Adam and Jewellia talk about new abilities, and the strange dream they had
Jewellia, Adam

2020-03-23 - Just a sec...
That moment
Katherine, Wayne

2020-03-23 - it's 3 am and nothing's fine ;)
If this was a paranormal YA novel, I'm sure this would be a very romantic scene, in which Gina visits James and gives him an adorable stuffed bear.
Gina, James

2020-03-22 - One Beer Therapy
Easton meets with Maggi for another session and she manages to get him to open up and actually talk this time. Progress!
Easton, Maggi

2020-03-22 - Heirlooms
Margaret sends a box of Thomas's things to his heir. Isabella happens to be there when Hyacinth does a little residue-reading.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Isabella, Hyacinth

2020-03-22 - Settling In
Kip and Ariana catch up further and discuss more of the weird
Kip, Ariana

2020-03-22 - Sink, Swim, or Get Out of the Pool
Abitha asks Gina some questions. Gina is Gina, but this time almost helpful. Almost.
Gina, Abitha

2020-03-22 - Logging Inventory
Elias gets stuck at the shop and Dante helps him log arriving inventory while they talk.
Elias, Dante

2020-03-21 - 2 Federal, 14 state, and possibly 6 more laws...
Research at the library. Then someone checks their email.
Gina, Abitha, Kip, Jewellia

2020-03-21 - Hangovers Suck
Everett has a hangover. But he stumbles on how to start fixing things anyway.
Everett, Kailey

2020-03-21 - Companion Ecosystems
Byron and Lilith swing by Branch & Bole to check out Byron's allotment garden.
Byron, Lilith, August

2020-03-20 - Two Russians and a Canadian Stand at a Bus Station
Ainslie almost literally bumps in to Ariana, who is on a search for Kip, who just so happens to also be getting off a bus! Reunions happen and the contents of a frilly pink bag is revealed.
Ainslie, Kip, Ariana

2020-03-20 - Is 'Too many puppies' a real problem?
Look doggos and cats and stuff have needs too.%rSlow work RP
Nicole, Joey, Bean, Jewellia, Adam

2020-03-20 - The Morning After
Alexander and Isolde catch up after the latter crashes after an epic beer drinking contest. Food is burnt, headaches are taunted.
Alexander, Isolde

2020-03-20 - Waiting Is The Hardest Part
The waiting room of Addington Memorial is loaded with people worried about Ignacio deSantos
Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2020-03-20 - When It Rains
August and Isabella touch base about recent research developments.
August, Isabella

2020-03-20 - Hospital Visits
Elazar visits Minerva in the hospital.
Minerva, Elazar

2020-03-19 - Everyone Drinks for Their Own Reasons
It's close to closing time but Easton still has a couple of stubborn customers he hasn't tossed out yet.
Easton, Roxy, Joseph

2020-03-19 - Happy *$&#ing Birthday
The slowest night at the Twofer gets a little more lively when customers show up.
Easton, Isolde, Itzhak, Katherine, Roxy, Joseph

2020-03-19 - We've Got Spirit? Yes, We Do!
Grant is possibly a bad influence. Vyv is possibly a better one. Experiments with Glimmer are possibly a decent cure for residual clone-related irritation.
Vyv, Grant

2020-03-19 - Gray Harbor, Meet Fiona
Everett has news for Kailey. It triggers her D.I.D. and Everett has to deal with Fiona. Who steals his phone and starts a horrible cascade in his love life.
Everett, Kailey, Bean

2020-03-18 - Bar Talk, Interrupted
Various conversations in the bar are interrupted by a certain falcon on the hunt.
Tobin, Alexander, Ruiz, August, Sparrow, Cristobal, James, Joseph

2020-03-18 - I'll Follow You Down
Alexander returns from his sawmill excursion a few hours after Isabella returns from her own.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-03-18 - Misunderstood Serial Killers & Popcorn
Gina, Harper, and Geoff get together for a campy viewing of 'Neon Maniacs'.
Geoff, Gina, Harper

2020-03-17 - An Awkward Talk
Just one of those talks engaged couples need to have before they get married. If you're living in Gray Harbor.
August, Eleanor

2020-03-17 - The Question
Kyle asks Mari a very important question
KyleAddington, Marianna

2020-03-17 - A Heart to Heart
A discuss on where Jake goes, when he goes, does he stay?

2020-03-17 - Behold, the charring of meat
Having gotten everything together, Wayne kept his promise and called Dahlia
Dahlia, Wayne

2020-03-17 - Parks and Rek
Saint Patrick's day conversation between two of Platinum Cabaret's DJs.
Park, Rekani

2020-03-16 - Real Talk
Kim and Hera deepen their friendship with talking that real talk about their lives and how great they're, mostly, doing.
Everett, Hera, Kim

2020-03-16 - Notes Left Behind
Alexander shows Isabella the shamrock card and sawmill article he received in the mail. Isabella shows him Dr. Wagner's old business card.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-03-16 - Corn, but not forgotten
Shucking it up after their Korn Maize macobre adventure where they vanished into thin ear, Everett, Kailey and Kim cut the crop and husk some deeply fielded questions. Things corn get real.%r
Lyric, Everett, Kailey, Kim

2020-03-15 - Bathtub Baked
Easton and Bennie hide out from the world in her favorite place: the bathtub.
Easton, Bennie

2020-03-15 - Laundry day is a very dangerous day.
People washing stuff.
Graham, Esme, Joseph

2020-03-15 - How To Open A Jar(Head)
Tyrone comes back to Harper, proverbial hat in hand, asking if they can be friends again.
Harper, Tyrone

2020-03-15 - Sleepless in Gray Harbor
After burning the midnight oil, Katherine texts Wayne when she’s unable to sleep.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-03-14 - The Curious Case of Johannes Wagner
Alexander, Byron and Isabella stop by the Reede family home to talk to George Reede.
Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2020-03-14 - Drinks & Discussions
Alisha and Stephanie run into each other outside of the work setting and meet Ainslie.
Stephanie, Ainslie, Alisha

2020-03-14 - The Missing Piece
The last piece of the puzzle comes together as Jonathan gives Katy her ring.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-03-14 - Handyman for "Hire"
Jake drums up some business that goes from good Samaritan to innuendo. Jewellia gets some advice on getting her pipes cleaned. Atli brings year round Christmas cheer, while Abitha throws shade and a roll of tape.
Abitha, Atli, Jewellia

2020-03-14 - Strawberries and Cinnamon
Kip meets Carter and they chit chat. She has Strawberry and Cream Waffles and he has Apple and Cinnamon.
Carter, Kip

2020-03-13 - No Crying over Spilt Coffee
Kailey and Garrett cross paths and chat.
Garrett, Kailey

2020-03-13 - Coffee Shop Banter
Katherine runs into Bennie again, this time in her EMT uniform. After some mild confusion, they enjoy each other's company.
Bennie, Katherine

2020-03-13 - Cam Bois and Travelogues
Conversations at a bar.
Alfie, Sparrow, Cristobal, Joseph

2020-03-13 - Falcon Hunt
A briefing about Peregrine held in Alexander Clayton's residence at 13 Elm Street leads to the conclusion that there might be someone in town who knows who the mysterious antagonist is.
Alexander, Byron, Ruiz, August, Isabella

2020-03-13 - Clocks, Basements and the Number Thirteen
Isabella and Alexander show Easton TIBS' s secret basement, and uncover more information regarding Dr. Marshall's cryptic words.
Alexander, Easton, Isabella

2020-03-13 - Coffee and Introductions
On a cold day, friends connect over coffee.
Jewellia, Adam

2020-03-12 - On Healing
August comes over to Ciprian's house to discuss healing, and also do some.
August, Ciprian, Beth

2020-03-12 - Winter's Art
Shopping and being social.
Kass, Hera, Leon, Oren, Faith

2020-03-12 - What's in a Name?
Leon promotes a charity event <s>to a leprechaun</s>, Wayne buys a desk with his sweetie, Kip doesn't work here, and Atli knows exactly who all the new and old faces are.
Katherine, James, Leon, Wayne, Stefhan, Atli, Kip, Alisha

2020-03-12 - A Growing Coalition
Ruby seeks out Drs. Isabella Reede and August Roen at the Gray Harbor Library regarding their efforts into exploring and mapping out the Veil.
August, Isabella, Ruby

2020-03-11 - Someone Else's Paperwork
Leon tries to do some paperwork for the St. Patty's Day event. Gina has other ideas. Katherine almost makes some connections if the other two weren't so weird.
Gina, Katherine, Leon

2020-03-11 - Dinner Date?
After signing a comic and meeting for coffee, Katherine and Wayne have decided to meet for a meal. But what does it signify...
Katherine, Wayne

2020-03-11 - The Last Endeavor
Byron grabbed some feathers from outside the hospital after Lilith killed the gross crow. He decides to do what any overly curious Mentalist would do...(This scene immediately follows The Dress and the Spike)
Byron, August

2020-03-11 - Don't Invite Your Drunk Uncle (And Other Dinner Party Lessons)
Katy and Jonathan host a dinner party.
Alexander, Jonathan, Isabella, Anne, Patrick, Katy

2020-03-11 - The Date Before the Nightmare Before Christmas
Alisha takes Park out to a costume screening of Nightmare Before Christmas. Spoiler Alert - They don't make it.
Park, Alisha

2020-03-11 - The Dress and the Spike
While doing some housekeeping, Byron decides to do something he's been avoiding for a while now: Trying to learn more about two objects that have attachments to a couple of violent events in his recent past. (This scene is continued in The Last Endeavor)
Byron, Lilith

2020-03-11 - Target Practice
Esme and Adam meet at the range. Adam is consistent but Esme's aim goes awry
Esme, Adam

2020-03-11 - A Run In The Park
Two young professionals meet on a run in Addington Park and become friends.
Katherine, Zara

2020-03-11 - A New Opportunity
How the Hub got it's newest employee.
Stefhan, Ainslie

2020-03-10 - Coffee Break
Katherine attempts to meet new people.
Jessica, Katherine, Hera, Devlin, Thewlis, Jewellia

2020-03-10 - Fiddle(r) Repair
Bennie fixes Itzhak.
Easton, Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-03-10 - Ultraviolence
Lilith is surprised by a piece of her old dominatrix life in Byron's drawer while trying to surprise him. She's worked up, but can't land on how to actually feel until Byron is home. From there, it turns into a pretty dark and intense conversation (and then some).
Byron, Lilith

2020-03-10 - Stiff neck from sleep troubles.
Reconnecting with a friend lead to a discussion on a stiff neck and the dark dreams for earlier in the month.
KyleAddington, Marianna

2020-03-10 - Wish You Were Here
Everett gets a call from just about the last person he expects and they chat around a mouth full of Jack In The Box salad (this scene sponsored by Jack In The Box, 'We don't make it until you order it!')
Everett, Kailey

2020-03-10 - Full Circle Conversation
Jonathan and Katy go for a walk and have a deep meaningful discussion about the future while meeting folks along the way.
Felicity, Jonathan, Kailey, Katy

2020-03-10 - Between Pages Two and Three
Alexander finds a weird gross crow carcass in his freezer. He does what any overly curious Mentalist would do--he reads it.
Alexander, August

2020-03-10 - The Literary Vampire
Garrett visits the GHPL in search of some local lore. Harper busy-bodies her way into his business. Dreams. Music. Dogs. Matchmaking. Accents. Poetry. It's all there.
Harper, Garrett

2020-03-09 - Thank You Tequila
Food swap part 1 involves tequila, which leads to talking and brave flirtations.
Rekani, Kip

2020-03-09 - That Thing We Do
Various folks run into one another in Likely Stories and talk Glimmer.
Itzhak, August, Roxy, Beth, Joseph, Rekani, Kip

2020-03-09 - Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Easton and Bennie talk about their respective recoveries.
Easton, Bennie

2020-03-09 - House Call
Kim visits Steph at home to have a heart-to-heart and meets her younger brother Jake.
Stephanie, Kim

2020-03-08 - Blondes 3 Idiot Man 0
Hoping to catch Faith, Stefhan runs into blonde women instead. Chaos and hilarity ensue and the businessman will obviously need to work on his weaknesses.
Everett, Bean, Stefhan, Atli, Meredith, Alisha

2020-03-08 - Plans Before The Murray House
Minerva and Elazar talk plans prior to the Murray House.
Minerva, Elazar

2020-03-08 - Cleanup Crew: Phase One
A gang of pals clean out the first floor of James' inherited hoarder mess. They end up re-strategizing after having a hell of a frustrating kickoff.
Diana, Tobin, Byron, Lilith, James

2020-03-08 - The Key
Morrigan gives Devlin a gift a bit belatedly.
Devlin, Morrigan

2020-03-08 - Nothing But Death
Cristobal and Ruiz catch up and brood at the sea together.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2020-03-08 - The World's Most Extraordinary Homes
The best way to handle jet-lag is Chinese food, architecture documentary tv, and Bax. Apparently.
Vyv, Grant

2020-03-08 - Reflections
What normal looks like: the symbolism behind cheesy fries, maps inked on skin and complications of identity.
Alfie, Sparrow

2020-03-07 - The Sparklies
Kip meets Tyler and Elias and there's some discussion about Chernobyl and the weird things of Gray Harbor.
Elias, Tyler, Kip

2020-03-07 - Grown Adults
Ciprian lets Beth know about his exciting adventure in the Veil.
August, Ciprian, Beth

2020-03-07 - Lessons in Lead
Ruiz takes Roxy out shooting.
Ruiz, Roxy

2020-03-07 - Comrades in Coffee and Commiseration
Lilith invites Alexander to coffee for talk and company while Isabella is in the UK.
Alexander, Lilith

2020-03-07 - The Things We Miss
Isabella returns a day early from England.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-03-07 - Twins and Beautiful Brisket
Grace and Faith and company settle in for good company and good food. Yes, the twins are more beautiful than the brisket but who can turn down nice dining like this?
Stephanie, Grace, Devlin, Stefhan, Kim, Faith

2020-03-07 - Una Feliz Boda
Someone's baby sister is getting married. What a way for Finch to meet the family.
Ignacio, Finch

2020-03-06 - Run-Ins
Several run-ins at TIBS.
Ruiz, Sparrow, Cristobal, Joseph, Cecil, Timothy

2020-03-06 - Crazy Cat Man
Stefhan arranges to have pictures of his new baby boy taken.
Stefhan, Jewellia, Adam

2020-03-06 - You need a wingman.
Easton makes it his personal mission to act as Justin's wingman.
Easton, Justin

2020-03-06 - A Lousy Night to be Out
People meet up around Gray Pond just after sunset. Nobody gets murdered.
Nicole, Stephanie, Alexander, Joey, Kim

2020-03-05 - Breakfast as Grizzly's
Isolde meets Adam and Jewellia. Breakfasts are had and nothing bad happens!
Isolde, Jewellia, Adam

2020-03-05 - Wanderings in Wales
After running into each other in a pub in London, this intrepid, Gray Harbor-based trio decides to go on a road trip to Wales and investigate a thin point.
Vyv, Isabella, Hyacinth

2020-03-04 - Bar-lympics
It's the Bar-Lympics! Where the finest bar-thletes that Gray Harbor has come out to complete for glory and mediocre prizes.
Alexander, Easton, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Ruiz, Lyric, Everett, Tyrone, Roxy, Tim, Joseph, Rekani, Kip, Alisha

2020-03-04 - Alexanderotic (Or Why You Shouldn't Try To Facetime When You're This Drunk)
After 12 hours of celebrating, an extremely wasted and newly-minted Dr. Isabella Reede decides to seduce her boyfriend long distance....except that she drunk dials the wrong number. Plenty of horrified screaming and fire.
Easton, Isabella

2020-03-04 - Dinner Plans
Night out.
Erin, Ciprian, Ryan, Beth

2020-03-03 - Bookstore Society
Open - Slow work rp!
Abitha, Grant, KyleAddington, Thewlis, Marianna, Kip

2020-03-03 - Mexican Cantina
Dante wants Cris to cook, so cook he does.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-03-02 - Careful! There's a Cop!
Devlin, Everett and Hera meet Alisha!
Everett, Hera, Devlin, Alisha

2020-03-02 - Can You Hear Me Now?
Vyv takes advantage of being across an ocean to test just how far a mental message can go. But texting's really easier.
Vyv, Grant

2020-03-02 - Frenemies at the Gate
Peacekeepers from both sides of the law meet for ribs and catch up.
Ruiz, Joey

2020-03-02 - A Discussion of Gnomes and Trees
Ciprian, Minerva, and August talk trees and gnomes.
August, Minerva, Ciprian

2020-03-02 - Reunited
Katy invites Erin over so that she and Jonathan can catch up with her.
Erin, Jonathan, Katy

2020-03-01 - Impossible Burger is Impossible
When it's a slow night at the diner, make all your customers sit together for the convenience.
Bennie, Rick, Katherine, Alisha

2020-03-01 - Random Pizza Dinner Date
Jonathan and Katy make a new friend in Kip while out on their dinner date.
Jonathan, Katy, Kip

2020-03-01 - The Shark and the Wolf
Dante and Ruiz finally meet while evading a pub crawl.
Ruiz, Dante

2020-03-01 - Special Access Privileges
Byron gives Lilith a surprise tour of the Casino before it's open to the public.
Byron, Lilith

2020-03-01 - Netflix and...Chat?
After picking up some diner favourites, Katherine invites Wayne over to her place to pick his brain about his work and share a piece of herself with him that no one knows about.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-03-01 - The Aftermath of the Storm
After three days in intensive care, Stephanie wakes to find out what happened after she was rushed off to the hospital, and for the first time in front of her friends, she breaks down and admits she needs help.
Stephanie, Jessica, Everett, Grace, Hera, Kim, Zara

2020-03-01 - An Understanding
Easton and Ruiz yell at each other a lot, mostly for no reason.
Easton, Ruiz

2020-03-01 - Why is Space Broken?
When the world kinda goes to shit common sense says turn to your bestie and recreational science. Because science.
Sparrow, Grant

2020-03-01 - Always On My Mind
When she returns from Hyacinth’s birthday party and catching up with Erin, Katy tells Jonathan about the party and something that’s been on her mind for a while.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-02-29 - A Third First Meeting
Aidan and August meet, for the first--and third--time.
Aidan, August

2020-02-29 - When You Don't Realize That Your Business Partner and Your Lawyer are Exes.
Byron sets up a meeting with both his investment partner (Easton) and his lawyer (Katherine) to meet him at their newly acquired casino. Unknown to him the invited already have a history together.
Easton, Byron, Katherine

2020-02-29 - A Slightly More Modest Proposal
August and Eleanor discuss Hyacinth's birthday party.
August, Eleanor

2020-02-29 - Waffles and Conversations
After packing up his home in Seattle, Adam filled a trailer and attached it to his truck. After a long evening drive he called Jewellia for some breakfast.
Jewellia, Adam

2020-02-29 - The End of Silence
Itzhak tries to fix August's car with the power of rage alone.
Itzhak, August

2020-02-28 - Reunion Part 2
Dahlia reconnects with her youngest older brother.
Dahlia, Wayne

2020-02-28 - Violence Isn't (Always) The Answer
Alexander's "logical" solution to the trauma of killing Isabella in a Dream is one she absolutely rejects, spurring some flailing and screaming and crying. In the end...
Alexander, Isabella

2020-02-28 - Dancer, Dancer, Revolutionist
The two Nazario siblings race to the Waffle Shoppe. Dahlia stops by. Banter ensues.
Dahlia, Rekani, Nova

2020-02-28 - Saudade
Beth gets some good news.
Ciprian, Beth

2020-02-28 - Saints and Santeria
Sparrow comes by Cris' place for some cuddling. Things do not go as planned, but maybe that's alright.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-02-28 - Catching Up with Love
Two BFFs discuss their recent journeys into love - not with each other.
Harper, Jessica

2020-02-28 - Surprise In The Surprise
Magnolia Jones follows up on the voicemail Isabella Reede left for her a few weeks ago.
Magnolia, Isabella

2020-02-28 - Welcome to the Family
Tor arranges matters so he can ask Alexander about a dream he had. He doesn't really like the answers Alexander gives.
Alexander, Tor

2020-02-28 - Tea and TROs
August stops by to check on Beth, since 'supernatural stalker killing people for hearts' was a little hard to not ask about.
August, Beth

2020-02-28 - Three Girls and a Guy
Grace, Hera, and Kim visit and Devlin, the token fabulous guy, comes in.
Grace, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-02-27 - Ranger Rick and the No Good, Very Bad Week
People congregate in TIBS to discuss the gnome issue, and a shot challenge is made.
Easton, Dahlia, August, Hyacinth, Eleanor, Beth, Joseph, Cecil, Niall

2020-02-27 - Something
Openness and honesty aren't all they're cracked up to be.%r%rNeither is getting old.
Anne, Patrick

2020-02-27 - The Fouled Anchor
Roxy seeks out Joseph to present him with something she brought back from a Dream.
Roxy, Joseph

2020-02-26 - Coffee, Comics & Conversation
Some time after their first encounter, Wayne joins Kate for some coffee and they chat to get to know each other better.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-02-26 - Pawn Shop Talk
Chit chat and introductions at the local pawn shop
Stefhan, Kim, Kip

2020-02-26 - The Prodigal Son's Return
Jake returns home to Gray Harbor just in time to find his older sister in Intensive Care.

2020-02-26 - A Love Demon and a Funeral
Esme stops by the funeral home to check on Beth and plan a funeral.
Esme, Beth

2020-02-26 - Can't Open Up The Jar(Head)
Tyrone returns some VERY overdue books and tells Harper to mind her own business.
Harper, Tyrone

2020-02-26 - Guilt-Free Geekery
Guilty pleasure? Nah, she doesn't feel guilty about any of it. %r%rOne of Katherine's secret pleasures is that she's a bit of a comic book geek. The first one to discover this in Gray Harbor happens to write a series she reads.
Katherine, Wayne

2020-02-25 - OG Flash Gordon Only
A discussion of contractors and movies in the hardware store.
Harper, August, Jade, Thewlis, Stefhan

2020-02-25 - Blurry
Levi and Magnolia make a decision -- or perhaps Magnolia helps Levi make a decision. Time to find Dad.
Magnolia, Levi

2020-02-25 - Common Market
All kinds of judgement, but no junk food attacks.
Vyv, Corey

2020-02-25 - Sisterhood of the ICU
After getting attacked by the creature that loves too much, the Vivid Dreams art gallery crew gather at the hospital to lend emotional support to one of their own.
Stephanie, Jessica, Everett, Grace, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-02-24 - Death is Preferable to Dying
[Back scened to sometime around Valentine's] During Bennie's Adventures In Detox, Alexander reveals more about himself. They both have their own demons to slay.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-02-24 - I have to hurt you, to hurt him
Obsesi is upset with Alexander, and seeks to hurt someone to hurt him. It doesn't go well for the creature, and the nightmare is ended, but not without harm.
Stephanie, Alexander, Hera, Devlin, Patrick, Thewlis, Kim

2020-02-24 - Love (Until We Bleed)
Lilith gives Byron his overdue Valentine. They find intimacy again and Lilith uses that passion to confront some of her trauma.
Byron, Lilith

2020-02-24 - The Fiddle Grunge Band
Some folks bond over an affinity for plaid at the Firefly Club.
Tobin, Stefhan, Niall, Ainslie

2020-02-24 - Nothing In Between
Beaston reunites after their time apart.
Easton, Bennie

2020-02-23 - Forced Reps, Flexion, and Frenemies
Filled up to the brim%rWith something grim%rHe peels reps at the gym%rOr else he would slim%r%rThen along came Kim%rPerhaps not on a whim%rBut was to talk to him%rAnd surprise he's not dim%r%rNow it's out on a limb%rIf they can sink or swim%rThis summary you might skim%rWhat for any better synonym
Everett, Kim

2020-02-23 - The New Generation
Finding Isabella's number in Jonathan's device, Katy Addington makes contact.
Isabella, Katy

2020-02-23 - Grouchy Bro Cuddles
Easton manages to give Itzhak a shoulder to lean on without it turning into something it shouldn't. Progress!
Easton, Itzhak

2020-02-23 - THC and Tacos
Rekani tells Kip about his adventure over tacos and sharing a vape.
Rekani, Kip

2020-02-22 - Third Date
Whose family is more fucked up?
Alexander, Patrick

2020-02-22 - Convergence
A night out at TIBS, commonalities revealed.
Sparrow, Dante, Joseph, Cecil

2020-02-22 - Casual Date with Dinner
Looks like Kip and Stefhan become friends.
Stefhan, Kip

2020-02-22 - Who Let the Dogs Out
Itzhak warns August about a jailbreak.
Itzhak, August

2020-02-21 - Wait For Me
After roughly three days of functioning on autopilot and refusing to cope with what happened on Valentine's Day, Lilith breaks down in the middle of the night.
Byron, Lilith

2020-02-21 - Two CEOs Chat
Two business fellas chat. Connections are made.
Justin, Stefhan

2020-02-20 - The Lost, Reprise
This whole log is just Anne and Alexander being really sad.
Alexander, Anne

2020-02-20 - Pop Music is Overrated
Kip has gone dancing at Firefly, doesn't step on Stefhan's toes and touches on music and the 'weird stuff' with Rekani.
Stefhan, Rekani, Kip

2020-02-20 - Freezing Our Beytzim Off
Itzhak finds Alexander so he can give him a stern talking-to. And by stern talking-to, we mean sit around and commiserate.
Alexander, Itzhak

2020-02-19 - Vivid Reality
Just another social scene at the art gallery. It's strange since Hera doesn't think Ev is that much of an a**. What is real anymore?
Everett, Grace, Hera, Thewlis, Kim

2020-02-19 - Anything you put your mind to.
Mostly talking shit about Enzo and Alexander and Margaret.
Anne, Patrick

2020-02-19 - If We Could Only Annihilate Them With Sex Lasers
Easton checks on Isabella after the fallout of Valentine's Day. Somehow it ends with the prospect of killing Shadows with Sex Lasers, because it's Easton and Isabella and that's how they roll.
Easton, Isabella

2020-02-18 - Addington family field trip
Enzo and Hyacinth share what they learned at Margaret's house with their cousins, a few of whom make plans to visit the abandoned family sawmill.
Hyacinth, KyleAddington, Patrick, Enzo, Atli, Katy

2020-02-18 - The Inside Scoop
Beth shows up at Sweet Retreat to bend the ear of the jelly Green Giant.
Everett, Beth

2020-02-18 - Winter Veggies
Alexander gets a visitor bearing gifts and sage advice. He will later consume the dove's heart in a ritual of bloody love.
Alexander, August

2020-02-18 - Ignorance, Vice, and Dinner
Harper and Gina share dinner. It goes troublingly well. And Gina's cats don't have a taste for human flesh. That bodes well. Geoff's name is taken in vain. Repeatedly.
Gina, Harper

2020-02-18 - Two Techies Talk
Kim and Stefhan have a chat about computers and beautiful women.
Stefhan, Kim

2020-02-18 - Defense Mechanisms
Byron stays with Lilith in the hospital after their Valentine's went very wrong. Realizing the extent of trauma she's suffering, he's determined to find a way to fix it.
Byron, Lilith

2020-02-18 - We Need To Talk About Thomas
What Hyacinth Addington wants, Hyacinth Addington gets, even if the pictures are not pretty.
Isabella, Hyacinth

2020-02-18 - The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
Researchers get together and talk about experiments and other developments.
August, Isabella, Yule

2020-02-17 - For I Have Sinned
Isabella stops by St. Mary's to speak with Father Daniel, only to come across the new priest, instead.
Isabella, Oren

2020-02-17 - House Call
Kass performs one of the seven corporal works of mercy
Kass, Joseph

2020-02-16 - I'm Burnin' For You
Beth asks Alexander for help with the creature obsessed with her. It shows up and Alexander provokes it into trying to burn the door down. Things turn out about as well as anyone might expect.
Alexander, Thewlis, Beth

2020-02-16 - Plastic-Sword Piracy
Piratical partners prepare a perfectly portioned pairing of scallops and scotch in a relaxed ritual of revelry and repletion.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-02-16 - Birthday Dinner
Dahlia celebrates her 26th birthday and Clifford doesn't interrogate her boyfriend too terribly.
Declan, Dahlia, Justin, Clifford

2020-02-16 - The Restorative Properties of Sugar and Song
Itzhak visits Sparrow's pillow fort to get a little time away from all the grim deep dark awful.
Itzhak, Sparrow

2020-02-16 - Coffee and Computers
Kip meets Stefhan and they chat about technology, business, and ghosts in the machines.
Stefhan, Kip

2020-02-15 - Check Ins And Talks
Yule stops by to check in and brainstorm about future experiments.
Minerva, Yule

2020-02-15 - May They Choke
Easton and Itzhak try to keep Ruiz under control.
Easton, Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-02-15 - Winter Warlock Waffles
Elias invites Sparrow out for waffles without realizing what a mope she is at the moment, but the conversation doesn't suffer for it.
Elias, Sparrow

2020-02-14 - Letting It Go
Ciprian gets a text from an unexpected source. Beth suggests closure but Ciprian would rather let it go.
Ciprian, Beth

2020-02-14 - Door to Door Delivery
After a mutual pair of unpleasant weeks, Valentine's Day is looking pretty dismal, but an unexpected gift yields unexpected possibility.
Vyv, Grant

2020-02-14 - V-Day Dinner
Esme and Yule spend Valentine's Day at her new apartment.
Esme, Yule

2020-02-13 - that one time i was promised TS but it turned out to be angst
Didn't think I was serious about the log name, did you?
Anne, Patrick

2020-02-13 - Vivid Veil Dreams
While having a frank conversation about the new things going around them, creatures arrive to say hello and torment Vivid Dreams
Everett, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-02-13 - Library Chat
Kip meets Rick and is pleasantly surprised that he speaks Russian
Rick, Kip

2020-02-13 - The Whirlwind and the Mountain
Maggi and Leon finish last minute preparations for Vegas, one more last minute than the other...
Maggi, Leon

2020-02-12 - Mutual Interests
Dante and Sparrow find they have more in common than they may have anticipated.
Sparrow, Dante

2020-02-12 - Tell me about your dreams.
Alexander shares. Patrick doesn't.
Alexander, Patrick

2020-02-12 - Accidental Confessions and New Beginnings
Alison's hearing gets fixed thanks to Tara, and Alison accidentally spills the beans about how she feels about her. Oops.%r%r(please don't read this, it's really long and a bit gooshy and just overall boring to literally everyone else okay thanks -Alison)
Alison, Tara

2020-02-12 - In a Dark Wood
Joe flees into the Veil to escape, and Itzhak goes to fetch him.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Joseph

2020-02-12 - Meeting the Magnificent Morrigan
Hera gets to mingle with Morrigan finally and The Mountain of Beefcake drops off flowers, but who for?
Stephanie, Everett, Grace, Hera, Devlin, Morrigan

2020-02-11 - Heaven in this Hell
Another early morning has Katy anxious and scared about a dream she doesn’t understand, and changes she doesn’t understand...but at least she has Jonathan to comfort her.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-02-11 - Do They Ever Stop Talking?
A new employee for the Grizzly shows up. She's both chatty and cheerful. Gina is herself.
Gina, Tara

2020-02-11 - Pillow Fort for the Not Yet Dead
Just some friends hiding from the world, bad dreams and hungry trees.
Corey, Sparrow, Giada, Grant

2020-02-11 - Asshole Contest
Ruiz isn't quite himself and when Easton drunkenly texts (when he's trying to go sober) it turns into a traditional asshole contest. They're both winners and everybody loses.
Easton, Ruiz

2020-02-11 - Warnings for the Newcomer
Kip has recently arrived in town and Thewlis gives her the rundown of this crazy town
Thewlis, Kip

2020-02-11 - Firefly Forest And Friends
Giada invites Ember out to the Firefly Forest for some beers and catching up. The forest has other ideas.

2020-02-11 - All in the family.
Enzo and Hyacinth show up at Margaret's to try to get to the bottom of certain matters. They kinda do?
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Margaret, Hyacinth, Enzo

2020-02-11 - Gone
Dark to light and light to dark%rThree black carriages, three white carts%rWhat brings us together is what pulls us apart%rGone our brother, gone our heart...
AlmightyMe, August, Eleanor, Oren

2020-02-11 - About a (Dead) Guy
August comes back to the cemetary to ask Thewlis a few things he didn't ask Father Oren.
August, Thewlis

2020-02-11 - Ill Met By Moonlight
//Even a man who is pure in heart//%r//And says his prayers by night//%r//May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms//%r//And the winter moon is bright.//%r%r//They// drive Ruiz to seek new prey on a winter evening.
Ruiz, Joseph

2020-02-11 - Not that kind of dream
Something changed. So of course they have a big fight. Then they kinda make up. A lot happens at two in the morning.
Anne, Patrick

2020-02-10 - Role Reversal
Alexander and Isabella experience a role reversal when the latter returns after having investigated the abandoned sawmill by herself, with some terrible consequences. They later find out from August that Billy Gohl's grave has vanished.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-02-10 - Making Plans for Nigel
Isolde comes to Joey to get his help getting Itzhak out of debt with Felix.
Isolde, Jaime, Joey

2020-02-10 - Go Ask Alice
Alexander gets a surprise visitor! EVERYTHING IS FINE!
Alice, Alexander

2020-02-10 - A Pre-Valentines Day Exorcism
Per their arrangement, Yule and Isabella have one of their scotch conversations at his new cabin.
Isabella, Yule

2020-02-10 - Word Gets Around Quick
After being treated for hypothermia, Kim and Grace visit Steph while Armande and Hera also drop in for quick visits. As it turns out, word travels quickly when a reliable paramedic fails to show up for her shift.
Stephanie, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-02-10 - Wave of Mutilation
Corey pulls Sparrow out of her basement moping with a promise of panna cotta cookie cups and academic assistance. %r%rBest Brother Ever.
Corey, Sparrow

2020-02-10 - Veil Horticulture for Dummies
August tries some gardening experiments in the Veil.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2020-02-10 - Pretty Pottery
Three lovely artists have a chat!
Hera, Kim, Tara

2020-02-10 - The Nicest People in Town
A meeting of nice, sad, people... And someone gets a dog
Thewlis, Tara

2020-02-10 - Do You Know About the Affordable Care Act?
Yule drops by to see how Alexander is doing.
Alexander, Yule

2020-02-10 - Drown
_We have lingered in the chambers of the sea_%r_by sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown_%r_till human voices wake us, and we drown._
Itzhak, August

2020-02-09 - WTF with FCN - Writer or Hack
Sitting around the Espresso Yourself Ignacio meets with Abitha who has to know computery people to find out more about this elusive FCN thing. It's a start right? Really the conversations this place has over scones.
Abitha, Ignacio, August

2020-02-09 - A Surprisingly Large Number of Ways to Cut Pigs
Isolde and Niall meet in the diner and discuss bacon. As you do.
Isolde, Niall

2020-02-08 - A Gross Crow
Itzhak has an unexpected visitor to his garage, then visits August only to find a similar incident happened at the hospital.
Itzhak, August

2020-02-08 - Flexing
Practice makes perfect (ish)
Easton, Itzhak

2020-02-08 - Alexander: the Chaddening
Alexander gets an expected and also very unexpected visit. Baxters man. Nothing's simple with these people.
Alexander, Isabella, Grant

2020-02-08 - Girls Night In
BACKSCENED TO BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY. Bennie and Isabella have both promised Alexander to look out for one another while he's in the hospital. This is what happens.
Bennie, Isabella

2020-02-08 - Sidewalk Art And Rv Parks
It started with some sidewalk art in the rain/snow and then some conversation in an RV.
Rose, Tara

2020-02-07 - Memories of the Madhouse
After recognizing each other as Asylum patients, Joseph and Roxy meet up to talk about what little they remember of their time there.
Roxy, Joseph

2020-02-07 - The People in Your Neighborhood, man...
Work slow. Little bit of plot-seeds being sprinkled and shared: Now gluten-free!
Dahlia, Ignacio, Eleanor

2020-02-07 - Selfish, Greedy, and Fucked Up
Itzhak is all three, yet Ruiz keeps sticking around.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2020-02-07 - Pizza and a Welcome
Alison and Tara meet at the pizza place. That's fun, isn't it? It's fun. Some religious discussion occurs.
Alison, Tara

2020-02-06 - Waffles!
Waffles bring everyone together. Even if their not all fully interacting. %r%rWaffles
Jonathan, Carter, Thewlis, Reese, Leon, Katy, Ainslie

2020-02-06 - On The Subject Of Dancing
Diana talks James into going to a club, where they meet Elias, Nicolas and Roxy. Dancing is discussed, as is Roxy's awesome dress!
Diana, Elias, Roxy, James

2020-02-06 - Give All My Secrets Away
Stephanie has a 7 o'clock appointment with Addington Memorial's latest transfer and has some things to get off her chest.

2020-02-06 - Let the Right One In
Alexander and Isabella receive numerous visitors at the hospital. One of them is very unwelcome.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, August, Isabella

2020-02-06 - Boston Roulette
Geoff takes a calculated risk. A Shiba Inu named Erasmus takes on a fatalist with a little help from Buddy the Boston Terrier.
Geoff, Harper

2020-02-06 - Setbacks
August comes back home to Eleanor after his visit to the hospital.
August, Eleanor

2020-02-05 - What We Choose to Show
A disappointing lack of rock-n-roll ritual sacrifice. Not even one fog machine or strobe light.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-02-05 - Winter Camping
Itzhak takes Isolde to get away from town a little while.
Isolde, Itzhak

2020-02-05 - A Cursed Life
Kim tries to convince Park that her life is cursed and follows through with a possibly bad life decision.
Park, Kim

2020-02-05 - Reacquainted
Two old acquaintances reconnect and become acquainted all over again.

2020-02-05 - Portents & Promises of Pie
An unexpected run-in leads to a tarot reading, compensated with a promise.
Ruiz, Sparrow

2020-02-04 - Drunk Phantoms
Tobin and Byron help Lilith clean out her old room at the Winslow trailer, and reminiscing leads to ghostly encounters from the past.
Tobin, Byron, Lilith

2020-02-04 - In Theory and in Practice
Dante and Cristobal continue to struggle with navigating an open relationship..
Dante, Cristobal

2020-02-04 - Go-GULP gossip
The ladies of Vivid Dreams have soulful conversations about everything and sundry.
Jessica, Everett, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-02-03 - Wizardy Powers
__Things to Share on a Date__%rGood Idea: Movies%rGreat Idea: Ice Cream%rIffy Idea: Phenomenal Cosmic Powers
Rhys, Kass

2020-02-03 - The Secret Basement
Alexander and Isabella stop by Two If By Sea with Easton's blessing after hours to hunt for its secret basement.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-02-03 - Let's Not Talk about That
Esme and Sparrow cross paths over early morning breakfast, discuss commonalities, differences, plans... all while avoiding that one topic they both probably know the other knows.
Sparrow, Esme

2020-02-03 - Saint Nic
It's the evening shift on Friday night at the Pourhouse, you never know who you'll run in to.

2020-02-03 - The Sparrow & the Bowerbird
Itzhak gets a reading. Sparrow gets a serenade. A fair exchange.
Itzhak, Sparrow

2020-02-03 - Metric vs Imperial: the struggle is real
Niall can't find what he's looking for in the hardware store. August translates.
August, Niall

2020-02-03 - Glow little glowworm
Hera returns to the Art Gallery after having her Glimmer increased and she and Kim are have an important conversation.%r
Everett, Grace, Hera, Meredith, Kim

2020-02-03 - In The Gutter
Friends make good on their threat to start a bowling league team, or at least dress alike, drink a lot, and roll the occasional ball.
Geoff, Easton, Bennie, Harper

2020-02-03 - The Disappeared
Isabella tells Byron about the Seraphim Acquisitions explosion and experiment during a morning run. He then informs her about the others who have disappeared - including, possibly, Dr. Vivian Glass.
Byron, Isabella

2020-02-03 - Watch This
Cris and Sparrow meet up at TIBS where they spy a Dante who takes some coaxing to join them for a little bit.
Sparrow, Dante, Cristobal

2020-02-03 - The Eye of The Maelstrom
Alexander's breakthrough into a new level of power means nightmares for everyone else in Addington Memorial. Isabella attempts to help, and not smother the comatose Chad in his sleep.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-02-03 - Ummm. What?
Immediately following the meeting.
Minerva, Elazar

2020-02-02 - Screw That Groundhog
People try to drink away the prophetic powers of the groundhog that has declared there will be six more weeks of winter.
Bennie, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey, Roxy, Reese, Leon, Beth, Joseph, Ainslie

2020-02-02 - The Truth About Flies
Gigi had a physical altercation with her step-dad, three dope ladies show up to console her with affection and drugs. Then she pees in his truck. As you do.
Giada, Kai, Alison

2020-02-02 - North vs South
Itzhak gets mad at Joe, Ruiz gets disgusted with the both of them.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Joseph

2020-02-01 - Help Freely Given
After being chased out of her funeral home by a Veil creature intent on loving her so hard it wants to literally hold onto her heart Beth contacts Ciprian and drags him into the thing she didn't really want to drag him into.
Ciprian, Beth

2020-02-01 - Monopoly (Or Why You Don't Just Simply Tell Your Girlfriend She Gained Ten Pounds)
It's right on the tin.
Alexander, Bennie, Isabella

2020-02-01 - Early Morning Diner Denizens
A few locals gather for early morning chit-chats.
Isabella, Esme, Yule, Leon

2020-02-01 - Winter Bronic
Alexander invites Itzhak out to a picnic. In the park. In the middle of winter. They do not end up as statues.
Alexander, Itzhak

2020-01-31 - Coffee, FCN, and Them
Byron, Lilith, and Itzhak converge on August to discuss FCN.
Byron, Lilith, Itzhak, August

2020-01-31 - Hysterical Hera and THEM
Hera realizes that she glows with side effects, Grace and Kim offer sympathy with Grace getting a little overwhelmed herself, and Jessica comes in to save the day as she teaches the girls about THEM. Dark men like sparklies as the rumor goes.
Jessica, Everett, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-01-31 - Window Shopping
Random run in? Or something else.
Minerva, Elazar

2020-01-31 - Woodburning
Esme goes to see Thewlis to talk about a recent recollection and he gives her a little overview of Spirit.
Esme, Thewlis

2020-01-31 - The Fault In Our Stars
Ladies gather in Patrick Addington's apartment to get their cards read.
Lilith, Isabella, Sparrow, Anne

2020-01-30 - Of All The Gin Joints (part 1)
Easton and Geoff slip into a world of mysterious dames, jumping jazz clubs and omniscient voice overs.
Geoff, Easton

2020-01-30 - The Locked Room
Alexander finally shows Isabella what's in the mysterious locked room in the house, and Isabella comes clean about her experience with Yule's nullification experiment.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-01-30 - A Circle of Trust
Stephanie needs people to talk to about the things she's been holding back. So after having a conversation with Kim, she invites her, Devlin, Hera and Jessica over to her house for dinner.
Stephanie, Jessica, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-01-30 - The Rogue and the Barbarian
When falling asleep means you Dream.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-01-29 - I Can't Fly in Space Anymore
Conversations of varying flavors of strange over waffles.
Alexander, Ruiz, Sparrow, Grant, Kass, Yule, Patrick, Joseph

2020-01-29 - Two Scientists
August and Yule discuss FCN and mad science.
August, Yule

2020-01-29 - Baby's First Nightmare
Bean tells Everett about her nightmare
Everett, Bean

2020-01-29 - Burgers, Fries, and Video Games
An evening of burgers, fries, and video games.
Jaime, Kelsey

2020-01-29 - Facing the Weird
Esme comes to check on Yule and, whether she likes it or not, is starting to come to terms with the weird things in Gray Harbor.
Esme, Yule

2020-01-29 - AJ and Ellie
Puzzle pieces fall into place.
August, Eleanor

2020-01-28 - Cookies and Coincidence
Clifford runs into his sister's famous BFF, and the pair catch up over cookies.
Justin, Clifford

2020-01-28 - Papers, Papers, Everywhere!
James arrives with public records, and Diana couldn't be more thrilled. At least she's easy to please!
Diana, James

2020-01-28 - Elazar Arrives
Guess who?
Minerva, Elazar

2020-01-28 - The Phone Call
Esme reaches out to Jessica to discuss some information swapping.
Jessica, Esme

2020-01-28 - Dance Dance
Ballroom instructor Chelsea gives Jonathan and Katy an introductory dance lesson.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-28 - Lamps On?
Chance encounters at 2am, when the city has Thew out fixing lamps.
Felicity, Everett, Thewlis, Ginger

2020-01-27 - Amateur Night
Amateur Night at the Platinum Cabaret.
Gabriel, Dahlia, Everett, Antonio, Sparrow, Dante, Park, Cristobal, Alison, Kass, Bean

2020-01-27 - Searching for Warmth
An unexplained coldness in her arm leads Stephanie to find hot coffee and she also ends up finding a friend in Kim.
Stephanie, Kim

2020-01-27 - Memes Not Dreams
Abitha sends memes, then discovers Kim has a head wound and is living in the Murder Motel. This is rectified post-haste. Cue ramen and gaming.
Abitha, Kim

2020-01-27 - Clarifications
Alison gets Itzhak's number and hits him up for some explanations about certain people and certain things.
Itzhak, Alison

2020-01-27 - Wintery Night At Two If By Sea
Strangers meet in a bar on a cold winter night.
Carter, Joseph, Meredith

2020-01-27 - Bedtime Confessional
Before bed, Byron and Lilith discuss the wedding dress he received from the Addington attic, then the topic turns to the Thorne house.
Byron, Lilith

2020-01-26 - Won't Say I'm In...
Maggi comes home after a long day and night. Leon makes her a special dinner. An invitation is offered.
Maggi, Leon

2020-01-26 - Jessica's Impromptu Birthday
Ladies gather to go drink and dance. There is a motif. Drunk happens.
Harper, Jessica, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-01-26 - shutupshutupshutupshutup
Alison just wanted some waffles, man. Why is everyone ganging up on her?
Park, Giada, Alison

2020-01-26 - B*8nli
Don't read into it.
Anne, Patrick

2020-01-26 - Winter Road Trip aka Haunted by Aliens
Geoff and Harper take a meandering road trip from Gray Harbor to (ski/snowboard in) Heavenly Valley in South Lake Tahoe.
Geoff, Harper

2020-01-26 - Stop Glowing
Poor Kim gets caught up in an accident at Vivid Dreams and when people who glimmer show up she sees more glowing folks. They then abduct her so they can take her to the hospital. Unlike alien abduction, they bring Kim back safe and sound and with memories intact.
Stephanie, Jessica, Everett, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-01-25 - Fleet Week and the Four Horsemen
Nothing is wrong with Fleet Week. Everything is wrong with Joe's drink of choice.
Itzhak, Cristobal, Carter, Kass, Tor, Joseph

2020-01-25 - Netflix and Hypothermia
Kim hits up Abitha for emotional support. It turns into a support group when Maggi shows up. A table is flipped. No sparkly vampires.
Abitha, Maggi, Kim

2020-01-25 - Spiked Coffee Talk
A variety of conversation topics come up when Alexander and Isabella stop by Byron's penthouse to visit with him and Lilith over coffee and pastries.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2020-01-25 - Vivid Dreams Ghost Busters
Hera goes to bust 'ghosts' in her gallery and some new friendships are made. Nothing strange here!
Everett, Antonio, Grace, Hera, Devlin, Kim

2020-01-25 - Fix
Ruiz shows up for his fix, and changes the rules of the game.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2020-01-24 - Cuddlefest 2020
They meant to go out to dinner. Really.
Easton, Bennie

2020-01-24 - Not According to Plan.
The hazards of the job have risk, reward, but also ugly little hospital stays sometimes. Inconvenient.
Nicole, Jaime, Joey

2020-01-23 - The Houseboat of Love
Jessica and Hera have their first official date together.
Jessica, Hera

2020-01-23 - The L Word
Esme brings dinner over for Yule at his new place so they can catch up. They solidify where their relationship stands and the L word is exchanged.
Esme, Yule

2020-01-23 - Roomba With A Cat On Top
The roomba's Alison's trailer. And Alison's the cat. Except she's nowhere near as graceful as a cat, and doesn't have the same knowhow as Grant does when jumping around on the roofs of the trailer park.%r%rAlison and Giada clear the air a little bit. Friends is fine too, sometimes.
Giada, Alison

2020-01-23 - Aftermath
Jonathan relays his experience to Katy.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-23 - Almost Normal
Alexander and Isabella catch up while trying to build a seraglio in his living room. No, really.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-01-23 - Manifest Destiny
Hera tries out newfangled technology. It doesnt go well. Kim discovers something about herself. Other Glimmer users have a little freakout. %r%rEverything's *fine*.
Kelsey, Hera, Thewlis, Leon, Kim

2020-01-22 - A Very Kelly Casualty
Lilith didn't have time to take some of Joey's misery before he was swept off and she amends that during a hospital visit with Byron while Nicole keeps watch bedside.
Nicole, Byron, Lilith, Joey

2020-01-22 - Turn and Face the Strange
To stay or to go. Does one stay in Gray Harbor with all its strange? Would leaving mean forgetting things that they'd rather hold onto? Dahlia and Justin contemplate the present and the future.
Dahlia, Justin

2020-01-22 - Scars
After Joe pursues Itzhak out of the Twofer, they have a chat about glimmer, and also Ruiz.
Itzhak, Joseph

2020-01-22 - Never the Wrong Time for Waffles
Because Breakfast, and tarot cards, and terrifying Corey with current events that hopefully have 0 impact on his future career.
Corey, Sparrow, Grant, Joseph

2020-01-22 - More Questions Than Answers
Alexander drops off some information for the Medical Examiner's hobby, the nature of the other side is discussed, as are other things.
Alexander, Yule

2020-01-22 - Closing Down
It's a tradition! With at least one modification.
Easton, Isabella

2020-01-22 - Dresses and Dates and New Friends
Hera continues to prepare for her date with Jessica and Kim and Giada end up having a nice chat.
Giada, Hera, Kim

2020-01-21 - They Live
Weeknight drinking and nerdery turns to kvetching, despair, and anger.
Itzhak, Jacob, Thewlis, Joseph

2020-01-20 - This is Fun?
Pester pester pester.
Alexander, Patrick

2020-01-20 - Look After You
When they get home from Seattle, Jonathan convinces Katy to relax and decides to make dinner for her.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-20 - Unwell
Jonathan takes care of his girl after she overexerts herself using too much Glimmer.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-20 - Men of Repute
Just a couple completely legitimate businessmen hashing out some completely legitimate business. %r%rNo, genuinely.
Byron, Rhys

2020-01-20 - The Priest & I
Isabella wants information. Father Daniel provides.
AlmightyMe, Daniel, Isabella

2020-01-20 - Make Some Noise
Dante and Itzhak jam. Eventually.
Itzhak, Dante

2020-01-20 - Unfinished
A bit of brightness in a dark winter; Isolde has something important to tell Itzhak.
Isolde, Itzhak

2020-01-19 - Burn Your Resolutions
A group gathers in Huckleberry to burn their New Year's resolution per Tor's family tradition.
Easton, Bennie, Harper, Itzhak, Hera, Tor

2020-01-19 - No Pancakes :(
Friends trying and failing to get pancakes.
Elise, Graham

2020-01-19 - Every Little Kiss
Katy reveals her little plan for the afternoon: selfies at romantic places all over Seattle.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-19 - Middle Management
Rhys stops by the gym to talk slightly *less* legitimate business with Joey.
Joey, Rhys

2020-01-19 - Needed: Babysitter
August and Isabella discuss gear lists, and Isabella asks August to keep an eye on someone while she's out of town.
August, Isabella

2020-01-19 - What? It's Evolving!
Kim finally stops by the Control Pad to see Abitha. They both proceed to be nervous wrecks.
Abitha, Kim

2020-01-19 - Beautiful Surprise
The drive to Seattle leads Jonathan and Katy to the Edgewater Hotel.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-18 - Short Hair, Don't Care
After a slow start and changing her wardrobe in small ways, Stephanie makes the first drastic change as a part of her Reinvention.
Nicole, Stephanie

2020-01-18 - Unburied from Ice
Itzhak inflicts himself on Ignacio in mid-January post winter storm injuries.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2020-01-18 - Taking the Edge Off
Hera, Steph and Devlin have a few drinks and catch up.
Stephanie, Hera, Devlin

2020-01-18 - High Brow Space Opera
Hiding from the cold, with good coffee.
Ruiz, Itzhak, August, Isabella, Beth, Joseph, Stefhan

2020-01-18 - Synesthesia
Itzhak and Joe have a surprising amount in common.
Itzhak, Joseph

2020-01-18 - Spiritual Discovery
Maggi talks to Thewlis about Glimmer
Thewlis, Maggi

2020-01-18 - Doing it Right
After a text from Hera, Harper touches base with Jessica about dating, romance, and required bff (meddling and) advice, questionable though it may be.
Harper, Jessica

2020-01-17 - Coffee Talk AKA Beaston Rising
A discussion of the future state of their union.
Easton, Bennie

2020-01-17 - Loot and Spray
Lilith and Byron stop in to surprise James with gifts for watching her cat. There's some roach control and looting and planning for a clean up.
Byron, Lilith, James

2020-01-17 - Poetry Wars
Leon comes by to discuss a security system and Everett and Hera exchange raving rhetoric.
Everett, Hera, Leon

2020-01-17 - Super The Best At Escaping
<OOC> Enzo says, "someone in patient relations typing up an incident report like 'insane addingtons dove out fire escape why they like this'"
Patrick, Enzo

2020-01-17 - End of the Road
Jaime and Kelsey finish the last leg of Jaime's route and return to Gray Harbor, with a brief stop off in a ghost town on the way home.
Jaime, Kelsey

2020-01-17 - Men Are From Mars
A guilt-ridden Isabella visits Anne in the hospital where they proceed to miserably fail the Bechdel Test. Sorry not sorry.
Isabella, Anne

2020-01-17 - Grocery Run
Groceries, of a sort. Picking up some green stuff (and some munchies), at least.
Giada, Alison

2020-01-16 - How to Read a Warlock
Sparrow stops by to ask a favor of Elias while Joe browses for some hard-to-find local lore.
Elias, Sparrow, Joseph

2020-01-16 - Get well soon. Or don't.
more bickering, some crying
Anne, Patrick

2020-01-16 - Everything's Broken
Alexander and August come to the garage to find it, and Itzhak, a disaster.
Alexander, Itzhak, August

2020-01-16 - Legal Tender & Negotiations
Geoff's parry to a stocking is delivered. This new currency is discussed and negotiated at some length. Friends and their relationships are considered. Hash browns are had. Pyromania has a moment. Harper has another boyfriend.
Geoff, Harper

2020-01-16 - Netflix and Chill
Cris asks Dante over while he takes it easy post stitches.
Dante, Cristobal

2020-01-16 - Cards & Bones
A mixed media reading.
Sparrow, Cristobal

2020-01-15 - Dammit, August Was Right. Now We'll Never Hear the End of It.
At August's behest Alexander comes to coach the young mentalist whose skills have been expanding faster than he can cope. It was that or watch the optimist give up and no one likes a mopey cheerleader. It makes the plants wilt.
Alexander, Ignacio

2020-01-15 - Contraband
It's beer in the hospital time.
Alexander, Enzo

2020-01-15 - No Escaping ATM
Beth brings Enzo gummies and he complains about his entire day which was pretty bad, okay?
Anne, Beth, Enzo

2020-01-15 - Intentions
Javier stops over for some tequila and tension. And poetry.
Ruiz, Sparrow

2020-01-15 - Free Icee!
Gina pokes around the theater right before opening, icee is had, words are exchanged.
Gina, Thewlis

2020-01-15 - Safe and Sound
Neither one of them really understanding what happened, Jonathan and Katy deal with the aftermath of their harrowing experience the morning after.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-14 - WinterFest - Day 2
Day 2 of the Gray Harbor Cultural Fest . Now with added circus!
Jessica, Lyric, Everett, Park, Scott, Grace, James, Hera, Beth, Kim

2020-01-14 - Don't Let Them Take Your Light
Itzhak goes to Bex for shelter after his garage is made non-Euclidean.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2020-01-14 - Garrulous Gallery Gatherings
The gallery is an excellent gathering place. Largely due to its owner.
Stephanie, Harper, Everett, Grace, Hera, Kim

2020-01-14 - I'll Leave You In Stitches
Cristobal calls Itzhak for emergency pickup and suturing. Take those content warnings very seriously, friends.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2020-01-14 - Winter Wandering and Writer's Block
Dante and Elias wander the boardwalk to alleviate a bit of writer's block and get to talking about what writing about Gray Harbor might mean, and its prospects for Dante's projects.
Elias, Dante

2020-01-13 - Background Noise
As promised, Isabella gives August a draft of her thesis, and what was supposed to be a catch up treads on some surprising personal territories.
August, Isabella

2020-01-13 - WinterFest - Day 1
The first day of Gray Harbor's newest cultural fiesta!
Gabriel, Stephanie, Jonathan, Harper, Jessica, Abitha, Cameron, Itzhak, Jaime, Everett, Abby, Sparrow, Garrett, Park, Giada, Scott, Alison, Rhys, James, Hera, Katy

2020-01-13 - A Real Date With Real Questions
Lalo and Mariah get to go out for once.
Mariah, Lalo

2020-01-13 - A Proposition
Roxy has a proposition for Joey.
Joey, Roxy

2020-01-13 - The Road Trip: Part Two
Kelsey and Jaime stop in Boise for their first delivery, a haunted theater, and a 50s diner that simply can't compare to the Grizzly aesthetically. Literally - apples and oranges. Also flirting and a little cuddling.
Jaime, Kelsey

2020-01-13 - Family Matters
A cluster of Baxters meet.
Alexander, Edison, Isabella, Rebecca, Tim, Grant

2020-01-12 - ...means never having to SAY you're sorry.
In which no one apologizes, admits fault, or is otherwise culpable for anything.
Anne, Patrick

2020-01-12 - Benefits With Friends
Beth and Ciprian go on a date.
Ciprian, Beth

2020-01-12 - And the Answer Is...
Two boots walk up to the bar and the bartender says...%r%rConversations that happen at the bar while people are making their scene.
Vyv, Grant

2020-01-12 - Close Quarters
This is definitely a good decision.
Vyv, Grant

2020-01-11 - The Road Trip: Part One
Jaime and Kelsey begin their journey to Salt Lake City, Utah in Jaime's big rig. First stop - Boise, Idaho. Plans to check out haunted places are made.
Jaime, Kelsey

2020-01-11 - Feels Like Home
After Katy offers him a key to her new place as an early birthday present, Jonathan officially moves in.
Jonathan, Katy

2020-01-11 - New Artist In Town
Kim comes into Vivid Dreams and the two ladies have a chat with Javi.
Everett, Hera, Kim

2020-01-11 - Lunch at the Grizzly Den
Just another lunch time rush at the Grizzly Den Diner.
Alexander, Jonathan, Kass, Joseph, Katy

2020-01-11 - Come la Maldita Sopa
After being injured being turned into an Iggscicle, Ruiz pays the broken author dating his daughter a visit.
Ruiz, Ignacio

2020-01-10 - Coffee Talk
Not long after the new year comes in, Esme runs in to Winter

2020-01-10 - Coffee and sniping
Coffee and invitations, if unwise ones.
Ruiz, Joseph

2020-01-10 - I Told You So
...well, he did.
Alexander, August

2020-01-10 - Tortilla Soup For the Soul
Alexander and Isabella talk about their to-do list (covers multiple plot threads: The Dark Men Amongst Us, King In Yellow, Yule's Mad Science, follow-up on the Light That Blinds), and low-key dwell on some freaking out about Isabella's upcoming trip to the UK for her dissertation defense.
Alexander, Isabella

2020-01-10 - We Should Really Form a Book Club
Alexander comes by to see Ruiz's new cabin, and to get a book that has a hidden story to tell.
Alexander, Ruiz

2020-01-10 - Futbol and Goals
Lalo and Ignacio bond over alcohol and soccer.
Ignacio, Lalo

2020-01-10 - Trash Beer and Bowling Leagues
New Year and new beginnings, Bennie and Easton double with Geoff and Harper over waffles.
Geoff, Easton, Bennie, Harper

2020-01-09 - F*R*I*E*N*D*S
Alexander is haunting the PD/FD and finds a Bennie in her natural habitat.
Alexander, Bennie

2020-01-09 - A Knight in Shining Paperback
August reads a book. Turns out it sucks.
August, Eleanor

2020-01-09 - Lunch With Thew
Four people hang out with Thewlis in the graveyard, three get a free lunch.%r%rThey sat around in a busted ass circle. %r%rRocket would call them a buncha jackasses.
Giada, James, Thewlis, Ellis, Autumn

2020-01-09 - Wrenches & Reprisals
Amazing things also have Amazing consequences... Sometimes it's not the big wounds that cut deepest.
Itzhak, Joey

2020-01-09 - The Inevitable Breakfast
Dahlia could only dodge her oldest brother for so long. It went about as well as could be expected!
Dahlia, Clifford

2020-01-08 - A Winter Walk
Kelsey is walking Wishbone when they run into Jaime Kelly.
Jaime, Kelsey

2020-01-08 - Missing Family History
Isabella enlists Clarissa's help to track down possible living spaces or holdings once owned or lived in by Baxter family members.
Clarissa, Isabella

2020-01-08 - Mysteries Outstanding
Byron has a murder-gift for Alexander, and they talk of Dark Men, Dreams, and touch on deeds done in history.
Alexander, Byron

2020-01-08 - Weird Science
Isabella meets Yule in his office to discuss a strange note he received in lieu of lab test results from attempting to determine genetic markers in their blood, which spurs a discussion on various projects and personal matters.
Isabella, Yule

2020-01-08 - Wine And Whine
A group of ladies come together with painting and Mr. Handsome Hulk makes an appearance.
Nicole, Stephanie, Everett, Esme, Hera, Maggi

2020-01-07 - Checking In For Information
Devlin comes to Minerva with some questions.
Minerva, Devlin

2020-01-07 - Nullifying the Weird
Yule swings by Minerva's place of work to have a discussion on the supernatural, and how one might render it useless in specific locations.
Minerva, Yule

2020-01-07 - The Asylum Book Club
Alexander asks after the book August found in the Asylum, which he doesn't remember.
Alexander, August, Eleanor

2020-01-07 - Vivid Stuttering
Another day... another run in at the art gallery
Tyler, Everett, Hera, Thewlis

2020-01-06 - Sweet Silver Lining
Jonathan and Katy go to the Boardwalk and go for some ice cream at the Sweet Retreat, despite the cold winter, their first public appearance as a reunited couple.
Jonathan, Stefhan, Katy

2020-01-06 - In The Hall of the (Ski) Mountain King
Alexander and Isabella escape Gray Harbor for a weekend to hit the slopes in Mount Baker. Absolutely nothing is going to happen - except his surprise 40th birthday party. ALSO CHECK OUT THE SCENE NUMBER IT'S A YAHTZEE SMALL STRAIGHT (THANKS FOR POINTING IT OUT KB).
Nicole, Erin, Alexander, Easton, Jack, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Ruiz, August, Isabella, Joey, Eleanor, Anne, Patrick

2020-01-06 - Evening Coffee
When Gabriel checks in, Stephanie decides to tell him about what happened during her shift.
Gabriel, Stephanie

2020-01-05 - Opening Day At The Hub
Stefhan meets Katy and Thewlis on Opening Day.
Thewlis, Stefhan, Katy

2020-01-05 - House Guest
Katy arrives to borrow Patrick's spare room. He TRIES to impart some wisdom, but enh. Milennials.
Patrick, Katy

2020-01-04 - My Knife
Have you played knifey spoony before?
Alexander, Easton

2020-01-04 - New Year, Same Grizzly
It's burger night at the Grizzly. That means that no matter what people order, they're getting a burger.%r%rZoiya pops by for, well, a burger. Alison and her have a chat involving some mutual friends and make plans to hang out sometime.
Zoiya, Alison

2020-01-03 - Epistolary Trip
A walk home from karaoke night leads to a longer journey into stranger places.
Sparrow, Rhys

2020-01-03 - Cuddlefest 2019
Diana and James exchange Christmas presents, and CUDDLEFEST 2019 interrupts.
Diana, James

2020-01-03 - Couchfire
A good ol' burning couch bonfire and impromptu winter cookout in the trailer park.
Geoff, Easton, Harper, Kass, Meredith

2020-01-02 - Post Karaoke Shenanigans
Socializing after Pourhouse Karaoke.
Stephanie, Everett, Rhys, Jade, Thewlis

2020-01-02 - Pourhouse Karaoke: January 2nd
It's the first round of Karaoke for the year!
Nicole, Stephanie, Mariah, Lyric, Everett, Sparrow, Scott, Rhys, Yule, Jade, Thewlis

2020-01-01 - Off To A Fine Start
Anne and Patrick start the new year by bickering at each other. And banging. Then bickering more.
Anne, Patrick

2020-01-01 - Miss Mags Poptart Delivery Service
August keeps an eye on Ignacio and Finch while Gran is out.
Ignacio, August

2020-01-01 - Switching On
After the Gatsby Ball Ciprian and Beth come to a crossroads in their friendship.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-12-31 - A New Year's Eve To Remember
A New Year's Eve date for Devlin and Morrigan at his apartment.
Devlin, Morrigan

2019-12-31 - That time when everyone was wrong except Patrick.
Or they all left and it was up to Patrick's player to name the scene so, if they don't agree, then too bad!%r%rAlso, people have coffee and talk about the science and philosophy behind Glimmer and the Dark Men.
Alexander, August, Yule, Anne, Patrick

2019-12-31 - Within The Threads of Unforgiving History
Isabella returns to 13 Elm after her visit to Dr. Hailey Stevenson. Covers multiple plot threads (Lilith's Haunted Woods plot, The Carousel Expedition, Dark Men Amongst Us). There's also a very detailed discussion about seraglios because Alexander is terrible and Isabella is an enabler.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-31 - Before The Ball
A little drinking, pre-Ball.
Stephanie, Rick, Zoiya, Hera, Beth, Joseph

2019-12-30 - Sometimes It's Best Not To Know
Isabella pays a visit to Dr. Hailey Stevenson at Addington Memorial.
Isabella, Hailey

2019-12-30 - Off the Top Rope! (part 1)
It's Grace and Everett, off the top rope! Just goofing around, practicing wrestling.%rAnd then Hera enters the stage and gets upset, but not before Hans gets barking mad!
Everett, Grace, Hera, Bean

2019-12-30 - A Star Cinema is Born
Thewlis comes to City Hall with a renno idea. City Zoning executor, Hyacinth Addington is presiding.
Hyacinth, Thewlis

2019-12-30 - Off the Top Rope! (part 2)
It's Grace and Everett, off the top rope! Just goofing around, practicing wrestling.%rAnd then Hera enters the stage and gets upset, but not before Hans gets barking mad!
Everett, Grace, Hera, Bean

2019-12-29 - What's the Point?
Ruiz stops by for his fix and pushes Cristobal a little to far so August has to intervene.
Ruiz, August, Cristobal

2019-12-29 - Corrosive Memories
An injured Isabella stops by her houseboat to obtain a few things for her continued convalescence at Alexander's address when a southern gentleman offers to assist her - and later reveals that he's a former patient of the Asylum.
Isabella, Joseph

2019-12-29 - Melted Ice Cream
Eli and Eve meet Hera and leave with a pretty floral painting.
Eli, Genevieve, Hera

2019-12-29 - A Little Understanding
Elias and Dante connect, talk about recent events and make plans for New Years' Eve.
Elias, Dante

2019-12-29 - Snowy Drinks and Talks
A group of people wander into Two If By Sea for drinks and conversation. Minerva is a bit depressed. But meets new faces.
Alexander, Minerva, Rick, Dante

2019-12-29 - Shelf Copies
Cristobal comes to the bookstore to find and purchase all of Dante's work and runs into a familiar face who happens to own the joint.
Elias, Cristobal

2019-12-29 - Is The Ocean, To The Shore?
Isabella delivers unto Captain de la Vega his super-belated Christmas gift in his new A-frame cabin.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-12-28 - Hell's Ditch
An evening at Two If By Sea.
Itzhak, August, Cristobal, Kass, Jacob, Joseph

2019-12-28 - Likely Conversations
Conversations at the book shop on a chilly morning.
Alexander, Abitha, Sparrow, Yule, Patrick, Beth, Enzo, Autumn

2019-12-28 - Say It Ain't So
Levi comes by after almost dying of hypothermia and Magnolia catches him up on the mystery of their father.
Magnolia, Levi

2019-12-28 - We Punch Our Feelings
Some time spent at Kelly's Gym.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2019-12-27 - The Good Ol' Days
Joseph tells Itzhak some stuff about his life as a fighter pilot. Itzhak thinks it's super cool.
Itzhak, Joseph

2019-12-27 - Veil Soup for the Frigid Soul
August and Itzhak rush to Mallard House after Finch and Ignacio are injured in a frigid dream. Ruiz is texted to hilarious effect.
Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-12-27 - Everlong (Acoustic Version)
Magnolia and company listen to the tape left behind by Nathaniel Jones. And down they go, down, down, down the rabbit hole.
Magnolia, Kevin, Byron, Lilith, Levi

2019-12-27 - A Very Kitty Yule III
There's that old joke about getting an ugly Christmas sweater, or socks for Winter Solstice, or yet another Three Wolf Moon shirt from a well-meaning grandparent.%r%rBut what if all they're trying to do is protect you from the Jólakötturinn?
Bennie, Ignacio, Justin, Finch, August, Esme, Thewlis

2019-12-27 - Twistin' the Night Away
Jade and Thew go to the club, and run into Hera!
Everett, Hera, Jade, Thewlis

2019-12-26 - Holly Jolly Dinner and Dancing
Roxy takes Thewlis to dinner and dancing for his auction win from the Holly Jolly Jello Festival!
Roxy, Thewlis

2019-12-26 - The Snowball Festival (FIGHT!)
There's lots of things to do for kids at the GH Snowball Festival, but that doesn't mean that the adults don't get a good snowball fight of their own! Town-wide snowball fights are good stress relief!
Alexander, Jonathan, Byron, Lilith, Bennie, Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August, Isabella, Everett, Anne, Patrick, Lalo, Meredith

2019-12-26 - Suspicious Minds
What do carousels and Elvis Presley have in common? Apparently a lot.
Alexander, Anne

2019-12-25 - Coffee & Crow
Bennie seeks out Ruiz to give a much needed apology that turns into an exchange of feeeeeelings.
Bennie, Ruiz

2019-12-25 - Christmas Day With The Geeks
Ruby wakes Raul up with breakfast in bed and then they do some presents.
Ruby, Raul

2019-12-25 - Camping In Canada: Arrival
Corey and Ash are going on a little mini-break in Canada! Camping in the glory of a national park. No bears.. yet.
Ash, Corey

2019-12-25 - A Honeybun Christmas
Two BFFs celebrate Christmas with gift-giving and a frank and fearless catch-up.
Harper, Jessica

2019-12-25 - Tis the Season (Collection)
Geoff and Harper celebrate the holiday season. At her house, at a casino, at his place. In four short pieces.%r
Geoff, Harper

2019-12-25 - New Roomie
Cassidy gets herself a new roommate: Autumn.
Cassidy, Autumn

2019-12-24 - Christmas With The Reedes
After exchanging gifts the night before, Alexander shows up at the Reede family home to eat Christmas dinner with Isabella and her family.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-24 - All I Want for Christmas is You
Byron wakes Lilith up with a Christmas morning surprise that melts her into rare tears.
Byron, Lilith

2019-12-24 - Christmas Eve
Joey and Nicole find some quiet time to exchange gifts during the bustle of Christmas Eve at the Kelly House.
Nicole, Joey

2019-12-23 - How to End a Frozen Hot Mess Kind of Day
Byron and Lilith have had a hell of a time and walk into a feline destruction zone. It's just that kind of snow day.
Byron, Lilith

2019-12-23 - The Great Escape
Enzo helps Beth escape from the funeral home while she's supposed to be convalescing.
Beth, Enzo

2019-12-23 - Just F*ck Me Up On Some Chocolate Shavings
In which James somehow manages to make a friend despite himself, and Zoiya embarks on a quest for questionable reading material.
Zoiya, James

2019-12-23 - Christmas Gifts
Dante and Elias exchange gifts before heading down to the Firefly Club to enjoy a bit of drinking with folks before the Christmas festivities begin.
Elias, Dante

2019-12-23 - Holiday Prep
Where Christmas baking happens hopefully without the house burning down, along with the wrapping of presents and possibly even the exchange! (Old log from Christmas)
Erin, Jack

2019-12-23 - Caveat Emptor Doesn't Work Here..
Corey and Vyv have a conversation about the silent auction bid that Vyv won - a meal for two cooked by his own employee.
Vyv, Corey

2019-12-23 - Christmas Gifts and Fluke Cookies
Two people exchange presents before Christmas fully settles upon them.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-23 - Quite a line-up.
Felix calls in a big chunk of his crew to deliver ~~Christmas bonuses~~ work for everyone.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Felix, Greg, Graham, Andre, Joey, Cristobal, Rhys, Tor, Ellis

2019-12-23 - Tibb's Eve
More drinking than dancing on Christmas Eve Eve.
Cassidy, Elias, Ruiz, Itzhak, Sparrow, Dante, Joseph

2019-12-23 - Snow Before Dawn
At ridiculously early in the morning, Byron and Alexander run across one another in the snow.
Alexander, Byron

2019-12-23 - A Grizzly Dinner And Tarot Reading For A Paramedic
A tired Devlin in need of food gets more than expected at the Grizzly Diner
Gina, Devlin

2019-12-22 - Holidays and Home Renovations
Justin invites Hyacinth over to talk about the house, the holidays, and generally catch up.
Justin, Hyacinth

2019-12-22 - Beneath the surface
On the second day of Snowpocalypse 2019, people get the bright idea to go ice skating on Gray Pond. *Something* makes them regret this decision.
Graham, Cole, Lyric, Juniper

2019-12-21 - Ambiguities
Yule braves the beginning of the snowstorm to see Sparrow after their first fight.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-12-21 - Blood and Ice
A trip into the woods to ice skate on a stream takes a turn from picturesque to horrifying when the group is haunted by a holiday ghost.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2019-12-21 - Fat Bottomed Girls
We Make This Rockin' World Go Round!
Lyric, Itzhak, Park, Scott, Ico

2019-12-21 - Whiteout
Eleanor and August are snowed in.
August, Eleanor

2019-12-21 - Motivated self-starter, looking to advance.
Rhys has work to do.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Felix, Andre, Rhys

2019-12-20 - Open Mic Night at Espresso Yourself
Espresso Yourself hosts its first Open Mic Night.
Cole, Ruiz, Lyric, Ignacio, Itzhak, August, Everett, Eleanor, Antonio, Ico, Alison, Rhys, Kass, Hera, Devlin, Thewlis, Beth, Joseph, Enzo

2019-12-20 - The Bodega Cat
Byron and Lilith bring in a unique stray for photos and end up keeping it a little while...
Byron, Lilith

2019-12-20 - Cheap Coffee and Stale Donuts
Much coffee. So many donuts. There may need to be piggyback rides later, who knows!
Kass, Joseph

2019-12-20 - When Christmas Trees Attack
Beth's hearse is viciously assaulted by a poorly moored down Christmas tree, making her the first victim of Snowpocalypse 2019.
Lyric, August, Abby, James, Beth

2019-12-20 - Dinner with Death
An archaeologist and medical examiner walk into an Indian restaurant, and discuss a wide range of topics that lead to a wonderful world of shared interests and dark hobbies.
Isabella, Yule

2019-12-20 - Mo' Pizza, Mo' Bettah
Just a little company, some slices, and conversation before the snow rolls in.
Sutton, Zoiya, Dylan

2019-12-20 - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. They did Sex.
Bennie shows up at the apartment to get some of her stuff.
Easton, Bennie

2019-12-20 - Uno Momento
The poem read during Espresso Yourself's open mic night had a bad effect on Itzhak. Ignacio comes after him to deliver a solid talking-to.
Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-12-20 - What does D&D stand for?
Dante drops by to check in on his (half-elven?) neighbor
Easton, Dante

2019-12-20 - Migration of the Octopi
Enzo and Beth stumble on Alexander in the park, who is waiting for something very special: tiny octopi are saved, hats are won, and hawks are thwarted.
Alexander, Beth, Enzo

2019-12-20 - The Cleaning Fairy
Evie comes knocking for the schedule Penthouse cleaning and Lilith is there in a present-wrapping mess. She gets some festive wrapping pointers from the cleaning fairy and maybe a little shop help as a seasonal gift for herself.
Lilith, Evie

2019-12-19 - The Thickening Dark
I saw you sink and vanish, pitiless Arcturus%ryou will not stay to share our lengthening night.
Itzhak, August

2019-12-19 - Prey
Itzhak wants to talk to Joseph about the troubles of Gray Harbor, brings Ruiz, makes shit awkward.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Joseph

2019-12-18 - No Deal
Cassidy offers a deal to Foster. He does not take it.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Cassidy, Joshua

2019-12-18 - Drunkily Ever After
After they make it out of the fairy tale jail Dream, Justin and Easton get to drinking.
Easton, Justin

2019-12-18 - But What About The SHOES
Zach is just trying to work, Abitha and Enzo bicker, Joseph is innocent of whatever was going on when he walked in.
Abitha, Joseph, Zach, Enzo

2019-12-18 - Talking Is Good
Easton answers an ad about some therapy for veterans.
Easton, Maggi

2019-12-18 - We Should Talk <> Drinking?
Intervention! Kind of.
Geoff, Easton

2019-12-17 - Turkey Sausages in Parmesan Tomato Cream Sauce Over Pasta, With A Side of Bad Decisions
Bad ideas are terrible, apparently, but at least there's some amazing food.
Alexander, Byron, August, Isabella

2019-12-17 - Hope-a-Dope
A walk home after the Bake Sale & takeaway dinner besides.
Sutton, Carver

2019-12-17 - Meetings and Interests
A few people meeting in the Art Gallery one fine cold evening
Gina, Zoiya, Dylan, James, Hera

2019-12-17 - Hey, Remember When....
Wherein two redheads reunite and reminisce over the past and chat about the present while things are happening in the background.
Rhys, Kass

2019-12-17 - Ice Cream Confessions
August and Alexander pick Bennie up from her night in the clink and like true friends, launch themselves into her drama.
Alexander, Bennie, August

2019-12-17 - Love Made Me
Takes place right after Byron and August leave in the prior scene.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-17 - Back Problems
Diana, James, Abby and Thewlis eat waffles, and Thewlis makes poor Abby's back feel better-- a LOT better.
Diana, Abby, James, Thewlis

2019-12-17 - How Not To Not Talk To Strangers
Former schoolmates who only vaguely remember one another run into one another while shopping for books.
Levi, Quyen

2019-12-17 - Got Time For A Chat?
Devlin comes to Minerva for a talk on the Glimmer.
Minerva, Devlin

2019-12-16 - Four More Days
It's the most magical time of the year -- almost Christmas break!

2019-12-16 - Last Minute Shopping
Some last minute shopping in Seattle and a lot of conversation.
Erin, Jack

2019-12-16 - Ducks in a Row at the Mallard House
So that's a lot of news...
Ignacio, Finch

2019-12-16 - Back from NYC
Iggy and Itzy jam and talk about stuff after Iggy's trip to New York to visit family and the old neighborhood, and old drama.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-12-16 - Drunk Punching
Friends punch friends. Skulls are rattled, ribs are bruised, and happy feelings are made.
Alexander, Easton

2019-12-16 - I've Got Another Confession To Make
Itzhak is really, really bad at crime.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-12-16 - The stick jockey and the jarhead
Joseph and Ruiz have a discussion that totally doesn't involve anyone getting punched in the mouth.
Ruiz, Joseph

2019-12-15 - Just Lie Back and Think of England
A promise was made. Bumper cars. A roller coaster. Who knew Geoff was a virgin?
Geoff, Harper

2019-12-15 - Grit Vs Wits- The Epic Confrontation
Tyrone is looking for help with something but refusing to get help with the exact same thing. Harper tries to help, anyway, and discovers the resolve of a US Marine Infantryman. ... to NOT get the help he's looking for.
Harper, Tyrone

2019-12-15 - Not According To Plan
Having stayed behind to clean up after the tree-trimming, Anne and Patrick are not horrible to each other.
Anne, Patrick

2019-12-15 - Getting to know Lalo
Maggi has her first intern hours appointment, and is genuinely impressed by what a kind and giving person Lalo is, though he may need to take more time for himself.
Maggi, Lalo

2019-12-15 - Important Gossip
Grace and Hera talk about all the important things.
Everett, Grace, Hera

2019-12-15 - First Meetings
Joe meets the first of his fellow Asylum refugees
Kass, Joseph

2019-12-15 - Another Day At Expresso Yourself
Various people interact at the coffee shop. In some cases, perhaps decaf would be a good idea.
Abitha, Everett, Abby, Ryan, Kass, Yule, Devlin, Liam, Bean, Stefhan

2019-12-15 - The Ring, The Dungeon, and the Smooch
Diana learns about The Collector and the ring it sought, the dungeon that followed-- oh, and there's smooching, too. Because of course there is.
Diana, James

2019-12-15 - The Happiest Time Of The Year
Beth and Ciprian go to Tacoma to do some Holiday shopping.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-12-15 - VIP
Lalo goes to claim his super special auction item!
Gina, Lalo

2019-12-15 - Well That Was Unexpected
Tyrone rushes to tell Easton aaaaaall about The Greatest Night Of His Life. And instead has a fight and decides he's going to leave Gray Harbor 'for good.'
Easton, Tyrone

2019-12-15 - Oopsie
When the simmer finally comes to a boil.
Bennie, Ruiz, Alison, Joseph

2019-12-14 - Unearthing Treasures
Alexander joins Bennie on a salvaging mission at the local junk yard. Feelings are awkward.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-12-14 - Park's Birthday Party! The Public Bits
Park celebrates her birthday with anyone and everyone.
Cassidy, Lyric, Love, Tyrone, Zoiya, Park, Kai, Alison, Viktor

2019-12-14 - Daddy's Little Girl
Finch invites Ruiz over to the House to learn some more about each other, and introduce him to her menagerie.
Ruiz, Finch

2019-12-14 - High Roller Investments
Byron tells Easton his plan to purchase the Grand Olympic Casino, hoping that the TWIBS 'bartender' would agree to become his partner and investing in this project.
Easton, Byron

2019-12-14 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Minerva comes to pay a visit to her niece, and they discuss some very important things.
Minerva, Ciprian

2019-12-14 - Meowy Christmas
Definitely not a cat person...
Nicole, Yule

2019-12-14 - Dismal Drinks
New in town Cecil meets some interesting town folks. Enzo earns a nickname.
Gina, Maggi, Joseph, Cecil, Enzo

2019-12-14 - Forget-Me-Nots
Ex-whatevers in the cemetery. Nobody cries or anything, but I dunno if I'd say any forward progress was made, either.
Anne, Patrick

2019-12-14 - Let People Enjoy Things
Ciprian, Quyen, and Beth meet for pizza and to discuss the agency of Disney Princesses, if parmesan is vegetarian or kosher, and the recent editorial in the Gray Harbor Gazette.
Ciprian, Beth, Quyen

2019-12-14 - Many Meetings
So many people at the Diner. Gina is getting rich from all these peeps yo.
Gina, Blake, Hera, Devlin, Jade, Thewlis, Joseph, Bean

2019-12-14 - Fill Me In!
Mac waylays Sparrow to have a talk about *weird*. It's only a little awkward.
Abitha, Sparrow

2019-12-14 - Casino Soirée
Before Cassidy walked in with a team of DA Investigators and knocked down walls and pulled up carpets....there was a party.%r%r(When the State takes your things there's no telling what they might do)
Cassidy, Ruiz, Ari

2019-12-13 - Motivation
Lalo isn't great at it!
Lalo, Beth

2019-12-13 - The Tour
Tyrone does his job at the Addington Museum, Park jumps on the bed.
Tyrone, Park

2019-12-13 - Going with 75% crazy.
People getting food at the diner and also talking about raiding the Asylum and whatever Yule did the other day which was weird and needs follow-up.
Alexander, Hailey, Yule, Joseph

2019-12-13 - Cold Pizza
Post-Jello Festival, Diana leads a frazzled James to the nearest pizza place so they can gather their thoughts, have some pizza, and talk. %r%rDecisions are made, something new begins, and pizza grows cold.
Diana, James

2019-12-13 - Souped Up
Itzhak rebuilt the engine of Dante's Yaris, and while he was at it, he took a couple of liberties.
Itzhak, Dante

2019-12-13 - A Charitable Favor
Lex contacts Byron, asking for a little favor.
Byron, Lex

2019-12-13 - Dreidel
Itzhak drops off Sutton's bike with Cris, gets a Hanukkah present.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2019-12-13 - Coffee and the New Jumanji
Park meets Tyrone post-tour. Lyric shows up but then it's off to see the new Jumanji film (No Spoilers)
Lyric, Tyrone, Park

2019-12-13 - Team Building Exercise
Gina and Alison head to the Pourhouse for drinks after work. Alison whines a lot and has a pina colada while Gina doesn't care.
Gina, Alison

2019-12-13 - Geocaching A Jeep
Easton calls Magnolia to help retrace his steps and find his Jeep, but the two mostly talk about bad decisions, guilt, and friendship.
Magnolia, Easton

2019-12-13 - Random Coffee Shop Meetings
People spend time at the coffee shop meeting new people. This is not weird at all.
Blake, Zoiya, Beth, Stefhan

2019-12-12 - Blissfully Unaware
Finch stops by the bar for some tots and a chat with Easton
Easton, Finch

2019-12-12 - A Grizzley Warning
Random strangers have some breakfast over some light conversation... about a Murder Motel.
Kelsey, Leon, Zach

2019-12-12 - Push
Alexander and Isabella get ready for the holidays in their own way. Somehow it ends with at least one of the two frustrated and unhappy.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-12 - Just The Tip
Bennie swings by the Pizza Kitchen for a slice and an awkward convo with Tor.
Bennie, Tor

2019-12-12 - An Afternoon At The Gallery
Hera enjoys time chatting with a Cousin and an Artist at her Gallery
Hera, Devlin, Leon

2019-12-11 - What Money Can Buy
Easton stops in at the pawn shop to try and do at least one good thing for Bennie.
Easton, Lilith

2019-12-11 - A Very Rosencrantz Hanukkah
Hanukkah at Itzhak's house! Will more things than the menorah candles catch on fire?
Alexander, Lex, Ruiz, Isolde, Itzhak, August, Isabella, Rebecca, Daisy, Grant

2019-12-11 - Door #1 - Fairy Tale Jail
Our adventurous heroes go in search of the asylum through a door in the Addington House. Any door. And they find an asylum alright, just not the one they were hoping for.
Geoff, Aidan, Easton, Bennie, Harper, Vivian, Justin

2019-12-11 - Who Bought What
A little talk on the winning bids of the auction. And other things.
Lyric, Ciprian, Yule, Thewlis, Beth, Stefhan

2019-12-11 - Men with Deep Pockets
Byron and Felix want to buy the casino - and NOT turn it into an aquarium.
KarmaBum, Felix, Andre, Byron

2019-12-11 - Game of Songs
Lots of songs and laughter and waffles.
Lyric, Tyrone

2019-12-11 - Bribes and Boxes
Alexander drops in on Carver for a variety of reasons, but at least he brings (root) beer and snacks.
Alexander, Carver

2019-12-11 - Tis The Season
August checks up on Isabella in Alexander's residence while he's off doing something absolutely inadvisable.
August, Isabella

2019-12-11 - There's Always a Lighthouse
Maggi brings Leon to Vivid Dreams under duress. Hera actually likes his work. Leon gets caught trying to read Grace.
Grace, Hera, Maggi, Leon

2019-12-10 - Meetings in a Gray Harbor Bookstore
People try to find books, and in the process, meet, greet, and torment innocent tourists.
Alexander, Isabella, James, Hera, Anne, Zach

2019-12-10 - There's Always Room for Jell-O
This is how Joey Kelly cosplaying as Marilyn Monroe in Alexander's 40th Surprise Birthday Bash happened.
Erin, Isabella, Joey

2019-12-10 - Candles Glow Brightest in the Dark
Open invitation to come join for coffee leads to a discussion about highs and lows, and using rock bottom as a spring board.
Ignacio, Yule

2019-12-10 - The Werewolf is a Metaphor
Post-Black-Friday Pizza, part 2, in which the Werewolf is a metaphor.
Elias, Tyler

2019-12-09 - Rained In
Strangers share cover under a gazebo.
Cassidy, Bean, Stefhan, Ginger

2019-12-09 - Christmas Quarters
Yule and Sparrow discuss art and dreams and terrible things while making a little Christmas magic.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-12-09 - The Aftermath
So...about all the blood...I can't explain.
Nicole, Joey

2019-12-09 - A Heart That's Been Broke Is A Heart That's Been Loved
August and Eleanor attend James Joseph Carmichael's funeral and pay their respects to his widow.
August, Isabella, Eleanor

2019-12-09 - The Day After
The day after the dance and drinking girl's night at the Firefly, Zoiya stops to see Hera and drop off some yummies.
Zoiya, Hera

2019-12-09 - The Duel
Sparrow challenges Rhys to a post-jello-wrestling whipped-cream fight. He accepts.
Sparrow, Rhys

2019-12-09 - Hiring Day
Zach comes by the Pourhouse to meet Mariah.
Mariah, Zach

2019-12-09 - Make Me A Time Machine
Joe and Zach meet Easton and Erin. No one should stay at the murder motel.
Erin, Easton, Joseph, Zach

2019-12-09 - Shift of Shame
In last night's dress does not happy waitress make.
Alexander, Bennie, Yule

2019-12-09 - The Dark Roast
*Monsters they be, 'til they get their coffee.*%rPaths cross in the coffee shop, good-natured banter ensues.
Abitha, Ignacio, Finch, James, Maggi, Stefhan

2019-12-09 - No News Is Good News
They cuddle their way through news of Foster's arrest. It's pretty schmoopy, ngl.
Elise, Graham

2019-12-09 - About a Bake Sale
Jacob catches up with Sutton & Carver outside the gym to ask about baked goods, you know, for the Bake Sale.
Sutton, Carver, Jacob

2019-12-08 - Friends in 'Low' Places
Maggi's first night bartending. A soldier, a cinnamon bun, and a cosmonaut show up to drink. Is this some set up for a joke?
Maggi, Leon, Joseph

2019-12-08 - Drank your DRANK
A gaggle of girls descend on the Firefly Club to help Bennie forget about the break up and end up absorbing some others into the drunken fray of fun.
Erin, Sutton, Bennie, Isabella, Everett, Zoiya, Kai, Alison, Ryan, Grace, Hera, Ellis

2019-12-08 - Zoo clues
Esme drops in on de la Vega to share what she knows about the grisly murder at the zoo. Plans are made for further investigation.
Ruiz, Esme

2019-12-08 - Hope Watches Out
Directly after Drankin' their Dranks, a bunch of drunks cart each other back to 13 Bayside for most excellent PIZZA. Some things end, but new friendships begin!
Sutton, Carver, Zoiya, Kai, Alison

2019-12-08 - Back to teh Bags
Some new folks find the gym and Alexander threatens Joey with a dictionary.
Alexander, Itzhak, Joey, Roxy, Leon, Zach

2019-12-08 - Sleepover
Easton and Itzhak paint each other's nails and talk about boys.
Easton, Itzhak

2019-12-08 - Good Things
Juniper visits August at the shop.
August, Juniper

2019-12-08 - Ginger Cordial
Vyv's cousin Ginger arrives on his doorstep for her first day in town.
Vyv, Ginger

2019-12-08 - Homecoming Hazards
Lilith comes back from her shopping trip to find Byron home from Vegas. It's not long before he realizes something is off and she shows him the bruises to explain. Naturally, there's fury over the escalation and threat. The pair make return response by throwing a fiery gauntlet.
Byron, Lilith

2019-12-07 - The Ice Ball, Prelude
The drive to Seattle.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-12-07 - Processing with Pizza
Pastapsychology, best served with pineapple and wise advice
Abitha, Alison, Maggi

2019-12-07 - Small Talk on Aisle 12
Two people nearly bump into eachother, incidental small talk.
Abitha, Zach

2019-12-07 - Preemption
Byron stops by to check on Isabella and finds out, almost immediately, that something is amiss. He vacates his friend from her residence before anything else happens.
Byron, Isabella

2019-12-07 - What Do You With a Drunken Frat Boy
Joseph arrives in Gray Harbor to the fanfare of Chads being schooled by locals.
Lyric, Dahlia, Itzhak, August, Tor, Beth, Joseph

2019-12-07 - Small World
You can't drink in Grey Harbor without running into someone you know.
Lalo, Quyen

2019-12-07 - Meeting Maybel
Yules comes to pick up Esme and ends up in a nice conversation with her mother. Then Esme and Yule go on a long drive to no where!
Esme, Yule

2019-12-06 - The Doctor Is In
Minerva opens up Seraphim for people needing to visit.
Erin, Minerva, Ciprian

2019-12-06 - A Walk in the Rain
Zach runs into Kelsey in the park and Kelsey walks him to the B&B to ensure the town newbie doesn't get lost or Lost.
Kelsey, Zach

2019-12-06 - What the Wolf Saw
Ruiz and August discuss one of their current problems.
Ruiz, August

2019-12-06 - Take Your Girlfriend To Work Day
After Alexander's elfscapade, he returns to Isabella's houseboat and in the morning, they both interview a case witness together. They also talk about drawers.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-12-06 - Day Drinking
Beth needs a pick me up.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-12-06 - Just Keep Swimming
Devlin and Morrigan set out with the rest of the SAR workers to find some missing kids.
Devlin, Morrigan

2019-12-06 - A Big Ask
Ruiz needs help from Cristobal on a job of a personal nature.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2019-12-05 - Ergonomic Office Chairs
Friends catch up at the start of a busy, busy holiday season.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-12-05 - Fisticuffs on Krampusnacht
A time for festivities, joy, and European traditions!%r%rWhich means it's time for Sutton and Viktor to punch each other in the gym.
Sutton, Viktor

2019-12-05 - Ice Queen
Cassidy breaks hearts, you know, her normal behaviour.
Cassidy, Kass, KyleAddington, Ellis

2019-12-05 - Pillow Job
Beth finds something odd on a corpse and calls in the medical examiner.
Yule, Beth

2019-12-05 - Turkey's Overrated Anyway
In which Diana and James share a cozy Thanksgiving feast of Chinese food and get to know one another better. At one point they hold hands, so, you could say things are getting pretty serious.
Diana, James

2019-12-05 - Holding Hope In Your Hands
Around 4AM on 5 December, after leaving Bayside Apartments, Sutton returns to number 13.
Sutton, Carver

2019-12-05 - Down at the Boardwalk
Business talk, walking, riding, planning.
Erin, Ryan

2019-12-05 - I've had it with this motherfucking elf in this motherfucking attic!
Alexander, Anne, and Bennie deal with the Elf on a Shelf loose in Addington House. Patrick... helps?
Alexander, Bennie, Anne, Patrick

2019-12-05 - Rent Is Due
Bennie stops by the bar to get what she needs from Easton.
Easton, Bennie

2019-12-05 - Bereavement
Alexander tells August what he found out about James Carmichael's death.
Alexander, August

2019-12-05 - Illegal Is Always Faster
3AM Sutton goes to visit Easton at Bayside, only she forgets to tell him and she forgets to knock.
Easton, Sutton

2019-12-05 - Kneecapped
Zoiya gets taken to the hospital after a slip and fall at work.
Zoiya, Lalo

2019-12-04 - What Goes Around
Scouring the attic, something was found for Byron. Cuuuurious.
Byron, Vyv, Hyacinth

2019-12-04 - Not Cute
Bennie and Alexander chat on the couch.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-12-04 - Consultation
Alexander and Yule have an informal consultation regarding a couple of strange events in Gray Harbor of late.
Alexander, Yule

2019-12-04 - Shameless & Shamelesser
Nothing fun ever happens on hump day, right?
Gabriel, Cole, Lyric, Sparrow, Alison, Rhys, Hera

2019-12-04 - Drinking. Family Talk. TWITCHING
Yule and Thew have that drink the gravedigger was promised. Everyone had a better family life than Thew.
Esme, Yule, Jade, Thewlis

2019-12-03 - ThanksIgging Dinner (Private)
Thanksgiving is held at Mallard House, hosted by Dove and Finch Celaeno and Ignacio De Santos.
Tobin, Rafael, Ruiz, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-12-03 - Meatloaf And Sharks
Devlin visits for dinner and realizes that Morrigan might have an obsession with sharks.
Devlin, Morrigan

2019-12-03 - Vivid Dreams
Hera welcomes two new people into her Gallery. The three women meet and discuss their love of art, dancing and try to find a way to fit those things together.
Isabella, Zoiya, Hera

2019-12-03 - Music and Morgues
Just your average day at the coffee shop, with plenty of talk about music... and the morgue.
Lyric, Charlie, Yule

2019-12-03 - Bluffs and Beignets
Alexander and Ruiz go for a drive, chat, and nobody gets tossed off a cliff.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-12-03 - Vegas II: The Vegasing
Hawaiian shirts mandatory. Good decisions optional.
Geoff, Easton, Byron, Lilith, Harper

2019-12-03 - Checking Up On Costumes
Lyric stops by to talk about Costumes.
Lyric, Ruby

2019-12-02 - Drunker
Easton and Itzhak meetup for a drink. Or more accurately a lot of drinks.
Easton, Itzhak

2019-12-02 - Rings and Things
Shopping in the gallery along with conversations and pets!
Erin, Abby, Yule, Hera, Devlin

2019-12-02 - Skin Deep
The zoo killing gets even more creepy as Esme and Yule compare their respective findings.
Esme, Yule

2019-12-02 - Blame It On The Alcohol
Everyone in this log needs to learn how to deal with their problems sober.
Anne, Patrick

2019-12-02 - Non-Psychic Relationships
Ash and Corey talk relationship stuff. And no, neither of them are psychic, alas.
Ash, Corey

2019-12-02 - Special Delivery
Pineapple tastes like spite.
Bennie, Tor

2019-12-01 - Post-Black-Friday Pizza
Elias stops by the shop and makes Elias go out for pizza after the Black Friday rush is done.
Elias, Tyler

2019-12-01 - Early Birds Get The Bennie
Bennie drops by Alexander's house early in the morning after leaving Easton's place.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-11-30 - We've Got Some Work To Do Now
Covers multiple plot threads.
Alexander, August, Isabella

2019-11-30 - Cookies Calling!
Cookies make screwy conversation topics, better, right? Isabella and Lilith think so.
Lilith, Isabella

2019-11-30 - Learning Is Good
Isabella delivers one of her father's coats to Alexander for the winter, which suddenly prompts a fight. They make up and make out on the couch, only for a half-naked Bennie to leave his bedroom. August stops by, because this situation clearly needs some kind of referee. In the end? Learning is good.
Alexander, Bennie, August, Isabella

2019-11-30 - The Storm
RIP Beaston
Easton, Bennie

2019-11-30 - Ornamental Delivery
Lex texts and makes a request.
Erin, Lex

2019-11-29 - Black Friday Night
A group of folks meet up at the Firefly Club to blow off steam post-Black Friday.
Clarissa, Elias, Lyric, Dante, Kelsey, Andy, Beth

2019-11-29 - Unreliable Narrations
Itzhak, Eleanor, and August examine the books August and Eleanor found.
Dahlia, Itzhak, August, Eleanor

2019-11-29 - The Town of Broken Toys
Just a night at the bar!
Alexander, Hera, Tor, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-29 - Mr. Marvelous and Lowered Expectations
Sparrow makes good on introducing Yule to the band.
Jaime, Sparrow, Garrett, Yule

2019-11-29 - Ugly Sweaters and Unsolved Mysteries
Yule invites Esme over to decorate the world's smallest Christmas tree. No decorating happens, but very ugly and gaudy sweaters are exchanged.
Esme, Yule

2019-11-29 - What's In the Box!??
When Graham is called in to do an emergency pickup and drop an unpleasant job on Itzhak everything gets a little interesting.
Graham, Itzhak, Joey

2019-11-29 - Candy Land Preparation
Lex stops by Alexander's for an impromptu nostalgic game of Candyland and a few questions about they-who-shalt-not-be-named.
Alexander, Lex

2019-11-29 - May Every Sock You Wear Be Slightly Rotated, Just Enough to Be Uncomfortable
Two Trailer Park residents meet in a downpour.
Noelle, Liam

2019-11-29 - Restlessness
August and Itzhak talk trees, and other things.
Itzhak, August

2019-11-29 - Inked in Blood
Little does Geoff know his last client of the day is long since dead.
Geoff, Bennie, Harper

2019-11-29 - Grabbing Grub At The Grizzly Diner
Tyrone stops by the Grizzly Diner and gets a bite to eat and runs in to Gina ... for better or for worse, he's not really sure.
Gina, Tyrone

2019-11-29 - Reunited
And it feels so good. %r(Bennie heals Easton's wounds after their latest Dream and they manage to get back to almost normal. Just in time for Easton to have done something stupid to endanger that. Perfect.)
Easton, Bennie

2019-11-29 - Girl Talk
Joey hits up the pawnshop for a present and some advice from an expert and old friend.
Lilith, Joey

2019-11-28 - I love the smell of commerce in the morning.
A little Christmas shopping and gossiping and fuck-you'ing.
Alexander, Clarissa, Patrick

2019-11-28 - In & Out
After close at the Twofer (... aka Twibs aka The Deuce aka Easton's bar) Easton has Itzhak show him the ropes on getting in and out of the veil on purpose and in one piece.
Easton, Itzhak

2019-11-27 - Just Ducky
A visit from Alexander to Beaston in the hospital.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2019-11-27 - A Friend In Need
Bennie's got burns :(
Erin, Aidan, Bennie

2019-11-27 - Territory Disputes
Finch and August keep their end of the bargain with the dryads. But someone else isn't too happy with his arrangement.
Finch, August

2019-11-27 - O Christmas Tree
Thanksgiving has passed, and that means one thing: time to pick out your Christmas Trees from the Christmas Tree farm! One of the more popular farms is on the edges of Firefly Forest, a 'live' Christmas tree farm where you pick out a still-in-the-ground tree and its cut down and prepped for you right there to strap to your car or trailer and drive on home. The farm becomes a bit of an event, much like the pumpkin patch in the Park; there's coffee and tea and cocoa, roasted chestnuts and Christmas cookies.%r%rAnd this year, the trees are big, and healthy! They've never had trees this nice looking! Come pick out a tree, or just enjoy the coffee and cocoa and ambiance of the forest in winter.%r%rAnd maybe find out why the trees are looking so nice...
Nicole, Erin, Byron, Lilith, August, Isabella, Jaime, Joey

2019-11-27 - Before They Were Pies
Sparrow and Corey talk weird, holidays and relationships while prepping pies.
Corey, Sparrow

2019-11-27 - Coffee and Careers
Cassidy sits with Alexander and something like a conversation is had.
Cassidy, Alexander

2019-11-26 - Birthdays and Betta Fish
Ciprian and Katherine meet again, and discuss various things on this most important of days. Or not.
Ciprian, Katherine

2019-11-26 - On Psychedelics
After some texting about friendship and future plans, Sparrow and Yule get together for lunch and discuss psychedelics at length.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-26 - First Thanksgiving
Thew, Liam, and Jade have thanksgiving. Magic is performed. They Live is referenced
Jade, Thewlis, Liam

2019-11-26 - The Complication
When Joey and Nicole, um, find a puppy the sole focus falls finding help for it. This is when things go a bit too far. Yeah, uh, oops. Sorry for the B&E Gideon!
Nicole, Ruiz, Gideon, Joey

2019-11-26 - A Thank You
Easton stops by to thank August for all his help in the latest terrible Dream and discuss next steps.
Easton, August

2019-11-26 - Afternoon Coffee
Just another day people watching, and doing work while people get coffee.
Gina, Ignacio

2019-11-25 - Bond-ing
Interrogation. Threats are made. In the end, understanding.
Nicole, Yule

2019-11-25 - Filling In
Rick and Andi filled in for an overnight patrol due to being short handed on patrol officers. They run into Clarissa around breakfast time.
Clarissa, Andi, Rick

2019-11-25 - A Very Beaston Thanksgiving
Bennie and Easton celebrate the holiday in the hospital.
Easton, Bennie

2019-11-25 - Just Desserts
Sparrow visits with dessert! And leaves with answers.
Elias, Sparrow

2019-11-25 - Wine is for Animal Lovers
Ladies share a love of cats at Hera's new gallery.
Abby, Hera, Maggi

2019-11-25 - Negative Associations
Beth gives Ciprian some advice, and also a bit of a fresh outlook.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-11-25 - You Think They Aren't Watching?
They moved the booze //again//. What the hell, Safeway?%r%rA brief introduction between Blake and Jacob.
Blake, Jacob

2019-11-24 - For the Greater Good
A meeting of community action minded folks meeting.
Erin, Ciprian, Katherine, Hera, Devlin, Beth

2019-11-24 - Quadruple Triple Twist
The Jones siblings host some board gaming at their house. There's a lot of swearing, a bit of giggling, discussion of dresses and plans for elopement.%r%rOOC Note: Games were played on so poses often reference stuff without context.
Nicole, Ash, Corey, Sparrow

2019-11-24 - Beyond Visiting Hours
Devlin and Alexander visit Bennie in the hospital. Easton makes a cameo.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie, Devlin

2019-11-24 - Post-Flu Physical Practice
After Dante recovers a bit from the flu, Elias tries to help him begin to use his fledgling Glimmer.
Elias, Dante

2019-11-24 - All In
Ruiz and August discuss recent Dreams.
Ruiz, August

2019-11-23 - Veil Cartography 101
In which Anne, August and Isabella explore the Veil with Byron's wax figure
KarmaBum, August, Isabella, Anne

2019-11-23 - When It Rains, It... Is A Good Time To Go To The Park?
Diana and James plan a picnic in the park, so of course it starts raining. Devlin and Hara join in with bear claws and greetings!
Diana, James, Hera, Devlin

2019-11-23 - The Morning After
A hungover Beth runs into Gabriel.
Gabriel, Beth

2019-11-23 - Bad Boys, Bad Boys
Whatcha gonna do when Ruiz and Charlie come for you?
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Ruiz, Charlie

2019-11-23 - Morning At The Pond
As Devlin finishes practicing his Tai Chi forms, Morrigan comes along and they chat. Later Hera comes by to sketch and chats with Devlin.
Hera, Devlin, Morrigan

2019-11-23 - Just Right
Another drive. Westward. A straight shot down the highway, a conversation with a lot of turns. Ice cream at the end.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-23 - A Clayton Thanksgiving
Isabella is invited to take Thanksgiving with the Clayton family!
Alexander, Isabella

2019-11-23 - Naked Bears
Alison comes in on her night off to get a burger and fries and chat with Gina a bit. Then Everett shows up and a whole lot of innuendo happens real quick. It's definitely his fault.%r%rIs not.
Gina, Everett, Alison

2019-11-23 - Turkey, Tact, and Terrace Trips
Lilith and Byron have early Thanksgiving dinner with his mother, but it's interrupted for the pair of them when a trip out onto the terrace takes them through a different kind of doorway. By the end of the night, they're calling a doctor that lives in the building.
Byron, Lilith, Jacob

2019-11-23 - As Jewish As Heartburn
Cristobal brings Itzhak a special delivery made of money.
Itzhak, Cristobal

2019-11-22 - Wrong Dance Partner
Easton shows up at the Platinum searching for something. Problem is, he just can't figure out what.
Easton, Cristobal

2019-11-22 - Hiking for Thanksgiving
A day spent hiking.
Erin, Jack

2019-11-22 - The Dream of Formaldehyde and White Picket Fences
Drinking at the Pourhouse
Tyrone, Abby, Beth, Quyen

2019-11-22 - A New York State Of Mind
Itzhak takes Isolde to meet his family in New York.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-11-22 - Information Exchange
Isabella and Byron have a long-overdue catch up on the goings on in Gray Harbor. Covers multiple plot threads (Monkey's Paw, Wash Your Hands, King In Yellow, Dark Men Amongst Us, Grand Olympic Casino), because that's how these two roll.
Byron, Isabella

2019-11-21 - Low Durability Gear
Local game shop owner makes sure former medic has the right load-out for adventure.
Abitha, Devlin

2019-11-21 - Peachy At Peach's
Clarissa stops by Vicky's pizza place for a slice, gets a lot more than that, and doles out sage real estate advice.

2019-11-21 - I'll Be There For You
Byron and Tobin discuss various things. Being best friends, there's a lot of catching up to do with how quickly the madness around them spreads.
Tobin, Byron

2019-11-21 - Autopsies R Us
A bit of practical education as Erin comes by to observe and ask questions about an in progress autopsy.
Erin, Yule

2019-11-21 - A Date Thanks To Hank!
Gabriel and Mariah meet for that date. It goes alright.
Gabriel, Mariah

2019-11-21 - Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One.
Alexander and Hailey have tea and talk about how reality is broken even if Alexander doesn't want it to be.
Alexander, Hailey

2019-11-21 - When it rains, it pours...
A meeting at the carousel, sheltering from the rain.
MatthewHarriman, Justin, Abby

2019-11-21 - Post High Regrets
Eleanor wakes up after a day of being high as a kite on Veil spores. She takes it remarkably well, considering.
August, Eleanor

2019-11-21 - Basements And Brothers
Yule pops by unexpectedly. Sparrow shows him her basement. Corey cooks up some dinner to go.
Corey, Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-21 - In-thai-regation
Esme and Yule meet for dinner. Esme still isn't sure what she's gotten herself into.
Esme, Yule

2019-11-21 - Fish And Studies
Morrigan runs into Devlin at Fried Fish. Life is talked on and training will be exchanged.
Devlin, Morrigan

2019-11-20 - Hangovers and Hazy Shower Scenes
Lilith is hungover and taking the longest shower in the morning when Byron comes in from running and joins her to wash and cuddle and talk (and enact unorthodox hangover cures).
Byron, Lilith

2019-11-20 - The Sea Is In Their Blood
Captain de la Vega and Isabella catch up, and he tells her about his own encounter with the mysterious organist at Saint Mary's.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-11-20 - Getting Old
Mariah gets a random text, but it ends up being hopefully not too terrible.
Mariah, Lalo

2019-11-20 - Small Talk and Favors
Gabriel chats with Carter and asks for help with his and Esme's body-in-the-harbor case.
Gabriel, Carter

2019-11-20 - Close To Home
Lalo eats breakfast at his favorite place, and Gina gives him some stuff to think about.
Gina, Lalo

2019-11-20 - Gantzeh Makhers / Movers and Shakers
Isabella stops by the Steelhead Service Center to talk to Itzhak.
Itzhak, Isabella

2019-11-20 - Shooty Shooty Bang Bang
Set before Carver tortured everyone, Easton and Ruiz go for some therapeutic shooting of things.
Easton, Ruiz

2019-11-20 - Car Shopping Advice
Rebecca visits Itzhak at his garage after narrowing down her search for a vehicle, and gets his advice on it.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-11-20 - Graveyard Scouting
Esme and Yule question Thewlis about the graves for murder victims from almost two decades ago and Thew helps them as best he can.
Esme, Yule, Thewlis

2019-11-20 - Chocolate is the Best Invention
Meeting up for a sweet treat. Special appearance by: Ashira
Erin, Ciprian

2019-11-20 - Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major: Prelude
August takes Itzhak to have dinner with his family.
Itzhak, August

2019-11-20 - Questions and Concerns
After their adventure in the casino, Alexander and Greg meet up once again to discuss outstanding questions and concerns. If it all seems too easy, it probably is! What's up with that?
Greg, Alexander

2019-11-20 - A Great Big Broom-Haha
Anne & Patrick attempt to avoid each other, but fate brings them together to ensure Hobo Harry Potter's dreams finally come true
Anne, Patrick

2019-11-20 - Old Wounds
Quyen comes across someone from her past, but it doesn't end up being so bad.
Lalo, Quyen

2019-11-20 - Husbands AF
Geoff & Easton talk loudly about everything while other people try to have a nice evening at a bar. %r%rScene fizzles out because Easton & Geoff are lame and get tired. (sorry folks)
Geoff, Easton, Devlin, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-19 - The Wonders of Giving
Yule, Lalo, and Esme chat about coffee, ugly sweaters, and putting the Give back in thanksgiving.
Esme, Yule, Lalo

2019-11-19 - Aliens Among Us
Ciprian and Beth discuss possible extraterrestrial visitors. Probably they're not serious.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-11-19 - Interrogating A Key Witness
Uncle Monty apparently had a favorite key that Hailey was kind enough to give to Easton. Time to find out what secrets it holds.
Easton, Ruiz

2019-11-19 - Backyard Banter
In which Sparrow is invited to interrupt Gabe's yard work and minor ethical inquiries are made.
Gabriel, Sparrow

2019-11-19 - Two Worlds
Because this evening out isn't over just yet.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-11-19 - Bikinis, Bathtubs & Bubbly
Bikini shopping and music swapping descends into gossip and giggling.
Nicole, Sparrow

2019-11-19 - Abuelita's Remedies
Cristobal finds Dante in his post flu fugue and his inner latino abuela emerges.
Dante, Cristobal

2019-11-19 - Given to Their Moods
Zoiya keeps Cris company on a rather off night.
Zoiya, Cristobal

2019-11-18 - It's a War
Eleanor wakes up to the sounds of August in the shower at some ungodly hour and checks on him, to learn he had been dragged into a Dream and had to do something terrible.
August, Eleanor

2019-11-18 - Null Hypothesis
Alexander reaches out to August after hearing about his and Itzhak's Dream. The nature of killing and killers is discussed.
Alexander, August

2019-11-18 - Undone (The Sweater Song)
Kevin and Magnolia face the BOX and more questions than answers are found within.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-11-18 - Welcome Home
Look who is back from NYC.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-11-18 - Ladies Night (Oh, What a Night!)
Ladies night takes a pretty quick turn into a dance off with a surprise brosquad and it's really ridiculous. It's followed by Never Have I Ever that's kicked along by tequila, which makes it a pretty saucy time up until the tequila shuts them down.
Erin, Julia, Lilith, Isabella

2019-11-18 - Food for Thought
Ciprian runs into Beth on their respective lunch hours, and they have an unexpectedly candid conversation.
Ciprian, Beth

2019-11-18 - Keep Calm And Addington On
Erin and Patrick discuss the dangers of crossing their aunt.
Erin, Patrick

2019-11-18 - In Vino Veritas
Isabella stops by Anne's place with a bottle of wine that she promised. They nerd out about weird things, and talk about men.
Isabella, Anne

2019-11-18 - The Calm Before ...
Cozy snuggles and nothing bad and all is fine, thanks.
Easton, Bennie

2019-11-18 - Donuts and Corpses
A group of the usual suspects gather in the precinct to swap information about the latest cases.
Sarah, Tessa, Esme, Yule

2019-11-18 - Post-Tunnel Portlandian Provender Endeavour
After the discussion Underground, some of the group attempt to go get lunch. Some of them even succeed!
Erin, Vyv, Ruiz, Itzhak, Hyacinth

2019-11-18 - Surprise Dinner!
Itzhak surprises Alexander at home with dinner and companionship. It doesn't go completely smooth.
Alexander, Itzhak

2019-11-18 - All About That Baste
August and Eleanor celebrate Thanksgiving with the Roen family.
August, Eleanor

2019-11-18 - Dog Days
The local shelter dogs get some attention while Addy and company enjoy chatting with each other.
Blake, Kelsey, Devlin, Lalo

2019-11-18 - Friendsgiving and Ugly Sweaters
Dahlia and Justin catch up over hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin.
Dahlia, Justin

2019-11-18 - Cheese Fries, Extra Cheese
Awkward flirting and worse jokes may have triggered past paranoia.
Maggi, Leon

2019-11-18 - Another Picture of a Lighthouse
Pictures in a parking lot, leads to drinks.
Maggi, Leon

2019-11-17 - Nice to be Needed
More conversation on babysitting, getting to know one another and see the house his daughter will spend some time at now and again. #disneyanddressup
Erin, Ciprian

2019-11-17 - LOCK DOWN!
Awaking in prison, Itzhak gets thrown into the illusion that he'd never been released. Thankfully August is there to help him through.
Bennie, Itzhak, August

2019-11-17 - Non-Competitive
Everyone sucks at pool. And conversation.
Erin, Moses

2019-11-17 - Once, In Spanish
Such odd intersections.
Abitha, Sparrow, Yule, Maggi

2019-11-17 - Two Truths and a Get Me Out of Here!
Three people end up stuck in an elevator! Not a sleepover.
Lyric, Sarah, Abby

2019-11-17 - Ape Stories
Lalo, Esme, Jessica, and Beth have drinks at the Two If By Sea. Information is not exchanged, but numbers are.
Jessica, Esme, Lalo, Beth

2019-11-17 - Inquiries
Yule and Beth meet regarding work matters.
Yule, Beth

2019-11-17 - Boxing and Brainstorming
Garrett swings in to talk Jell-ogistics and Mae comes in with some clutch ideas. Hey, it's all for the Women's Shelter. It's important.
Joey, Zoiya, Garrett

2019-11-17 - Cake, Not Coffee
Late night cake with one of the sweetest people on the planet.
Sparrow, Garrett

2019-11-17 - Pulling Punches at the Pool
Lilith adult-meets Easton officially at Bayside Apartments' pool and he offers her the shot she wanted to take at his face when they were younger. Then she acquaints with a doctor in a speedo because it's always good to know a doctor when you live in Gray Harbor.
Easton, Lilith, Jacob

2019-11-17 - The Secret To A Good Alfredo
A serendipitous visit from Julia gives Garrett the opportunity to rank up in culinary arts while Julia makes a new friend.
Julia, Garrett

2019-11-17 - An Uneventful Ride-Along
Devlin joins Carter for a ride-along in which there's some idle conversation, but not a lot happening on his route this lazy Sunday.
Carter, Devlin

2019-11-17 - City of Roses
Itzhak introduces Isolde and Ruiz. Nothing explodes!
Ruiz, Isolde, Itzhak

2019-11-16 - The Pitch
Nicole introduces Dylan, who introduces his comic book to Raul and Ruby of One Up Comics.
Nicole, Ruby, Dylan, Raul

2019-11-16 - Come Run With Me! Please!
In which Evie tortures Alison by forcing her to maintain a basic degree of exercise in her daily life.
Evie, Alison

2019-11-16 - iEncounter
A New Challenger Appears! Billionaire Playboy Technologist VS. Knife Hermit. Why? Guess we'll find out!
Abitha, Ryan

2019-11-16 - Scavenging Waffles
Need breakfast? Getting breakfast.
Zoiya, Cristobal, Maggi, Leon

2019-11-16 - Boxes with Bows
Sparrow gets a delivery. Monica questions her habits.
Sparrow, Monica

2019-11-16 - To Sing or Dance
Cole stumbles onto Addy at the boardwalk, and a quiet conversation of dancing and friendship ensues.

2019-11-16 - Return to Blackwood Manor
Clarissa Robbins, Chairwoman of the Historical Society, has bravely volunteered herself to act as a passenger in the mansion's dumbwaiter to get to the secret room in the house.
Alexander, Clarissa, Isabella

2019-11-16 - Take The Whiskey, Skip The Lipton
James visits Diana to comfort her during the flu, but unexpected reveals happen on both their parts, and Diana's newly-acquired powers are a little haywire.
Diana, James

2019-11-16 - The Doors Are Open
Isabella meets Easton for their last call tradition to talk about the Asylum.
Easton, Isabella

2019-11-16 - My Name is Human
Detective Wilkinson and M.E. Duchannes are called to a murder scene at the zoo. There's a lot of evidence that stacks up pointing to an unlikely perpetrator.
Magnolia, Esme, Yule

2019-11-16 - Here We Are, Again
Ex-whatevers meet for drinks. It's not a date, it's a whatever, but whatever it is doesn't go well
Anne, Patrick

2019-11-16 - Plan to Fail
Talk of buying coffins, babysitting, dreams and dating. Certainly not all at the same time!
Erin, Tyrone, Ciprian, Beth

2019-11-15 - Lunch Date
Sitting across from each other and enjoying conversation over food. Like normal people. Huh.
Gabriel, Sparrow

2019-11-15 - Everybody Loves Jello
Sparrow pitches the terrible idea to Joey. Of course he loves it!
Joey, Sparrow

2019-11-15 - New Friend
Mason and Addy meet at the park.

2019-11-15 - A Study Break At The Coffee Shop
Devlin meets a few people as he takes a break from studying
Bennie, Tyler, Hera, Devlin, Morrigan

2019-11-15 - Business and Personal
Ruiz's crack cop network revealed that a certain investigator and a certain drug dealer were seen at the unopened casino. Questions had to be asked. And answered. And then possibly the worst person to give relationship advice gave a fair amount of it.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-11-15 - Costumes and Questions
Alexander brings by the costume he promised for Joey's niece, and along the way, asks some nosy questions.
Alexander, Joey

2019-11-15 - You Can't Pay A Prostitute In Soup
It's Guys Night Out at the Two If By Sea. There's a recap of things that happened and some pondering on things to come.
Tobin, Easton, Byron, Joey

2019-11-15 - Running Nowhere Fast
Byron and Lilith go for a run in the woods to blow off steam and talk about spooky mail, holiday plans, cursed soup, and stalkers. They blow off the remaining tension in the car, afterwards.
Byron, Lilith

2019-11-15 - Ribbons and Angels
Open Invitation to Coffee leads to fun discussions on holidays and Erin recruiting help for serving Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate.
Erin, Yule

2019-11-15 - Adopt, don't shop
Dogs are looked at. Adulting success is... less successful than initially planned.
Kelsey, Garrett

2019-11-15 - The Kidney Kidnapping Flu
One of the Duchannes is in the hospital, so of course people are going to stop by and say hi! With, perhaps, a small misunderstanding about the presence, or lack there of, of Ellis' kidneys.
Sutton, Natalia, Yule, Ellis

2019-11-15 - The Foster Interview
Before Joshua was arrested, Jessica managed to get a brief interview with the alleged murderer/corrupter of morals.
KarmaBum, Jessica, Joshua

2019-11-14 - Busiest Bathtub in Town
Bennie comes to crash in Alexander's bathtub. Don't ask. It's a thing.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-11-14 - We Are All Very Normal
Alexander and Cristobal both come to see Itzhak and embarrass him.
Alexander, Itzhak, Cristobal

2019-11-14 - Frozen Crack Books
Tyrone delivers a dangerous book to Harper. Because that's where you take books, right?
Harper, Tyrone

2019-11-14 - Questions, Answers, More Questions
Devlin comes to see Minerva and gets some questions answered. And a few tests.
Minerva, Devlin

2019-11-14 - F*ck Off & Come Back with Cannoli
Alexander texts Sutton and the two meet up on the beach for tea & talking.
Alexander, Sutton

2019-11-14 - Parallel Lines
Seeking numbers and comparing lines.
Erin, MatthewHarriman, Kass

2019-11-14 - A Drink at the Fire Pit
An evening at Two If By Sea on the lower deck by the fire pits.
Sutton, Zoiya

2019-11-14 - Creepers Be Creepin'
Lilith takes her pretty car to the shop so it can be checked for a tracking device by Itzhak. August talks about his own set of mail creepers (everyone's creepers), while the Captain is interested in Lilith's creeper and takes a mental peek to help his curiosity along.
Lilith, Ruiz, Itzhak, August

2019-11-14 - Don't Believe in Anything That You Can't Break
Sutton returns to 13 Bayside directly after a drink with Zoiya at TIBS, home to Hope & Carver.
Sutton, Carver

2019-11-14 - The Fat and the Curious up in this.
Alexander and Greg are not exactly Solid Snake, but they get the job done.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Greg, Alexander

2019-11-14 - Fresh Faces
Abby reaches out to Lalo on his first day at Addington Memorial.
Abby, Lalo

2019-11-14 - Sad And Tragic
The title might be a little bit of hyperbole. Still: Hailey and Harvey manage to find a whole new way to ruin a date!
Harvey, Hailey

2019-11-14 - Gym by Disney (tm)
Cris and Shauna spar verbally and physically at Kelly's. PS: Crow tastes like //shit//!
Cristobal, Shauna

2019-11-14 - Getting Our Bearings
Lalo discovers the Grizzly Den Diner, Beth thinks he's kind of weird, but maybe not in a bad way, who knows.
Lalo, Beth

2019-11-14 - Picking up the Trail
Esme and Gabriel look to pick up the trail of a William the Ghoul copycat. Hopefully the cold case can be unfrozen.
Gabriel, Esme

2019-11-13 - Scotch
Yule has Sparrow over for some scotch. And questions. There are always questions.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-13 - Practice and Tryouts
A bit of band practice then Itzhak is invited to come tryout!
Lyric, Itzhak, Park, Scott, Ellis

2019-11-13 - Counting Freckles
Evie has a bad day in class and Alison decides to help her feel better.
Evie, Alison

2019-11-13 - Your Cake Is Better Than Mine
Blake comes to the Patisserie to order an apology.
Rebecca, Blake

2019-11-13 - Wishbone
Taking a break during work or running errands or playing hooky, there's almost always someone in the park.
Erin, MatthewHarriman, Abby, Ciprian, Kelsey

2019-11-13 - Morning After
After the TRON-themed dream, Ash crawls into bed with Astrid and Marius.
Astrid, Ash, Marius

2019-11-13 - Evie's Makeover
Evie picks out a hair dye and makes an appointment to get a tattoo done. They even manage to get started!
Evie, Alison

2019-11-13 - First Date
Thew and Jade go to the boardwalk, in cold seasons, to talk and have him experience his first ferris wheel
Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-13 - Cheeseburgers in Paradise
Er. Well. At 13 Bayside anyway. Cristobal stops by to drop off Sutton's enormous first aid kit & burgers & fries. Carver shows up near the end, in true Carver fashion.
Sutton, Carver, Cristobal

2019-11-13 - Playing Catch Up
Shortly after Kelsey gets back into town, she comes to collect Wishbone from Garrett
Kelsey, Garrett

2019-11-13 - I Will Be Your Shield
Itzhak visits Rebecca and updates her on his, uh, activities.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-11-13 - The LONG walk home
After retrieving her cat, Vice, Gina is walked, some way, home by Everett. Uncontrollable flirting ensues.
Gina, Everett

2019-11-12 - About a Bird
Ruiz talks to August about a bird.
Ruiz, August

2019-11-12 - What the hell is up with Grizzlies
Matt and Thewlis meet... people start wandering in, and eventually Thewlis and Gina have a brief contest *and chat* of THE MIND. Well more she talks to him telepathically, he sets stuff on fire and they leave on Grizzly Den Diner terms.
MatthewHarriman, Gina, Everett, Kelsey, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-12 - Carousel Rides
When the carousel is being repaired, Matt and Park have a chat...
MatthewHarriman, Park

2019-11-12 - Pilfering Papers, Wrapping in Ribbons and High School Homies
Several people meet up at the Wallfe House. Like they do.
Erin, Lucinda, Minerva, Ciprian, Yule, Devlin

2019-11-12 - The Coffee Confessional
Lilith and Isabella have coffee and catch up in bulk. The timeout lets them play confessional with each other too, and they walk away knowing and appreciating that much more about each other.
Lilith, Isabella

2019-11-12 - Now Hiring: Handyman
Matthew comes by Addington House. Patrick has a job for him. Also, the piano is weird.
MatthewHarriman, Patrick

2019-11-12 - Another Way To Dive
Seek and ye shall find.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-11-12 - Squirrel Minions
Mason catches Corey's attention utilizing a squirrel minion.

2019-11-11 - The Serpent's Eye
Tyrone finds a book on the Boardwalk.
August, Tyrone

2019-11-11 - The Cat Concerto
Gina has to track down her cat, who has decided to hang out at Abby's. Everett misconstrues some things, but in the end is accepted as a Servant of Vice (the cat)
Gina, Everett, Abby

2019-11-11 - Something I Can't Fix
Kass asks Itzhak to help her. Of course, he's a jerk about it.
Itzhak, Kass

2019-11-11 - Kind Hands and Magic Kisses
Lilith and Byron leave the hospital with both of them still worse for the wear. Erin's is requested at the penthouse to tend the woman's wounds with kind spirit hands. Afterwards, Lilith addresses a safety concern before coaxing Byron into some healing kisses.
Erin, Byron, Lilith

2019-11-11 - Recklessness
It turns out being able to do magic kind of sucks.
Alexander, August

2019-11-11 - Planning Meeting: The Kruger Case
Some cops and a nosy PI meet to discuss status and action items regarding the Kruger case.
Gabriel, Alexander, Ruiz, Charlie

2019-11-11 - Like Father Like Daughter
Ruiz asks Finch to meet up for coffee to talk.
Ruiz, Finch

2019-11-11 - Digging Deep
Chance encounters at the graveyard while Thewlis is digging a fresh one
Abby, Juniper, Devlin, Patrick, Thewlis

2019-11-11 - Winemergency
Winemergency! Erin invites Sutton out to dinner at an opportune time. And some talking that's probably overdue.
Erin, Sutton

2019-11-11 - A Mexican Standoff
Ruiz and Cris cross paths at the Platinum. No one is a winner.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2019-11-10 - Midnight Updates
Isabella braves Elm Street in the late hours to talk to Alexander.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-11-10 - The Yellow Sign
Armed with the footage Ruiz obtained from City Hall, he ends up making contact with the one dubbed Peregrine.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-11-10 - OMW
Nicole didn't get the answers she wanted at the Paranormal meeting. She did get backup when she called for it.
Nicole, Joey

2019-11-10 - The Escaped
Detective Gabriel Quintanilla catches up with Isabella.
Gabriel, Isabella

2019-11-10 - Needed to Ask
Easton tells Bennie about his Dream with Judd. And just needed to ask.
Easton, Bennie

2019-11-10 - Late Night Arrival
Around two in the morning on November 10th, Sutton arrives at 13 Bayside in a mood and half in the bottle.
Sutton, Carver

2019-11-09 - Post Paranormal
After the Paranormal meeting some meet for coffee.
Erin, Diana, Vyv, Ignacio

2019-11-09 - Gifts at the Garden
Lyric brings a few gifts Scene faded
Lyric, Thewlis

2019-11-09 - Hospital Hospitality
Alexander and Isabella drop by the hospital to check in on Lilith and Byron after the former was found in the Firefly Forest after a long disappearance.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2019-11-09 - Marine Among the Nerds
Alexander and Easton meet Clarissa to discuss the Blackwood family case, and soon the Historical Society is awash in nerds.
Alexander, Easton, Clarissa, Isabella, Anne

2019-11-09 - Interesting & Tolerable
Alexander swings by the Platinum to check on Love and meets a speed bump named Cristobal.
Alexander, Love, Cristobal

2019-11-09 - Neon Snuggles
In the wake of a very Daft Dream, the Dreamers check in with one another. Ash, Astrid, and Marius snuggle for comfort too.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Sparrow

2019-11-09 - Soup Kitchen
Mason and Abby volunteer at a soup kitchen.

2019-11-09 - The Catalyst
Sometimes you can't be the neighbor Mr. Rogers needs you to be, but you *can* be the one the underdog needs you be. %r%r*NOTE:* The dog is going to be just fine here. The people...eeeeh
Nicole, Joey

2019-11-09 - A Long Drive to Nowhere
Questions for directions, all warning signs ignored.
Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-09 - Explorers
Isabella recruits August for a possibly (definitely?) dangerous expedition.
August, Isabella

2019-11-09 - Tell Me a Tale
August brings another Glimmer book to Eleanor.
August, Eleanor

2019-11-09 - All That and Coffee Too
Open Invitation to Espresso Yourself.
Gabriel, Erin, Sutton, Everly, Sparrow, Yule, Ellis

2019-11-09 - Tea and History
There might be better people than Vyv to tell Diana the Billy the Ghoul story, but he's the one she gets. Inquiring minds want to know.
Diana, Vyv

2019-11-08 - What's Your Sign
Horoscopes and fortunes in newsprint and drink orders. Conversation gets convoluted over shots.
Ash, Sparrow, Yule

2019-11-08 - Gray Harbor Hello
Two medical professionals cross paths during a storm. Nothing weird happens, but one of them goes home with a number.
Sutton, Jacob

2019-11-08 - Strange Is Relative
Random encounters at Espresso Yourself.
Julia, Clarissa, Jacob, Hera, Devlin

2019-11-08 - Guinness and Darts and Dancing
it's a date!
Jack, Shauna

2019-11-08 - Long Live the Swan Queen
After days missing in a dangerous dream, Lilith's safety is more or less assured. But getting her home and safe? That comes with conflict and confusion in the woods, of course.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, James

2019-11-08 - Pizza, Underwater Caves, Illegal Drugs, and Beer
After the craziness of Halloween, Isabella and Andy catch up over pizza and beer.
Isabella, Andy

2019-11-08 - Hopeless Together
Isabella Reede meets with local historian, Anne Washburn, to learn more about Gray Pond and in the process, learns that they have more in common than initially thought. A growing friendship is struck and plans to chart landmarks in the Veil commence.
Isabella, Anne

2019-11-08 - Pad Thai, Lemonade and a Side of Awkward
Gabe and Erin meet up again, finally. A little catching up, a little food, a little gardening.
Gabriel, Erin

2019-11-08 - Some People Should Definitely Smoke Weed More Often
Ruiz and Alexander have some drug-facilitated conversations.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-11-08 - Aaaaaawkwaaaaaard!
Diana and James meet up at Memento Mori, Gina torments James, and Aidan falls on his behind. Good times.
Diana, Aidan, Gina, James

2019-11-08 - We Are Not Lost, But We Could Use Some Praying
Madison Holloway and Evelyn Warner are lost, and it is all Evie's fault.
Madison, Evie

2019-11-08 - Safe Haven
Tyrone and Haven go out for some dinner and drinks on their first date.
Tyrone, Haven

2019-11-08 - Ho-petition 2019
Family breakfast, or daily torture. It really depends on what side of the twins you land on.
Natalia, Rusty, Noelle, Ellis

2019-11-08 - You Never Know Unless You Ask
Sparrow asks for a job that doesn't exist.
Abitha, Sparrow

2019-11-07 - It's Generally A Good Idea To Make Sure That A Seat Is Unoccupied Before Sitting In It
Watch where you're going, Park! More casual diner RP.
Park, Alison

2019-11-07 - Murder of the Bands: The Brother
Jessica interviews Morris' younger brother, Victor.
Alexander, Jessica

2019-11-07 - Storming in and Storming Out
Various people stop by Branch & Bole in the midst of a thunderstorm, with various agendas.
Gabriel, Gina, August, Juniper

2019-11-07 - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Evie and others follow their nose to Yule's trailer in pursuit of his sister's fresh baked cookies. Conversation ensues.
Lyric, Evie, Yule, Thewlis

2019-11-07 - Scavenger Hunt
Tor makes a drop with Cristobal and gets a new assignment.
Cristobal, Tor

2019-11-07 - Devil's Playthings
Cris returns to Branch & Bole turning to August to help keep him busy.
August, Cristobal

2019-11-07 - On A Bus
Two dream warriors who fought a dragon together finally run into each other out in the "real" world.
Tyrone, Haven

2019-11-07 - Meeting Monica
Gabriel chats a bit with Monica.
Gabriel, Monica

2019-11-07 - Two Cops And A Park Ranger Walk Into A Diner
Stop me if you've heard this one before. Casual diner RP.
Ruiz, Garrett, Alison

2019-11-06 - Set the World on Fire
Finch is in quite a state after informing Ruiz that he's her father. She calls August to help her let out some of her rage.
Finch, August

2019-11-06 - Oak Neighbours
Gabriel drops by to see Sparrow, meets Monica and Corey.
Gabriel, Corey, Sparrow, Monica

2019-11-06 - Yarn and Buttons
Meeting at the craft store.
Abby, Esme

2019-11-06 - Take a Mark, Leave a Mark
Good hands now hired. Or something. Shauna finds gainful employ.
Jack, Shauna

2019-11-06 - Coffee, Cars, And Deathly Humor
Just your average homicide and examiner death humor puctuated by talk of family and cars.
KarmaBum, Gabriel, Shauna, Natalia, Yule

2019-11-06 - Candy Like Lies
Thank you for the candy, Alexander Clayton. <3
Anne, Patrick

2019-11-06 - The Most Awkward of Hidey Holes
Feeling overwhelmed, after making sure that various friends and loved ones aren't going to die immediately, Alexander tries to retreat from the world for a day or hiding in Ruiz's hotel room. Because both men are made of poor life decisions.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-11-05 - Beary Busy Morning
Yes it's a terrible pun, shut up. But the diner was BEAR-y busy starting at five AM, the start of the morning rush apparently!
Nicole, Alexander, Gina, Joey, Hailey, Devlin, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-05 - East of the Sun
Isolde and Itzhak do a little information gathering in the Veil. What could //possibly// go wrong?
Isolde, Itzhak, August

2019-11-05 - OW! With The Lightning
After the meeting with Ruiz doesn't go so hot, Ignacio goes to Itzhak to tell him about it.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-11-05 - Book Club, Date, Same Thing!
Diana and James, sitting in a place... E-A-T-I-N-G.
Diana, James

2019-11-04 - Good Service? At The Diner?
Itzhak goes looking for an omelette, finds a redhead who shines instead.
Itzhak, Alison

2019-11-04 - Tending the Garden
Gina meets Dr. November.
Gina, August

2019-11-04 - Of Frogs And Men
Ice cream is had by most at the Dia De Los Muertos festival, and no frog people attack.
Erin, Diana, Everett, Rhys, James

2019-11-04 - It's a Girl!
Finch and Ignacio head to the GHPD to speak with Ruiz, and inform the police captain he's a father to a bouncing 24-year old girl.
Ruiz, Ignacio, Finch

2019-11-04 - Watch Where You're Going
Everly everlies all over Owen. Thai food was harmed in the making of this.
Everly, Owen

2019-11-04 - Running Out of Leads
Gabe and Charlie catch up on the latest leads in the Kruger murder investigation but start to worry their trail is running out without taking steps that would tip off Foster.
Gabriel, Charlie

2019-11-04 - The Unicorn and the Moth
Itzhak and August discuss their Halloween weekend. It was a doozy.
Itzhak, August

2019-11-04 - Coffee With Your Coroner
Just your average day in the coffee shop, until the conversation shifts to crazy and weird.
Alexander, Yule

2019-11-03 - Catching up with candy
Dahlia and Justin hang out and catch up on things!
Dahlia, Justin

2019-11-03 - Gimme that Pumpkin Spice
A much needed Pumpkin Spice latte brings two acquaintances together and they end up talking business and fun.
Nicole, Dylan, Raul

2019-11-03 - Coffee, Coughing, and Conversation
Carter runs into the newer new guy at Espresso Yourself. Devlin's starting to feel the flu coming on.
Carter, Devlin

2019-11-03 - Random Encounters Around Thai Food
A few people chatting about various things at a Thai place
Devlin, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-03 - Post-Safeway Conversations
Corey and Mason meet after the Safeway incident.

2019-11-02 - Getting The Lyric Wrong
Tyrone takes Lyric on a date and things do NOT go as planned.
Lyric, Tyrone

2019-11-02 - Waffles And Catching Up
A bunch of people at the Waffle Shoppe.
Jonathan, Minerva, Everett, Jade, Thewlis

2019-11-02 - Morning Coffee Fix
Open scene to come and get your morning coffee (or tea. Chai? Dragon berry mocha whatever?) fix.
Everly, Yule

2019-11-02 - Add to Taste
Corey brings by an ingredient that somehow dared be in the pantry at work rather than in Vyv's own when he needed it. Experimental entremets ensue.
Vyv, Corey

2019-11-02 - Pizza And Conversation
Blake and Juniper end up chatting over some late night/early morning pizza.
Blake, Juniper

2019-11-02 - Veilpot Is A Helluva Drug
A bunch of people decided it was a good idea to smoke some shit someone brought back from the Veil.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Geoff, Greg, Julia, Frankie, Daisy, Grant

2019-11-01 - Slipper Sharing!
Two slipper fanatics get together to show off their favorites, while finishing up the final touches on Kass' costume.
Dylan, Kass

2019-11-01 - The Stranger
Alexander, with an incapacitated Isabella, runs into the mysterious organist from the Cartajena-Carmichael wedding.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-11-01 - How To Chain Your Dragon
Alexander, Byron and Tobin breach Isabella's mind in an effort to investigate the damage done and possibly fix it.
Tobin, Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2019-11-01 - You Should Be Working, Not Flirting
The diner's absolutely dead on the afternoon after Halloween, for some reason, when who comes on in but someone who'd caught Alison eye just happens to walk in. Casual chatter about life, sexuality, gender, y'know. Light, casual stuff.
Park, Alison

2019-11-01 - So, This is Your Mind
Easton has Magnolia check out the insides of his head.
Magnolia, Easton

2019-10-31 - Detective By Day, Gardener By Weekend
Gabriel and Juniper meet in Two If By Sea, and Gabe gets some good gardening advice.
Gabriel, Juniper

2019-10-31 - Happy Halloween! We're Hiding in the Coffee Shop
On Halloween afternoon, before the sun dips low and the goblins come out to play, a couple of EMS workers drop by Espresso Yourself. Eleanor drops in to finish some Masq decorations, and Grant comes in with a proposal, leaving with two assignments.
Sutton, Eleanor, Grant, Devlin

2019-10-31 - Checking In
Roxy goes back to her motel room on Ruiz's orders, and waits for him to bring back injured or check on her after. She has an important request of him.
Ruiz, Roxy

2019-10-31 - Happy Birthday, Irvriya
Minerva spends her birthday tending graves.

2019-10-31 - Pre-Wedding Jitters
Lilith Winslow has been missing since last night and now, Isabella isn't answering her texts. It's going to be another one of those nights for the dynamic duo of Byron Thorne and Alexander Clayton.
Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2019-10-31 - Beer, Burgers, and Bullets; Hold the Holes
Dr. Seuss might call them Thug 1 and Thug 2, but being a bullyboy don't mean you don't have problems like everyone else. The conundrums just tend to have have higher stakes.
Joey, Poe

2019-10-31 - Positively Freudian
Cris ropes Dante into some impromptu furniture shopping.
Dante, Cristobal

2019-10-30 - Lion Recovered
Byron wakes up to a few people looming over him.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Ruiz, Isabella

2019-10-30 - The Tiniest High School Reunion
Alexander meets a guy he used to know in high school. They catch up, agree that having to come back to Gray Harbor sucks, and chat with Minerva + puppies.
Alexander, MatthewHarriman, Minerva

2019-10-30 - Gourd-geous. Simply Smashing, Pumpkin
Time-wobbled pumpkin carving. Talk of dreams and art and parties and imaginary anniversaries, bad nightmares, and hope from team Gryffelpuff.
Sparrow, Grant

2019-10-30 - We Never Got Back Around To The Woman With The Monkey
LITERALLY running in to someone you knew back in the day.
Anne, Patrick

2019-10-30 - Alas, Poor Yaris
Dante's got a car problem and goes to Gray Harbor's most musical mechanic.
Itzhak, Dante

2019-10-30 - Food & Snark
Abitha can't seem to help herself, and Gina certainly won't.
Gina, Abitha

2019-10-30 - Finding the Lion
Alexander and company hurry to the Thorne House after they realize Byron may have been kidnapped and brought there.
Erin, Alexander, Sutton, Byron, Ruiz, August, Isabella

2019-10-30 - Making Up Is Hard To Do
Itzhak takes Rebecca to a restaurant on the coast to work through their recent traumas.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-10-30 - Birthday Secrets
Rusty stops by to borrow some oil, ends up getting a sloppy birthday cake.
Natalia, Rusty

2019-10-30 - Who's Your Daddy?
The crew enter the closed off section of Mallard House, in search of the photograph Finch's mother hid away 25 years ago.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-10-29 - Neighbors
Dante and Easton meet each other in the hallway of the apartment and trade spooky cliff notes.
Easton, Dante

2019-10-29 - Coffee & Creepy Pronouncements
Really, even at 3-AM Gina still maintains great customer service. Anatoly maintains a perfect menu. James is better salted. And Julia and Rhys are totes coffee snobs.
Julia, Gina, Rhys, James

2019-10-29 - Long Day's Journey
August and Itzhak have had one hell of a couple of days.
Itzhak, August

2019-10-29 - Knowing Is Half The Battle
Finch stays at Ignacio and Raf's apartment after the visit to see Auntie Starling.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-10-28 - The Haunting of Blackwood Manor
Alexander and Easton spend a day and night in Blackwood Manor, but considering its surprising dearth of strange happenings attached to its history, maybe they won't find anything at all.
Alexander, Easton, Isabella

2019-10-28 - Stand By Me
Byron said look for a white dog house. Of course there's not much more to go on than that other than 'it's on Elm St.' What's a little B&E between neighbors? Why wouldn't 4 old classmates (we're being generous here) not go look for Ray Brower's's dad's body or whatever.
Nicole, Magnolia, Alexander, Byron, Joey

2019-10-28 - Garden Arrangements
Rusty, August, and Juniper go about setting up the garden for the masquerade; Isabella stops by to talk about Down-On-His-Luck Tom and lakes full of bodies.
August, Isabella, Rusty, Juniper

2019-10-28 - Waffle People
Pancakes and flirtation, hold the gunfire.
Gabriel, Nicole, Sparrow

2019-10-28 - Hercules and Meg (Minus the Agent of Hades Bit)
Time to sit at the Red Dragon Inn and recruit some adventurers.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-10-27 - I think I'm going to Portland
Andy and Clarissa head to Portland to tend to a personal matter.
Clarissa, Andy

2019-10-27 - Scientific Observation
When someone is high on Veil creature ichor it's important to take copious notes.
August, Eleanor

2019-10-27 - 10,000 Steps
Pump it Up
Cassidy, Tyrone

2019-10-27 - Mending
Mending fences between them, but also actually taking care of Shauna's injuries.
Shauna, Ryan

2019-10-27 - Sidewalk Talk
A little conversation on the sidewalk downtown.
Cassidy, Alexander, Cole, Gideon, Rusty

2019-10-26 - Hospital Herbs
Alison gets out of hospital and encounters Juniper in the park.
Alison, Juniper

2019-10-26 - The Persistent Friend
Alexander tells Byron about the Thorne House, or what he suspects is going on there. Byron doesn't take this very well.
Alexander, Byron

2019-10-26 - Phone Calls At Midnight
Isabella and Alexander catch up through videoconferencing apps while she's busy writing her thesis and he's busy with cases. Covers multiple plot threads.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-10-26 - Healing Without Consent
Kass tries to do Itzhak a good deed, after he gets his nose pushed in. He gets mad about it because he's a jerk.
Itzhak, Kass

2019-10-26 - House Hunters: Finding Violet Edition
Julia and Alexander visit a 3 bedroom Bayside bungalow in search of a sign!
AlmightyMe, Julia, Alexander

2019-10-26 - House Call
Elias gets a house call after Dante's Dream experience.
Elias, Dante

2019-10-26 - Songwriting and Kimchi
Ico and Park discuss the type of songs to write.
Park, Ico

2019-10-25 - No Rebounds
There is a date, and then a plan for another date. Or a vacation, depending on if you ask Vivian or Colt.

2019-10-25 - Hitting the Books
Alexander goes to the Historical Society for dirt on an old family, and Clarissa is on hand to help. She also doesn't believe in ghosts, which is something that has to be addressed at some point.
Alexander, Clarissa, Isabella

2019-10-25 - Building a Garden and Other Stories
As Juniper works on decorating Addington Park for the Masquerade, several other characters happen upon her.
Alexander, Byron, Itzhak, Juniper

2019-10-25 - Pizza Guy Cameo
When washing machines break....Suds'n'Duds. And pizza.
Cassidy, Gina, Blake, Zoiya, Dylan

2019-10-25 - A plethora of marigolds
Cristobal goes to Branch & Bole to get something for Dia de Muertos, runs into a familiar face.
August, Cristobal

2019-10-25 - No Gilding The Lily
Isabella stops by Branch & Bole to pick up the kaffir lily that she ordered for Erin, and plays catch up with August.
August, Isabella

2019-10-25 - I Love It vs I Hate It
Sutton & Carver meet up and their conversation, as it sometimes does, takes many a winding turn.
Sutton, Carver

2019-10-24 - Alexander's Adventure in the Old Thorne House
Alexander runs into Mary Thorne conveniently outside of the old Thorne Family home. They both are invited inside.
Alexander, Byron

2019-10-24 - Here's To Going Mad
James and Juniper end up in company whilst getting pleasantly altered.
Juniper, James

2019-10-24 - After Karaoke
Winding down after the brief fight inside.
Easton, Lyric, Itzhak, August

2019-10-24 - The Widow Levenson
A new case lands Alexander Clayton in the presence of Catherine Levenson, who was once a resident of Gray Harbor.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-10-24 - Proper Party Composition
After their failure of a fishing expedition, Magnolia, Kevin, Byron and Isabella get together at Kevin's house to determine next step while grappling with the knowledge that the Lover's Jewel is once again in the wind.
Magnolia, Kevin, Byron, Isabella

2019-10-23 - Coffee Capers
Bennie invites Magnolia out for coffee and an apology of sorts, and somehow volunteers Easton for a dangerous undertaking.
Magnolia, Bennie

2019-10-23 - Tortilla Soup For The Soul
Ruiz brings soup to a sick Dahlia
Ruiz, Dahlia

2019-10-23 - Platinum Costumes
Staff of the Cabaret prepare their Masquerade costumes and get hair consultations.
Nicole, Cameron, Love, Zoiya, Dylan, Roxy, Kass

2019-10-23 - The Walk Homeward
Two people are wandering home from the Halloween party.
Abitha, Malachi, Alison

2019-10-23 - A Seattle Situation: Intrusion
After numerous missed calls and unanswered texts on Lilith's phone, the city date night with her and Byron goes rogue. Grant Turner conveniently shows up to antagonize and tries to drive a wedge between them.
Byron, Lilith

2019-10-22 - Wolf in Not-so Cheap Clothing
Byron drags Joey to Seattle to get him into a suit to start dressing the part of a guy running the show. Lawdy.
Byron, Lilith, Joey, Poe

2019-10-22 - November Rain
There was talk of checking out pumpkins, but then dancing happened.
Ash, Corey

2019-10-22 - Recruitment, Gray Harbor Style
August gives Juniper a Gray Harbor 411.
August, Juniper

2019-10-22 - Catching Elbows and Feelings
Charlie stops by the Pourhouse after a rough day on the job. Jericho accidentally pushes some buttons he shouldn't.

2019-10-22 - Murder of the Bands: The Body
A body is discovered in one of the rooms of the Sea View Suites, and the police and a private detective are on the case!
Magnolia, Alexander, Jessica, Charlie, Carter

2019-10-22 - How Not To Be Boring
Dominic and Everly have a chance encounter at the gym, then Everly explains how to not be boring.

2019-10-21 - After the Fire
August waits around for Itzhak to wake up after nearly burning his hand off.
Itzhak, August

2019-10-21 - The Psycho You Know
Alexander shares some of the information he has with Charlie, and they do a little theorizing and wild speculation on what it all means.
Alexander, Charlie

2019-10-21 - Unsolicited Footwork
Alexander meets up with Byron Thorne to see if his dubious witness' testimony might actually lead to a new area in the case. Results are intriguing.
Alexander, Byron

2019-10-21 - Best Men
The Gs have things to discuss. (These two scenes aren't actually "related," except in that they took place on the same day, concerned the same events, and feature actual cops and robbers. It made me chuckle.)
Greg, Graham

2019-10-21 - Sushi & a Talk about Fishy Things
Why is this town so weird and the food so good??!
Sparrow, Grant

2019-10-21 - An Unorthodox Fishing Expedition
Lilith helps Magnolia plan to recover a certain infamous item. Of course, they don't know it at the time, but it's not down there, which is learned later. Good plan and talk, though!
Magnolia, Lilith

2019-10-21 - The Wrong Kind of Introduction
Sparrow tells Corey about the detective two doors down and how she met him.
Corey, Sparrow

2019-10-21 - Guns guns guns guns ... guns.
Easton & Ruiz are freed from external murder influences so they are free to be reunited with their guns. There's no talking of feelings! That's ridiculous! Where did you hear that?! It's all shooting, guns, grunting, bullets, guns, grrr. guns.
Easton, Ruiz

2019-10-21 - Late Night Food
Tyrone grabs a meal, Gina gives Blake a warning. Or trolls him, either or
Gina, Tyrone, Blake

2019-10-21 - Moonlight Sonata
Halloween planning! And drinking! And Garrett sings to them!
Astrid, Ash, Garrett

2019-10-21 - Doctor, meet Drifter
After Alexander gives Vivian the all-clear, she drops by Carver's house to ask a few questions, interrupting a hostage situation. It's a whole bunch of Veil talk!
Carver, Vivian

2019-10-21 - May Your Five Year Old Neighbor Always Have Their Violin Lessons During Your Hangovers
Noelle has another disaster, Natalia comes along to try and soothe the storm. Martel loses $5800, but feels he got off light. ALSO DOGS.
Natalia, Noelle, Martel

2019-10-21 - Drugs and Reservations
There's a quick get together concerning Foster's activities.
Gabriel, Andi, Ruiz, Charlie, Andy

2019-10-21 - Pyromania
Being able to throw fireballs with your hands is nowhere near as useful or convenient as movies and comic books want you to think it is.
Alexander, Itzhak, August

2019-10-21 - Sinners
A few months ago, during a hospital visit, Alexander and Isabella promised one another that they would talk about the sins that define them. With William Gohl in the ground and having returned fresh from their Seattle trip, there is no escaping the inevitable.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-10-21 - The Key To Something
Isabella and Easton catch up. Easton tells her about Hailey Stevenson's visit and Isabella teaches him something he didn't know before about Mentalists.
Easton, Isabella

2019-10-20 - Sorting through evidence
Cassidy comes through with the subpeona for the Kruger's financial records. Charlie leads the team in sorting through the documents and coming to some conclusions.
Gabriel, Cassidy, Sutton, Ruiz, Sarah, Charlie, Esme

2019-10-20 - Psychological Scarring, Free of Charge
James is back in town, Grace is curious, Frankie stops by, and Gina is, as always, her usual charming self.
Gina, Frankie, Everett, Grace, James

2019-10-20 - Unexpected Meeting
After a long day Vivian heads down the street for a drink and ends up running into an unexpected face.

2019-10-20 - At Last
Alexander Clayton and Alistair Carver finally meet. It's actually pretty normal. Weird, that.
Alexander, Carver

2019-10-20 - Tough Guys Also Blush
Itzhak and Julia catch up at the bar, discussing how they work together and others they might also work with.
Julia, Itzhak

2019-10-20 - The Right Kind of Grey
Neighbors introduce themselves on a gloomy Sunday morning after sharing an all too pleasant Dream the night prior.
Gabriel, Sparrow, Grant

2019-10-20 - Is the doctor in?
Alexander comes by for a session, but conversations wanders towards the end.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-10-20 - Midnight Snackage
Folks get hungry for waffles and/or drugs late at night.
Greg, Gina, Juniper

2019-10-19 - Okay, That Kind Of Hurts
Since when does a dream hurt, anyways? Wait, was that a dream?
Gabriel, Alison

2019-10-19 - Homeless People Always Know Everything
Alexander is not a cop, which means crackheads will talk to him. \o/
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Alexander

2019-10-19 - Can I smoke?
Nasir comes to Vivian for help, brings along Alexander in hopes of getting help of another kind. Reality sets in, and Nasir has to face it.
Alexander, Vivian, Nasir

2019-10-19 - A Turd On The Mattress
Seeking to expand the naive horizons of a puppy named Wishbone, Kelsey takes him to the park where she's greeted by public servant Carter. They're later joined by Claire and Nasir. Introductions are made, and plans for the future, where Wishbone will most likely be marking the sibling's home as his territory.
Kelsey, Carter, Claire, Nasir

2019-10-18 - Persistence Sometimes Works
Charlie heads out to the pier to look around and runs into Jericho. He's very persistent.

2019-10-18 - The Great Pumpkin
An innocent pumpkin patch becomes the site of FLAMING PUMPKIN CARNAGE.
Cassidy, Alexander, Gina, Cole, Harvey, Hailey, Rhys, Nasir, Noelle

2019-10-18 - Hiring A Bouncer!
Jericho saw the want ad for a bouncer. Mariah is going to see how it works out.

2019-10-18 - An Evening Of Ghost Tales
Likely Stories hosts a reading from horror author Dante Taylor and the sharing of some local ghost stories.
Nicole, Greg, Byron, Lilith, Frankie, Elias, Vyv, Ignacio, Isabella, Dante

2019-10-18 - Difficult Beings
Alexander and Ruiz's paths cross at the hotel.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-10-18 - I'll Get Fired and You'll Be Dead
Grace is working out when Erin greets her and Joey arrives bearing gifts. Nasir is in quite a state. Just for a little while though.
Erin, Joey, Grace, Nasir

2019-10-18 - The Boy With The Funny Name
A reunion between childhood acquaintances leads to discussion of Rhys' choice of bosses and Julia's future plans.
Julia, Rhys

2019-10-18 - Dire Warnings And Fond Reunions
Two different kinds of gamers discuss nerd stuff at a bar. The Gray Harbor Adventurer's Guild looks to be complete now.
Byron, Lilith, Abitha, James

2019-10-17 - Iced Tea is not in this scene at all.
Charlie and Gabriel interview the Pursleys about the Kruger case.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Gabriel, Marilyn, Charlie

2019-10-17 - No Sudden Movements
Bennie and Easton begin the process of recovering from Gohl.
Easton, Bennie

2019-10-17 - You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Be Angry
Itzhak stops by B&B to chat with August.
Itzhak, August

2019-10-17 - Soup, Django, and the Pursuit of Crazy
Wherein Kelsey inadvertently invites Nasir over for dinner, nearly rips open a Veil Portal to prove a point, and they both decide to fight the good fight.
Kelsey, Nasir

2019-10-17 - Posing, Painting, and Parley
Nicole has talked about posing for a painting for some time. She finally does, and Dylan and she fall into some deep convo towards the end.
Nicole, Dylan

2019-10-17 - The Good, The Bad, the Arguably
Gabriel hits up the store in search of a Comicbook gift for his niece's quinciañera. Nasir's inside to stink up the party, and Lyric shows up to finally drive the man off with Nasir's favorite Issues. After that, some reunion ensues, and everyone's happy. Except for Gabriel's niece.
Gabriel, Lyric, Nasir

2019-10-17 - Wrecking Ball Aisle 8
Old acquaintances run into each other in the ice cream aisle & shop around the Safeway. Cassidy blows in with 5,000 tampons. #sorrynotsorry
Cassidy, Sutton, Zoiya

2019-10-17 - Sleepless In Seattle
In the recent past, a cursed ring prevented Alexander Clayton from figuring out whether his afternoon with Isabella Reede was meant to be an actual date, or just two like-minded acquaintances spending some time together. Three months later, with William Gohl in the ground, they finally have the opportunity to try again.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-10-17 - Long Month, Long Day
Declan returns home after a long day at work and speaks with Dahlia. She's doing a lot better!
Declan, Dahlia

2019-10-16 - A Plumbing Affair
A depressing congregation of individuals at the Diner makes for an interruption to Gina and Geoff's blatant flirting. Nasir comes in on the two of them with more than a plunger to take out the trash, but before any harm can be made Marion arrives to make the affair more trouble than its worth. Many waffles were harmed in the scene.
Geoff, Gina, Marion, Nasir

2019-10-16 - Unfulfilled
Wherein Hailey and Harvey are destined to circle the wagons and never collide.
Harvey, Hailey

2019-10-16 - Detective Green Thumb gets a trim
Gabriel comes into the Curl Up and Dye to visit his favorite hairdresser for a trim and a chat while Cassidy waits for her appointment.
Gabriel, Nicole, Cassidy

2019-10-16 - A New Business Partnership with an Old Friend
In which Juniper reconnects with an old friend, meets a hopefully new one, and expands her business venture.
Ignacio, August, Jenkins, Juniper

2019-10-16 - Hail Mary
A momentary detente in the Church.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2019-10-16 - Two Cops and a Skater Walk into a Bar
Esme returns to town and meets Daisy and Malachi in the Two if by Sea. Cheese fries happen.
Malachi, Daisy, Esme

2019-10-16 - Getting Your Head In The Game
Alexander receives a new client - or a new case from a friend and client, and Vivian resolves to start tackling some of the mysteries of Gray Harbor.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-10-15 - Midnight at the Grizzly
A group of disparate people grab a bite to eat at the Grizzly Den in the late night.
Cassidy, Alexander, Gina, Vivian, Daisy, Nasir

2019-10-15 - Broken Dreams
Vivian and Byron discuss their relationship.
Byron, Vivian

2019-10-15 - Vending Machine Needs NyQuil
Two of the residents of the Sea View Suites are in the early stages of the Veil Flu, and converge on the vending machine.
Roxy, Ryan

2019-10-15 - Do I know you?
A brief random run in, but James seem to be find something familiar about Grace, and end up getting food into his body.
Grace, James

2019-10-15 - What Not To Do At A Job Interview
Nasir's job interview at the Harbor Mist Pawn Shop.
Byron, Lilith, Nasir

2019-10-15 - Latecomer to the Plague
Jessica finally gets the Gray Harbor plague, so who else is she going to call to look after her?
Harper, Jessica

2019-10-15 - How to Build a Life (For Dummies)
After date night on the Boardwalk, Frankie and Greg take a walk on the beach together. She gets her ring, and Greg doesn't take no for an answer. Much discussion about how two people with only one brain build a life together ensues. (Spoiler alert: the brain is in Frankie's head.)
Greg, Frankie

2019-10-15 - Your place or mine?
Joey and Nicole go on a date, encounter a brooding musician, and decide to cheer him up.
Nicole, Itzhak, Joey

2019-10-15 - Reunion of Friends
For the first time in weeks, Isolde and Alexander actually share the same space at the same time, and catch up.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-10-15 - How Do You Even Drink That?
What starts as the beginning of an 'into a bar joke' (cops, ems, lawyer, stripper) ends in a welcome to GH and a flu-avoiding run-away. New friends, old ones re-met, and plenty of banter.
Cassidy, Sutton, Ruiz, Sarah, Zoiya, Alison, Tessa

2019-10-14 - Do You Feel Lucky?
An accidental run in between a cop and a cop hater leads to a very nice dinner out.
Clarissa, Andy

2019-10-14 - Unfinished Business
Magnolia Jones, Kevin Walters and Isabella Reede get together to discuss a possible fishing expedition.
Magnolia, Kevin, Isabella

2019-10-14 - The Key To... Success, Maybe?
Hailey has this key that belonged to Doctor Marshall, and since Easton is related... it seems appropriate to dump the thing on him. Also, he asks questions very badly and/or she answers them very badly. (Honestly, it's a little from Column A, a little from Column B.)
Easton, Hailey

2019-10-14 - Leads and Flu
Gabe comes up with new avenues for the Kruger murder investigation while battling the start of The Flu. Gabe's and Charlie's love lives (or lack thereof) briefly discussed.
Gabriel, Charlie

2019-10-13 - Treessassins
The trees in Gray Harbor can be relied upon to attack the unwary.
Ruiz, Finch, August

2019-10-13 - Encounters on Elm
Julia comes to find Alexander about Violet's disappearance, and information is shared, until a drunk driver crashes the party - and the mailbox.
Julia, Alexander, Nasir

2019-10-13 - Shadow of the Season
Magnolia shares what October means to her.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-10-13 - Drinking and Conversational Dancing
Elias goes to the Firefly club looking to blow off a little steam but ends up running into Dante. They talk, and he walks the writer home.
Elias, Dante

2019-10-13 - Live Your Best Life
Alexander takes a gift to Corey, and gets fed in return. Information is exchanged, and hopes are dashed.
Alexander, Corey

2019-10-13 - Truck Tinkering
Kass comes over to take a look at Jaime's truck.
Jaime, Kass

2019-10-13 - Preparedness for Flu
Gabe is starting to come down with the flu. Erin shows up with supplies to prepare him for the worst of it.
Gabriel, Erin

2019-10-13 - Coffee!
Bennie and Alexander meet for a promised bit of coffee and conversation.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-10-13 - Gone Fishing
Two cops and an ADA share notes on the Krueger case.
Cassidy, Ruiz, Charlie

2019-10-12 - Meeting by the Sea
Gina likes storms. And spreading (mis)information about the Town Committee.
Gina, Itzhak, Rick, Grace

2019-10-12 - To Some, It's a Six Pack; To Me, It's a Support Group
After the funeral, drinking.
Cassidy, Erin, Alexander, Easton, Sutton, Clarissa, Bennie, Vyv, Ruiz, Justin, Itzhak, August, Isabella, Rebecca, Hyacinth

2019-10-12 - Certified, Certifiable, Who's Counting?
Kass runs into Jaime at the Pourhouse and convinces him to let her look at his truck.
Jaime, Kass

2019-10-12 - Falling For You
Oops, Kass forgot to tie her shoes!
Gabriel, Shauna, Kass

2019-10-12 - The Three Stooges with Guns
Carter and Malachi engage in healthy workplace talk, until Nasir appears with toxic, unhealthy talk of his own. It turns into a smooth conversation by some benches and some nicotine where it doesn't belong. No one gets shot.
Malachi, Carter, Nasir

2019-10-12 - Murders Past and Present (and Breakfast)
Jessica tracks down ADA Cassidy to talk about the murder cases. Before too long, others connected to murder show up. Pleasant and polite conversation abounds.
Cassidy, Clarissa, Jessica, Andy, Alison

2019-10-12 - Get Some Rest
That's how you get over the flu.
Cassidy, Hailey

2019-10-12 - Being Cared About Is Hard
The night of Gohl's funeral, Itzhak goes home to Isolde, who wants to take care of him. He only hates it a little bit!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-10-12 - Fast Food, Fast Friends
Tyrone sits and waits for people to fall into his friendship trap. Some do, but escape quickly enough.
Magnolia, Kevin, Lyric, Tyrone, Charlie

2019-10-11 - Getting A Job
Kass manages to track down Antonio
Antonio, Zoiya, Park, Ico, Kai, Kass

2019-10-11 - Okay
Bennie has an elaborate crime caper plan to sneak in and interrogate Easton. Instead they just fight.
Easton, Bennie

2019-10-11 - Looking for A Job
Kass is looking for a job at the Cabaret. Who better to meet than Cameron and Park?
Cameron, Park, Kass

2019-10-11 - Requiem For A Fiddle
Ruiz requested (kind of demanded, really) that Itzhak play his fiddle for him before he sacrifices it to Gohl.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-10-11 - Another Day at the Dispensary
The blue shoes appear. Karl is Karling.
Greg, Graham, Frankie, Lex, Grant, Kass

2019-10-11 - A Little Help From My...Friend?
Kailey brings Everett all one could need to survive the flu for a few days. She trusts him and it goes horribly wrong.
Everett, Kailey

2019-10-11 - Tribal Affairs
Isabella Reede runs into Andy Geroux in his attempts to purchase a houseboat in her neighborhood, and asks him for a favor, which later ends in the two of them exchanging nutshell versions of their complicated histories.
Isabella, Andy

2019-10-11 - Playing Chicken
A game of 20 questions takes a deadly turn.
Sutton, Cristobal

2019-10-10 - Shotgun Wounds and Wedding Plans
At the conclusion of a day's business, Greg and Frankie reconnect over Greg's bruised ego, leftover Chinese food, and oh my god so much talking. Also people fly, and get engaged.
Greg, Frankie

2019-10-10 - Breaking Butts By The Pool
People have fun at Aubrey's pool!
Cameron, Madison, Marion

2019-10-10 - Omelette
Banter while Cassidy orders the omelette.
Cassidy, Gina

2019-10-09 - Blue and Yellow
Itzhak and August discuss sacrifices.
Itzhak, August

2019-10-09 - Cards on the Table
Elias rather directly and bluntly tells Dante the truth about Gray Harbor, the veil and Glimmer. He takes it well. Ish.
Elias, Dante

2019-10-09 - Coffee and Quiet Places
Monica leaves the Grizzly in a much different mood than when she arrived. Spoiler: Gina is highly amused.
Gina, Monica

2019-10-09 - Charlie's Angels (or Demons?)
Bennie texts Sutton for a clandestine liaison. Plans are laid out. Modified. And punctuated with coffee drinks.
Sutton, Bennie

2019-10-09 - Two Devils and Coffee
Park, Alison and Zoiya stop for coffee and sweets after the Sinners and Saint's event.
Zoiya, Park, Alison

2019-10-09 - Fairy Dust Friend
Bennie comes to Greg with an unusual favor to ask, and a friendly warning.
Greg, Bennie

2019-10-09 - Hospital Freedom
Itzhak picks Isolde up from the hospital!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-10-09 - Kiss With A Fist
You hit me once I hit you back
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-10-09 - When is Weird Too Weird?
With breakfast ruined back at the apartment, Frankie and Greg drop into the diner to find Gina. Things get weird fast.
Greg, Gina, Frankie

2019-10-09 - Proof of Life
Isabella runs into Detective Quintanilla at the park, relieved that Alexander has not followed through with his threats to do him and his partner harm, and talk about his current cases, colleagues and Erin Addington.
Gabriel, Isabella

2019-10-08 - City Hall Shade
Isabella stops by City Hall to do some research and drop off her membership application to the Gray Harbor Historical Society. She runs into its chairwoman, Clarissa Robbins, who informs her that she, too, is involved in the casino business. Enter Blake Cooper, who ends up offering some insight on the entire thing and now HE IS CURIOUS.
Clarissa, Isabella, Blake

2019-10-08 - Chalk Dust Butterfly
3D art gets a little more #d. Hey, art therapy works out. Their therapists would be proud.
Grant, Kass

2019-10-08 - Authorship
A visiting author makes an overdo trip to Likely Stories and meets its owner-slash-fellow author, and another patron.
Elias, Dante, Marion

2019-10-08 - Expert Witnesses
Detectives Morgan and Quintanilla stop by Isabella Reede's houseboat to question her regarding what she knows about a certain land development project that an environmentalist group she is involved with wants to stop.
Gabriel, Isabella, Charlie

2019-10-08 - Cops Hang-Out Here
Cassidy enjoys a very early morning (late night?) coffee. She meets a detective who walked off a Hollywood movie lot, and then gets some news about a big break in the Krueger case.
Gabriel, Cassidy, Sarah, Charlie

2019-10-08 - Idle Hands
Given a head's up by Isabella, August reaches out to check in on his houseguest. Alexander is totally okay. Really.
Alexander, August

2019-10-08 - Adventures in MurderSitting II
Baylee accidentally gives Easton the idea to go murder people that Bennie owes money to. Even one legged and on crutches it takes some effort to dissuade him. Until Aidan snaps him like a twig.
Aidan, Baylee, Easton

2019-10-08 - Surprisingly Wholesome
There are many ways to dance around a subject. Geoff comes to check on Bennie.
Geoff, Bennie

2019-10-08 - Do Powers Work Outside of Gray Harbor?
Byron meets up with Kailey at the ice cream shop. He learns that she's far more experienced with her own powers than many in this town. It's an amiable conversation where no one gets murdered.
Byron, Kailey

2019-10-08 - First Date - Mexican
First date! Off for Mexican food. And a lot of getting-to-know-you questions. And some honest to goodness Margaritas along with plans for a second and third date.
Gabriel, Erin

2019-10-08 - Inquisitors, Fairies and Bond Girls, Oh My!
French-speaking crustaceans? Nope. No thanks. Pass.
Nicole, Ash, Corey, Sparrow

2019-10-07 - Timeout in the Woods
Byron and Lilith go into the woods to retrieve a box, but it turns into a belated birthday surprise and game. They do get the box, though. Eventually.
Byron, Lilith

2019-10-07 - How Awkward?
Marius and Astrid talk about awkward texts during movie night.
Astrid, Marius

2019-10-07 - The Importance of Being Earnest
At Alexander's behest, Isabella looks in on Isolde in the hospital while she's busy recuperating from the Veil flu. She is told about her Dream, and how she intends to go back on a rescue mission.
Isolde, Isabella

2019-10-07 - Meet Cute
Approaching a stranger by running at them is probably not a good idea. Or wait.. maybe it was?!
Gabriel, Erin

2019-10-07 - The Benefits of Messiness
How to take a dark place and make it brighter.
Jens, Sparrow

2019-10-07 - Fever Dream Aftermath
In the aftermath of their fever Dreams, Graham promises to do better (and then goes two days later and talks to Greg about robbing a bank because OMG GRAHAM WE CANT HAVE ANYTHING NICE)
Elise, Graham

2019-10-07 - The Invasion
Dylan brings by a gift to an unsuspecting Cameron, and the pair discuss career dreams and missing persons cases.
Cameron, Dylan

2019-10-07 - Three May Keep a Secret If Two of Them Are Dead
Alexander asks Love to meet him out on the Pier for a clandestine exchange of information regarding the dumpster body parts from a few weeks back.
Alexander, Love

2019-10-07 - Chicken Soup For Duncan's Soul
Wherein Maddie dies, revives, and sells TP to Clarissa
Clarissa, Maddie, Duncan

2019-10-07 - Enchiladas and Other Messes
Two people who probably shouldn't be cooking manage to make enchiladas.
Zoiya, Dylan

2019-10-07 - Honking Alive and Trying
Arrangements were made-- in the pursuit of milkshakes of course. Sergeant Cortez just barely managed to fix his time traveling quantifier to get himself in front of Kelsey's house before his hypertank exploded. Or, well, before Nasir's ATV decided to throw a hissy fit and stop working.
Kelsey, Nasir

2019-10-06 - Platinum Recovery
Catching up Platinum. The staff trickles back after recovering from flu.
Cameron, Love, Blake, Antonio, Zoiya, Park, Poe

2019-10-06 - In Repose
Something is going very wrong with Rebecca. Itzhak and Hyacinth rush to the rescue. (Takes place a few days before the funeral of William Gohl).
Itzhak, August, Rebecca, Hyacinth

2019-10-06 - Visiting The Occultist
Nasir contacts the Weirdo Jewish girl that his mother told him to stay away from when he was a child.
Minerva, Nasir

2019-10-06 - Sunday Distractions
In which there are drugs, distractions, and the death of some dubious chinese food.
Greg, Daisy

2019-10-06 - Where Are The Leads?!
Gabriel and Cassidy exchange banter about recent cases.
Gabriel, Cassidy

2019-10-06 - Feathered Friends Fez Society
In which August checks up on Bennie, who is convalescing at Alexander's.
Bennie, August

2019-10-06 - Inn Mates
Easton and Ruiz are allowed some time out in the yard ... er at the pool. In the rain. In October.
Easton, Ruiz

2019-10-06 - Flu Shots
No one came for flu shots, but they're getting them anyway.
Isabella, Abby, Harvey, Hailey

2019-10-06 - He's Not Toxic, He's Latino
What started as an awkward reunion of two ships that thought they passed in the night, turns into an abject lesson on toxic masculinity and latinx culture.
Cassidy, Julia, Sutton, Ruiz, Dante, Cristobal

2019-10-06 - Where's my perp?
The Assistant DA continues her (de?)motivational campaign to move the investigation along rapidly toward a conviction, and her 'enthusiasm' is not always welcome.
Cassidy, Ruiz

2019-10-06 - Soup and Stars
Roxy visits the flu-stricken Joey and shows him something beautiful.
Joey, Roxy

2019-10-06 - Time Travel and Contractors
Kelsey meets Nasir while he's doing electrical work at the Gym. She's not convinced he isn't a time traveler.
Kelsey, Nasir

2019-10-06 - Stop Draggin My Heart Around
Rebecca comes to check on Iris and finds Itzhak is home.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-10-06 - The Weirdest Lunatic in Town
Alexander invites a detective to take a package, and discovers that he does not, in fact, have a handle on the whole 'murder impulse' thing.
Alexander, Tessa

2019-10-06 - Here's To You, Missus Robbins(On)
Clarissa and Gabriel run into each other at the park and once again find they have a little too much in common when it comes to guns and murder.
Gabriel, Clarissa

2019-10-05 - Barbie's Workout Gym
Work continues (of the electrical kind) on Kelly's Gym to get it back into fighting shape as sparring (of the verbal kind) takes place.
Charlie, Cristobal, Nasir

2019-10-05 - What It Means To Be There
Isabella calls Erin and asks her to visit the hospital, to check how abilities are working or healing post-Veil flu. Things get personal relatively quickly, but in a good way.
Erin, Isabella

2019-10-05 - Cheer Infection
Erin and Kailey meet and hit it off. Everett walks through and Kailey shows off to interesting results.
Erin, Everett, Kailey

2019-10-05 - Meanwhile, At The Station
Rookie ADA meets rookie beat cop.
Cassidy, Haven

2019-10-05 - Strength (VIII)
I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.
Itzhak, August

2019-10-05 - Is This A Conspiracy Thing?
Alexander asks to meet the chairwoman of the Historical Society for an unusual request.
Alexander, Clarissa

2019-10-05 - The Crazy/Hot Scale
Spoiler: Everly is mostly just crazy.
Everly, Poe

2019-10-04 - Clandestine Meetings
Charlie and Alexander meet to discuss some things, Gabriel joins in for the fun.
Gabriel, Alexander, Charlie

2019-10-04 - Sometimes Helping Isn't About Solving The Problem
Isabella imparts a few good recent developments to Alexander and the two end up conversing about his current cases and mutual acquaintances.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-10-04 - Never Ending Circles
Alexander and August discuss various things, like people who need to drive cars off cliffs to know what the outcome will be.
Alexander, August

2019-10-04 - Adventures in MurderSitting
Easton requests some help in making sure he doesn't cause further trouble. Aidan and Baylee happily oblige.
Aidan, Baylee, Easton

2019-10-04 - Frayed Fringes
Frankie catches up with Greg at Green Harbor, and there aren't many topics that *don't* get addressed, really. Do we get to decide who we want to be? Very philosophical!
Greg, Frankie

2019-10-04 - Superstitions And Woodchippers
While doing some research at the bookstore, Clarissa is joined by Kelsey who hints at the truth behind all the strangeness that's happening in Gray Harbor.
Clarissa, Kelsey

2019-10-04 - Cyclical
Dream. Bleed. Stitch. Repeat.
Alexander, Easton

2019-10-04 - Sweat, Boo Koo and Roids
The late nighter type and those with a busy schedule manifest upon the gym in the hour of the wolf, seeking to work off fat or trim it hard. Or maybe just satiate a binge of curiosity.
Joey, Everett, Abby, Cristobal, Nasir

2019-10-04 - Refresher
Mae shows up to start the process of refreshing her ink. Moses discusses what makes him tick.
Moses, Love, Zoiya

2019-10-03 - The Little Prince
Ruiz doesn't get his hoodie back.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-10-03 - A Slice Of The Pie
Open scene for anyone wanting to hang at the pizzeria.
Zoiya, Dylan

2019-10-03 - The Road to Ruin
After an impromptu crashing of a wild pair's attempts at literary theft, Marion and Nadir make way back to the latter's dingy trailer. Somewhere along the way, necessary shortcuts are taken, and there a chance to run into just about anyone. Or anything.
Marion, Nasir

2019-10-03 - Flasher Series
Ash returns home with things. Marius gets flashed. (Spoiler: There is no nudity)
Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-10-03 - Only the Hardest Cases
Ruiz swings by Gabriel's desk to drop some murders on him. Only the hardest ones, of course.
Gabriel, Ruiz

2019-10-03 - Opposite Directions
Clarissa and Sergeant Andy Géroux escape the rain and make uncomfortable small talk about the past.
Clarissa, Andy

2019-10-03 - Blood and Borrowed Jackets
The Captain responds to a call in Lilith's pawn shop for a supposed suicide attempt, but there's more to the story. It ends with them deciding she should stay upstairs and away from people for a while.
Lilith, Ruiz

2019-10-03 - That Thug Life
As Greg's outsized trailer fills up, people start to work out a domestic rapport. When you live, work, and chill together, it's family up or gtfo. With bonus unexpected guest!
Greg, Frankie, Daisy, Grant

2019-10-03 - Outback Adventures
After a long and more than prolonged hike through woodland and dirt roads, Marion and Nasir manage their way towards the latter's dingy crib, unimpeded by the smell of grilled sausage and the sound of red-necked gunfire abound.
Marion, Nasir

2019-10-03 - Late Night Boogey Call
Down with the Veil Flu, Nicole asks for a little help getting some supplies. Everett and she chat, then. Unconscious sleep on sofa.
Nicole, Everett

2019-10-03 - Update Meeting
The cops meet, someone tries to steal donuts.
Gabriel, Sutton, Sarah, Charlie, Haven, Andy, Tessa

2019-10-03 - Of Drugs and Murderation
Bennie drops by to bring Alexander junk food. Presents him problems. But what really gets solved? Warning: drug use, mention of domestic violence and gratuitous Mario references.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-10-03 - The Midnight Breakfast Of Friendship
The Boyzz are back together and shooting their newest music video in Grey Harbor! Get your puka shell necklaces and get ready to JAM!

2019-10-03 - Totally Not A Robbery
A stripper and a goth walk into a bookstore...
KarmaBum, Cameron, Madison, Marion, Nasir

2019-10-02 - Totally All Fine. Promise.
Bennie checks in on the recovering Kevin and Magnolia, and they try -- unsuccessfully -- to check in on her.
Magnolia, Kevin, Bennie

2019-10-02 - The Whiskey Fairy
A special delivery to the plague house.
Ash, Garrett

2019-10-02 - A Little Help From A Friend
Charlie is banging her head on brick walls, Gabriel offers to help out.
Gabriel, Charlie

2019-10-02 - New Faces
A new arrival in town meets a couple of the locals.
Vivian, Corey

2019-10-02 - Fruit Loops
A chance meeting at the grocery store leads to discussion about cereal, relationships and drinking.
Moses, Zoiya

2019-10-01 - The Old Grad's Back Again
Marion Tsai is back in town, and they're currently getting their bearings after years of living in Seattle. Come join them for a coffee if you want to strike up an old relationship, or meet a new person!
Eli, Tyrone, Abby, Marion, Nasir

2019-10-01 - Pancakes & Serenades
Corey cooks up some pancakes for those lingering behind the morning after movie night. Garrett introduces Sparrow to a song clearly written just for her.
Ash, Corey, Sparrow, Garrett, Monica

2019-09-30 - Sewn Together
Alexander finds August after he stumbles out of a fever Dream a complete mess.
Alexander, August

2019-09-30 - Cabin Fever
Love spends a couple of her flu days with Vik, near death on his couch with chocolate cake. When fevers break, they do some talking, and is that an ominous subtext? You know, it's probably just the flu. Don't be so paranoid.
Love, Viktor

2019-09-30 - Movie Night: Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Movie night at 7 Oak Avenue is invaded by cuddly snot-zombies, and a haphazard drinking game is made of the stereotypes on heinous display in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Nicole, Jaime, Joey, Astrid, Ash, Marius, Corey, Alfie, Sparrow, Garrett, Monica, Dylan

2019-09-30 - The King is Dead, Long Live the King
Sutton visits Carver one night while Cristobal visits Ruiz. Sutton gets grilled cheese & Gunner/Carver time with Veronica Mars. Bennie & Easton may one day get their dog back. Maybe.
Sutton, Carver

2019-09-30 - Starve A Fever
Itzhak and Ignacio share a fever dream.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-09-29 - Walk Before The Rain
Dahlia and Declan go for a walk before the rain hits. They talk about exes, the future, and recovery.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-09-29 - Soggy Britches
While Kelsey and Kailey konnect, Poseidon emerges from the deep blue sea.
Everett, Kelsey, Kailey

2019-09-29 - Veil Flu Visitor
Rebecca finds out that Itzhak is in the hospital, and insists on visiting him.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-09-29 - Cough and Converse
Isabella and Lilith catch up on the phone while ill.
Lilith, Isabella

2019-09-29 - Small Town Strange
Garrett brings some equipment by while Sparrow's painting the basement. The conversation gets complicated.
Sparrow, Garrett

2019-09-29 - Love Hurts
Wacky murder ghost infected hijinks. Warning for domestic violence situations and the sads.
Easton, Bennie

2019-09-28 - Forged in Platinum
Tim delivers Roxy her forged paperwork at the Cabaret
Roxy, Tim

2019-09-28 - Rollin on the Boardwalk
Daisy warns Garrett about the ensuing plague. It works so well, he has to leave for work. Then Tyler almost knocks her over.
Tyler, Garrett, Daisy

2019-09-28 - Drive-By Cam
Having been checked up on herself, the Cameron goes to check up on others. If good karma isn't shared, it turns to bad, after all.
Cameron, Zoiya, Dylan

2019-09-28 - Sweet Jesus!
Old friends run into each other and plan a small calamity.
Sparrow, Grant

2019-09-27 - Love, Waffles and the Plague
The Grizzly Diner is there for your midnight waffle cravings.
Moses, Love, Zoiya

2019-09-27 - You Should Go
Bennie tries to rally from her own illness as Easton slides downhill into the depths of veil flu. Despite her protests about being a bad liar, she successfully slips him drugs and pretends she's not completely horrified by the murderous rage he accidentally shows her living in his mind.
Easton, Bennie

2019-09-27 - Want to buy a Watchtower?
Alexander drops by to ask some questions and get threatened with violence and disrupt the tranquility of the Kruger-Stewart household.
Elise, Graham, Alexander

2019-09-27 - A Kelly Visits
Joey catches wind that Minerva is in the hospital.
Minerva, Joey

2019-09-27 - It's Ebola
Erin gives Geoff's number to a perspective tattoo artist looking for work. They talk about the plague. ebola, the flu and the danger of the town.
Erin, Moses

2019-09-27 - Guess Who?
Ryan comes to free Shauna from jail. ALLL the way from Ireland. Then he takes her back to his hotel to talk to her.
Shauna, Ryan

2019-09-27 - Party Planning
Ruby and Raul plan the Halloween party for the store.
Ruby, Raul

2019-09-27 - Waffle Shoppe or Sniffle Shoppe?
It certainly seems like everyone coming into the Waffle Shoppe is either sick or coming down with something. Why don't these people just stay home?
Greg, Clarissa, Tyler, Andy, Daisy

2019-09-27 - Over the Hump, Under the Weather
Love brings Get Well Soon food to share while her and Cam take the Next Big Step in friendships: Sharing Daddy issues.
Cameron, Love

2019-09-27 - I Sleep Better Here
Easton crashes at Geoff's and Harper finds him there.
Geoff, Easton, Harper

2019-09-27 - Suffering Souls
Haven comes over to share a few thoughts with Sutton, Flus out on the couch, and Ruiz sleeps through it all.
Sutton, Haven

2019-09-27 - Hierarchy of Nerds
A walk in the "zoo", such as it is, and talk of birds, sister's weddings, and a hierarchy of nerds.
Tobin, Rafael

2019-09-27 - Routine Questions
Charlie manages to get through the lawyer-blockade to question Elise and Graham about the Krugers' deaths.
Elise, Graham, Charlie

2019-09-27 - Released
A new person arrives in town to talk to Ruiz regarding one of the people in jail.
Ruiz, Ryan

2019-09-26 - Chasing Leads
Charlie is following every lead possible.
Greg, Charlie

2019-09-26 - Surf, Sand, And Knowledge Bombs
Tessa shows off her Phoenix-Style Kung-Fu, Sarah shows off her late-season wetsuit, and Alexander schools a couple of a noobs!
Alexander, Sarah, Tessa

2019-09-25 - Chikpea is a diva and other gossip
Nicole spends a day at work. Abby is cured of "Hospital Hair"
Nicole, Abby

2019-09-25 - A Little B and E
Texts, Phone calls. Erin''s looking for Ruiz. He's a hard man to find.
Erin, Sutton, Ruiz, Joey

2019-09-25 - The Mistakes Worth Making
Isabella checks on Alexander in a solid attempt to make him feel better by carrying on a video conversation with him while high on marijuana cookies. And it WORKS.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-09-25 - Sk8tr Punks
Cameron and Madison meet the proprietor of Grey Harbor Organics while attempting to remaster some old skills.
Greg, Cameron, Madison

2019-09-25 - Breaking a Fever
Iggy has the Man Veil Flu. Finch tries to get him better.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-09-25 - Armchair Therapists
August and Alexander grouse about things as they convalesce in his cabin.
Alexander, August

2019-09-24 - A Business Meeting
Roxy meets with a guy about a thing.
Roxy, Tim

2019-09-24 - Well that was a Thing
Nicole and Joey head back after his business takes a hit. Chinese food. This definitely requires Chinese food.
Nicole, Joey

2019-09-24 - No Great Options
After trying to kill Joey Kelly, Alexander locks himself in the house. Worried, Isolde calls Ruiz, and options are laid out, with occasional homicidal intent.
Alexander, Ruiz, Isolde

2019-09-24 - The Pink Death
Park and Ico discuss music while the former dies from the flu.
Park, Ico

2019-09-24 - Girls (and Everett) on the Boardwalk
Hanging out, checking out Kailey's artwork. Getting to know one another a little bit.
Everett, Kai, Alison, Kailey

2019-09-24 - Like This I Love You, Beloved
Sutton returns to Ruiz's room to find him unresponsive. Things escalate. Content warning: violence, drugs, ... poetry.
Sutton, Ruiz

2019-09-24 - Guard On Duty
The prisoner is surly but probably from lack of sleep
Malachi, Shauna

2019-09-24 - Ascent
Alfie wakes in darkness. This is not where he fell asleep.
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-09-24 - So I Did Porn, Don't Judge Me.
Tessa and Sarah get a little drunk, and discuss Sarah's past!
Sarah, Tessa

2019-09-24 - Canelé
After the exorcism (and a shower), Hyacinth drops by the patisserie for a dose of sugar and normailty.
Vyv, Hyacinth

2019-09-24 - FML - The Gym and the Week Up in Flames
Why you gotta be shakin' my tree all the time? And why you gotta set my Gym on fire, Clayton!
Nicole, Alexander, Jaime, Joey

2019-09-24 - Cabin for the Temporarily Composure-less
In which Ruiz stashes Alexander in the woods because he's going over the high side.
Alexander, Ruiz, August

2019-09-24 - Tea With Cream, Two Sugars And Dark Foreboding
Caoimhe gives Andy a full tarot reading and it's only a LITTLE ominous.

2019-09-24 - Fight Club
Itzhak's solution to wanting to fight everyone: go find some people to fight.
Itzhak, August

2019-09-24 - Marshall To The Rescue
Illness and a sudden flare up of anger lead to Easton and Byron meeting up in the fourth floor hallway.
Easton, Byron

2019-09-24 - Descent
Sparrow accidentally wakes her housemates after a bad dream. It was just a dream. People don't just fall through the floor. Right?
Corey, Sparrow, Monica

2019-09-24 - Bring Out Your Dead
I feel happy! I feel... happy. Surely it's not the plague if you can hangout poolside while you die from it. (Yes, we forgot it was late Sept so consider this a single unseasonably warm day while we're all too sick to enjoy it.)
Love, Zoiya, Park, Poe, Ico, Viktor

2019-09-23 - If You've Got It, Haunt It
Carver seems to be haunted. Again.
Sutton, Carver

2019-09-23 - Where is Billy?
Post exorcism, some members of the group meet up at Erin's place to discuss.
Erin, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, August, Isabella, Andy

2019-09-23 - Early Bird Gets The Sundae?
Kailey comes in for some early treats. And gets the same check that Everett had. And realizing that, he flees.
Everett, Kailey

2019-09-23 - Time for Talking
Justin, Declan, and Dahlia have a chat. Totally not the way Dahlia wanted her boyfriend(?) and her best friend to meet.
Declan, Dahlia, Justin

2019-09-23 - Men's Wear
Funeral clothing shopping with an unlikely duo. One is completely unaware of why he was there.. at first.
Erin, Alexander

2019-09-22 - Many Faces of Mary Jane
Alexander snoops around at Green Harbor Organics and ends up learning a lot about pot.
Greg, Alexander, Corey, Poe

2019-09-22 - Dance, Dance! (And Mind Trance.)
Sarah and Claire take the promised trip out to dancing. Once there, they find out they are both wizards!
Sarah, Claire

2019-09-22 - Nothing Gold Can Stay
Even in quieter moments, Alexander and Isabella still somehow manage to trade emotional punches.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-09-22 - Cocktail Confessional
Kelsey and Dante meet for a drink post some weirdness for her. Dante is finally honest about what brought him to Gray Harbor and why he sticks around.
Dante, Kelsey

2019-09-22 - The Waiting Game
Lilith is on supplementary standby for the exorcism in case something goes wrong. She waits with Byron in a nearby room and anticipates mental updates or a call from the Captain.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, August

2019-09-21 - Tiny Boss Asks Some Questions
Erin has help giving a tour to the new guy while Ruiz shows up to talk to Joey about more bad news. Hence the suit.
Erin, Alexander, Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey, Dante

2019-09-21 - Lets Get Plastered
Mae gets her face plastered, and as a treat afterwards, she and Love go mask accessory shopping down in Dylan's basement.
Love, Zoiya, Dylan

2019-09-21 - Back Room Conversations
Meanwhile, in the Halls of Justice... er... teh back room of Kelly's Gym...
Ruiz, Joey

2019-09-21 - Wake Up and Drag Ass
Lilith and Byron just are not wanting to move out of bed in the morning. Surely it's just stress catching up and making fatigue, right?
Byron, Lilith

2019-09-21 - A Spoonful of Xanadu
The best cure for the Plague are early eighties musicals.
Park, Ico

2019-09-21 - Post Party Encounter
A tipsy Roxy gets back to her hotel after the Platinum Cabaret party at Two If By Sea, and runs into Javier again.
Ruiz, Roxy

2019-09-21 - GHPD All Hands Meeting
Monthly all hands meeting. Updates on cases, meet and greet rookies and new transfers, and DONUTS.
Alexander, Sutton, Andi, Ruiz, Cameron, Sarah, Rick, Haven, Carter, Andy

2019-09-21 - Platinum Invasion
The Platinum Cabaret crew invade Two If By Sea to catch up and welcome new faces to their flamboyant family. And to drink margs by pitcher at fire pits on the lower deck. Some new friends drop by and hang out, some conversations turn personal. Hugs around. And other things. Share and share alike, friends!
Cameron, Lyric, Love, Zoiya, Park, Poe, Ico, Dylan, Roxy, Viktor, Kailey

2019-09-21 - Ghouls, Jewels and Pizza
After visiting City Hall, Byron joins Magnolia and Kevin out for pizza to discuss some of the recent gruesome events. They are joined by Alexander and Lilith. There's no signs of the flu here.
Magnolia, Kevin, Alexander, Byron, Lilith

2019-09-21 - Lovely Day For A Picnic
Champagne, brie, poisoned barbs and possible dog poisonings. Just a good old day at the beach with Clarissa, Claire, Andy, and Isabella.
Clarissa, Isabella, Andy, Claire

2019-09-20 - Three Spiritualists
Erin, Lilith, and August discuss the exorcism.
Erin, Lilith, August

2019-09-20 - The Rocker Pad
Park finally moves in with her bandmates into their communal house. Just like The Beatles or The Monkees!
Lyric, Park, Scott, Ico

2019-09-20 - Why Is It Rubbery?
Elias takes Tyler out on a date, makes him try weird new seafood, and they make plans to adventure into the Veil.
Elias, Tyler

2019-09-20 - The Blackened Vine
"I only hoped, with the mild hope of all, who watch the leaf take shape upon the tree, a fairer summer and a later fall, than in these parts a man is apt to see."
Julia, Itzhak, August, Hyacinth, Eleanor

2019-09-19 - Those Who Die For Their Craft
Hand over the tools and stand back.
Itzhak, Hyacinth

2019-09-19 - What Soup Can't Solve
Maybe boxing lessons will?
Corey, Sparrow

2019-09-19 - Treat and Street
Kelsey and Joey come into the hospital for patching up.
Joey, Abby, Kelsey, Hailey

2019-09-19 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Dog Inspector
Sutton welcomes Penelope to Gray Harbor, oh, and yes, Moses too.
Sutton, Moses

2019-09-19 - Let's Masquerade
Byron drops by to discuss potential masquerade business with Antonio. Love chimes in. Slowly, more staff (and a customer!) join in the discussion, and then the topic turns. The evening rounds out with talk of music, motorized vehicles, & the questionable places we might find ourselves in.
Byron, Cameron, Love, Antonio, Zoiya, Park, Viktor

2019-09-19 - Sparring & Light-Up Shoes
Ruiz & Sutton hit the ring, but a cutie-pie shortly distracts them both when Joey brings his niece to work. Erin has some mysterious boxes.
Erin, Sutton, Ruiz, Joey

2019-09-19 - I Don't Know You From A Hole In The Ground
Ruiz pulls some strings to find Declan's phone number. They agree to meet on the beach. Ruiz is concerned about Dahlia, and Declan is concerned about them both. After a tense conversation, they part in peace. For now.
Declan, Ruiz

2019-09-19 - Interrogation Time!
Alexander introduces the new roomie to Isolde, then has a bit of a conversation with her about the Phone Incident.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-09-19 - New Protector
Andy was asked to step in and he accepted.
Erin, Andy

2019-09-18 - Catching Fireflies
A walk in the woods leads to good things for once
Harvey, Hailey

2019-09-18 - Beignets?!
Someone's been stress cooking. Someone's about to do some stress eating.
Corey, Monica

2019-09-18 - Vodka + Pool = Fun
Love and Zoiya get together to go skinny dipping and drinking at an empty house. Dylan joins late, but manages to get his hands on some of the vodka.
Love, Zoiya, Dylan

2019-09-18 - Wings N' Things
So THIS is where a bunch of Sutton's stuff ended up.
Sutton, Carver

2019-09-18 - On Pointe
Dance practice for two unlikely dance partners goes much better than expected!
Joey, Roxy

2019-09-18 - Under The Boardwalk
Waking up is hard to do...but our heroines manage it!
Isolde, Cameron

2019-09-18 - Pizza Night Weirdness
A couple of college students start by complaining about their classes, and the next thing you know, it gets weird with stories about goblins and napoleonic seafood!
Ash, Dylan

2019-09-18 - Netherbirds and Broken Cellphones
Various people run into one another in the park, and discuss the practicality of using Glimmer to fix broken cellphones, and the shadow peacock.
Alexander, Isolde, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August, Dante

2019-09-18 - Junkyards and Memories
Alexander and Vince meet up, working the same case. Although only one of them actually has the authority to BE working that case.

2019-09-18 - The wolf and the river
In which two people chat about things in the forest like it's no big deal.
Ruiz, August

2019-09-18 - The Tempest's Toll
Lilith is extremely rattled by a visit from otherworldly creatures wanting to extract a toll from her. Byron comes over and he centers her to learn what transpired. The pair ends up collecting on what is really overdue between them. (mild adult content warning!)
Byron, Lilith

2019-09-18 - Bookstore Bums
Isabella picks up the textbooks she had ordered from Likely Stories and catches up with Elias, who seems to have been keeping other secrets of his own.
Elias, Isabella, Tyler

2019-09-18 - Welcome To The Club
Greg has questions. Julia has answers.
Greg, Julia

2019-09-18 - Recalibration
Sparrow looks to Jaime for some grounding and finds it. Jaime and Everly make plans for the weekend.
Jaime, Everly, Sparrow

2019-09-18 - We Are the Champions
Jusssst looking around. You know how kids are these days.
Lyric, Scott, Ico

2019-09-18 - All That Matters
These two have a lot going on. But at least they have each other. Aww.
Elise, Graham

2019-09-18 - siempre separa las drogas
Surprisingly competent criminals steal a BUNCH of pills from a distribution center in Elma. (Many hands were waved during the making of this log.)
AlmightyMe, Greg, Graham, Andre, Joey

2019-09-17 - Introducing: Fish And Chips! And People.
A group of people meet and make small talk at the Fried Fish stand on the Boardwalk.
Greg, Julia, Love, Tyrone

2019-09-17 - Raindrops And Coffee Cups
Stormy afternoon at the coffee shop.
Clarissa, Corey, Alison

2019-09-17 - The New Girl
Cameron gets a new job!
Cameron, Antonio

2019-09-17 - Bad Science
There's gotta be a more rational explanation than that...
Corey, Sparrow

2019-09-17 - A Second Chance
After the self-defense lesson at Kelly's Gym, Erin approaches Lilith in the hopes of healing her completely once and for all.
Erin, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2019-09-17 - Impatient Patient
Isabella comes to see a cranky Lilith who lets her have it over something she's been holding in for a bit. Then they annoy Byron with escape planning, and he does the normal person thing-- he signs paperwork to get her out of the hospital.
Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2019-09-17 - The Wall
Dahlia comes to Declan's place and confesses two things. Declan does his best to be there for her, but really struggles. In the aftermath, he calls his aunt and gets depressing news.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-09-17 - Weekly Workout
Jack comes in for his weekly spar with Erin and wins of course. One day though. ONE DAY...
Erin, Jack, Joey

2019-09-16 - A Gym Full of Solutions
Joey's glad to see Erin back. Alexander has questions for Joey that lead the guys having that discussion with Erin, and Love drops in at a fortunate time.
Erin, Alexander, Joey, Love

2019-09-16 - Call me Crazy Clayton
Eli and Alexander are finally able to talk without Eli being attacked.
Eli, Alexander

2019-09-16 - How To Execute an Exorcism 101
Isabella stops by Minerva's place for a chat, and learns more about her favorite occultist while talking about Billy Gohl's inevitable exorcism.
Isabella, Minerva

2019-09-16 - Este Es Un Puerto/This Is A Port
Ruiz and Itzhak find each other in the forest, and find some other things, too.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-09-16 - A Bad Idea All Around
The beginning of a very unlikely and colorful partnership. Basically Lethal Weapon 2.
Alexander, Sarah, Tessa

2019-09-15 - The New Normal
After much prodding by Itzhak and Finch Ignacio turns to seek help from the other mentalist with PTSD he knows to help him figure out how to manage and shut down this new blight. Detoxing comes with consequences. If life wanted people to quit putting things in their system they should have made it easier to do!
Ignacio, August

2019-09-15 - Building a Mystery
Edison Baxter accepts an invitation from an old woman living on the coast.
Edison, Tim

2019-09-15 - You Are Not Authorized
Donuts, smokes, & visitation. Sutton takes pity on the current resident in the PD's holding cells. Haven catches her, and then Ruiz stops by.
Sutton, Ruiz, Haven, Shauna

2019-09-15 - Settling in the New Home
The band members and Cole sit around and talk after getting their new place.
Cole, Lyric, Ico

2019-09-15 - Sunday Morning Coffee
Just a typical day for anyone coming by the coffee shop on an early Sunday morning. At least right up until a vlogger, nurse, and artist get into a discussion about wiccan rituals, and then everything goes weird!
Cameron, Rick, Abby, Dylan

2019-09-15 - Cease(Crotch)Fire
A beautiful friendship is born at the end of this log, and crotch fires are successfully extinguished
Alexander, Maddie, Duncan

2019-09-15 - A Sea Cave And A Bucket of Marbles
Alexander pings Itzhak to get caught up.
Alexander, Itzhak

2019-09-15 - Hand On A Cold One Confession
Justin finally pulls Dahlia aside to talk about what's going on with her.
Dahlia, Justin

2019-09-15 - Sulk and Sigh
Corey comes to visit Lilith in the hospital and ends up victim to a bit of a mood swing. She's bad at being bedridden.
Lilith, Corey

2019-09-14 - A Walk In The Park
Clarissa and Abby get to know each other a little better and are joined by one of Gray Harbor's finest Sergeants.
Clarissa, Abby, Andy

2019-09-14 - As Promised on the Contraband Tin
Joey talks specifics of Cris' new opportunities. Poe's right, this may eventually require the acquisition of a suit. Damn.
Joey, Cristobal

2019-09-14 - Journalistic Integrity
Jessica, Kevin, and Magnolia discuss whether public unrest is an appropriate reaction to a journalistic piece or if there's a higher calling.
Magnolia, Kevin, Jessica

2019-09-14 - Copycat Kill
Byron Thorne and Isabella Reede meet with Andi Johnson, who is busy investigating one of the Friday the 13th murders that occurred off the docks.
Byron, Andi, Isabella

2019-09-14 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Getting anxious that Lilith was still laid up in the hospital and concerned about her progress, Byron reaches out to August Roen, a man he barely knows to help mend her. Both men suffer through their own trauma and paranoia all for Lilith.
Byron, Lilith, August

2019-09-14 - Cookies and Lasagna
Tobin stops by to welcome Erin to the neighborhood and he brings cookies! (His moms recipe) And then gets asked to stay for dinner.
Erin, Tobin

2019-09-14 - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
Byron and Isabella catch up on the latest through their fancy videoconferencing apps.
Byron, Isabella

2019-09-14 - You Scared
Honestly, what is more frightening? Scolding a rock or facing an Addington who tried to punch you before? It's iffy.
Erin, Everett

2019-09-14 - Chilling and Chatting
Alexander and Isolde catch up!
Alexander, Isolde

2019-09-13 - Too Much Coffee, Or Too Little?
People meet in the coffee shop with various levels of enthusiasm.
Erin, Alexander, Clarissa, Sarah, Eleanor, Poe, Tessa

2019-09-13 - Don't You Forget About Me
The high school friends get together for tequila to distract Harper from the pain of a recent break up. They've each taken their turn. Chocolate-based foods and drink, the movie 'Speed', talk of amusement park rides and fair food, and a dance to commemorate the time their junior year in high school when Harper invited Geoff to a dance all lead to tequila-based outcomes.
Geoff, Harper

2019-09-13 - Funny Old Life, Isn't It?
Alexander meets up with Love to exchange cash & information! In the strip club. As you do. Pomegranates, temptation, inquiries, & burlesque.
Alexander, Love, Antonio, Roxy

2019-09-13 - To Die, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Easton and Isabella consult with Dr. Minerva Kosimar about their potential sacrifces.
Easton, Isabella, Minerva

2019-09-13 - Quick Word
Just a quick talk between friends. Closure?
Geoff, Erin

2019-09-13 - Waiting for the Judge
Arrested for resisting arrest, Shauna Carrick is stuck in jail with officers as company. Could be worse!
Rick, Shauna

2019-09-13 - Gentleman Caller
Corey visits Lilith in the hospital while Byron refreshes and fetches things for her from home. Naturally, he dotes while distracting.
Lilith, Corey

2019-09-13 - Wave goodbye to the Krugers.
Elise's parents got executed. Graham unsuccessfully attempts to keep her from finding this out from Officer Chetson, of all people.
Elise, Graham, Chetson

2019-09-13 - The Most Pleasant Mystery
Isabella gives Alexander a much-needed haircut, being one of the only ones who can safely wield pointed, bladed objects near his person, while discussing few things of importance.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-09-13 - Like Old Times
Joey hits up his old bestie with a choice new opportunity. Some shit never changes.
Joey, Poe

2019-09-13 - Shrimpocalypse Recovery Ward
It's the day after S-Day, and Dylan finds himself in the recovery ward after a run in with some really bad seafood.
Abby, Dylan

2019-09-13 - The Captain is NOT Amused
Sesame Chicken is on order!
Ruiz, Shauna

2019-09-13 - The Perfect Kind of Tenant...For Now
After hearing about the rumors of strangeness happening in his building's lobby, horror writer, Dante Taylor, seeks out Byron Thorne for more information.
Byron, Dante

2019-09-12 - Art and Artistry
Tim checks out the local coffee place. This is Washington, all coffee should be incredible, right?
Eleanor, Tim

2019-09-12 - Breaking Bad
Get your speed on and DON'T STOP!
Ruiz, Shauna

2019-09-12 - When All Else Fails, Ask a Detective
Sarah and Claire meet up at the local bar that Claire got a scoop she ought to try out. Carter joins the pair for a drink and preliminary introduction to one of his new colleagues. Plans are made for dancing. The strangeness of dealing with crime in Gray Harbor is discussed.
Sarah, Carter, Claire

2019-09-12 - Margaritas and Missing Pieces
Complicated conversations over fishbowl margaritas.
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-09-12 - Doors
Sparrow struggles with art. Corey struggles with metaphor. Alfie struggles with happiness.
Corey, Alfie, Sparrow

2019-09-12 - We Like Bike
Love, Ruiz and Viktor may have had a deeply meaningful conversation between the three of them, full of philosophy, truth-finding and friendship. Blame the vintage bike for all three of them not being fast friends right now.
Ruiz, Love, Viktor

2019-09-12 - Weird Things and Avoided Answers
Dahlia, Justin, and Stefano talk more about the Veil and weird stuff and Dahlia avoids talking about what's going on with her like it's a plague.
Dahlia, Justin, Stefano

2019-09-12 - Seal'd and Delivered (to the ER)
Lilith got crushed and clawed by a seal, so that's nice. She's high and says a lot of stuff, Byron answers the room phone to an unexpected caller, and Erin comes to try and help mend her along.
Erin, Byron, Lilith

2019-09-12 - See How the Land Lies
Ruiz and August discuss things, more or less.
Ruiz, August

2019-09-12 - Reckless Decisions
Easton gets caught up on what it's going to take to put down Billy.
Alexander, Easton, Ruiz, August, Isabella

2019-09-11 - Speaking a Mutual Language
Ruiz follows after Alexander storms out of a planning meeting. Angry Alexander is angry, blows are exchanged, some sort of bonding ritual probably takes place.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-09-11 - Donuts are a Health Food
Chit chat at the strip mall!
Clarissa, Dahlia, Sarah, Abby, Dylan

2019-09-11 - Sacrifice and Strangle Knots
Byron stays with Lilith who seems to be in a mood and soaked enough in wine to let him know exactly what she thinks of memory-sacrifices. They make a shaky, tactical but masochistic Plan B in the event he can't find something personal otherwise.
Byron, Lilith

2019-09-11 - On The Topic Of Houses
New bandmates discuss which housse that the band should move into.
Lyric, Park, Scott, Ico

2019-09-11 - Shrapnel and Sacrifice
People meet at Lilith's loft to discuss the trip for information pertaining to exorcism for Billy the Ghoul. Erin gets guidance the Lilith way to prepare for task and others discuss what to sacrifice.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, Isabella

2019-09-11 - Baxters Are Not Corgis, Hya!
Hyacinth has a chat with Exorcist #2, caskets get planned and Baxters get collected.
Vyv, Itzhak, Rebecca, Hyacinth

2019-09-11 - T'work it Girl
Tyrone lays down that silky smooth butter on Abby, while in the background iron is crushed by muscle-neck hooligan Everett
Everett, Tyrone, Abby

2019-09-11 - Plums and Tequila
Ruiz drops by Alexander's place after their tiff, and large amounts of alcohol are consumed.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-09-11 - Just One Of The Guys
Julia comes to Branch & Bole to meet up with Finch and try to form a friendship with mixed results.
Julia, Finch

2019-09-10 - Birch, Please!
Joey gets talked out of selling the gym to open a gigalo grubhub pancake delivery service. in all fairness aside from being blatantly illegal it's a hell of a business model idea. Many trees get hunt in the wild to be pinned to Instagram besides.
Nicole, Joey

2019-09-10 - Sea Urchins & Bad Romance Novels (Pt. 2)
In which the newly acquainted duo decide to walk the beach in a full thunderstorm. Swimming, utensil peril, grappling, and fireman carries result. No numbers are exchanged.
Corey, Claire

2019-09-10 - Milkshakes & Sweet Potato Fries
In which a chef and an emergency dispatcher meet and compare notes on living in a small town. This leads to thunderstorms and improvisational swimming at the beach.
Corey, Claire

2019-09-10 - Heartbreak, Vodka, and Sex
The two high school best friends get together to help soothe Harper's broken heart. There is much vodka involved. As conversation continues, pretty much every topic under the sun is explored to some extent. Really. If you live in Gray Harbor, there's something like a 50-50 chance your name was mentioned.
Harper, Jessica

2019-09-10 - Plan of Attack
The Stop Billy the Ghoul Strike Team get together in a group text and conference call to formulate a plan of attack, armed with the information they've managed to obtain from the Exorcist.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Vyv, Ruiz, August, Isabella, Hyacinth, Minerva

2019-09-09 - Mansion with a View
Dahlia invites Declan over to 11 Bayside Road for the first time, since it's about time he's finally seen the place.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-09-09 - Barre Hopping
Three former Ballet Dancers walk into studio.
Cole, Joey, Roxy

2019-09-09 - A Brood of Chickens
Iggy isn't doing great at the whole weaning off opioids thing. Finch figures out maybe there's more than one thing note getting addressed. No fast-talking his way around this one.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-09-09 - Saga Fable and Legend
Playing around on the beach and having fun! On a cloudless day!
Lyric, Scott, Andy

2019-09-09 - Confession Waffles
Bennie and Easton go for some late night eats and share some confessions. Warning for mild menu related violence and general schmoopiness at the end.
Easton, Bennie

2019-09-09 - Under Siege
Easton's still coping really well.
Easton, August

2019-09-09 - Paying Customer
A potential customer comes in and pays his membership fees for a month and flirts a lot!
Erin, Everett, Tyrone

2019-09-08 - The No Tell Hotel
The detective and the newly arrived stripper are staying in the same hotel. This bodes well. Not.
Ruiz, Roxy

2019-09-08 - Alexander Drives the Wraith Again
After the circus Dream! Suffering from head trauma, Byron is taken home by Alexander. Some bonding may have occurred. Lilith shows up to ensure that the brain damage isn't permanent.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith

2019-09-08 - Just Drinking in the Rain
What a glorious feeling! Well, a slightly lit feeling. Justin, Easton, and Sutton chat a bit then make an excellent life decision. Ruiz is there just in time to avert something truly genius. FOR NOW.
Easton, Sutton, Ruiz, Justin

2019-09-08 - Hair Fairy in the Comics
It's closing time at the parlor shop when Dylan and his sketchbook make an appearance with questions for the Hair Fairy Nicole.
Nicole, Dylan

2019-09-07 - Honest Conversations
Isolde talks to Itzhak about a part of her past she's trying to piece together. There are also other conversations had. Like how she really needs to get her own place one day.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-09-07 - Heads You Win Tails I Lose
Erin texts a few people to come to the hospital so they can all discuss what happened.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Ruiz, Isabella, Hyacinth

2019-09-07 - Foxhole
Hey August, how much room you got in that cabin?
Itzhak, August, Rebecca

2019-09-07 - A Day In The (New Age?) Life
A day at the Crystal Clear shop, wherein Clarissa Robbins and Sgt. Andy step in for different reasons entirely, and both end up with a little more than they thought they would.
Clarissa, Andy

2019-09-07 - Little Lost Lamb
Roxy becomes an official employee of the Platinum Cabaret
Antonio, Roxy

2019-09-07 - Alternate Viewing
Lilith wants to be prepared to stand up and lash back against an attack. The more prepared she is to trace the signature when it withdraws, the better. She has an idea to help ready her long-shot possibility, and invites Byron's help. When he leaves, though, she's reminded of what they aren't after being somewhat fooled by the past few days.
Byron, Lilith

2019-09-07 - There Are No Angels
Alexander Clayton stops in the Reede Houseboat for breakfast and coffee, surprising Isabella after her morning swim, resulting in the accidental treading on each other's personal minefields.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-09-07 - The Right Questions
As promised, Isabella stops by Branch and Bole the following day to look at Kaffir lilies and converse with August.
August, Isabella

2019-09-06 - Change Is Inevitable
With Erin Addington in the hospital and knowing that she just bought a house, Isabella Reede stops by August Roen's business to look for a housewarming present, which inevitably leads to a discussion on a few unsolved mysteries.
August, Isabella

2019-09-06 - Pineapple Blaspheme
Vicky almost delivers a pie to the wrong man.

2019-09-06 - What Makes A Good Party
A night for pizza eating and people watching.
Clarissa, Dylan

2019-09-06 - Lady & the Tramp
Late on Friday night, just before closing, a spar at the gym. (Sutton's left the Bayside Apartments just after EMS responded to the apartment next to hers, and this is where she ends up... maybe a little drinky.) HOBO RUMBLE.
Sutton, Mark

2019-09-06 - Coffee Breaks
Bennie and Erin have a coffee date; Bennie reacts to caffeine by going after people's hair.
Erin, Bennie, August, Isabella

2019-09-06 - The Morning Routine
Ruby is already up and makes breakfast. She convinces Raul to hit the gym with her. Note: There's some slight NSFWness at the end.
Ruby, Raul

2019-09-06 - Life After Strippers
The Captain and Itzhak stop their personal stand-off long enough for a conversation, and Joey Kelly turns back up like a bad penny
Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey

2019-09-06 - Gohl Strikes Again?
There's another attack and someone else is close to death at the end of the day...
Erin, Byron, Lilith, Ruiz

2019-09-06 - Post-Meltdown Analysis
August checks up on Itzhak after he loses his shit via text.
Itzhak, August

2019-09-06 - Like A Fucking Onion
Cristobal runs into Ruiz again. Surely by coincidence, right?
Ruiz, Cristobal

2019-09-06 - Anything Weird?
Ash has decided to not sleep, it was only a good choice because she got to bother Corey.
Ash, Corey

2019-09-05 - Jessamine and Saffron
Lilith fetches her orange jasmine replacement from August, also arranges to have something delivered to Byron.
Lilith, August

2019-09-05 - Sleep-Painting is Not Your Friend
Jens informs the other residents of 9 Oak (except Runa) about their probably-gruesome deaths as foretold by his sleep-painting.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-09-05 - Tape 'Em Up
Itzhak, Ruiz, and Bianca all pay Joey a visit at the gym for their own reasons.
Ruiz, Itzhak, Joey

2019-09-05 - Shopping for Taco Thursday
After Jens's momentous news, Astrid and Marius try for some normal by going shopping. It doesn't work so well.
Astrid, Marius

2019-09-05 - Wrong turn at GHFD
A new cop gets lost trying to make sure that won't happen on his first day, runs into some friendly members of the GHFD.
Sutton, Lucas, Carter

2019-09-05 - The Importance of Being Neighborly
A social call at Greg's dump.
Greg, Bennie

2019-09-05 - Food and Music
Julia comes over to cook dinner for Itzhak and August.
Julia, Itzhak, August

2019-09-05 - Trouble in Paradise
Paradise is the name of a gentleman's club. There is a debt, a threat, and a lot of suspicion.
Zoiya, Poe

2019-09-05 - On Depravity
In which both parties forget about the painting that Jens came over to collect. Oops.
Jens, Sparrow

2019-09-05 - Put Em Up
A few locals congregate at Kelly's Gym. Also, guess who's performing on Amateur Night at the Cabaret??
Erin, Alexander, Itzhak, Isabella, Joey

2019-09-05 - A New Gig
Felix has a new job for Joey. He just has to take care of his predecessor first.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Felix, Joey

2019-09-04 - That Work Grind
Greg posts up at Green Harbor for a day of skating, selling, and maybe even hiring. Please feel free to join this scene as long as it's open!
Greg, Clarissa, Abby, Harvey, Hailey

2019-09-04 - Take It Easy
Early morning practice as planned. Erin can never seem to get a hit //in//. But she manages to get hit //on//.
Erin, Jack

2019-09-04 - Romantics & Serial Killers
After a violent introduction on the Boardwalk, Claire and Geoff get acquainted over lunch and a motorcycle ride. Someone's a romantic and someone's a serial killer. Accusations are made.
Geoff, Claire

2019-09-04 - Nerve Soothing
Lilith is all amped up with nerves and paranoia over Byron's attack, still. She texts Corey to apologize and check in, and they do a little mending of the awkward that happened last time they hung out. He shows up and takes the anxiety down a few notches with company.
Lilith, Corey

2019-09-04 - Chemistry
Housemates talk college and chemistry on a lovely afternoon.
Corey, Sparrow, Monica

2019-09-04 - Keeping it Real
Just a little talking between trailer park residents.
Lyric, Malachi

2019-09-04 - What's For Dinner?
Just everyday things.
Ruby, Raul

2019-09-04 - Last Call Casualty
Isabella Reede stops by Two If By Sea just before last call to speak with Easton Marshall.
Easton, Isabella

2019-09-04 - Two Girls One Bar
Former co-workers run into each other and learn real names! Potentially the start of a beautiful, non X-Rated friendship? Perhaps!
Dahlia, Sarah

2019-09-03 - Security Concerns
Geoff shows up at the Bayside Apartments to help Byron with some security concerns. Who better to get advice from on ways in which bad guys can get in than from an ex-con?
Geoff, Byron

2019-09-03 - Be Careful What You Ask For
Alexander pays Byron a welfare call and he's bearing gifts.
Alexander, Byron

2019-09-03 - Windswept Wingman
Sparrow plays matchmaker from the back of Joey's Harley, and a bet is placed.
Joey, Sparrow

2019-09-03 - Research in the Library
Harper the Helpful Librarian lives up to her name and lets Clarissa bounce some ideas off of her.
Clarissa, Harper

2019-09-03 - Taking Shots
After things get a little tense at Firefly Club's Singles Night, a few people stick around to dance, drink and mingle.
Nicole, Greg, Julia, Clarissa, Joey, Love, Sparrow, Zoiya, Kai, Andy

2019-09-03 - Boyfriends and Brothers Don't Pay
In which Lucas and August run into one another in Espresso Yourself. The catch: Eleanor's never introduced them.
August, Lucas

2019-09-03 - Fish Food
Folks end up beside the pond with sandwiches, a fishing pole, and a puppy. Conversation and drool ensue.
Jonathan, Carver, Sarah, Justin, Love, Harvey

2019-09-03 - Double Date Double Trouble
Bennie and Easton finally double date with Justin and Stefano.
Easton, Bennie, Justin, Stefano

2019-09-03 - What could possibly go wrong?
Talk of bombs, disguises, ATVs, cocaine, Percocet, guns, banging someone's mom... you know, criminal stuff.
Greg, Graham

2019-09-03 - Back in...Lavender
Itzhak comes by to pick up Isolde from the lavender farm. This is nothing but them being cute, no redeeming social values at all. Click at your own risk!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-09-03 - Peach's Not Terrible Pizza!
Vicky does not know how to run a pizza place, but Clarissa helps with pointers.

2019-09-02 - Rules Of The Park
Geoff helps Teresa understand where she's living. What the expectations are.
Geoff, Teresa

2019-09-02 - Punching Things
Zoiya drops by the gym while Poe is punching things and they decide to punch things together. Several punching bags were hurt in the making of these scene.
Zoiya, Poe

2019-09-02 - Did You Want Some Salt With That Coffee?
The Reunion of Carver and Jessica. Oh, they're BEST OF FRIENDS.
Carver, Jessica

2019-09-02 - Feeling Punchy
Easton stops by the gym to start getting back into fighting shape.
Easton, Joey

2019-09-02 - Measuring Up
Rebecca has asked Itzhak to stay with her for a few days, with the direct threat of William Gohl possibly coming for her. She's also requested he attend a function with her so she is protected, and has provided a suit, and scheduled a tailor to come by and fit it on the mechanic.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-09-02 - So What's the Plan?
Erin takes over marketing... okay Erin *establishes* marketing. Jack settles into his routine. Poe questions Joey's motivations while getting recruited into fighting again.
Erin, Jack, Joey, Poe

2019-09-02 - Casual Conversation
Jaime meets up with Ico at the Firefly Club and they have a couple of drinks and some casual conversation.
Jaime, Ico

2019-09-02 - Questionable Coping Methods
After a text conversation, Easton comes over to Alexander's house, and the two discuss dreams, then coping methods. Some light punching occurs.
Alexander, Easton

2019-09-01 - White Coat Syndrome
Alexander wants out of the hospital, and Hailey has had too long of a shift to have to deal with this crap.
Alexander, Hailey

2019-09-01 - Holding Out For A Miracle
As agreed between them, Isabella next visits Dr. Minerva Kosimar at her apartment to talk about the seance.
Isabella, Minerva

2019-09-01 - Profiteroles in the Park
Corey searches for taste-testers in Addington Park.
Ignacio, Finch, Corey

2019-09-01 - More Findings
Mags has more info for Easton, and they have more to talk about.
Magnolia, Easton

2019-09-01 - Backyard Shenanigans
Kiddy pools, visitors, and a lot of swearing.
Greg, Lex, Blake, Zoiya, Poe

2019-09-01 - Planning and Pastry
Some friends come to visit a Byron on the mend. Pastries were had. Plans were made.
Tobin, Byron, Lilith, Isabella, Hyacinth

2019-09-01 - Twilight Hike
A stripper walks into the woods.. Finds an artist, and gets sketched. Future plans are made.
Zoiya, Dylan

2019-09-01 - Sunday Afternoon With The Addingtons
Erin has some questions for Margaret and Thomas.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Erin, Margaret, Thomas

2019-09-01 - The Only Time You Get to Punch a Cop
Captain de la Vega comes down to Kelly's Gym. The slow motion dog fight ensues between the Cop and the Crook feeling things out. Erin accepts the very unlikely job offer.
Erin, Ruiz, Joey

2019-09-01 - Homecoming
Carter and Claire arrive in Gray Harbor and explore the house the father they never knew left them, such as it is -- a mess.
Carter, Claire

2019-09-01 - Too Alike, But Too Different, But Too Alike
Isabella Reede briefs Captain Javier Ruiz de la Vega on everything she knows about the William Gohl affair...or tries to. What happens is a near-violent altercation that somehow, despite the odds, results in an agreement.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-09-01 - Juggling Coffee
Just another day at the coffee shop with an artist and the hair fairy sharing pleasant conversation.
Nicole, Dylan

2019-09-01 - Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
Scene spoiler: The dog thing worked.
Harvey, Hailey

2019-08-31 - Burrito Breakfast
It's 3 in the morning, should we sleep? Nah. Breakfast burritos.
Blake, Zoiya

2019-08-31 - Permanent Measures
Ruiz visits Alexander in the Hospital, reversing the trend of only a few weeks ago.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-08-31 - Road Trip or VEGAS BABY! VEGAS!
Geoff got dumped and has decided to take Easton on a "fishing trip" which is in fact a road trip which turns into a Montage! in Vegas! Vegas baby! Vegas!
Geoff, Easton

2019-08-31 - Fuckin Feelings, Man.
An old schoolmate catches up with Minerva at her office to ask for help which bringing unexpected consequences.
Minerva, Joey

2019-08-31 - Seed Money
Greg is ready to put down roots.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Felix, Greg

2019-08-31 - Pretty and Disturbing
Corey invites Lilith to get out of the shop into the fresh air at the park to shake the stress off. She manages to disturb the hell out of him because she's Lilith.
Lilith, Corey

2019-08-31 - Breathe Again
Lilith rushes to aid Byron, who is left on the floor in a terrible state after a psychic assault from an unknown (but suspected) party.
Byron, Lilith

2019-08-31 - Fish and Admissions
Elias invites Tyler over to cook for him this time around and admits that he writes books, but prefers to keep that to himself.
Elias, Tyler

2019-08-31 - Hope You're Not Busy
...actually, I don't care if you're busy, this is important.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-31 - Not What it Looks Like
Finch discovers Rustolium is obsolete, Itzhak discovers a chicken is now a Canary, and Ignacio discovers detoxing is harder than it looks.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-08-31 - Out of the Fog
The aftermath of a jaunt into the Dream.
August, Eleanor

2019-08-31 - Seven Nation Army
Before the evening festivities, Ico and Lyric work on a song and dance.
Lyric, Ico

2019-08-31 - Sweet And Sour Conversations
Corey and Sparrow catch up in Sweet Retreat, over milkshakes and yummy snacks.
Corey, Sparrow

2019-08-30 - Pourhouse Shabbos
Ruiz and Itzhak have another one of their friendly social visits!
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-08-30 - Lost and Found
Isabella Reede stops by Alexander Clayton's hospital room to talk to him about certain conversations between her and Byron.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-30 - Shotgun
Just a regular night, a few hours before closing. Bruises are totally not alarming at all.
Antonio, Zoiya, Cristobal

2019-08-30 - Cell phones and Surrogates
Bennie comes to visit Alexander, feelings are hurt, and other things are repaired.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-08-30 - More Like Ben FranklInk
Abby and Geoff run into each other having coffee and talk about things and tattoos.
Geoff, Abby

2019-08-30 - Tattoos With Tea
Artists meet up at the coffee shop & do a little sketching. Cameo by a tall biker dude.
Everett, Love, Dylan

2019-08-30 - This Won't Do At All
Carver gets in touch with the one person who'd know that his buying a house is a terrible sign. It's both something of a wake and a reunion.
Carver, Lucinda

2019-08-29 - Break Up Tequila
Harper visits Geoff with all the food. The best medicine for a rough break up? Tequila. And a librarian who can't hold her liquor. The high school friendship continues. With plans for future paintball.
Geoff, Harper

2019-08-29 - Culinary Science
Corey is trying to be a good student. Graham and Elise are not helpful in that regard.
Elise, Graham, Corey

2019-08-29 - Carrots And Caricatures
Two students practice their respective arts in the park.
Corey, Dylan

2019-08-29 - Adventures in Honesty
Bennie and Easton talk about everything from bromance, to drinking, to the Dark Men illusions he's suffering from. And everywhere in between.
Easton, Bennie

2019-08-29 - So much for the Groupon
Elise thought going to couples yoga was a good idea. She was incorrect. But now Graham is going to get a Rottweiler, so that's cool!
Elise, Graham

2019-08-29 - No One Is Good At Relationships
Erin visits Alexander, and Alexander learns some conversations are just not appropriate for text-based communication. But he might actually admit they're friends, now.
Erin, Alexander

2019-08-29 - The Wrong Three
Alexander wakes up to a hospital ceiling for the second time in the recent past, and finds that he's not alone. He's PROBABLY not going to be an asshole, this time.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-29 - When Tables Attack
Quite literally the tables have turned...into some sort of horrific monster thing.
Jaime, Joey, Sparrow

2019-08-29 - Welcome Back To the Neighborhood. It's a mess.
Poe returns to the neighborhood to find near nothing's changed. Ellie gets some practice in and Erin... might take a job from Joey? What can we say, Gray Harbor's weird some days.
Erin, Joey, Eleanor, Poe

2019-08-29 - Chill Out
Itzhak and August visit Alexander in the hospital.
Alexander, Itzhak, August

2019-08-28 - Conversation Over Cookies
Enjoying some friend time at the local patisserie, Julia and Teresa meet Abby.
Teresa, Julia, Abby

2019-08-28 - Long Distance Repair
With Alexander Clayton admitted in the OR after getting his throat cut by the Ghoul, and extremely unwilling to take any chances on his life, Isabella Reede calls for some reinforcements, and discovers that Lilith Winslow can heal long distance even without the assistance of a reader like she was initially led to believe. Captain de la Vega arranges for her to be allowed in his room the moment he is out of surgery.
Byron, Lilith, Ruiz, Isabella

2019-08-28 - Taking in Strays
This log has nothing to do with puppies.
Jaime, Sparrow, Ico

2019-08-28 - Full Contact Ballet
When weird ceased to be weird, and all manner of unusual skills get found out.
Byron, Lilith, Itzhak, Joey

2019-08-28 - Throwing Rocks Through God's Windows
It's not stalking when it's between friends!
Alexander, Itzhak

2019-08-27 - Pushing Buttons
After the paintball charity game, Lilith and Byron take a ride to set to the rest of their day. They each do a little button pushing in different ways during the drive.
Byron, Lilith

2019-08-27 - Nightmares and Bookscapes
Eleanor and August discuss books and nightmares.
August, Eleanor

2019-08-27 - Really Really Red
Sparrow needs red hair STAT! Jaime and Dylan get much more sensible haircuts.
Nicole, Jaime, Sparrow, Dylan

2019-08-27 - A Boatload of History...Sorta
What happens with a member of the Historical Society puts the great and might King of BS on the spot in front of a*literal* boatload of people.
Tobin, Clarissa, Ignacio

2019-08-27 - Boardwalk Chit Chat
Dahlia and Justin talk about the new puppy, a possible new roommate, relationships, and touch on movie scripts
Dahlia, Justin

2019-08-27 - Two Pieces of Work
Alexander Clayton and Isabella Reede meet up after the charity paintball game, with the former checking on the death of his friend, Dr. Penelope Faust.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-26 - When You're Told You Have To Include A Possum And A Fork In Your Scene.
No animals were harmed in the making of this log.
AlmightyMe, Alexander, Duncan, Kelsey

2019-08-26 - Encounter at the Hospital
Alexander meets a nurse at the Hospital, and socialization happens.
Alexander, Abby

2019-08-26 - Headshot
Magnolia takes Kevin out after the charity paintball fight for some pizza
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-08-26 - An Aria of Canaries
Ignacio has a gift for Finch
Ignacio, Finch

2019-08-25 - Fatalism & Tramp Stamps
Harper visits Geoff with some brownies. Old friends catch up... and make a pact to die horrifically. Drinks will be had.
Geoff, Harper

2019-08-25 - Throwing Stuff
Itzhak and Julia ACTUALLY manage to do some practice and exploration with their powers. Also they talk about some serious stuff.
Julia, Itzhak

2019-08-25 - Close Encounters of the Frog Kind
Alexander and Isolde go frog hunting on a summer evening. They find some, and the inevitable nightmares are totally worth it.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-25 - Love at the Platinum Cabaret
Love stops in for some day drinking, gets hired, and meets most of the crew.
Ruiz, Lyric, Love, Antonio, Zoiya, Park, Poe, Cristobal, Ico

2019-08-25 - It's Been Awhile
A walk on the boardwalk leads to another dark conversation; these two need to find more cheerful subjects.
Harvey, Hailey

2019-08-25 - Distractions
August and Eleanor discuss why he quit the bar in such a hurry, mid-sentence,
August, Eleanor

2019-08-25 - Options
Officer Captain very nicely stopped by the house today. He just wanted to remind Thomas, hiccough, that he has options other than the... oh, you know. The place. Dammit, Marge! Quit hiding the vodka.
KarmaBum, AlmightyMe, Ruiz

2019-08-25 - A Fresh Perspective
A long overdue tête-à-tête between two women who don't really know each other, but who are linked by some very strange circumstances.
Lilith, Isabella

2019-08-25 - Puppy in the Park
Stefano comes out to the park to meet the new puppy, who now finally has a name.
Justin, Stefano

2019-08-24 - Drink Drank Drunk
Easton gets properly drunk enough to have the talk he meant to have with Javier before.
Easton, Ruiz

2019-08-24 - Experiments and Hot Scotch
Easton visits Alexander, bringing gifts of coffee and crullers. Options are explored, plans for further experiments are made. Nothing bad could ever come of this.
Alexander, Easton

2019-08-24 - A Clear Answer
Dahlia finally gives Declan an answer on where they stand. Because when one door gets slammed in your face, it's time to finally look at the door that's been open and waiting for you.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-08-24 - Another day at the shop
Nipple piercing, flirting and talk of a tattoo to come.
Geoff, Everett

2019-08-23 - A Man Hunt on the Horizon. And a Picnic
Isolde asks Alexander if he has a way to find Lost people and they also plan to invite Isabella and Itzhak on a picnic.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-23 - Pizza, Practice, and a Potential Move
Lyric shows up at the dance studio and she and Cole have lunch and talk about Lyric's new band, a potential move, and she watches him practice.
Cole, Lyric

2019-08-23 - Ossifer Friendly
Ruiz pulls over Cristobal for a minor violation. Ends up getting major lip.
Ruiz, Cristobal

2019-08-23 - Happy Hour
In where a few locals and outsiders gather for some socializing and drinks. Also, what's up with August?!
Alexander, Jonathan, August, Gideon, Isabella, Eleanor

2019-08-23 - No Waffles?!
There are no waffles in this scene.
Alexander, August, Hailey

2019-08-23 - Cooking Lessons
Itzhak does not teach Isolde a single damn thing about cooking.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-23 - That's Not How You Do That
August and Itzhak discuss various things like how to not have some conversations.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-22 - Poking The Mechanic
Alexander comes to visit Itzhak, bring him coffee, and traumatize him.
Alexander, Itzhak

2019-08-22 - Gamer Outing
Itzhak gets Rebecca to do something other than work in the wake of her sister's death.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-08-22 - Mixed Signals
Various conversations that almost but don't quite happen.
Easton, Ruiz, Itzhak, August

2019-08-22 - Know thyself, know thy enemy.
A trap is set for a donut thief & sprung by a wily hunter. Sort of. Mainly it's a brief meeting with a bunch of nerd refs.
Sutton, Haven

2019-08-22 - A Musical Picnic
Ico and Park catch up to discuss prospective musical collaberation.
Park, Ico

2019-08-22 - Don't Do Anything Rash
Police Captain Ruiz de la Vega has a few questions for Thorne regarding these murders. Believing this to be your run-of-the-mill cop interrogation, Byron learns that the Captain knows more about what's going on than he'd realized.
Byron, Ruiz

2019-08-22 - Bayside Apartment's Newest Victim
Byron Thorne shows a new arrival to Gray Harbor around the Bayside Apartments. There's no mention of murder or tomfoolery. Just good conversation about family homes and suits. Oh, he also learns that this Dante Taylor is a writer whose books he's read. That's cool.
Byron, Dante

2019-08-21 - Platinum Job Opportunities
Park finally meets Antonio but she's not the only one offered a job.
Lyric, Antonio, Zoiya, Park, Ico

2019-08-21 - Sword and Shield
After a few days of recovery from the Gunfight at the Two If By Sea, Isabella Reede and Captain de la Vega continue what they started.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-08-21 - The Sky is Falling
Thank God for Molly.
Geoff, Erin

2019-08-21 - A Fond Remembrance of Terrible Things
Easton and Geoff drink and talk about strange lingering feelings of active duty and prison and the amount of overlap between the two.
Geoff, Easton

2019-08-21 - Damsel in This Dress
Jessica comes by Harper's house to check on her after a strange series of texts. She meets Everett for a second time. With similar amounts of initial violence.
Harper, Jessica, Everett

2019-08-21 - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
In where the issue of psychic impotence might be very real for Isabella Reede and how Alexander Clayton realizes that a certain degree of lunacy may be a good thing.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-20 - Sins of Their Forebears
The group confers about next steps after the meeting with Thomas and Margaret Addington.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Isabella, Hyacinth

2019-08-20 - 58% Of Serial Killers Are White Males
So if one of these two is the serial killer, odds are...
Harvey, Hailey

2019-08-20 - Shopping Around
Minerva meets Garrett.
Minerva, Garrett

2019-08-20 - So Apparently Eating Lead is Bad...
August and Ignacio discuss a gift.
Ignacio, August

2019-08-20 - Scrabbling And Resiliance
On talents. On surviving. On calm.
Teresa, Alexander

2019-08-20 - Turns Out We're Neighbors
Jaime's out on the porch playing guitar when Garrett happens by. Turns out they're neighbors.
Jaime, Garrett

2019-08-19 - Moving In
Abby lets Hailey rent her spare room, solving the roommate crisis, yay! \o/
Abby, Hailey

2019-08-19 - Back Again
Park returns to Platinum to seek out Antonio and meet some more prospective co-workers.
Dahlia, Antonio, Park, Cristobal

2019-08-19 - State of Play
Byron Thorne and Isabella Reede catch up on the latest, though they don't manage to do this without treading on some thorny personal issues.
Byron, Isabella

2019-08-19 - You know that's not going to work
Some plans really look better on paper, unless you are Ignacio deSantos. Then the paper looks highly implausible too.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-08-19 - May You Turn Into A Chandelier
Ruiz comes around to have a friendly, nonviolent, absolutely in no way menacing chat with Itzhak.
Ruiz, Itzhak

2019-08-19 - Before the Mimics
Tobin and Magnolia talk rings and mimics.
Tobin, Magnolia

2019-08-19 - Those Addington Men
Byron meets up with Hyacinth to discuss their upcoming meeting with Margaret Addington. He finds out that she knows that they are distantly related, but you know, it's in the family tree and stuff. Not a secret!
Byron, Hyacinth

2019-08-19 - Exploring the Forest
Kelsey takes Garrett on the promised forest trek. Neat things are seen and possibly a new friendship is made!
Kelsey, Garrett

2019-08-18 - The Competitors
After being rejected by the band, Park finds a place in the park to think, and meets a Park Ranger - who ends up knowing all about what has upset her.
Garrett, Park

2019-08-18 - DJs and Duckies
A night at the Platinum breaks in the new bouncer and brings in some possible new talent.
Zoiya, Park, Cristobal

2019-08-18 - Ghost Hunters
Takes place directly after the trio's meeting with Rebecca Carr. Alexander, Byron and Isabella confer about what they learned from Rebecca's experience in Byron's penthouse.
Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2019-08-18 - There's a Storm Moving In
Some people have the sense to get out of the rain. -Weather when the scene started: The summer night stretches on, uncomfortably hot. A thunderstorm flashes and booms angrily, chased by fast winds.
Erin, Rick

2019-08-18 - Playing With Fire: Attack of the Monster Snake Chicken
Itzhak and Julia experiment with their powers. Nothing goes horribly wrong...OR DOES IT?
Julia, Itzhak, August

2019-08-18 - We Need A Whiteboard
Returning from Vivian's office, Julia, Ignacio, and Itzhak discuss her hypnosis session.
Julia, Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-08-18 - Visiting The Vet
Minerva takes the rescued puppies for a check up given by Gideon.
Gideon, Minerva

2019-08-17 - The 19th POTUS is a Good Pupper
Easton brings home a puppy. 'nuff said.
Easton, Bennie

2019-08-17 - Building A Better Mouse Trap
Maddie and Duncan were both harmed in the making of this log
Maddie, Duncan

2019-08-17 - No Monsters Here
Jamie and Kelsey are chilling at Gray Pond for their own reasons and chat about work and hobbies
Jaime, Kelsey

2019-08-17 - A Meeting of Victims
Byron introduces Rebecca to Alexander and Isabella.
Alexander, Byron, Isabella, Rebecca

2019-08-17 - Donuts & Dreams
Sparrow, home from her roadtrip, invites Jens over for coffee and donuts. They talk dreams, sort of, and some art is started.
Jens, Sparrow

2019-08-17 - Kung Fu Fighting
Alexander and Isolde go out to get a couple of drinks, and end up in a barfight instead.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-17 - A new arrival at #7 Oak
Monica arrives to assess the flat. Is shown around by Sparrow, and manages to make Corey grumpy.
Corey, Sparrow, Monica

2019-08-17 - Long Walks
Walking home from Bar Trivia night Figgy and Inch encounter trouble in the form of assholes trying to help the city by being thoroughly unhelpful.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-08-16 - Baggage is Overrated Too
Tyler and Kelsey talk about the weird things. Kelsey manages to not kick the redhead's ass in the process.
Tyler, Kelsey

2019-08-16 - Meeting People
People meet at the Cracker Barrel and no one gets injured!
Minerva, Zoiya, Harvey

2019-08-16 - Overdue Collection
Harper comes by to get Alexander's opinion on a new acquaintance. An eggplant fails to get murdered.
Alexander, Harper

2019-08-16 - The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship
At the end of this log, Harvey & Noah do what all super macho men do
Noah, Harvey

2019-08-16 - Post Game
Itzhak and August discuss a variety of things.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-16 - Yay! Probably Found A Roommate!
Hailey needs a place to live. Abby just happens to have a spare room. IT'S SERENDIPITY!
Abby, Hailey

2019-08-16 - Walking on the Beach
After Bar Trivia, Itzhak and Isolde take a walk on the beach. They share a kiss and something a little more intimate.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-16 - Eggplant Emoji
Ruiz offers to teach Alexander how to cook eggplant lasagna. Alexander proves to be definitively not a natural in the kitchen, but to be fair, Ruiz's request in return proves to be quite the distraction. Scars and flaws are both on full display, but something like lasagna eventually gets made.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-08-15 - Impressed. But Weirded Out.
Easton and Justin catch each other up on some of the goings on around town and relationships old and new. Happens a few weeks after they re-met in a Dream.
Easton, Justin

2019-08-15 - Weight Lifting. It's a thing.
Tyrone introduces Kelsey to weight lifting. Tyler has plans for Elias to get buff.
Elias, Tyler, Tyrone, Kelsey

2019-08-15 - Fixing A Trailer
Declan finally comes around to give Dahlia a hand with the trailer.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-08-14 - Commiseration
After tracking down Dr. Minerva Komisar to talk about what happened in Two If By Sea, Isabella finds out more about her past - and how it resonates with her own.
Isabella, Minerva

2019-08-14 - The Other Side of the Family Tree
A trip to Likely Stories for more research materials has Isabella Reede coming face to face, at last, with Elias Weber, who divulges certain and interesting details about his family history...and the reasons why a certain Baxter-Weber marriage is a little strange.
Elias, Isabella

2019-08-14 - Renting Space
Zoiya stops by Dance Evolution to see about getting some practice time.
Cole, Zoiya

2019-08-14 - Human Inclinations
Isabella Reede and Alexander Clayton meet up for drinks after the former asks the latter for a copy of a certain photograph, They are later joined by Officer Rick Carlson and newly-arrived writer, Dante Taylor.
Alexander, Isabella, Rick, Dante

2019-08-14 - Marching Bands and Good Friends
Alexander tries to get some work done, while Bennie tries to kill the pain enough to go to work.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-08-14 - The Die Is Cast
After the aborted attempt at telling Alexander just what she needs the witch trial picture for, Isabella attempts to finish what she started.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-14 - Angsty Back-Stories
The roommate situation is bleak - and involves bikers with pythons. The "first-time" conversation is even bleaker.
Harvey, Hailey

2019-08-13 - Forest Talks
Four people run into each other in the woods and chit chat.
Tyler, Rick, Kelsey, Garrett

2019-08-13 - Desperately Seeking Roommate
Harvey & Hailey meet over coffee to discuss the roommate situation. No decisions are made, but Hailey's not arrested for being the serial killer
Harvey, Hailey, Haven

2019-08-13 - Domestic Bliss
Bennie and Easton figure out what it's like to live together instead of just playing pretend.
Easton, Bennie

2019-08-13 - Cookout Conspiring
Corey calls up Cole for help brainstorming cookout foods.
Cole, Corey

2019-08-13 - Flannel, Frogs, and Friends
Alexander returns home with Isolde's flannel. They take the opportunity to catch up and drink hot chocolate
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-13 - Into the Woods
Eleanor goes to see August after his brush with wormy death. There's just one problem...
August, Eleanor

2019-08-13 - The Two Izzys Meet
A few pieces of research and some unfinished business take Isabella Reede to Alexander Clayton's residence in 13 Elm Street, but not to see him.
Isolde, Isabella

2019-08-13 - Fifteen Percent
Antonio accepts Felix's terms for doing business in Gray Harbor.
Felix, Graham, Andre, Dahlia, Antonio

2019-08-13 - Pretty Idiots and Outlets
Lilith and Corey are texting since meeting at the shop. Though she's been fairly limiting on company, she decides she's had enough of being overwhelmed, sad, or lonely and starved for //good// attention. She allows him over to her place to distract and spoil her a while. Boy toy is pretty good at being boy toy. (OOC: Glossed adult content toward end fade.)
Lilith, Corey

2019-08-12 - TLC on the DL
Bennie stops by to give Ruiz some more of that sweet, sweet healing.
Bennie, Ruiz

2019-08-12 - Trailer Trash Pile
Bennie cleaning out her trailer turns into an impromptu neighborhood party.
Geoff, Aidan, Baylee, Bennie, Gideon

2019-08-12 - Banned For Life
How not to get invited to a Terrifically Terrifying Tour.
Eli, Alexander, Maddie, Duncan

2019-08-12 - On the Road to Find Out
Sparrow takes Alfie on a roadtrip along the Oregon coast. Secrets are shared, admissions are made, big kitties are visited and no one is eaten.
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-08-12 - Strip Chargen
Kevin and Magnolia create a game within a game.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-08-11 - Not the roommate you're looking for.
In which Dante and Hailey learn they're not quite looking for the same living arrangements. But at least neither of them are the serial killer.
Dante, Hailey

2019-08-11 - Encroaching Storm and Potential Travel
A storm is rolling in over the bay while Justin and Stefano talk about travel, and a possible trip to Palermo in the future.
Justin, Stefano

2019-08-11 - Crepes
Corey makes crepes for a wandering neighbor... and his sister... and the second potential bassist to answer her ad.
Isolde, Corey, Sparrow, Garrett

2019-08-11 - Philly-O and Jensiet
Sparrow spies a Jens out arting in the wild. They get smoothies. Then things get intense.
Jens, Sparrow

2019-08-11 - Slow Burn
Dahlia and Declan finish off a serious conversation, followed by dancing, nearly more serious conversation, and a very satisfying night.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-08-11 - Veggies, Frogs, and Ghost Marshmellows
Corey walks Isolde back to the house, they chat, Yves drops by, and he and Isolde manage to scare Corey off with their weird talking!
Isolde, Corey

2019-08-11 - A Band Is Born
Another bass player answers Sparrow's ad. This one's able to make it over at the same time as the guitarist, and the trio simply click. This might actually be happening.
Jaime, Sparrow, Garrett

2019-08-10 - Bitch Better Have My Money
Dominic is curious, gets punched, and nearly takes a Louisville Slugger to the head. Poor guy.

2019-08-10 - Lamps, Jewellery, And Terrible Pickup Lines
The Jones twins browse for things to decorate their home. Kelsey buys a snowglobe, and Corey flirts with zero shame.
Lilith, Corey, Sparrow, Kelsey

2019-08-10 - Soap and Sanctuary
Byron arrives at Lilith's door covered in filth and somewhat traumatized from an experience near the carousel.
Byron, Lilith

2019-08-10 - Decontamination
Itzhak helps August scrub the worm guts off himself.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-10 - Convalescing
Two 'friends' invade Ruiz hospital room to see how he's doing.
Alexander, Bennie, Ruiz

2019-08-10 - Alone Again, Naturally
Wherein Jessica has the wrong idea about something and Lex needs to talk about some issues.
Lex, Jessica

2019-08-10 - Little Fixes
Declan makes his way over to 21 Elm to fix a few problems, he does a bang up job.
Declan, Zoiya

2019-08-10 - It's A Small Fucking World
Kelsey enlists Dante as her extra pair of hands in the aftermath of the worm incident. Rips off one of the band-aids of his reality, and then gets stoned out of her mind to try and not go crazy.
Dante, Kelsey

2019-08-10 - A Game is Born
A D&D Game, that is.
Tobin, Magnolia, Kevin

2019-08-10 - Frustrated Incorporated
In which two super injured guys whose names start with A hobble to Mallard House to beg for Finch's help and the use of her bathrooms.
Alexander, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-08-10 - Hospital Gowns
Blake and Ruiz meet
Ruiz, Blake

2019-08-10 - Cheese-Safe Space
Sparrow gets an answer to her bassist wanted ad! Park plays a few riffs and shares her views on music.
Sparrow, Park

2019-08-10 - No Peeking Allowed
In where Isabella Reede learns that Addington Memorial is secretly harboring a super nurse and secret closets that may or may not contain regeneration technology, also the fact that she and Ruiz's attending surgeon has been replaced by Dr. Tillie Harlow and her trusty sidekick(?), Dr. Nathan Bowman.
Easton, Ruiz, Isabella, Abby, Tillie, Nathan

2019-08-09 - New Customer
A new customer wanders into the Control Pad. Ready? Go!
Abitha, Abby

2019-08-09 - The Art of Losing
Isabella and Byron connect after the harrowing incident in Two if By Sea.
Byron, Vivian, Isabella

2019-08-09 - Like a Bag of Rocks
Itzhak swings by to give Joey a hand in the yard and successfully convinces him of... nothing?! Further proof that when everything is weird then nothing is weird.
Itzhak, Joey

2019-08-09 - Late Night Churros
After hours at the heritage festival, friends talk about serious things.
Julia, Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-08-09 - Nintendo and Not Sleeping
It's been a hell of a week.
Alexander, Itzhak

2019-08-09 - Empanadas ≠ Empathy
Carver, of all people, adds himself to the list of 'Ruiz Visitors'
Carver, Ruiz

2019-08-08 - This is All Very Awkward
Alexander visits YET ANOTHER person in the hospital, and it's all very awkward, but no one gets shot. Which is probably good, because Ruiz may not physically be able to fit another bullet hole in his body right now.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-08-08 - Visiting Hours & Violin Music
Itzhak visits Isolde in the hospital!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-08 - An Evening of Saffron and Sangria
August and Eleanor eat lots of amazing food, drink too much sangria, dance badly, talk about saffron.
August, Eleanor

2019-08-08 - Prairie Fire In Your Eyes
Dante makes 'friends' by buying the locals shots.
Easton, Lilith, Cole, Itzhak, August, Rick, Corey, Dante, Kelsey

2019-08-08 - The Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival
The Heritage Festival goes off without a hitch.
Julia, Aidan, Baylee, Alexander, Lex, Ignacio, Itzhak, August, Eleanor, Dante, Kelsey

2019-08-08 - Promises
Alexander visits Isabella in the hospital, and Isabella agrees to something she swore she would never do.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-08 - Old-Timey Gunfights and Aftermaths
Alexander visits Isolde in the hospital after the events at the Two if by Sea.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-08 - You're Lucky You're Bed Ridden
Dahlia visits Ruiz in the Hospital
Ruiz, Dahlia

2019-08-07 - HotAshHell69
In which too many things happen.
Ash, Marius, Jens, Sparrow

2019-08-07 - Too Damn Pretty To Die
In case anyone is wondering, the title refers to Ruiz.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-08-07 - Dysfunctional Scooby Gang: Google Maps Edition
Julia found a map and the team starts to work on a means to tackle some bigger problems.
Julia, Ignacio, Finch, August

2019-08-07 - No, Really, Run Away
It starts with Kelsey reaffirming that Dante should get the hell outta dodge, and ends with her promising to show him WHY he should get the hell outta dodge.
Dante, Kelsey

2019-08-07 - It's Real. All Of It
Declan brings Frankie donuts and good booze. They talk about mundane stuff for awhile before Declan asks about Mr. Wubbles, a thing mentioned in a previous conversation. Their discussion spirals into darker places and then the supernatural before eventually settling on an unhealthy lunch.
Declan, Frankie

2019-08-07 - Shards of Glass
Alexander stops by the shop to try and make restitution for the break in. Lilith obviously isn't having any of it and has her own things to say.
Alexander, Lilith

2019-08-07 - Digestive Issues
Julia seeks out further help concerning the asylum. Turns out she and Vivian may be able to help each other.
Julia, Vivian

2019-08-07 - Lazy Duty
In the aftermath of the (Dream) shoot-out at the Deuce, an off-duty paramedic accompanies a downed police captain to see about some surgical intervention.
Sutton, Ruiz

2019-08-06 - On The Boardwalk
Isolde and Itzhak go on their date to the Boardwalk and no one gets pushed into the ocean!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-06 - Needles in New York
Itzhak stops into Pens and Needles to have his sleeve finished. Oh so lucky for him, Lex is on duty. Let the sadomasochism ensue.
Lex, Itzhak

2019-08-06 - Meeting the Roommate
With Easton off on adventure time Bennie has the apartment to herself. Kind of. She finally gets to meet Tom. Easton returns home covered in bits of rotting zombie Uncle. Yea, it's super gross.
Easton, Bennie

2019-08-06 - Sibling Conversations
Sparrow and Corey catch up in the garden.
Corey, Sparrow

2019-08-06 - No Guitar
Jaime comes by to play with Sparrow, but he didn't bring his guitar.
Jaime, Sparrow

2019-08-06 - The Daily Grind
Bianca meets Antonio and Dahlia and gets a lap dance in the process.
Dahlia, Antonio

2019-08-06 - Kite Kamikazi
As a thunderstorm prepares to let loose overhead, Noah and Alexander have a brief run in with drunken college kids with kites. Only a few kites were harmed in the making of this scene.
Noah, Alexander

2019-08-05 - Drinking Alone Together
Drinking at Easton's apartment the day after the shoot out at the OK Corral- er.. The Two if by Sea.
Easton, Sutton, Bennie

2019-08-05 - F.I.N.E.
Ignacio has a rough start to the day.
Ignacio, August

2019-08-05 - Monday Night Margaritas
Monday Night Margaritas at 503 Bayside! Carver & Ruiz & Sutton are shortly joined by Easton. The Patrón flows, food's snagged, and ofc most everyone eventually ends up on the balcony. No residents were harmed in the making of this scene.
Easton, Sutton, Carver, Ruiz

2019-08-05 - A River Runs Through It
Investigation help into the Ghoul is sought, and Glimmer is messed around with.
Alexander, Itzhak, August

2019-08-05 - Totally Unprepared
Byron asks Vivian about this mysterious Asylum that she is trying to get back to.
Byron, Vivian

2019-08-05 - Sick DaysGone Sideways
After a very rough start to the morning Finch brings soup and finally meets Rafael.
Rafael, Ignacio, Finch

2019-08-05 - Everything you ever wanted to know about Elma, WA.
Getting-to-know-you scene at the diner. :)
Graham, Abby, Dante

2019-08-05 - Cash is King
Dahlia gives Antonio some details about what to expect for his meeting with Felix. And just reaffirms one of her new bad habits.
Dahlia, Antonio

2019-08-05 - A Blanket Discussion
Carver and Lilith head to the beach for a lazy afternoon away from any troubles. And... no troubles happen. It's a miracle.
Carver, Lilith

2019-08-05 - Date Night Take Two
Dahlia asks Declan if he'll meet her for dinner. He agrees. They talk about their strange lives, past relationships, themselves, and end up deciding to go home and do boring things like get ready for work the next day and pinterest. No, really. Neither burger is finished. Maybe that's breakfast.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-08-05 - A Discussion of Outcomes
August and Itzhak discuss the experiment with Alexander, and August tries something new.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-05 - The Price Of A Bear Trap Is Exactly $200
Now you know how much bear traps cost
Noah, Easton, Jaime, Everly, Maddie

2019-08-04 - Replacement Meal for Info
August brings Eleanor replacement picnic food (aka dinner) and another perfect gift: more weird Gray Harbor nonsense.
August, Eleanor

2019-08-04 - The Concierge's Concierge
An overdue conversation over stolen wine. Probably should've happened years ago, but it wouldn't have been the same. (Mild NSFW: half-naked making out here and there.)
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-08-04 - Welcome To Town, Now RUN!
Isra is new to town. Waffles are had. Lasagna is promised. People want the new one to run!
Cole, Nicholas, Minerva

2019-08-04 - Story Time, Sorbet, & Secrets
Everett surprises Harper by showing up for Sunday afternoon Story Time for young children at the library. He proves himself to be something of a child-magnet. Afterward, the pair go for ice cream at Sweet Desserts, the establishment owned by the big man and potential business-fundraiser for the library and community literacy.
Harper, Everett

2019-08-04 - Time for Training and Boy Talk
Dahlia gets in touch with Zoiya to start her pole dancing lessons and they end up having a pretty good chat!
Dahlia, Zoiya

2019-08-04 - Strippers and Snakes at Steelhead
Zoiya's murdercycle needs work.
Itzhak, Zoiya

2019-08-04 - Giant snake riot rave porn what now!?
Catching up over Coffee. Well well...
Jaime, Joey, Corey, Alfie, Sparrow

2019-08-04 - Not Weird at All
Nothing says sisterhood like finding out you're related in a will reading. Way to peace out on explaining that one, Daddy.
Frankie, Hyacinth

2019-08-03 - Comfort Food
Bex and Itzhak meet up for comfort food.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-08-03 - We Need to Talk .. That Came Out Wrong
Easton and Bennie talk about the serious points of their relationship. Like does pineapple belong on pizza.
Easton, Bennie

2019-08-03 - Inamorata
With Byron Thorne and Erin Addington conversing on the other side of the boat, Isabella Reede searches for Alexander Clayton to ask him some uncomfortable questions.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-08-03 - Origami Iris
Alexander and Isolde catch up after her dinner with Itzhak while she tries to make an origami skink. It is not as easy as it sounds!
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-03 - Can I Get A Ride?
Zoiya makes an attempt at hitchhiking. Instead of axes, blood and brutality, she gets breakfast and makes a friend.

2019-08-03 - Murders and Unkindness
Gideon and Bennie finally have a chance to talk about their shared Dream.
Bennie, Gideon

2019-08-03 - Revenge of the Door
Ruiz and Alexander talk over breakfast. Well. Toast. Because Alexander doesn't know how kitchens work.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-08-03 - Carte Blanche
Alexander, Byron and Isabella chase the leads given to them by the Archivist, but in order to get to where they need to, they would need to involve another victim.
Erin, Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2019-08-03 - Terrifically Terrifying Tours
"This is gonna be so great. We'll make enough money to kill Alexander and bury Jimmy in, like, a week tops."
Maddie, Duncan

2019-08-03 - Imagine if these people actually took the Rorschach test
Julia brings think inkblot she found in the Veil to Violet. Alex is set-dressing.
Violet, Alex, Julia

2019-08-03 - Checking for Brain Injury
Blake and Zoiya are at the Pizza Kitchen for dinner when they notice a lonely fireman. They invite Tyler to join them and before long, Blake's head explodes.
Tyler, Blake, Zoiya

2019-08-03 - I don't mind crazy.
Itzhak invites Isolde over for dinner.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-02 - Come To My Window
Alexander gives August some cookies. Itzhak tries an experiment while Finch and Ignaico try to make sure he doesn't die with their various methods.
Alexander, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-08-02 - Very Educational
Vivian makes good on her offer, and brings together Alexander and Vyv for a Q&A on just what all this *is*.
Alexander, Vyv, Vivian

2019-08-02 - Vegging Out
Dahlia and Justin both finally have some downtime to catch up with each other.
Dahlia, Justin

2019-08-02 - A Brood of Pheasant
Finch and Ignacio finally have their talk.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-08-02 - Maps to Lost Places
After hearing about Teresa's adventure from Violet, Alexander decides to go bother Teresa, and maybe put her in contact with those who could use her unique skills.
Teresa, Alexander

2019-08-02 - Grocery Labyrinth
Eleanor saves Corey from the nightmare that would be trying to find ANYTHING in Safeway
Eleanor, Corey

2019-08-02 - I Messed Up
After visiting Itzhak, Isolde comes clean to Alexander
Alexander, Isolde

2019-08-02 - Fruity Pebbles
The internet gets set up, and the newly minted roomies chat while getting ready for an outing.
Blake, Zoiya

2019-08-02 - I'll Take Jelly Beans for the Win, Alex
Everett visits the local library to propose a fundraiser-literacy partnership between the library and Sweet Retreat. It's fair to say that neither Librarian nor Business Owner expected to have such a meeting of the minds.
Harper, Everett

2019-08-01 - It's 3am, I Must Be Hungry
If you were looking for fast, good service you've gone too far.
Edison, Jessica, Ignacio, Dante

2019-08-01 - Mud
9 Oak has fun in the backyard. Nothing serious happens here.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-08-01 - Night Watch
For some reason, Alexander agrees to be Ruiz's concussion watch. For some reason, Ruiz agrees to this.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-08-01 - The Milkshake Isn't A Sex Thing
Two couples. Lots of booze. Food for days. Conversation. It's a good evening.
Eli, Declan, Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-08-01 - Self Medicating
Alexander stops by Easton's after a going on a bender the night before. Easton's drinking (again). Alexander discovers Bennie makes some abuses of her own. Everyone copes in their own way, especially in the face of Dreams regarding digging up graves or burning alive.
Alexander, Easton, Bennie

2019-08-01 - A Glass of Wine, a DM, and Thou
August's evening of not writing his next plant guide is interrupted by a text.
Itzhak, August

2019-08-01 - Hindquarter Communication
Magnolia initiates a custom between two maybe-exclusive partners.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-08-01 - Warning: Men May Be Crazier Than They Appear
Isolde and Alexander come over to deliver cookies and fried chicken to Itzhak. They talk about glimmer and being crazy and music...and one more thing.
Alexander, Isolde, Itzhak

2019-08-01 - Evening in the Garden of Branch & Bole
A dinner at the Branch & Bole for introductions of the glimmer kind.
Julia, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-08-01 - Dr. Glass Will See You Now
Spurred by a few texts from Vivian Glass, Isabella Reede elects to do something she has never done before: See a professional for some grief therapy. Only a one-time session, because come on, let's not get carried away, but how will a young woman who is perennially allergic to her own feelings fare under the brunt of Vivian's training and expertise?
Vivian, Isabella

2019-08-01 - Joy Riding
Where Byron irritates Vivian but foolishly gives her his car keys, and rather passive aggressive revenge is had. Plus, Alexander gets to add another expensive car to his list of cars driven. Ice cream is also had.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-08-01 - Lazy Sunday?
The club is slow on Sunday, but work goes on. Blake stops in after a confusing text and lands a job.
Blake, Antonio, Zoiya

2019-08-01 - Making Decisions
Lucian and Penny decide that she doesn't need the House hanging over her.

2019-08-01 - Cleaning House (AKA Intervention)
A bunch of people show up at Lilith's very messy place where she's been drunkenly wallowing in the mess ever since release from the hospital.
Tobin, Magnolia, Kevin, Byron, Carver, Lilith, Harper, Rafael, Vivian

2019-08-01 - Outside of a Place of Anger
Once again, an unstoppable force meets an immovable object...and somehow, the beach doesn't explode.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-07-31 - Yoga and Gardening
Being neighbours sharing a backyard fence gives Corey plenty of opportunity to make Ash jump.
Ash, Corey

2019-07-31 - New Favorite Drug
After a particularly intense session of venting frustrations, Dahlia and Declan have a conversation about what exactly their label might be.
Declan, Dahlia

2019-07-31 - Katy Perry Was Right... Except For the Cherry Chapstick
Bad Luck (TM) ends up with Jessica flat on her back after an attempted jog, and Lex putting into question all that is sacred in song lyricism.
Lex, Jessica

2019-07-31 - What's Your Poison
Blake shows up to the Cabaret. He and Zoiya discuss drugs and living spaces.
Blake, Zoiya

2019-07-31 - Dancing on the Deck
Alexander goes to Two If By Sea to get really drunk; various people harass him into things like dancing and telling them about why he's drink lighter fluid and not real booze.
Alexander, Bennie, Ruiz, Isolde, Itzhak, August

2019-07-30 - We're Totally Still Friends
Alexander goes by to pick up his key from the good Captain, and they talk about things like sensible, patient, socially-adept gentlemen. No, not really.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-07-30 - Unexpected Breakfast
Sparrow casually threatens Ash who kindly makes eggs for her and Alfie. The trio discuss the complications of driving through a town full of hot guys. When Ash heads off--hopefully with pants on--the two left behind reminisce very briefly, clear the air and make a mess.
Ash, Alfie, Sparrow

2019-07-30 - Tweakers are the worst!
Joey got tasked with making Evan change his story. He did a good job, even if he did get tazed.
KarmaBum, Felix, Joey

2019-07-30 - Laundry Day: Date #2
Corey invites Ash for date number two at the laundromat. Several others from the households and Cole show up as well.
Cole, Astrid, Ash, Marius, Corey, Alfie

2019-07-30 - When My Heart's An Empty Gun
At his request, Isabella Reede takes a few minutes out of her self-imposed isolation to meet with Captain de la Vega at the local gun range.
Ruiz, Isabella

2019-07-30 - The Proof of the Pudding
Corey arrives for his first day at the pâtisserie... at least, assuming he passes the practical.
Vyv, Corey

2019-07-30 - This Above All
Two Veil Walkers share a slushie under the cloud-covered stars and talk about old times, new problems, and have a wander to commit some petty thievery.
Carver, Lucinda

2019-07-30 - Changing Stories
Ruiz comes to the Firefly to set things straight with Felix about the cocaine. Heads are butted. Faces are punched. (Well. One face is punched.)
KarmaBum, Felix, Andre, Ruiz

2019-07-29 - Scallops and Conversation
Corey stops by the Fried Fish stand for dinner, ends up finding someone with very similar interests. Conversation ensues!
Julia, Corey

2019-07-29 - Welcome Home, It's Still Fucked!
Penny finally gets up the courage to go home for supplies and Alexander visits.
Alexander, Penny

2019-07-29 - The Map
Teresa comes to find out more about her map. She winds up being invited to take Violet on an adventure
Violet, Teresa

2019-07-29 - Whiskey with a Lighter Chaser
It's just another night at the Pourhouse.
Mariah, Lyric, Justin, Everett, Stefano

2019-07-29 - Unbowed
Itzhak needs August's help with a new bow.
Itzhak, August

2019-07-29 - Two Fugitives In A World That Refuses To Acknowledge That Truth.
Corey and Ash meet up for drinks, and clandestine conversations about pizza toppings.
Ash, Corey

2019-07-29 - Ask for Answers
Rebecca returns to Gray Harbor, and Byron and Vivian ask her and Vyv to come by. Questions come from all quarters, but a lot fewer answers do...
Byron, Vyv, Vivian, Rebecca

2019-07-29 - And Then There Were Three (With Weed)
Best friends from a small town know at least a little bit about everyone in town, between the two of them. No one is safe from the meandering gossip and secrets. Bad luck is had. Wine is spilled. CDB brownies are produced. And Lex arrives.
Lex, Harper, Jessica

2019-07-29 - First Date
Two people meet, go on a first date, make plans -- all before they introduce themselves.
Blake, Zoiya

2019-07-29 - We Need To Talk
Dahlia confronts Ruiz about the stolen coke. It goes about as well as expected!
Ruiz, Dahlia

2019-07-29 - Apply Yourself
Corey drops by Pâtissierie Vydal for an impromptu job interview. And gets one!
Vyv, Corey

2019-07-29 - Your Stuff, Not Mine
Frankie finds out about her father. Elias has some news as well, but decides to hold off on talking about it right away.
Frankie, Elias

2019-07-28 - Risk and Reward
Dahlia comes home after the strip club grand opening. Justin and Stefano are talking about Glimmer and the Veil, where it's thin, what it means, and whether the risk of learning more about what they may or may not be able to do is worth the reward of knowing.
Dahlia, Justin, Stefano

2019-07-28 - Coffee Conversation
Fawn and Tyrone talk over coffee.

2019-07-28 - Special Delivery
August comes in to open the shop and prep for the day, and is reminded of the special delivery he received the night before. Unfortunately, now there are witnesses.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-28 - Like Four Thousand Papercuts
bears attacked and stole money from the diner and ate peppermints and rekt a bunch of dishes
Maddie, Duncan, Blake

2019-07-28 - Slimy Shimmy Suits
Eli stumbles across the evidence of someone having a very fun night in the park.
Teresa, Eli, Alexander, Easton, Isolde, Maddie, Duncan, Corey

2019-07-28 - Small Talk With Small Dog
A casual meeting in the park, chat about random casual light stuff, like dogs, cats, mysteriously impossible drownings and fishing.
Rick, Abby

2019-07-28 - Tears for Absolution
Byron and Lilith are due for release soon. They haven't seen each other in a few hazy, respectively bedridden days and there's things to say.
Byron, Lilith

2019-07-27 - Matters of Excess
Lilith has an excessive amount of overpriced flowers delivered. Michael's generously excessive care sees them right out the door. Lilith tries to convince him she's excessive in general and he should probably run. Mike is excessively nice about it.
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-27 - Vegetable Flowers
Ash drops in on the new neighbors, only finds one person, and vegetable flowers.
Ash, Corey

2019-07-27 - A Minefield of Problems
August and Ignacio start to file off the sharp edges that have been accruing between them.
Ignacio, August

2019-07-27 - Trial From God
Eli opens up a little about how his father treated him after his mother passed.
Eli, Genevieve

2019-07-27 - Croque Madame
After a wrong text number, Alexander and Corey meet, and Corey gets to show off his super cool skills. But why IS the egg on top?
Alexander, Corey

2019-07-27 - The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
Isabella Reede finally manages to visit her childhood friend, Byron Thorne, after embarking on a rather ridiculous piece of deception with the AMH nurses.
Byron, Isabella

2019-07-27 - Close Encounters of a Meteorological Kind
Kevin and Magnolia have date #2. 3? 1.5? Something.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-07-27 - Homecoming
Alexander returns home from the hospital. There are some things that are different.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-07-27 - So About that Charity Dinner
Justin and Stefano talk about what happened at the charity dinner.
Justin, Stefano

2019-07-27 - Step Into The Light
A normal day goes arwy at a local flea market gathering.
Jack, Andi, Isolde, Rick, Abby

2019-07-26 - Throwing Up The Ocean
n00bz get pwned
Elise, Graham

2019-07-26 - Disaster Picnic
That picnic Eleanor and August planned does //not// go as anticipated.
August, Eleanor

2019-07-26 - Sittings and Photographs
A creepy book of spirit photography is uncovered in the natural history section. People talk about sitting for portraits.
Edison, August, Gideon, Minerva, Love

2019-07-26 - Guilt and Opportunities
Vivian comes by to check on Alexander. Conversations, opportunities, and a healthy amount of self-blame ensue.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-07-26 - Detective File: Thorne, Byron
After his questioning of Lilith Winslow, Captain Javier de la Vega pays Byron Thorne a visit to hear his story about what happened at the stone bridge.
Byron, Ruiz

2019-07-26 - Ixnay On The Eleton-Skay
Duncan & Maddie lose their //entire house//. Noah suggests they change their names and Duncan calls dibs on Harrison Ford.
Noah, Maddie, Duncan

2019-07-26 - Lasagna
Itzhak's troubled by the reaction of his friends to his Veil trip. He reaches out to Minerva.
Itzhak, Minerva

2019-07-26 - Detective File: Winslow, Lilith
Ruiz starts his questioning. He begins with who might be the most suspect of the group pulled from the Hanging Bridge, Lilith Winslow.
Lilith, Ruiz

2019-07-26 - Side Hustle
Dahlia checks in with the boss about her side hustle at the Cabaret. He is surprisingly cool with this.
Felix, Graham, Dahlia

2019-07-26 - History Doesn't Have To Repeat Itself
Takes place immediately after Of Dandelion Wishes and Dreaming Bones. Erin Addington comes across a strange bonfire and a familiar face that she hasn't seen in a month. The two scions of Gray Harbor's oldest families have a quiet conversation as some of the bones of Billy Grohl are reduced to ashes.
Erin, Isabella

2019-07-26 - Danger and a Movie
Tyler has Elias over for dinner. Elias tells him about his newly discovered ability to part the veil, so they make plans.
Elias, Tyler

2019-07-26 - Every Door Knob Needs A Door
Isolde needs a door that works.
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-07-26 - Hiring Bonus
Mae stops by to get a drink and see about a job. She meets Antonio and things work out.
Antonio, Zoiya

2019-07-26 - 36ish Hours
Easton's trying to do his best to take care of Bennie, and realizes it's not all sunshine and rainbows after 36 hours. Thankfully, Aidan drops by to put the healing on.
Aidan, Easton, Bennie

2019-07-25 - Beware Punks Armed With Glimmer and Beer Bottles
August and Itzhak's contemplative walk on the beach is interrupted by punks with more beer in them than sense. Chaos ensues.
Itzhak, August

2019-07-25 - No Cutting People?
Baylee and Jay swing by Easton's to drop off Bennie's things and discuss what to do about her being beaten and harassed by debt collectors problem. Apparently cutting off body parts is not the answer Bennie was hoping for.
Baylee, Easton, Bennie, Jay

2019-07-25 - Two New Prospects
Dahlia and Lyric stop by the Cabaret and they both get the jobs they're looking for.
Lyric, Dahlia, Antonio

2019-07-25 - Dr. Glass, the Fixer
Byron wakes up in the recovery room only to find that Vivian had spent the time watching over him.
Byron, Vivian

2019-07-24 - Itzhak's Veil-cation
Itzhak gives a trip report; everyone accuses him of eating a random mushroom he found on the floor.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-24 - The Cookery Is Okay
Alfie, Corey and Sparrow move into their new place. Only one shrub is damaged in the process. Next door neighbors stop by. Introductions are made, reunions are had and mead is enjoyed.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Corey, Alfie, Sparrow

2019-07-24 - At the Waffle Shoppe
Evening in the Waffle Shop.
August, Minerva, Rick, Abby, Corey

2019-07-24 - Baggage that goes with mine
Eli and Dahlia talk a little bit about how they're both doing, relationships, and language lessons
Eli, Dahlia

2019-07-24 - Hospital Visit
Isolde visits Alexander in the hospital.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-07-24 - Opposites Repel
A determined, but grateful Isabella Reede visits a cantankerous Alexander Clayton while he's recovering from the hospital, and how it ends is probably not surprising to anyone who knows them.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-07-24 - Away From the Firelight
Marius and Astrid slip away from their friends at the beach. They're probably not as sneaky as they think they are.
Astrid, Marius

2019-07-24 - Hallway Processing
After being processed in the hospital, survivors of the commotion at the Hanging Bridge are put in the OR waiting hallway. It's finally quiet enough for some personal processing of their own.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith

2019-07-23 - Keeping the Quota
Routine evening out with the radar gun. It's all fun and games until someone gets shot.
Andi, Rick

2019-07-23 - Bennie's NOT Okay
Bennie shows up at Easton's apartment after a Dream. She is Not Okay.
Easton, Bennie

2019-07-23 - Irons In The Fire
Oh, you know. Just finding work for your old friend.

2019-07-23 - Not a Homicidal Maniac
Old friends run into each other while scoping out a place to live. Plans are made, minor confessions heard and numbers swapped.
Alfie, Sparrow

2019-07-23 - Bird With a Broken Wing
Gideon slips through the veil only to find Bennie in need of a good old fashioned rescue.
Bennie, Gideon

2019-07-23 - Favor for a Friend
Alexander has given Ruiz a key to fetch clean clothes and feed his bird while he's guarding Isabella. This will surely be accomplished without any undue nosiness on the cop's part.
Alexander, Ruiz

2019-07-23 - Accosted
August chats with Itzhak about Murray House shenanigans.
Itzhak, August

2019-07-23 - Hauntings and Kiddie Pools
Jaime and Joey talk about the things found in the back room of the gym.
Jaime, Joey

2019-07-23 - Five Jobs Is Too Many
Jay and Bennie have a chat in Baylee's trailer.
Bennie, Jay

2019-07-23 - Gorillas With Skeletons
Duncan and Maddie are being totally casual at Abby.
Maddie, Duncan, Abby

2019-07-23 - Keeping the Faith
The hospital visit after getting shot. Cherish is on hand to care for the wounded.
Andi, Rick

2019-07-23 - I'm Not Okay
The Hanging Bridge fallout is nasty. Lilith isn't coping so well, but Mike's there to try and help her out of shellshock. There's no insisting she's fine this time around.
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-23 - Little Soldier
General talk over laundry.
Lyric, Tyrone, Alfie

2019-07-23 - Commotion in the ER
The hospital lobby and ER are swimming with people that heard about the commotion at the Hanging Bridge.
Magnolia, Kevin, Byron, Lilith, Michael, Ruiz, Vivian, Isabella

2019-07-22 - Apologies New York Style
Itzhak and Ignacio have a bro talk.
Ignacio, Itzhak

2019-07-22 - The Hunt For The Ring
Byron had told Alexander that he'd meet him at Lilith's pawnshop and instead Byron's searching for signs of her within Hank's trailer at the trailer park.
Byron, Lilith

2019-07-22 - No Sugar Coating
People need to stop killing Vyv's friends' family members. It's extremely vexing.
Vyv, Hyacinth

2019-07-22 - A Crime of Passion
Alexander breaks into Lilith's shop next to try and find the woman instead of the ring. He finds a mess in the loft and signs of violent entry.
Alexander, Lilith

2019-07-22 - Top 5 Favorite Dinosaurs
Kevin comes by to check in on a sick Magnolia.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-07-22 - Shady Business Dealings
Easton comes by to get an update on his case, and Magnolia doesn't puke on him.
Magnolia, Easton

2019-07-21 - More Questions Than Answers
It takes a lot to keep a team of malfunctioning adults all facing in one direction. It's an imperfect process.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-07-21 - What About Byron?
After staving off another jailbreak attempt by Isabella, Alexander embarks on a one-man mission to find Byron Thorne and Lilith Winslow.
Alexander, Vivian, Isabella

2019-07-21 - Meanwhile, Somewhere on HW 109
After receiving a curious message, Byron goes to pick Magnolia up just outside of Gray Harbor along HW 109. That's when he learns just how close this threat to the box really is and has a hunch on who the bastards were that trashed one of his apartments.
Magnolia, Byron

2019-07-21 - Sibling Reunion
Elias and Monroe catch up a bit now that she's staying back at Weber House, and make plans to go in to Seattle.

2019-07-21 - Fresh Starts
There was supposed to be a boat tour, but Gray Harbor weather. Instead, it's junk food for dinner, and a conversation about fresh starts.
Tobin, Rafael

2019-07-21 - The Visit
Vyv comes to the hospital the morning after Rebecca is admitted, and gets the details about why she is there, and why her sister is not.
Vyv, Rebecca

2019-07-21 - Let's Go For A Ride
Magnolia has a nice chat with Andre and Graham and absolutely nothing bad happens at all
Graham, Andre, Magnolia

2019-07-21 - Psych Hold
Itzhak learns Rebecca is in the hospital, and comes to visit her in the wake of her sister's brutal murder.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-07-20 - A New Employment Opportunity.
Everly finds her way to the newly-opened Platinum Cabaret and meets its owner, Antonio.
Everly, Antonio

2019-07-20 - Of Drunken Reporters, Suggestively Named Houseboats, and Stripping While Sober
Jessica's had a bit too much to drink. Lex needs to stop taking walks in the middle of the night. Princess Leia, coffee that brews a little too slow, and one onion-esque layer of Lex's illustrious past.
Lex, Jessica

2019-07-20 - A Date-Not-Date
Magnolia and Kevin go on a date-not-date.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-07-20 - Phase 2: The Smash and Grab
In his desperation to get his hand on the ring, Byron enlists the help of Joey to break into both the Pawn Shop office and the safe itself.
Byron, Lilith, Joey

2019-07-20 - To the Coast
The folks of 9 Oak Street hit the beach.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-07-20 - Make it a Small
In which Lyric confuses the hell out of poor Tyrone.
Lyric, Tyrone

2019-07-20 - Tree Leeches
Violet and Alex talk plans for the future, in many different ways
Violet, Alex

2019-07-20 - Girls Night Out
It's Ladies Night at The Firefly Club. What could possibly happen?
Erin, Julia, Elise, Graham, Aidan, Baylee, Easton, Bennie, Jessica, Minerva, Everett

2019-07-20 - This is Not What It Looks Like
The real question is: Does he bring the handcuffs?
Alexander, Ruiz, Isabella

2019-07-20 - Ghost Stories
Frankie orders the good stuff at the Pourhouse and asks Declan for a ghost story. He tells her that he'll send tourists down her way, if he has the chance.
Declan, Frankie

2019-07-19 - Along the Boardwalk
Eleanor shows August the Gray Harbor boardwalk, because somehow, he's never actually been to it.
August, Eleanor

2019-07-19 - ZomBears
Lex does some work on Easton's back.
Easton, Lex

2019-07-19 - Insomnia
The night isn't over for Isabella Reede and her new temporary roommate. Takes place directly after //25 or 6 to 4//.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-07-19 - Icu Visit
Lucian visits Penny in the ICU.

2019-07-19 - Smoke and Mirrors
Michael comes to visit Lilith during lunch hour and senses something odd about her that he can't quite pinpoint. It's understandable. She's a different woman while in personal possession of the cursed box. But can anyone actually tell?
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-19 - Sud-U-Gud
Wonder Twin Powers Reunite.
Magnolia, Bennie

2019-07-18 - Nobody Died Today
But perhaps they will tomorrow
Violet, Alexander

2019-07-18 - Murder Apartment
Security is very important. Murder apartments are cheap, and drinking makes things a little weird.
Eli, Genevieve, Blake

2019-07-18 - Not So Free Consultations
Some folks chat at the Waffle Shoppe over dinner and/or coffee.
Jonathan, August, Minerva, Joey

2019-07-18 - Problems, Meet Solutions
Julia shares some frightening truths with Ignacio who pledges to help her.
Julia, Ignacio

2019-07-18 - What's Past is Prologue
Alexander Clayton's texts to Isabella Reede on the day they were supposed to spend the afternoon doing whatever it is the archaeologist had planned goes unanswered. Being who he is, he goes and investigates. Things escalate into violence and Vivian and Byron are called in to help with the situation.
Alexander, Byron, Vivian, Isabella

2019-07-18 - Good Help and Home Remedies
Sometimes even the most put together people can use help.
Edison, Hyacinth

2019-07-18 - Inquisitive Stranger
Edison wanders into the trailer park and is greeted by the Welcome Wagon named Bennie.
Edison, Bennie

2019-07-18 - Gym-Born Awkwardness
Various people meet and greet at the gym.
Magnolia, Kevin, Easton, Tyrone

2019-07-18 - Road Trip!
Ashtrid road trip to get a tent for the upcoming beach campout. There's a Jens sleeping in the back seat and the two girls talk about all kinds of things about relationships and the craziness of Gray Harbor.
Astrid, Ash, Jens

2019-07-18 - Cleaning Up Messes
Getting her interior fixed on her car after one dark and stormy night and giving a ride to someone who'd been fighting sewer monsters.
Erin, Jack

2019-07-17 - Give Me A Triple Shot Of That Stuff
Dahlia heads to the Pourhouse for a drink. Eve is there to hang with her friend, and Declan makes them drinks. Numbers are exchanged.
Declan, Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-07-17 - Trailer Talk
Tyler, Evangeline and Harlan find themselves at the diner, where they introduce one another. Evangeline considers Harlan's trailer park as a possible residency, much to Tyler's distaste.

2019-07-17 - A Wake of Buzzards
Four of the nightmare recipients from Murray House gather to discuss their bad dreams.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-17 - Passing The Torch
Eleanor asks to meet with Alexander regarding her research into William, and her gift from August.
Alexander, Eleanor

2019-07-17 - Phase 1: Asking Nicely
Byron shows up at the Pawn Shop asking Lilith for the box. There's a subtle tug of war that takes place.
Byron, Lilith

2019-07-16 - No Half-Naked Viking Boys
The title is a lie.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-07-16 - Everett: Not Hallucination
Lex goes for a midnight stroll on the beach, and runs into a giant that turns out *not* to be another of Gray Harbor's tricks...

2019-07-16 - Lantern Survivors Incorporated
Lex obtains a pebble plant.
Lex, August

2019-07-16 - Unlocking the Box
A visual investigation of the cursed jewelry Lilith keeps hidden is managed without incident in order to seek more answers.
Magnolia, Byron, Lilith, Isabella

2019-07-16 - The Bayside Killer
Alexander pays Tobin a visit to catch him up on a few things and check on his well-being. Declan joins in the mix. Byron shows up acting a little odd. It's probably just stress.
Tobin, Alexander, Declan, Byron

2019-07-16 - Operation: Minibar
Sometimes you just really need a drink and a friend.
Vyv, Hyacinth

2019-07-15 - Agreed
Astrid and Marius make some agreements on their "relationship."
Astrid, Marius

2019-07-15 - A Six Letter Word That Starts With "G"
Magnolia enlists Kevin to help with her investigation, and promises to pay him by letting him buy her dinner... now that's just sad.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-07-15 - Text Follow Up
Eve and Declan text the day after hanging out.

2019-07-15 - The Perfect Gift
August has the perfect gift for a Gray Harbor conspiracy theorist.
August, Eleanor

2019-07-15 - I Don't Know
As we continue on the trend of the girls asking Jens questions to which the answers is I DON'T FUCKING KNOW.
Ash, Jens

2019-07-15 - It Would've Been Smarter To Kick Him Out
There are two "get out of jail free" cards in a standard Monopoly game.
Elise, Graham

2019-07-15 - Introductions and Dinner Plans
Justin takes Stefano to Addington House to meet Hyacinth, Dahlia, and Edison, and discuss plans to attend a charity dinner for the downtown restoration.
Edison, Dahlia, Justin, Hyacinth, Stefano

2019-07-15 - Does it all Connect?
Alexander comes knocking, information is shared. Nothing is concluded except that 20 years is long enough. Tommy isn't coming back.
Alexander, Jack, Andi

2019-07-15 - Dr. Sigurd in the House
Feelings are hurt (not), people get away with secret things (not even close), and serious talks are had (hahahahaha).
Astrid, Ash, Marius

2019-07-15 - Chance Meeting Under a Bridge
Cole and Astrid are out at Gray Pond when a violent thunderstorm begins, causing them both to seek shelter under the bridge, where they find out they have a couple of things in common.
Cole, Astrid

2019-07-14 - Holy Shit
After a disturbing situation at the hospital, Vivian returns home to tell Byron all about her meeting with Dr. Marshall. Disclaimer: Despite the WTFness of the information passed, Mild NSFW moment towards the end.
Byron, Vivian

2019-07-14 - Meeting At The Waffle Shop
Edison and Minerva meet at the Waffle Shop. They talk carnivorous plants and spiders as pets.
Edison, Minerva

2019-07-14 - New Favorite Drink
Declan makes Eli and Eve drinks and tries to guess what Eve's favorite might be. He guesses right! Then he hits on them and they decide they'd rather just stay friends. They agree to hang out later and chill.
Eli, Declan, Genevieve

2019-07-14 - Outsiders from Both Coasts
Justin and Stefano meet on the boardwalk and go for drinks, talk a little bit about what brought them both to Gray Harbor.
Justin, Stefano

2019-07-14 - Baseball Bat vs Knife
A chance meeting and discussion all thanks to an unlocked door.
Genevieve, Blake

2019-07-14 - Glimmer You Do, In Trouble You Are
Easton gets an opportunity to be the Wise, Knowing Person(tm) when Astrid comes asking questions about why Gray Harbor is so weird.
Easton, Astrid

2019-07-14 - Medium Rare F*cking Steak
Declan comes over for a meal and conversation after work. Steak and pot brownies are consumed.
Eli, Declan, Genevieve

2019-07-14 - Reporting For Work
Otis is the boss! Lyric the new employee and then a customer comes in too!
Cole, Lyric

2019-07-14 - Nope. Nope, Nope, Nope.
Astrid and Ash join forces to try to get Jens to tell them about the Dark of Gray Harbor. It goes as expected.
Astrid, Ash, Jens

2019-07-14 - Once More With Feelings
Take... three? Maybe this time they got it right.
Aidan, Baylee

2019-07-14 - Equilibrium Of Ecosystems
Alexander comes upon a sample-gathering Astrid. Apparently woods are not always the same woods.
Alexander, Astrid

2019-07-14 - At least now we know who Billy is.
Vivian is supposed to have a meeting with Alex. Instead, some dude who may or may not be real tells her some weird stuff about the mystery asylum, then bad things happen to him. BECAUSE WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.
Alex, Vivian

2019-07-14 - Pick Your Pedophile
Sunday afternoon at the library. New in town, Tyrone visits to get out of the drizzle. Getting a library card never was so involved. Jacob and Edward were both nasty. Picnic plans are made.
Harper, Tyrone

2019-07-13 - Some Exciting News
Isolde rushes back home to share some exciting news with Alexander. A hug is given (and accepted!) and Super Mario is played
Alexander, Isolde

2019-07-13 - Cooking Class
A cooking class is a lot of fun, at least until things get sanguine.
Julia, Aidan, Jonathan, Cole, Lyric, Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-13 - trouble Meets Trouble
Dahlia and Jay meet. There's a carjacking and a B&E. All in all, a good night!
Jay, Dahlia

2019-07-13 - Tanking Jens
Ashtrid tank Jens. Marius shows up just in time to wipe the party.
Astrid, Ash, Marius, Jens

2019-07-12 - Controlled Environment
Old friends compare their varied abilities to learn more about each other and themselves.
Geoff, Tobin, Byron, Lilith

2019-07-12 - A Watch of Nightingales
After Finch and Ignacio are visited by similar nightmares, there is a panicked waking up.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-07-12 - That Sort of Baxter?
Alexander runs into an unexpected person when visiting City Hall for research. Chatting happens.
Alexander, Edison

2019-07-12 - A Walk on the Beach
Nice weather brings some people out to the beach for a walk. Some sensitive conversation topics are brought up along with plans to meet for dinner.
Eli, Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-07-12 - Pre-Cooking Chat
Cole and Lyric talk about uneasy sleep, and learning how to cook .
Cole, Lyric

2019-07-12 - Downward Facing Dog
Minerva catches Alexander at an awkward moment.
Alexander, Minerva

2019-07-12 - A beautiful friendship
Felix and Ruiz seem to be cut from the same (honestly kind of unpleasant) cloth.
KarmaBum, Felix, Ruiz

2019-07-12 - Iris and Cider Bottles
Isolde discovers the man she's been looking for is her next door neighbor and he has a cool lizard named Iris! Answers are found as well as new potential!
Isolde, Itzhak

2019-07-12 - Finally
The one where Geoff and Easton makeout. FINALLY. As do Bennie & Erin. Borderline NSFW near the end.
Geoff, Erin, Easton, Bennie

2019-07-12 - Used to Best Advantage
Justin runs into Edison in Memento Mori, where they discuss Hyacinth Addison and Poisonous Plants. There's no connection there, really.
Edison, Justin

2019-07-12 - Beach, Bonfire, Brit
An introduction. Love's name causes more trouble for Carver than it really should.
Carver, Love

2019-07-12 - 5 Percocet per day
Elise didn't really think it through when she asked Felix for a favor.
KarmaBum, Felix, Elise

2019-07-12 - Successful Social Interaction
Alexander comes in to see Dr. Glass for the second time. Still nothing explodes.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-07-12 - It is Good to Like Your Therapist
Easton's initial visit with Dr. Glass goes well or as she puts it: it wasn't worse than he expected.
Easton, Vivian

2019-07-11 - Facetank and Naptime
Itzhak and Rebecca chat online while playing Overwatch.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-07-11 - Welcome to Gray Harbor
Try not to die.
Alexander, Lyric, Tyrone

2019-07-11 - This Time, There's No Smoke
Alexander and Isolde have a quiet dinner at his house, and catch each other up on their various ongoing doings.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-07-11 - The right to remain
Ruiz gets to arrest Andre and Graham. But there's more to the story...
Graham, Ruiz

2019-07-11 - Thanks?
Frankie crashes Eli's quiet time, gets fries and a shake out of it.
Eli, Frankie

2019-07-11 - Ladies On The Water
Dr. Vivian Glass accepts Isabella Reede's invitation for a seaside tea, where they converse about various topics while enjoying the best of what Gray Harbor Bay has to offer.
Vivian, Isabella

2019-07-11 - Attachment Disorders
Byron comes to catch up with Lilith. The pair gets some time with Carver's ghost attachment in the shop before going to eat and talk. Lilith tips Byron into a rare state of hidden fury, and she's willfully blind. There are reasons they're like this, but it's all swept under the rug to bite them in the ass later, of course.
Byron, Carver, Lilith

2019-07-11 - It's Pizza Time
A shared pizza and questions and a welcome to town among other t hings.
Lyric, Tyrone

2019-07-11 - Bayside Apartments Tenants Meeting
A meeting is held in the lobby of Bayside Apartment's Building 3 to address concerns over the murder that happened there. Police Captain Ruiz de la Vega is present to field questions.
Geoff, Erin, Easton, Sutton, Byron, Vyv, Ruiz, Vivian, Rebecca, Hyacinth

2019-07-11 - Sarcasm And Surrender
Lex stops by to pick up a package and runs into Jessica and Genevieve chatting.
Lex, Jessica, Genevieve

2019-07-11 - Not Being an Idiot
Eleanor comes by Branch & Bole to discuss Murray House with August, leaves with more than she bargained for.
August, Eleanor

2019-07-10 - Shabbos Picnic
Minerva takes Itzhak on a picnic and Itzhak acts weird about it.
Itzhak, Minerva

2019-07-10 - Turn Around And Face Your Own Shadow
Lavender, woven grass dolls and folksy music. Yves searches for answers, but doesn't seem willing to offer Genevieve any.

2019-07-10 - Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong
Magnolia shares what she's learned about Joseph Michaels III, and Byron lets her in on what's going on.
Magnolia, Byron

2019-07-10 - 77 F-cks
Directly after Sutton's solo hike in the woods at night, Sutton and Ruiz meet again, both end up with bruises, and the other Sutton comes up... significantly, and with a whole mess of f-bombs. 77 to be exact.
Sutton, Ruiz

2019-07-09 - Life is Like...
Itzhak arrives in search of chocolate apologies.
Vyv, Itzhak

2019-07-09 - Mrs. Seymour's Autopsy
An autopsy, and a potential emergent drug issue?
Alexander, Penny, Ruiz

2019-07-09 - Double-Shift Recovery
The girls return home after pulling a double shift at work, convince Marius to both bring food, and move in.
Astrid, Ash, Marius

2019-07-09 - Pourhouse Shot Contest
Mariah holds a shot contest at the Pourhouse.
Geoff, Easton, Mariah, Lyric, Itzhak, August, Jaime, Joey, Eleanor

2019-07-09 - A Breakfast Blend of Everything with a Side of Muffins
Several people converge on Espresso Yourself for some coffee, muffins and the discussion of weird topics. Some bones are brought up among other things.
Alexander, Byron, Ruiz, Vivian, Isabella, Eleanor, Love

2019-07-09 - Beachfront Breakdown
Love breaks down on the roadside along a stretch of rocky beach. It's not long until the law arrives. She only gives him half of what he asks for.
Ruiz, Love

2019-07-08 - The Price of Information
Making plans for a party.
Julia, Ignacio

2019-07-08 - What's Passed Down
Breakfast is lovely, everything is seeming fine and uneventful before she's taken back home. During, Lilith learns an interesting tidbit about Michael that might explain a thing or two about the way she sees him.
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-08 - Uncomfortable Afternoon
The Kelly brothers come around to make sure Itzhak's on the job.
Itzhak, Jaime, Joey

2019-07-08 - Cheyne–Stokes
Carver realizes that while Sutton's relatively 'normal' life is amazing to him, it's something he's entirely incompatible with. Things end about as well as they ever do.
Sutton, Carver

2019-07-08 - Anything Can Be a Date
With Lilith settled safely at Michael's house instead of her loft, his roundabout rescue operation becomes a date. She's kept safe and cozy and oddly, nothing goes wrong.
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-08 - The Safety Bubble
Forewarning: Guys, there's a little IC GoT talk, but no spoilers! Michael and Lilith turn texts into lunch. It's only a little bit disaster-prone with him around to run interference. At some point, they decide she might have better luck at his place.
Lilith, Michael

2019-07-08 - Breakfast of Champions
Eli and Genevieve go out for breakfast and meet Declan. Now there are plans to go to the Pourhouse!
Eli, Declan, Genevieve

2019-07-07 - High Enough?
Genevieve meets Erin Addington and they immediately bond over boys, parental figures and hard life choices.
Erin, Genevieve

2019-07-07 - Restraining Orders and Raccoons
Lilith is paranoid about returning home, even with Byron along. They call a cop for a ride. Michael gets some patrol action before his shift even starts because... that's apparently what happens when you meet a pretty girl in a flaming SUV and give her the digits.
Byron, Lilith, Michael

2019-07-07 - A Pitying of Turtledoves
Ignacio goes outside the pub to check on Finch.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-07-07 - This Isn't Awkward at All
If you're okay and you're okay and I'm okay, why are we not even now getting waffles? 😕
Aidan, Baylee, Lex

2019-07-07 - Drunk And Awkward
Itzhak can always be counted on to make shit awkward.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-07 - Drunk and Awkward Walk and Talk
Itzhak and August step outside to talk.
Itzhak, August

2019-07-07 - How Do I Love Thee
....let me count the ways. Or other fucked up evenings post-dreaming and the strange changes they cause in otherwise normal situations.
Aidan, Baylee

2019-07-06 - Conditional
Jay stops by for waffles; Everly gives him waffles. It's all very fair.
Jay, Everly

2019-07-06 - it's fine, they're not ACTUALLY related
Emily and Logan did a thing and made a thing so it's time to go.
Emily, Logan

2019-07-06 - Stress Fractures
Lilith can't handle this hospital thing. But she gets two visitors in the morning despite being too stubborn, paranoid, and battered to call and let anyone know.
Alexander, Byron, Lilith, Michael

2019-07-06 - This Town
Cassidy gets introduced to a few of the locals, with mixed results.
Cassidy, Alexander, Jonathan, Rebecca

2019-07-06 - Nerd, Meet Houseboat
Kevin accepts Jessica and Harper's invitation for dinner, drinks, and a movie on Jessica's houseboat.
Kevin, Harper, Jessica

2019-07-06 - Got Any Babka?
Itzhak gets the word on a honest to goodness Jewish bakery and goes to inspect it. And he finds weird. Because what else is in this town?
Itzhak, Minerva

2019-07-06 - Of blouses and boyfriends
There is a meeting, and it goes surprisingly well.
Baylee, Lex

2019-07-06 - Garden Planning
Aly goes to Branch & Bole to get some herbs and vegetables.

2019-07-05 - Trying to Forget
Lex stops by to buy some things to forget the last few days. With her fix she gets some conversation, tequila and a new friendship. Happily, neither Eve or Lex falls off the roof in the end.
Lex, Genevieve

2019-07-05 - Cats and Dawgs
After their traumatically-noir scene, both Magnolia and Kevin find themselves going to a diner.
Magnolia, Kevin

2019-07-05 - Making a Scene
Michael and Sutton are the primary part of the team responding to the noisy accident at the park. Lilith's general existence in her current cursed state causes fire and commotion, leaving the responders somewhat baffled. Questioning follows.
Sutton, Lilith, Michael

2019-07-04 - Bristling
August and Itzhak piss one another off, show off, and discuss some points of Glimmer.
Itzhak, August

2019-07-03 - Hardly/Working On The Lavender Farm
Rivers Lavender Farm has been looking for seasonal staff, and Isolde searches for Yves to ask for a job - but why would anyone want one of those?

2019-07-03 - Definition Of The Term 'Loose'
<OOC> Violet says, "WOW"
Violet, Alex

2019-07-03 - A Piteousness of Doves
Finch calls on Mister Rosencrantz to see if her Gran's ancient car can be resurrected to spare her from further flooding bus stop adventures.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch

2019-07-03 - Everything Is Fine
The word of the day today is "Fine". Are you fine?!
Violet, Alex, Alexander, Vivian

2019-07-03 - A Death in the Family
The aftermath of Dahlia calling the police when she wakes up from her crazy dream and discovers her mother dead.
Ruiz, Dahlia

2019-07-03 - Man About a Plant
Four days into Lilith's cursed existence, she calls August about her dead plant. Turns out the plant isn't totally dead, but maybe she should have waited to have visitors.
Lilith, August

2019-07-02 - Landlord Concerns
Byron goes to the precinct to learn more about the incident at his apartment complex. He meets with Officer O'Malley, whose not entirely forthcoming, but he does offer some decent advice.
Byron, Michael

2019-07-02 - You Shot A Ghost
Isolde catches Easton up on some background about the spooky house and missing little girl, and he thanks her for not leaving him to die.
Easton, Isolde

2019-07-02 - Parties Past, Present, and Future
Ignacio's only been in town for a week and is already invited to two parties. Birthdays past are reminisced upon, and a quincenera missed may be revisited.
Julia, Tobin, Rafael, Ignacio

2019-07-02 - Bennie are you okay? Are you okay Bennie?
Way, way, way after a really bad Dream, Kevin checks up on Bennie.
Kevin, Bennie

2019-07-02 - Living is a Luxury
Bennie and Sutton have a chat after work. Topics: murder, dance-offs, and singing in the shower. (In no particular order)
Sutton, Bennie

2019-07-02 - An Advice of Bartenders
A gathering of bartenders also known as a shoulder, an advice or a degenerate depending on who you ask. Also people named for cards. Mostly just people having a midday drink at the bar.
Graham, Eli, Easton, Jay

2019-07-02 - Today is a Good Day
Alexander and Isolde eat ice cream and chat on the Boardwalk. There was singing. And a Saxophone.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-07-02 - Touching Base
Hehe maybe more than first base! (Nah, just a little kissing and hinting at stuff so read at your own risk)
Jack, Andi

2019-07-01 - Levis Jeans
Easton and Bennie have a lot to talk about. And not talk about.
Easton, Bennie

2019-07-01 - Boy Talk and Tequila Sunrises
Dahlia and Genevieve finish out some boy talk and Dahlia tries (and very much fails) at making some tequila sunrises.
Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-07-01 - Let's Do Brunch
Way back upon a summer two friends plotted about making the city fashionable and thought... Byron's planning a thing for Autumn. What's the worst that can happen?%r%rReally it's brunch, and a lack of foresight.
Vyv, Hyacinth

2019-07-01 - Mulch Ado About Nothing
Out on a Limb get to repairing trees damaged in the downtown explosion; Itzhak wanders by.
Ignacio, Itzhak, Finch, August

2019-07-01 - Oops.
Some things explode and other Things don't. Quite.
Aidan, Baylee

2019-07-01 - Where Do We Stand?
Penny and Lucian sit down to dinner to see where things stand and where paths might lead.

2019-07-01 - Everything Is Perfectly Fine
Everything isn't actually fine. But at least vodka didn't make things worse. Something has to feel like a win at this point.
Carver, Lilith

2019-07-01 - Mow-Hee-Toes
They totally rocked the suburbs.
Julia, Elise, Graham

2019-06-30 - Everybody's Wild About Billy
Alexander runs into his therapist, and discovers that Vivian is getting the good, old-fashioned Gray Harbor welcome.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-06-30 - Secret Lairs and Secret Histories
Alexander seeks out Harper for research help and gets to see her secret lair. Which isn't actually secret.
Alexander, Harper

2019-06-30 - Spilled Coffee
Byron stops by at the Waffle Shoppe one Sunday morning for breakfast and runs into Magnolia there. They catch up some over a good hearty breakfast.
Magnolia, Byron

2019-06-30 - No Bones About It
Vivian and Byron drop in on Vyv for tea and talk of boxes of bones.
Byron, Vyv, Vivian

2019-06-30 - Grizzly Dining
People gather in the Grizzly Den to gossip, eat and read palms? Well the first two make sense.
Gina, Ruiz, Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-06-30 - A Normal Life
Violet and Alex talk about the one thing they'll never have~
Violet, Alex

2019-06-30 - That's My Phone
It's the morning after for Baylee and Easton and there's an early morning text from Bennie...
Baylee, Easton, Bennie

2019-06-29 - So Many Tacos
People gather for some tacos, tequila and talking. Plans are made.
Eli, Genevieve, Dahlia, Justin

2019-06-29 - Building a File
Alexander Clayton walks in at the tail end of Isabella Reede's lecture on Aegean Art in Bayside Community College, and escorts her back to her Jeep.
Alexander, Isabella

2019-06-29 - No Strings Attached
Dahlia asks Ruiz to come over and taste test some drinks. Pot cookies are ingested and too much take out is ordered, but behavior is at its best.
Ruiz, Dahlia

2019-06-29 - How the Mind Interprets
Two sleep deprived individuals meet in the Park, and waste a beautiful summer day talking about psychological concepts and human adaptation.
Alexander, Bennie

2019-06-29 - Welcome to the Jungle
After the explosion that rocked Downtown on Saturday, Byron is finally able to reach Vivian later that day and meets with her to discuss all the craziness that she's learning that goes on in this damn town.
Byron, Vivian

2019-06-28 - Good Decision. Bad Decision. Drink.
Coming home after a long night of drinking and unable to sleep Easton decides to just keep drinking into the next day. Decisions are then made.
Baylee, Easton

2019-06-28 - It's Totally Not A Chop Shop
Itzhak receives a new customer.
Itzhak, August

2019-06-28 - Pancakes
Genevieve stops by the Grizzly for pancakes and is met by a less than peppy Bennie.
Bennie, Genevieve

2019-06-28 - Fork Off
Harper brings Jessica dessert. Kevin mooches some and is accused of horrible things. Magnolia slips in and doesn't steal anything.
Magnolia, Kevin, Harper, Jessica

2019-06-28 - Pawn or Queen
Rebecca and Itzhak have a chance meeting in the pawn shop, and an unlikely friendship is born.
Itzhak, Rebecca

2019-06-28 - A Quarrel of Sparrows
Ignacio comes to Mallard House bearing delicious gifts to check on Finch. They have a nice chat.
Ignacio, Finch

2019-06-27 - reductio ad Hitlerum
Julia shares as much as she has to share. Alas, Alex is still irritated about the lack of information.
Alex, Julia

2019-06-27 - House Plant Difficulty Rating: Persnickety
Lilith goes shopping for house plants.
Lilith, August

2019-06-27 - Rain on the Beach
Aster and Kiyomi run across Gina. They discuss the beach. Everyone is gregarious and chatty with no mysteries (not really)

2019-06-27 - Three's Overwhelming
Elias and Frankie subject poor Tyler to their particular brand of crazy and he seems to hold up pretty well, right up until the end. Oops.
Frankie, Elias, Tyler

2019-06-26 - Too Many Flowers
Isolde brings home way too many flowers. Alexander tries very hard to be a good friend.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-06-26 - Edible Testing
Genevieve sends Dahlia a text, inviting her over to test some product.
Genevieve, Dahlia

2019-06-26 - Insomnia, Chocolate, And Witch Burnings
Insomnia leads people to the Grizzly Diner. Conversations are had. There are milkshakes and witch burnings and literary crushes.
Alexander, Gina, Harper

2019-06-26 - Conversation and Hats
A forever ago log I don't even remember what it was about Posting before losing it.
Jonathan, Isolde, Lyric

2019-06-26 - Suggested Reading
Tyler stops by the bookstore that Elias runs to see what the big deal is. Elias gives him a tour, and Tyler takes up Elias' suggestion and buys a book.
Elias, Tyler

2019-06-26 - Planning Shenanigans
Elias and Frankie hang out and discuss Elias' encounter with Tyler, and planning to go out and do silly things in formalwear.
Frankie, Elias

2019-06-26 - Indian Poker
Drunk drunkety drunking drunks.
Elise, Graham, Easton

2019-06-25 - Brinner Time
Someone should count how many times the word 'waffles' appears in this scene.
Elise, Graham, Harper, Lyric, Tyler

2019-06-24 - Miss Reede meet Mister Clayton
After learning that Isabella was of Baxter blood among other things, Byron calls upon Alexander to meet with her, merely looking out for his childhood friend's best interest.
Alexander, Byron, Isabella

2019-06-24 - Job Interview
Dahlia meets the new boss. She doesn't get shot or anything, so it must have gone well.
Felix, Graham, Dahlia

2019-06-24 - Post-Hospital Coffee & Tea
The talk that happens is as normal a conversation as one can get in Gray Harbor
Violet, Alex, Lilith

2019-06-23 - Name Game
Three people in a diner play a name game and acquaint over various talking points.
Lilith, Elias, Tyler

2019-06-23 - A Normal Night Out
No, really. Two people go out, eat food, play games, talk. No one gets set on fire, menaced, murdered, or has a breakdown. Fun is, quite possibly, had.
Alexander, Isolde

2019-06-23 - Next Available Convenience
After more information gathering, Andi feels the need to pass some of it on.
Alexander, Andi

2019-06-23 - Shiny Happy People
Boardwalk jabber.
Julia, Elise, Graham, Tobin, Harper, Ignacio

2019-06-23 - Fluffy Bellies and Missing Children
Alexander and Easton discuss child-eating houses, and poor Gideon brings a happy puppy into the mess.
Alexander, Easton, Gideon

2019-06-23 - Douchebags and Stereotypes
Jay stops by for a little 'touch-up' on some previous tattoo work. Lucky him, Lex is working that day.
Jay, Lex

2019-06-22 - The Devil, Violet And No Violin
This scene surprisingly doesn't take place in the psych ward
Violet, Alexander

2019-06-22 - Flames Aren't The Worst Thing
A ghost from the past walks back into Penny's life and he doesn't remember a GOD DAMN THING!

2019-06-22 - A [Dog] Walk in the Park
Dahlia and Gideon meet via his foster dog Sandie and chat a bit while playing fetch! With Sandie of course.
Dahlia, Gideon

2019-06-22 - The first step
What time you are a found that brick for coke, you are a should exceedingly only report it to evidence and don't stolen it.
Graham, Andre, Ruiz

2019-06-22 - Stranger Things
The past and present collide in unexpected ways, colored by unusual circumstances.
Byron, Isabella

2019-06-22 - Bloodlines and Sacrifices
After the events on Elm Street, Byron gets a message from Alexander, wanting to meet. There's revelations and other information passed.
Alexander, Byron

2019-06-22 - Interviews
Jessica stops by to interview Genevieve about her shop.
Jessica, Genevieve

2019-06-22 - Pleased To Meet You Again
With the monster storm having abated slightly, a much needed scotch run has Isabella Reede running into her first familiar, but not too familiar, face in town.
Jonathan, Isabella

2019-06-21 - How to Rent Your Body to Science
Harper arrives to work a half hour before she needs to open the library, only to find an author -- newly local even! -- waiting on the stoop in the drizzly weather. A potential new friendship (and boon to the library's LOCAL section) is forged. Scene AKA 'The library? The floods? Or the hauntings?'
Harper, Ignacio

2019-06-21 - Call Anytime?
Alexander's stupid ass finally comes out of the sewers, and he calls for help.
Erin, Alexander, Isolde

2019-06-21 - Out with the Wash
Lilith and Byron desperately need a shower and a timeout after some accidental sewer diving. Soap, vodka, and the comfort of familiar company helps the rest of the night in the dark along.
Byron, Lilith

2019-06-21 - Tea & Biscuits and First Aid
Ignacio and August visit a seriously injured Finch, and everyone learns a little bit about Glimmer.
Ignacio, Finch, August

2019-06-21 - Back Office Beers
Alexander drops by the Pawn and Lilith invites him for beers and divulging company 'round back while keeping shop for the night.
Alexander, Lilith

2019-06-20 - Stocking Up
Before the storm hits, Graham and Dahlia do some shopping and some catching up.
Graham, Dahlia

2019-06-19 - Grizzly and Gummies
Genevieve makes her way out to get breakfast and meets Gina and her crew.
Gina, Genevieve

2019-06-19 - Getting To Know You
Jessica pursues a hot scoop

2019-06-19 - We Need to Talk about Kevin
Two long-time best friends get together for some after hours catch up at Jessica's place of work. The word 'fecund' is dropped. Things go as usual from there.
Harper, Jessica

2019-06-19 - A Meeting of the Minds
Alexander decides to visit Vivian in an official capacity, and she doesn't manage to screw it up.
Alexander, Vivian

2019-06-17 - On a Dark and Stormy Night